IT comes back on October 11.

With TVD’s premier date out, what better time is there to create a new post?

Does anyone plan to check out Beauty and the Beast? I do, solely because Kristin Kreuk is in it and she’s a Smallville alum, so I have an obligation. I’m still not entirely sure what the show’s about. I also plan on checking out Mistresses and The Mindy Project. I might be forgetting other new shows, but these are the ones I plan on checking out in the fall.

In other TVD news, we have three opportunities for failure coming to Mystic Falls:

We’ll see.

The casting sides for two recurring characters are out. They’re supposed to be important for the first half of the season. Who’s excited?!

Thank you for both links, Kathrin!

TVD’s panel at ComicCon is taking place on Saturday, July 14 from 3:30-4:15pm. Nina, Paul, Ian, Michael, Zach, KW, and JP will make up the panel. Scroll down to see it.

Post any and every spoiler until we get to ComicCon. ComicCon and the spoilers that come out of it will get a podcast, just like the previous two seasons, so I’ll be looking out for those. When it comes to ComicCon, e-mail me whatever spoiler you find like usual, and I’ll of course credit you.

Once this post gets too crowded with links, I’ll create another one.


186 thoughts on “IT comes back on October 11.

  1. Someone on tumblr mentioned a spoiler about Damon being adopted. Has that been confirmed or is it just speculation? I feel like I speculated about that somewhere before but I am not sure. Was it here?

    I am not planning to check out Beauty and the Beast. I will definitely check out the Mindy Project. Who knows how that will turn out? I had high hopes for a lot of new shows last season and that didn’t turn out well. Most of them have been cancelled. lol. Tbh, I haven’t looked too much into what new shows are coming up.

  2. The whole idea of making a tv show around Beauty and the Beast sounds stupid and sappy to me, but I love Kristen Kreuk so I’ll def check it out.

    • The worst thing about it is that there was an 80s version of this show and there was a movie that came out recently. How many times is the CW going to do something like this? I think I will watch the 80s version. I bet it is better than wtvr the CW is going to put out and, probably, less misogynistic.

  3. So someone posted on the Kat board after watching some videos of the convention in France, here is what the person found (it´s in regards to Beremy)

    “Fan: Will Jeremy forget about Bonnie and move on?
    Matt Davis: He already did
    Julie Plec: Jeremy and Bonnie had a moment that I think will live with both of them for a long time and I don’t know that it’s over completely, but uh she’s also trying to move on and find herself and find her place in the world.”

    Yeah I hate MD.

      • lol. Why did he even answer that question? It wasn’t directed at him. He just keeps sinking to a new level of loserdom each time I hear something about him.

        • Here is the video for it:

          Matt Davis tries to joke or something. And I don´t know why but him asking about Matt´s house and when we finally are going to see it is pretty weird. Because he should know that we saw it already. Do you think he also thought about the Bonnie fans who always asked for Bonnie´s house since season 1? Because I would side-eye him even more than I already do if that´s the case.

          • Do you think he also thought about the Bonnie fans who always asked for Bonnie´s house since season 1?

            Yes or I think it is very possible imo. I mean, Lord only knows what is in his head for sure. I can only give my opinion. I think he is a narcissist who is also a loser (or feels like one)? He indulges in grandiose fantasies (Twitter posts, “true fans”). He lacks empathy (wouldn’t give condolences to friends/family of a dead fan). He thinks people who disagree with him are somehow less, if you know what I mean (his comments about Bonnie fans). He is very vulnerable to criticism (his million and one “apologies”/explanations). I think he is capable of holding grudges like this. He has to reassure himself constantly that he is “better” than those who criticized him. js.

            Take my opinion with a huge grain of salt. I am really grossed out by him. It is not just about his racism anymore. It is his general personality. I didn’t pay attention to him before Twittergate. Even without the racism, I don’t think I would have been able to stand him.

            Is it me or are these TVD conventions super boring?

          • I thought it was a jab at Bonnie fans, personally. /paranoid. JP’s answer about Matt’s house burning down confused me. I was like, “Does she mean the Grille?”

    • why the hell is Matt Davis still attending TVD conventions? Alaric’s plot wrapped up and he should have no part of season 4. He’s like a Ball and Chain and Julie’s attachment to him grows tedious. He’s so childish and bitter it’s hard to believe he’s in his 30’s…

    • Ugh! Why? It is way too late for this. I wish they would turn Bonnie’s dad into this show’s Maris (Frasier) – Abby and Bonnie mention him all the time but he is neither seen or heard. Wtvr. I guess a lot of people want to see him. How are they going to explain his absence though?

      Why is Cedric the Entertainer listed in the poll for who should play Bonnie’s dad?

      He is black

      • It is too little too late, but JP doesn’t believe in that concept. She doesn’t keep timeliness in mind. That’s why some characters overstay their welcome, and it’s why we have so many retcons. The only reason we haven’t met Bonnie’s father and the only reason it took three seasons to meet Abby is because she (and KW back when) are not interested in exploring that aspect of Bonnie no matter how many times JP talks about “exploration” and “another side” to Bonnie.

        And the writers of that article is lazy. How many Black dads are on tv nowadays anyways?

  4. So apparently Steven will also visit the Comic Con:

    “Steven McQueen ‏@McQueeninchains

    Just found out I will be at comic-con for my birthday”

    I´m happy for him and perhaps we will get some spoilers in regards to Jeremy. But if they can add Steven to the guest list, why not Kat aswell? She is the only one out of the cast that never was at the Comic Con.

    • Why not Kat indeed. I’m not here to listen to Jeremy’s future with Anna. Maybe some Beremy questions will be asked and Steven will get the chance to be flawless.

      For them to include Bonnie, JP would have to have a concrete storyline lined up for her which she can talk about. So yeah.

  5. And almost the whole cast was in LA and did a promo shoot yesterday. All the regs plus Claire, Daniel AND Torrey were there.

    So do you think this means we will get to see more of Meredith and Elijah next season?

    • Promo shoot as in promo for season 4? Why are all of these people taking pictures? Claire, Daniel, and Torrey don’t need to be taking pictures. But who knows if they’ll even see the light of day. Those promo pics of the secondary cast for season 3 never came out. Except for Candice’s.

      • I think it is a promo shoot for season 4 because Kat said it in her tweet. I hope they are going to get released because it would be a great wasted of money with the whole cast being there.

        But I still would like to know what happened with those other pictures Michael and Kat spoke about on twitter.

