Teen Wolf S02E07: Restraint

This episode was very good. Very suspenseful!The show’s going all out to freak us out wrt Jackson’s Kanima thing, huh? It’s working *_____*. Whoever’s controlling him can read his mind or see through his eyes or something. And judging by the message he wrote, the person might have the ability to literally control his actions.

I found Allison’s absolute fear of Jackson to be completely unbelievable. It’s not like that was her strategy to get him to talk. She was very very scared, and then she bucked up, but then as soon as she landed on the floor, she was scared again. It gave me whiplash.

Something else I don’t understand is Scott’s decision to join Derek’s pack. How does that work since Derek didn’t make Scott? Doesn’t that mean Derek has no influence over him and so Scott can’t boost Derek’s strength? What’s the point of joining the pack if they’re just going to do things Scott’s way? They could’ve just joined forces. But I guess Scott figured he had to give Derek a little of what he wanted so that he’d cooperate.

The last thing I didn’t completely get was the last scene between Scott and Allison. What was her hesitation? Because of what Jackson said? It’s very abrupt.

There’s actually one more thing I don’t get: what’s happening with Lydia. Someone called Creepy Dude being Peter’s projection, so kudos to them, but I still don’t know how Lydia figures. Does this mean Peter’s not completely dead? He has a mind link to Lydia now? What happens after Lydia does what he wants? Does she go back to being normal?

Lydia’s hair looked amazing in this episode. Lydia herself was flawless.

I loved Allison’s outfit during the library scene.

I love the Scott/Melissa scene outside of the interrogation room. Favorite scene! More please!  Melissa was great in this episode. It’s been too long since she had more than one scene. Her discovery of Scott’s box of condoms cracked me up.

I live for the group scenes at the school, so I love that they all got detention!

Matt….I don’t like him. I don’t know him. What is he doing? What is he up to? What is he looking for? I hate that he’s getting close.

Why is Erica just now realizing that Jackson is the Kanima? I thought Derek realized it two episodes ago. Why did he need to confirm? Did he not know how many people were in the house two episodes ago? And here we once again have Derek very willing to harm his betas/put them in harm’s way.

The fight scene was very good.

Where was Boyd, huh?


14 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S02E07: Restraint

  1. I just finished watching. I liked it as usual. The fandom predicted most of what was revealed (or looked like it was revealed) in this ep but I still liked the execution. Jackson was so freaking scary. Jeez. Everything Jackson was very well done imo. I loved that Scott and Stiles got into actually trouble and that the show didn’t sweep this whole thing under the rug like I expected.

    I LOVED the little story they gave the couple in the beginning.

    Still waiting on a female leader to show up in the Argent family -_-

    I found Allison’s absolute fear of Jackson to be completely unbelievable. It’s not like that was her strategy to get him to talk. She was very very scared, and then she bucked up, but then as soon as she landed on the floor, she was scared again. It gave me whiplash.

    I don’t actually know what Allison’s strategy was. I don’t even think that she knew. She wants to be like her family – a tough fighter – but she is not there yet. She is in over her head and I think that was the point of it all. I found her reaction believable actually. For a sec, she tried to do something but realized that she was no match for a kanima.

    Lydia! She is being controlled just like Jackson. I like that parallel actually. But please don’t tell me that Peter is going to rise from the dead, show. Please tell me that he is going to fail even if that is his plan.

    I have no other thoughts rn. I think I might rewatch the Jackson scenes. Do you guys have a theory on why he did that fucking awesome thing with the snake?

    • Yeah, they still nailed the execution.

      I like that Jackson’s story is expanding, and they’re questioning his background. Hopefully Lydia will be next. Is the fact that she’s immune hereditary too?

      I was surprised to see the woman at the end.

      I guess. I think one reason why I couldn’t swallow it is that last time she said she could take care of herself, she did (against Erica). This time she says it, and she fails. And it’s like, she walked into the room already scared.

      I don’t know! Just to freak us out? Because while would he eat it and then SPIT IT BACK OUT THROUGH HIS EYES?! I wonder if that had anything to do with the person controlling him. Speaking of which, his possession scene (because he literally looked like he was possessed) was creepy was hell. Also, he was half changed into the Kanima, which means the person can only access him when he’s in animal stage (though they were sending him messages via the book. Maybe the connection is stronger when he’s in Kanima mode?), but what triggers his transformation?

