Announcement: JAJP is now available on iTunes!

Hello! You may have noticed a second RSS feed to the right of the blog. I created it because going forward, the podcast episodes will automatically upload on iTunes. The 10 most recent podcasts are already available, and the feed only features the TVD episodes, so go ahead and subscribe!* The party will still happen on this blog though, with the comments, polls, Extras, links, spotlights, fic recs, speculations, etc.

You’ll notice that the TVD podcast episodes are now in a category called “podcast.” I created it for the feed (the other feed lets you subscribe to the posts in general, so iTunes couldn’t read it). I’ve also created a new tag, “Co-hosts and callers.” It was Cana’s suggestion to have a tag just in case people wanted to find the episodes that featured guests, so thank you, Cana!

I haven’t started rewatching the season yet. Still working on that Beremy fic, plus I’m busy. But if you check out the Podcast Interactive page, you’ll see that the lovely Susan will be co-hosting episode 3.09 Homecoming!!!!

EDIT: Lastly, a reminder that the TVD panel at ComicCon is this Saturday (D:). Check the Spoilers and Speculation post for the correct time. I’m off from work on that day (*Prays that they don’t call me in*), but I won’t have internet access until the following Thursday (and that’s if the internet people come on time). I need to plan with Cana (and most likely Olu), but I’m shooting to have that episode up by Sunday.

*The feed only features the 10 most recent episodes though, so even though I’ve gone back and put all of the podcasts in the “podcast” category, people discovering the show through iTunes will still have to come to the blog in order to listen to anything before All My Children.


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