  6. So JP is connecting with the fans again and answers some questions on twitter. Stuff about Elena being a vampire and that it will be harder for her than for Caroline and about the Stefan/Caroline friendship and Damon being very angry with Stefan because of what happened to Elena. And the buddy relationship between Meredith and Damon is still a topic, she mentioned it in another tweet. Yeah.
    If you like you should check out her twitter … only wanted to post this because it made me laugh out loud:

    “confessa ‏@XXconfessaXX
    No, Julie, the why abt Klaus liking Caro DOES need to be explained. Show, don’t tell pls. Not everyone watches interviews. @julieplec”

    And that´s her reply:

    “julieplec ‏@julieplec
    @XXconfessaXX but not everything needs to be spoonfed. I like that he likes her for his own quiet and private reasons. It’s subtle.”

    And Klaroline (and also DE but that´s a given with the triangle being focus) will have “good moments” don´t know when but I really hope she doesn´t speak about stuff that will happen when he is still in Tyler´s body.

    Oh and finally this:

    The only couple on the show that is still together is Forwood, lol. So they are going to break up?

    • “I like that he likes her for his own quiet and private reasons. It’s subtle.”

      YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW, JULIE! YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW! *Dying.* The characters’ private reasons shouldn’t be private even from YOU, woman!

      I can’t believe we’re getting spoilers about Klaroline. I can’t believe that JP is determined to see this through. I can’t believe that the main villain fell for, not the witch who was trying to kill him, but this girl who is basically a nobody. Yeah, I said it. In the grand scheme of things, Caroline shouldn’t even be on Klaus’ radar. She’s not even the wolf he chose to sacrifice.

  7. I can’t wait for the Spoilers podcast that is coming after Comic Con. Please add all these twitter and interview stuff. It is going to be priceless. Wtvr Julie. “spoonfed” >_> icu making excuses for your crappy writing by implying that we are too dumb to get it (lol).

    • did you see the KG quote that thedisorderly (Ony) posted this afternoon? It was equally hilarious. I gave that quote a “you tried” star.

      • I just read it. Oh hun. And to think I was telling someone yesterday that I hope Kat stops promoting this show out the wasoo. Do your job, yes, but don’t go overboard while the writers continue to give your character less than scraps.

    • Nooo, this is really happening. I’m not ready.

      Cana’s tags killed me. Dead @ “where’s her other hand?” PW is sitting as far away from JP and her explanations as he can, lol.

      • *Cocks head* Meredith won’t be in the premier to explain her actions. Great planning. Why include her in the rest of the season, then? This was the only reason to hang on to her for at least one episode, and she’s not in the premier. What exactly is happening in the premier? Since they started shooting yesterday, the 10th, I wonder if they’ll have anything to show at Comic-Con on Saturday.

          • Welp. Is it just me or does she look shady as fuck? I say this because Damon’s anger doesn’t appear to be directed at her and there’s something confident about her stance. I don’t know why I’m getting all of this from a pic, chances are I’m choosing to see things because if Meredith is doing something like actively pushing Damon’s buttons or whatever they might have her do, in order to survive/deflect attention/make him feel safe (maybe even to get in good with the Council again, so she can later make an attempt to kill him or something) I wouldn’t mind her sticking around for a bit. As much. I wouldn’t mind it as much. Chances are I’m thinking up a plot that won’t occur

            • Oh, I agree, she does look shady. (In general, Meredith is so shady but I guess that’s not how we’re supposed to view her, aside from that one episode in which we were to believe that she was the killer.)

              I like your ideas but I get the vibe that the writers’ thinking doesn’t go beyond Meredith as Damon’s new drinking buddy/possible mentor figure for Elena/basically an Alaric replacement. Well, at least that’s what I got from JP’s interviews which doesn’t mean much anyway. So who knows.

            • Hopefully this is her last episode.

              Lol not with JP in charge I think she said at the CC-Panel that we are going to see more of Meredith this season and with her being involved in the promoshoots for season 4 she will probably stay around for a long while.

  8. Spoiler from Ausiello:

    Question: It’s maybe a little too early to ask this, but do you know whether vampire-Elena will be taking some kind of revenge on Rebekah for causing her death when The Vampire Diaries returns? —Gabriela
    Ausiello: I’m going to assume Elena has her hands full completing her transition to vampire. One person who does have revenge on the brain is Damon, who blames poor Matt for Elena’s little predicament.

    So, I guess Damon will be pretty busy. Now he’s blaming Rebekah, Stefan and Matt. He should add Jeremy to the mix. And the other Originals. Then he’d have everybody covered.

    • DIAF Damon ugh! gross! look at your life blaaaaah

      Damon is so boring. I can’t be bothered to even have a proper reaction to him.

    • If Damon tries to start anything with Matt, I hope and pray that Matt throws that shit back at Damon. Who knows how much that will actually effect Damon, but it needs to happen. It needs to be said and if Damon is going to try and kill Matt or get revenge for Elena (if anyone gets to be angry at Matt, it should be Elena) then Matt should finally get to be angry at someone who was actually a participant in Vicki’s death.

      I know. I know that Matt will actually be made to feel guilty and won’t bring up Vicki at all and will probably cry and open up his own vein to Elena and apologize to Damon or some such other bullshit. And I will rage and cry.

      • Why isn’t Damon blaming his new drinking buddy, Meredith? She didn’t tell anyone that she gave Elena vampire blood.

        • Because that would contain more logic than the writers are willing to allow Damon. Why wouldn’t he just find Esther coffin and burn that shit to pieces? Why wouldn’t he just blame himself since he should have been there? Why isn’t he just relieved that Elena’s not dead dead?

          • Why isn’t he just relieved that Elena’s not dead dead?

            Right? He thought this option was perfect for Abby, so why not Elena? You see? This is one of the reasons why I can’t care about Elena’s non-death.

        • There’s not enough time for blaming people. Not really. Who knows if Elena would forgive him for killing Matt? I mean, she would, but that’s more the show than anything to do with Elena. In fact I imagine she would be angry at him for killing Matt and rendering her sacrifice null and void.

      • if anyone gets to be angry at Matt, it should be Elena

        Hey, where’s Susan and her theory that Elena’s actually in a coma and the Salvatores represent different parts of her personality, and that’s why we’ve seen them carry on her relationships for her? I just realized that I haven’t raged about the Salvatores reacting in place of Elena since season 2. Will Elena even be mad about her non-death considering not wanting to be a vamp was a poignant part of her characterization? Or will they avoid conflict in yet another platonic relationship of Elena’s, this time her and Matt.