      Also, the mythology: so Derek said that people sometimes change according to who they are, right? Then why is the Kanima like an interim step to becoming a werewolf? How did that come about? Why didn’t it happen to Isaac? Because I’d say he has baggage. Or he would if he was a real character.

      Had Erica died tonight, I would’ve said good riddance. That’s how much I’ve connected with her over the season.

      • I guess. I think one reason why I couldn’t swallow it is that last time she said she could take care of herself, she did (against Erica). This time she says it, and she fails. And it’s like, she walked into the room already scared.

        She started out scared when she was dealing with Erica and the pack too. She almost called her family but she successfully improvised a plan. Maybe she thought she would figure out something here too? Another reason I found her reaction very believable is that Jackson(or whoever is controlling him) was basically threatening her with rape. He toyed with her and made her feel powerless. He laid on top of her naked. And we know that it is important for Allison to feel powerful.

        Btw, I LOVED that Allison had some doubts about her relationship with Scott after all that happened. I love that they have both expressed doubts now.

        I too have so many questions about the Kanima. So excited to know more. I think that his master can control Jackson even when he is not in the Kanima state because it didn’t look like Jackson was aware of what he was doing to Allison. He jumped off of her and put on shorts as soon as he became aware. He looked confused.

        • That’s true. I still find something wrong with it. Especially the part where she had doubts. Some Kanima monster tells her that her and Scott aren’t going to last, so now she’s doubting? And she was the one talking earlier about Jackson being in a fugue state. It would be one thing if the scene was with her mother, and they showed that she was finally getting to her. But maybe she doubted because basically everyone’s singing the same song except for her and Scott.

          Yeah, that wasn’t something we’d ever seen before, re: Jackson doing something he can’t remember while in his human state.

  2. “I am part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures.” – Styles His face when he said that. -can’t stop the giggles-

  3. I really liked lydia with that guy to bad he was a fantasy he was weirdly attractive. i thought they were going to reveal lydia’s problem but they gave us like a little bit of it, we still don’t know why it was only her and not scott, they better explain it next episode because they didn’t tell me what i didn’t know.

    • I liked them too! The kiss was hot. And then they reveal he’s a charred corpse *_____*. I want to see Lydia with someone who’s not afraid to tell her he likes her (unlike Stiles) and someone who’s not a tool to her (unlike Jackson).

      Yeah, I still don’t know what’s up with Lydia. Is what’s happening to her a hereditary thing like Jackson’s?

      • It probably is but i have a theory that the reason she’s like this is maybe she was on the verge of turning then the alpha died so it only half worked and he somehow lives in her now because having all the characters (except stiles) have family secrets will be too much, don’t you think?

        • It wouldn’t be too much if they took their time and space out the story. Like, don’t delve into Lydia’s big family history at the same time that you’re doing Jackson’s because you’re bound to mess up.

          I follow some people on Tumblr who are into the Teen Wolf: The Hunt thing, and Ms. Morell said that Lydia reminds her of herself when she was younger. She also said that there will be people who try to take advantage of Lydia’s gifts. So some people are thinking she’s a witch (probably because Bianca Lawson played a witch on TVD).

          • I think that having a witch in the show wouldn’t be so bad but of course they will take advantage of her vulnerability. I am also not sure what peter will do if he comes back to life if anything he will just be weaker.

            • I’m not sure how well magic would fit on this show. It would probably have to be a passive form, like anything mental. Lydia might be a kind of psychic.

              I’m betting he’ll fail.

  4. So people on tumblr are going on about the rape metaphor on this show. Imo, Jackson’s situation is the most disturbing one. Not only is someone mind raping him (or however you want to put it) – even sneaking into his room at night – but this person is used Jackson’s body to sexually assault another person.

    Another thing that has been brought up is that lycanthropy is sometimes a metaphor for menstruation. That actually crossed my mind when that black liquid showed up in the bath tub while Lydia was showering in the hospital.

    • They’re also counting on the fact that Jackson doesn’t know what’s happening to him. Instead of introducing themselves and explaining everything to Jackson, they’re taking advantage of his lack of knowledge and are in fact warning away anyone who might be able to give him more agency.

      Charmed took that literally in turned the Halliwells into werewolves while they were on their period. It was a blue moon though. That’s a horrible episode.

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