    • Elena’s too nice and understanding to take revenge on anyone. Otherwise the Salvatores would be her number 1 target.

      I’m not here for Damon getting in Matt’s face. But it might be a nice change from Jeremy. But he turned Matt’s sister! And Matt never got to get in his face about it. This scene might give me heartburn when it airs. Damon’s gonna be calling someone stupid and reckless. Oh rly?

      • This show is so fucking boring. This is why I zoned out through much of season 3. I wish they would do something exciting for once – something that would create lasting interesting conflict. I hope Matt laughs in Damon’s face when Damon whines and threatens him – because VICKI!!! I cannot emphasize that enough. I hope he finds a way to turn the tables on Damon.

        Hey, remember that deleted scene about Matt’s mom being a succubus? I wish Matt would suddenly come into some incubus powers and fucks with Damon for shits and giggles. Damon could be Mattt’s love slave lol. It would be karma coming to bit him in the ass for what he did to Andi. Why the fuck not? It is not like this show is not totes ridiculous already. At least make it the fun kind of ridiculous instead of the kind that I use for a sleep aid. Also, the one thing I have in common with that popular Caroline stan (I trust we all know who I am referring to) is that I saw Matt as the male version of Elena in the beginning of the series. I was surprised that he didn’t get a supernatural storyline of his own tbh. Why do we need a “normal guy” anyway? This might explain why Rebekah is so into him every thime she is near him. It seems like every woman, except Bonnie (compulsion doesn’t affect her either), who spends a significant amount of time with him falls for him but the effects are temporary. So they fall for him because of what he is instead of who he is just like everyone who has fallen for Elena.

        I think I am loving this fanfiction idea I am coming up with rn. Someone write this Matt/Damon fic please

        • I hope he just laughs in Damon’s face. I don’t need the other stuff. Mostly because I don’t see Matt doing something like that, no matter how angry he is, and then there’s the fact that I’m not particularly interested in Matt Damon.

          I actually haven’t watched the deleted scenes. Kelly’s a succubus? Or was that a joke or something.

          • Yes, Kelly really was supposed to be a succubus. I was half joking about the rest except for the Matt not giving any fucks about Damon part.

            • They changed their minds about that I guess. Too many supernaturals for them to manage. I might write that fic. Not with Damon. Maybe not even with a pairing. Just Matt and Vicki and Kelly as succubus/incubus family.

        • I wish they would do something exciting for once

          Right? But it wouldn’t be something like hurting a character or putting them through hell. We’re used to that. It’s the aftermath that we’re not used to. Why don’t they let the relationships grow or fall apart?


  9. Spoiler from Eonline:

    eginagirl11234: Vampire Diaries! Spill evvvveeerything. What’s next for our girl Elena?
    I’d tell you about the things Elena is going to remember but, dangit, would you know? I forget! All I know is that it will be most unfortunate to a particular relationship on the show. Hmmm…Anyone have any ginkgo biloba?

    So after Kristin is pretty much DE, I would say she means SE with it. I just don´t know what difference it would make for Elena to remember the stuff. Yes she met him first but nevertheless doesn´t she remember what a guy he was in season 1? He was obsessed with Katherine and pretty much would have done everything to bring her back so …

    • Kristin is always late, which makes me think she’s telling us something we learned months ago: that Elena’s going to remember all th times Damon compelled her.

      It doesn’t make a difference that she met Damon first. It shouldn’t. And considering how Elena’s anger and memory don’t last, it should be a two minute conversation at most.

      Nobody remembers what Damon did in season 1, except for Bonnie.

  10. Now we know why KW will be at the Comic Con Panel for TVD, he is going to moderate it:

    “Kevin Williamson ‏@kevwilliamson

    Comic Con Help! I’m moderating TVD panel. I need cool questions to ask? New ones. Special ones. Fun ones. Help!”

  11. Oh and another tweet … Rebekah/Claire Holt is going to be a regular next season:

    “Rachel Wilson ‏@ItsRachelWilson

    @KateGruetz Is Rebekah going to be a regular on TVDS4??

    Kate Gruetzmacher ‏@KateGruetz

    @ItsRachelWilson yes.”

    Kate Gruetzmacher works on the set of TVD and I think JP also confirmed it in on of her tweets.
    So this means even less screentime for Bonnie.

    • Fuuuuuck!!!!! WHY?! They could’ve made Lucy a regular way back when. I’m not here for this. I’m not here for this!

      But I did say I’d rather Rebekah be a regular than Meredith. Watch both of them come back though *_____*.

      • Lucy? Hahaha! Guuurl, you know that they have a 95% quota for white people. It is not racist though because Matt Davis and Julie Plec say so.

        Btw, if they get rid of Boyd and keep Erica and/or Isaac on Teen Wolf, I will fucking lose it. Those two need to dial back on the scenery chewing.

        • If they’re going to kill anyone from the new pack, it should be either Isaac or Erica. Or both. But keep Boyd because we’ve seen less of him than the other two.

          *Snarking from my phone*

    • Hahaha! So many white people. The whiteness is blinding. Seriously, do they not know that staring at vast stretches of white is bad for human eye sight?

  12. Small update regarding me and Comic-Con. My family is moving today, so I’m not going to have internet access come Saturday. The internet people aren’t coming until Monday (hopefully they keep the time), so I won’t be able to flail and gnash teeth over the many bad news, I mean spoilers, that will be revealed on Saturday. But I’ll be back on Monday night!

    I said it in the most recent announcement, but I hope to have the CC podcast up by Thursday. I just need to schedule with Cana and/or Olu.

  13. Thomas: I know Vampire Diaries began production on season four this week—what can you tell us about Bonnie’s storyline?!
    Mo’ vampires, mo’ problems is Bonnie’s season-four motto, naturally. At least that’s what we took away from our chat with Kat Graham before her performance at Bing and’s Summer of Doing event. “Bonnie’s going to be put in a position where she’s going to try and do everything she can to help Elena through the transition,” Kat teases of Mystic Falls’ resident witch storyline. “Bonnie is going to be delving into a couple of things that she’s never had. She’s going to be meeting a new someone.” A new someone?! Color us intrigued!

    Not really much but do you think the new someone Kat is mentioning is Connor? I don´t know if the cast already has infos about episode 2 (in which Connor comes in) but if the someone new is Pastor Young then lol because he will be dead by the end of the episode or the beginning of the next. Or do you think she meant April?

    • Bonnie’s going to be put in a situation where she has to help Elena? I don’t know if I’m ready for this bit of freshness.

      It sounds like a love interest to me, because the folks on this show never tease platonic meetings in this manner. If it’s a love interest then I’m surprised. Bye Jaime. Don’t ever come back.

      *Snarking from my phone*

    • If a new someone means that Jamie is gone for good than bring this person on. Keep him around long enough for Bonnie to get her kicks. Make him important or don’t. Maybe he’s just around to be a love interest, cool beans.

    • ooh! This one is hot – bringing back of memories of Mason *sniff*. All I want is a couple of shirtless scenes before they have the Salvatores rip his heart out.

    • Thank you, Kathrin! I’m telling you that you should guest on the podcast as a type of news correspondent.

      He’s Black, so he’s def Bonnie’s new love interest, if that’s what Kat meant by someone. Or he could know Bonnie’s dad. Maybe Bonnie’s dad was a solider, hence the soldier mentality.

      No matter which way they go, the important thing is that he looks better than Jaime.

      *Snarking from my phone*

  14. Show me a more irrelevant panel. Please.

    Really praying that Connor is Bonnie’s dad because it would make my personal canon complete, and I would die if he’d been out killing vampires to protect his daughter only to come back and try to be a dad again, and see her practically in bed with all of them.

    I’ll be watching B&B, it has Kristin (who has a face) and it involves her being a badass cop. The dude looks dull as hell. I think I’ll try Green Arrow for reasons of that Amell dude’s torso. Obscene. I’ll be trying out Mistresses and Mindy’s show for sure as well.

    • Show me a more irrelevant panel. Please.

      Lol so true.

      Really praying that Connor is Bonnie’s dad because it would make my personal canon complete, and I would die if he’d been out killing vampires to protect his daughter only to come back and try to be a dad again, and see her practically in bed with all of them.

      I would love that, that´s why we probably won´t get it.
      Do you know how old Todd Williams is? Is he old enough to play Bonnie´s dad? But then if he really is her dad then she will lose him for sure, because 1. JP won´t fall in love with the actor like she did with Joseph or Daniel and 2. he is part of the Councils plan to get the vamps out of town and the Council is the villain in this and not the vampires who kill all those people so he will get killed off. Probably by Damon (because he has to do everything) at the end of the first half of the season.
      And I don´t want for Bonnie to lose another family member.
      Also those people didn´t fear the Originals (to be fair they are pretty pathetic) who are supposedly the oldest vampires ever and they also didn´t fear Mikael who was a vampire hunter aswell, but now Connor comes in and probably is a human an we should believe that they are scared as hell about him being there?

      • For real! Why is Connor as threatening or more threatening than the flop Originals? If the protagonists felt so threatened by the Originals, then a human threat would be a reprieve. And Buffy aka Damon would say as much.

          • Knowing me, the way it would play out onscreen with Ian’s delivery would probably make me roll my eyes, but I could forgive them if he said it in the first three episodes.

      • He looks a few years younger than Persia at most, mid-30s and he could probably play older onscreen (at least 40), so I figure he could be a believable dad.

        But yes, there’s no way that we would get such a potentially interesting storyline because Julie Plec is the enemy of creativity and basic storytelling.

        It’s hard when the show is so committed to protecting all the white folks – I mean vampires – so no vampire hunter will ever be effective.

        • It’s hard when the show is so committed to protecting all the white folks – I mean vampires – so no vampire hunter will ever be effective.

          They could have gotten around this, keeping the main vamps in the cast alive, if the efforts to not kill them were less convoluted and if they had thought to give Klaus or Rebekah some vampire red shirts, with just enough personality to warrant an on-screen death ala Logan Fell. There you go a gaggle of vampires for a hunter to kill. But why do that when one tree can take out all vampires forever.

          • I don’t know how JP can find value in making the Salvatores as worthy of death as possible yet choosing to keep them alive despite there being one character who is capable of killing them and should want to kill them, nevermind what would happen if a couple of the characters banded together. Tell me she cares about characterization.

    • I like that headcanon! But Kat’s tease about bb meeting someone has me thinking he’ll be a love interest. At least he looks good.

      *Snarking from my phone*

      • I am uncomfortable with the writers obvious belief that the only men who could only be vaguely attracted to Bonnie are black dudes, who invariably die or are related to her.

        Like. What are they even saying right now?

        It’s just horrendous. Taking the whole antebellum South thing a little too far tbqh.

        But at least Connor is fine as hell.

        I just want him to be her dad so badly, and for him and Abby to have sexual tension and for the three of them to be dysfunctionally delightful. But I will get none of that. Oh well.

        • Add to that the proven fact that they have no interest in writing for the Black dudes. How many of the few Black guys who have been on this show have gone on to be an Uncle John, a Mason, or an Elijah? I’m not counting Klaus because he’s a regular. But they’ve also had so many White women guest star on this show that they’ve found one they want to keep as a regular.

          All of the feelings for Abby and Rufus coming face to face and putting the blame on each other at one point for what ails Bonnie. It would get so bad that Bonnie would flee to Matt’s house, lest she lose it and burn all the furniture in her house with all her pent up treatment. And then Sheila would come down and tear into both of them for their respective screw ups. She’d tell them that she’s dead and yet she knows more about what’s going on in Bonnie’s life than they do. Then at the end of this two ep arc with Jasmine Guy guest starring, Sheila would persuade a very reluctant Bonnie who has been bolstered to keep a wall between her and her parents by the fact that Sheila is angry at them too, to give her parents another chance. Bb would say she’ll try, and so she’d send Sheila back to where witches go to judge and Bonnie’s arc with her parents would continue.

          I’ve wanted this since Persia White was cast, but since in JP’s mind the above can’t happen unless the show is ABOUT Bonnie, I didn’t get anything even close to it.

          *Snarking from my phone*

  15. I really don’t understand why they are bringing in a vampire hunter. It’s not like he will be allowed to be effective, what vampires will he be allowed to kill? the answer is none. I do think he is Bonnie’s dad, so I’m interested even though he won’t kill any vampires accept Abby.

    I do think he is old enough to play Bonnie’s dad as David Anders played Elena’s uncle/father and he was in his late 20’s and this is the CW.

    • Tavi! Long time no see.

      You’re right that a vampire hunter is the most useless thing to be on this show. Because you won’t get a chance to live out your profession. The vampires have killed more vampires than the vampire hunters that have shown up on this show. Bill had a grudge against vamps and he managed to kill about zero.

    • Most likely. It’s Jeremy. He doesn’t know the meaning of being single. As someone so succinctly put it, he’s basically the male version of Caroline.

  16. So the white oak stake can essentially undo the spell that Esther did to make the Originals vampires, right? A failsafe of sorts. What about other spells? What are the failsafes for other spells? I know this is a dumb question. I know the show doesn’t care about magic or anything supernatural tbh, but I just want to know.

    • I wouldn’t really consider it a failsafe. It’s a coindence that it can kill vamps since it existed before Esther’s spell. And Esther had to warp it (make it invincible) to make it super effective. I’ll always find it stupid that the oak tree is only harmful to vampires when it’s inside them. Other than that? They can pretty much play catch with it.

      Elena the doppelganger should’ve been the failsafe to Esther’s spell, as her bloodline was used to create vamps, so her bloodline should have been used to destroy them (and Esther did use some of her blood, but she should’ve been killed). The comet was the failsafe to Emily’s spell. That and the necklace.

  17. Hey guys! Love reading your thoughts and listening to the podcasts but I haven’t been able to in a while, but oh my goodness I can’t believe some of the things Julie Plec says. You know what I hate most about her interviews? She tries to emphasize stuff that either never happens in the show, or is of very little significance. Like the one where she starts talking about the kids graduating and going off possibly to college like WTF?? When does this show ever deal with such issues? When do the characters actually even go to school? Out of 22 episodes they might have four episodes in total that take place in school and it’s never actually the point, the school is just used as a scenery for whatever botched up plot is taking place at the moment, school has virtually no significance on this show, nor do the characters dreams or aspirations so why is she making it seem like her show actually deals with such issues? Is she just dreaming? Does she live in an alternate universe where TVD actually does its job and actually deals with the issues that these kids SHOULD be facing instead of stupid plots and story-lines that go virtually nowhere?

    Guys I’m scared for season 4, I don’t know why I can’t let go of this show. I really think it’s because I can’t fathom how a show that went from being my favorite at the time, went down the drain so quickly without having actually peaked. I keep hoping that it gets better but I hardly think that will be the case as long as Julie Plec continues to fool herself into thinking she’s writing something that she’s not. Is it a coincidence that once Kevin Williamson left the show and passed the torch to Julie Plec and her merry band of writers the show just wasn’t the same? JP always has to address things on twitter because hardly anyone can make sense of her random plots, and wacky characterization. No Julie, we don’t need you to spoon feed us anything, but we’d like some logical explanations for things that make no freaking sense. Caroline/Klaus? My goodness! What is that? No one is concerned with what you think is Klaus’s secret reasons for liking Caroline, the viewers want to be able understand it at least in some capacity. I just think she KNOWS it was random and didn’t make sense but since it caught on like wildfire she doesn’t feel like she owes any explanation for it. The only people I’ve seen who actually like this ship are rabid shippers who couldn’t care less about reason and would ship anything with a hint of chemistry. I don’t deny they have the chemistry, but the story isn’t right. The characters are being assassinated to make some contrived ship. Why would Klaus be into Caroline of all people? She’s nothing more than a shallow small town girl, and he’s a person who’s been around for centuries why would be so awed by her? Not only that I guess JP expects ppl to just ignore the fact that Klaus tried to kill her and how very insignificant Caroline was to him before that random ass scene they had where he fell head over heels.

    Lawd, how can this woman actually think she’s writing something good? Does she proof-read her own work? Does she let her peers read her ideas? And they actually think its good stuff? My goodness, and it’s not like she’s completely incapable of good ideas but they’re so few and far in between and most of the rest is filler stuff. Like for instance I really enjoyed the first half of season 3, but the second half was utter crap, like totally disconnected from the first half. The second half of the third season is the lowest this show has ever been in my eyes. I can’t think of a single episode I actually liked there. To me it seemed like they had a plan going in and midway through it they decided to switch gears and it all went downhill from there. Maybe this came with her decision to not kill off Klaus, and thus making the entire season and the one before it null and void. How the heck can you give your protagonists a SINGLE goal for nearly TWO seasons and have them fail and fail and fail over and over again only for them to FAIL again in the end? SO what was the point of the many failed attempts at killing him if they were just going to ultimately fail in the end? It makes absolutely no sense and it makes it impossible for the show to move on. All because of what? She liked the actor and thought he was great? So what? I’m sure there are plenty wonderful actors where he came from, when it’s time to move on, the show should move on. Just let it go. More and more I’m reading fans wanting Klaus dead, and I couldn’t agree more. He should have died long ago, at least by the finale. Now I think her fan servicing ways are about to backfire because I’ve seen some people who even like the character agree that he should have died, because he’s become oh so pointless now. They’re turning what could have been a good villain into a joke and they don’t even realize it because they think it’s what the fans want to see. I feel bad for the actors who have to play these ridiculous roles. I commend them because no way I could be an actor on TVD and do my job with a straight face. The storylines are a joke; the plot has more holes than a block of swish cheese. Everything is shamelessly retconned, they’re not even subtle about their retconning anymore. “It’s like so what we changed it, we don’t care. “ Characterization? There’s no such thing on this show. There are no characters; just a bunch of puppets that do whatever the plot requires them to do. If the plot calls for Stefan to be a ripper, he’s a ripper, if it calls for him to be the good guy; he magically conquers his blood-lust (which he’s struggled with for over a century) in five minutes.

    I feel the worst for PW, he’s such an amazing actor when given opportunities, but Stefan is just about the worst characterized in the entire show. The show needs to quit on Stefan while they’re ahead because every time they try to write something for him, it just gets worse, they retcon his back story with Lexi/Damon and just about everyone else. They start by giving him a decent story-line with the ripper arc, and back out in the last minute, didn’t even bother to write him a decent redemptive arc and threw him back in a relationship with Elena without even addressing ALL the crap that happened between them this season. It all felt rushed and completely unearned. PW certainly deserved better than that, it was his chance to shine this season and it all looked promising until it all just fell flat.

    • I had a long reply written out, but then someone called me and my phone didn't save the reply. I'll just say that I agree with everything you said.

      JP basically said "He likes her because of reasons." Fans say that, and I'm positive these fans know their reasons; they just don't feel like articulating. Unlike JP who just doesn't know. Would she say this to a respectable critic?

      Stefan didn't even get a cooling off period. They just dropped him back into the fold. Phoebe Halliwell had to get back into her sisters' good graces after she failed to kill Cole on Charmed. Cole had to prove himself to her sisters. Clark Kent on Smallville was a bit of an outcast after he ran away to Metropolis, hurting the people he loved. Angel had to be hidden on Buffy because he couldn't just waltz back into the group after what he did as Angelus. I've never watched a show like TVD. Stefan just walked back.

    • I was just nodding along with your rant there! This show is completely unbelievable! I couldn’t believe it when I saw what they did with the ripper storyline!! They completely ruined Stefan’s character, and for no reason what-so-ever! What was the point of having him go ripper? He didn’t get any character development, he didn’t teach us anything, prove anything, shake up anything, get his ass kicked or face any real censor. No, all he did was kill a whole lot of people, with some half-assed explanations from OTHER characters that completely contradicted what we were being shown AND THEN he just rejoins the fold. I want to cry and blow things up every time I think of the ripper sl and what could have been, JP and co. really dropped the ball on that one *smdh* and that’s just one ball in a season full of half told stories and crappy characterizations.

      • Hi!

        I don’t understand how they could fail Stefan so completely. JP and co took on a story they couldn’t handle. Stefan’s story should’ve taken up the whole season, if they really wanted to do him justice. Now it just looks like Stefan’s this perfect specimen who can never really do anything wrong.

        The writers write the Salvatores like Damon is a work in progress and Stefan is a completed piece of work. Just because he didn’t come into the show killing people. That’s what the label of good brother gets you. It stifles the character.

        • If they were really serious about Stefan’s character, his SL would have taken more than the entire season. A characters journey does not happen in a few episodes like JP seems to think (and not even in 1 season) it’s ongoing, and spans for the entire run of the series until the series finale when said character reaches the destination the writers have in mind for him. Stefan had virtually no journey for the first TWO seasons of this series. And when they finally write him in a SL that has the potential to change things for his character it fails spectacularly and they somehow manage to erase the whole thing as if it never happened. No consequences, no one even mentions that just a few days ago (in TVD time it’s only a few days) he was going around killing people, and threatening to turn the love of his life. It’s like they also ruin the other characters just by association.

          It’s a shame KW didn’t take interest in Stefan’s character too, because he seemed to have a 100 episode arc outline for Damon’s journey, and he seems to be the only character who the writers have a vision for nowadays.

          JP is so obviously careless with her writing, and I don’t think she thinks about how things can be perceived by the viewers. Never really been much of a fan of the triangle, but the worst thing they’ve done with Elena’s character this season is have her begging Stefan to open up to her, after everything he did to her and didn’t even really apologize for. How can Julie Plec as a woman look a such a scene and see nothing wrong with that? A teenage girl after being pretty much abused by her boyfriend (he kidnapped her, forced blood down her throat and threatened to kill her) and somehow JP saw it fit to have Elena not even 2 episodes later standing on her porch and begging Stefan to let her in. It’s sick, I never thought much of Stelena until that moment, they seemed like the lesser evil of the triangle options, but geezus!

          I know shows like this aren’t there to be teaching tools for young girls, but you’d think her being a grown woman and being aware that a lot of young women watch her show she’d be careful about the way she portrays her romance. And the sick part is Julie Plec will watch those scenes and think they’re romantic or sweet, or tear up. *GAG* And it’s not done in a way to show that Elena is clearly behaving like an abuse victim, I could totally understand that kind of SL. But they write it like it’s completely justified, like there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, like she was just reaching out because she loves him and cares for him. Julie Plec’s words I swear. I never heard such a thing, usually the person in the wrong (the abuser) is the one who’s supposed to reach out and try and make amends. Not the victim! Sorry this was one of the more infuriating things for me this season. It never ceases to amaze me how blind and possibly misguided this woman is. And as a young woman I hate when girls/women are portrayed in such ways while the writers/creators expect me to view it as perfectly acceptable.

          Ironically,the only thing I can actually appreciate about Delena is that the show tends to acknowledge it for what it is for the most part anyway (they do tend to romanticize it a bit *eyeroll*), but for the most part they don’t try and tout Elena’s relationship with Damon as healthy and all roses and lilies, and while I don’t care for it, at least the show is mostly straight up about how screwed up it usually is.

          I can watch a screwed up relationship (because sometimes relationships are just that) not everyone is perfect, and I can acknowledge that a lot of people are in bad relationships in RL. But what I can’t take is when a show takes a screwed up relationship and tries to pass it off as normal, or healthy, sweet or romantic. And this is what they did to Stefan/Elena in season 3 that made me go from indifference to get this f*ckery off my screen please!

          Don’t even get me started on the undertones of racism I tend to pick up on this show. All I have to say is, Stefan- Bonnie/Abby cave scene, in a formerly racist southern town where the Salvatores probably owned slaves in their early days. I can’t understand as a writer and assuming she learned history at least at the high school level, how that sort of scene didn’t come across inappropriate to her. Smh!

          • They do ruin the character by association. I think Stefan had a story in season 1. I think it’s the last two seasons that he’s been story-less. And I think season 3 is worst than season 2 because they actually had the intention of giving him a story in season 3. And they failed spectacularly. I mean….in the early episodes of season 4, Stefan’s biggest concern is that Elena’s transitioning into a vampire. Really? His problems with blood disappear once Elena is involved and it’s the writers’ fault. He used to have problems that were separate from her. He used to have a private life. A life before Elena. Now all of those things only matter to the extent that Elena can “help” him regain his humanity.

            I agree with what you said about a character’s journey. JP thinks her way is working. It isn’t.

            Yep. Damon is the only one. It’s funny how no matter how much Damon pines for Elena, the writers allow him to have issues that have nothing to do with her. And Damon behaves in a way that tells us that his issues are separate from Elena.

            I have to think of Elena in parts. I have to. No one’s explained to me yet how she functions wrt being a victim of these two brothers. They both forced blood down her throat and yet she’s still with them. Believes in them. Wants the best for them. She still has the mindset of “I don’t want you to be what people think you are.” How the hell does that work?

            JP doesn’t care about Elena. Or else she wouldn’t have waited until season 3 to give her a coherent storyline, for the sole purpose of killing her at the end of the season. Every time JP talks about Elena going through something, she’s always excited about how the brothers will react to it.

            That’s what I’ve grown to like about Delena too.

            Or something to root for. JP keeps talking about moments that were “earned.”

            I hate that damn scene. It’s not just that they probably owned slaves. Imagine their mindset about Black people back then. They had Black servants in their house. Come on, now. And then we get that cave scene? Okay.

            • I totally agree with you that she doesn’t care about Elena. Elena to JP is just a toy that the Salvatores get to fight over. She’s the girl in the middle of the epic triangle, usually ignored in favor of them, or even Caroline (who I’ve come to almost despise on this show). Even in season 3 Elena’s SL felt disconnected in the midst of all that plot nonsense.

              About the cave scenes and others like it! SMH! IDK if I’m just being oversensitive or paranoid but I find it hard to believe that a bunch of American people who know the history of this country (I assume anyway) and the South where they shoot their show, and reflects the setting of the show don’t find it weird that the only African American characters are always getting talked down on, used, ordered around and sacrificed for the sake of the white characters.

              • Caroline hate or dislike, the few that I’ve seen, cracks me up, because she’s not like Elena where she takes advantage of her friend or pulls guys on strings (that’s how some view Elena wrt the Salvatores). Caroline’s actually a very good friend. And she’s not like Bonnie where she holds grudges or strong opinions or makes any big decisions that affects anyone. The writers just go overboard with Caroline in terms of screen time and lines. It’s overexposure, considering she’s supposed to be a secondary character and we see how the others get treated.

                I find it hard to believe that a bunch of American people who know the history of this country (I assume anyway) and the South where they shoot their show, and reflects the setting of the show don’t find it weird that the only African American characters are always getting talked down on, used, ordered around and sacrificed for the sake of the white characters.

                Please. That’s the beauty of being White. Most of them have the privilege of not noticing stuff like this and not thinking about it. And when it gets brought to their attention, they tell you that you’re being paranoid, oversensitive, it’s just a show, and on and on, all kinds of excuses and explanations to make you feel that your opinions and feelings are less than legit. They don’t care. You’re messing with their entertainment (speaking of Fandom, here). That’s why Matt Davis could just dismiss a Bonnie fan with concerns about this very thing by simply calling them an asshole. And JP can just choose to show the pretty White people in period clothing whenever she flashes back to the past. Because that’s all the past is to them and their writing: an opportunity to play dress-up. It doesn’t go any deeper than that because it doesn’t have to. She’s White and so are most of her characters except for one. ONE!

                How many times has Elena referenced the past with awe and happiness and cheerfulness about poofy dresses and dancing? And Caroline adores Gone With the Wind. Klaus’ favorite decade is the 20s. So is Rebekah, going by her choice for the decade dance. Meanwhile, they don’t give Bonnie any opinions about the past. She doesn’t even get to talk about her ancestors. The only one she’s spoken of is Emily. And she did more of that in season 1.

    • Word to your entire rant, esp. this:

      How the heck can you give your protagonists a SINGLE goal for nearly TWO seasons and have them fail and fail and fail over and over again only for them to FAIL again in the end? what was the point of the many failed attempts at killing him if they were just going to ultimately fail in the end? It makes absolutely no sense and it makes it impossible for the show to move on.

      I still cannot believe that the writers had our protagonists fail on every.single.level at the end of S2. If they had at least gone through with their original plan to turn Elena at the end of the season, we would have at least gotten some pay-off for this ritual plot. But no, they changed their minds.

      And then I was like, ok, so we’ll get pay-off at the end of S3 with some spectecular send-off for Klaus/victory for our protagonists. But no, again, they changed their minds.

      These writers should just stop changing their minds about the main plot around mid-season every single season.

      (Kind of off-topic, thinking about it, I get the feeling that this show has always had problems with the back-half of a season. Like, even in S1, after opening the tomb, the show seemed a bit – how should I put it – clueless about where it wanted to go next. They seemed to be setting up sth with Pearl and the tomb vampires but then, again, changed their minds. But I’m not too mad about that, although I’m sad about Pearl’s death and all the lost potential, since we got the blood!arc which I loved a lot.)

      Anyway, all this made me think again of how Klaus is still a regular char and will be in – what – at least 16 episodes? And for the life of me, I can’t see how he can be shoehorned into so many episodes. But well, the writers will make it happen somehow.

  18. So what is exactly is the panel for? JP makes stuff up a lot. They haven’t started shooting anything. At least nothing that is actually an episode right now. I am excited to see the cast throw shade. There’s always that.

    • It’s going to be an hour filled with JP going “I’m guessing” while the fans there stroke her ego. Then we’ll have the post-panel interviews where she’ll really start guessing.

      I can’t wait for the shade. They’ve all said that the producers don’t tell them anything, so all they’re going to say about the new season is how much they don’t want it. Lol. Here’s hoping someone asks PW about Stefan not saving Elena.

  19. So, I’ve been lurking here for a little over a week. Just reading the post and stuff, and thanking the heavens that I’ve finally found some like minded individuals. Lol I was beginning to question my sanity when I left each episode of TVD shaking my head and went on to see other people raving about it. Like, did I miss something??! -.- If only I had.
    The ridiculousness of S3 has me wishing for Elena/coma canon, because seriously, I know I’m suppose to ‘suspend my disbelief’ or what ever, but does that mean I should take my brain out and put it back in upside down??? Because, honestly, that’s no bueno.
    There is nothing left in this series to like! Klaus is so ridiculous I’m embarrassed to look at him, Bonnie is a servant with ‘hand maiden’ aspirations, Caroline is this perky thing that irritates the crap out of me, Elena is nothing, her only purpose is to be a part of that disgusting triangle, Stefan is a serial killer and nothing else, I never liked Damon, his rapey-ness is in no way endearing and he’s physically abusive to the girl he’s ‘in love’ with, Jeremy, Tyler and Matt are practically nonexistent and ALL the Originals need to die!! ALL OF THEM. I especially hate Rebekah the perpetual cheerleader- or whatever the hell she’s suppose to be- and JP and Co. even more for being completely incapable of writing a strong female character. Rebekah is over 1000 years old! If nothing else she should be over the crap she angsted about everytime she showed up on screen. Does JP have a deep abiding hate for women? Is that it?
    I shouldn’t have to be stupid to enjoy a tv show. I shouldn’t have to fill in the blanks on how the writers got from point A to point P. I shouldn’t be screaming ‘that is beyond stupid’ at my tv screen every episode. I shouldn’t hate Elena. I shouldn’t be trying to figure out who any of these characters are, after 3 seasons I should know, or be well on my way to knowing.
    I just want Bonnie to die, so I can stop watching this sorry excuse for a show. I can’t believe how fast they have fallen 😦
    And I NOT looking forward to dark!Bonnie. She’ll prolly just be there to serve Elena and the wonderfully delightful Salvatores anyway. Ugh

    • Lol @ the brain comment. But seriously, I am unable to believe these characters’ reactions to things. TVD is a show where bad things happen to the characters, but it doesn’t have heart. What is this show’s heart?

      • What heart? There is none. These characters are at best two dimensional and wooden. There are no deep meaningful conversations, no depth to their interactions. Viewers are told what they are suppose to see, but it is rarely ever shown. The Elena/Bonnie friendship keeps making less sense. Stelena is ruined. Delena should never have been an option. Because the writing doesn’t reflect what they are telling us to believe. I cannot see how I should cheer for Elena and Stefan’s epic love when S3 was an exercise in ‘when to run from the fool stalking you’. And it didn’t have to be that way. They could simply have committed to having Stefan join Klaus. Yes there should have been conflict- he’s going against his brother and the girl he loves- but being with Klaus should have offered him the opportunity to figure out if the Ripper is truly who he is. We should have seen him struggling with this for the entire season. Being torn between the Stefan he was as a human and the Stefan he became after he turned. Which one is real? And did the ripper come about as a result of what Katherine did to him? Did that factor in some how? Or was that something that he had been hiding all along? There are so many places this story line could have gone. And the season could have ended with Stefan coming to grips with all he’s done, all he became and choosing to discard or merge into a new him, with growth and development, and not reverting back to this good brother/bad brother farce.
        I won’t get into Delena, because Damon is not redeemable in my eyes. Not after he killed Jeremy because she turned him down. Not when it looked to me like he would have forced her if Jeremy hadn’t shown up. There were better ways to show how ‘dark’ Damon is, instead they choose lazy story telling and then proceeded to ignore just how problematic they made it.
        And they kept up with this method of lazy story telling in S3. Klaus could have fallen for Caroline. If they had thought it out and written it properly. He did not need to become the thing that burns my eyes to create the EPIC Klaroline. Klaus could have remained an effective villain (even with a love interest) what we got instead was this pitiful excuse for the villain who was touted as all powerful in S2. He did not need to woobified (love this word) he needed to awesome and then killed off. The Original family was NEVER needed. What they should have done instead was build up their characters so they didn’t talk AT each other but TO each other.
        Elena had the potential to be an awesome protag but they chose to put her on a pedestal instead. Now she’s half a character and we are told these amazing things about that come across as ridiculous and false (though saving Matt instead of herself could be a selfless act, guess I’ll have to wait until next season to find out if she knew she had vamp blood in her system or if she simply wanted to die.) Caroline is basically the same. Although my personal head-canon for her is that her switch is off and has been off since S2.
        I refuse to talk about Bonnie. There are too many problems on that front. And I fear the writers will never acknowledge them. And it just pisses me off to the extent that I want the series CANCELLED. Buried. Never visited again.
        And yes to the Matt/Bekah guilt sex fanfic. The ideas have me yearning. Lol

  20. Apparently Brian Young wrote the third episode of the season. Jose Molina tweeted about it a few days ago:

    Jose Molina ‏@JoseMolinaTV

    Also a huge shout-out to @Young_Brian for a great draft of ‪#TVD‬ episode 3. More sex and blood than you can shake a white oak stake at!

      • Lol. Let’s not forget about Forwood. And I’m already envisioning Matt/Rebelah guilt sex after which Matt feels even guiltier.

        • You see, Matt/Rebekah guilt sex is the only sex on that list I’m into. Forwood is a void. Stelena and Delena would have plenty of time to get it on.

          It would be new and I would actually be into Matt feeling even guiltier afterward and continuing to make crappier decisions because of his guilt. Ugh, if it doesn’t happen I may have to write it.

        • It would be ‘fresh’. *JP voice* Actually, I would be interested in Matt/Rebekah guilt sex too, at least in theory. Because on the show I’m afraid it would be followed by Matt angsting about honouring/living up to Elena’s sacrifice in such a way that it will be annoying and hard to watch.
          But please write that fic!

          • I actually had this idea for a fic (or actually a plot) where, because of guilt, Matt would spiral a bit, but he wouldn’t know how to handle it. So he wouldn’t want to prove he was worth saving, since he would on a certain level, not be on board with that idea, but he would be a mess because he had a role to play in Elena dying. So he’d be angry with himself and trying to figure things out. I’m always about the kids using these tragedies to learn something/anything about the supernatural. Plus he would be drinking. Yada yada yada, he and Rebekah would end up having sex. Somehow. Someway. If this show wants to push Klaus/Caroline as something that can just happen then Rebekah/Matt can happen without all the delusions of love or saving. And it would be a bit rough because Rebekah is a vampire, but Matt would be okay with that to a certain degree. Self-loathing as an extended metaphor until eventually he actually kinda liked her, enjoyed the sex. It would be less angry but still fueled by guilt. Rebekah wouldn’t feel guilty, but Matt keeps coming back. He looks her in the eye. He may not love her, but he’s not lying when he says he likes her, even if it is despite himself. Plus, she’s got his life in her hands. He’s her safe bet for survival. A weak safe bet, but a safe bet nonetheless. No one is trying to kill her. Worse yet, for them, they can’t.

            I don’t know. I think of Matt/Rebekah as happening because he could or would be dragged down (by his life in general) and she wouldn’t try to save him, but that would be okay. I can also see Matt, more than anyone else on the show really, asking why him in terms of Rebekah being a vampire and choosing a relationship or whatever they would have with him. I’ve even thought of her response. Messy but fun. Am I giving myself these feelings? Yeah. The show will never go there or in that way. But this is just an idea I have about how they could do Matt/Rebekah guilt sex without turning it into something exceedingly stupid.

            • You’re not just giving yourself feelings, you’re giving me feelings too. Apparently your fic idea is everything I never knew I wanted. I really love this aspect: “Plus, she’s got his life in her hands. He’s her safe bet for survival. A weak safe bet, but a safe bet nonetheless.”

              This ties in with something I’ve always wanted to be dealt with or at least articulated on the show. So much terrible things happen on the show to our protagonists and, in some ways, all of them are dragged down by life (or at least should be, if this show cared about emotional continuity). Some of them have displayed suicidal tendencies (for instance, Matt jumping into that pool in 3.05 comes to mind and yeah, I know he didn’t want to kill himself but still, this moment before he jumped into the water was so chilling and yes, suicidal). And yet, despite all of that, they cling to life with all their might and are essentially OK with sacrificing other ppls’ lives for theirs. And I just want this to be acknowledged? This feeling of being dragged down by life (or rather by the supernatural, really, which has become such an integral part of their lives) but, at the same time, being acutely aware that they don’t want to die, no matter what and no matter what they have to do to survive. I mean, this is what’s happening, but I often feel like the characters go on like robots and fight for their lives just because that’s the plot.
              I hope this makes any sense. I swear, in my head it does.

              • You make complete sense. I think what we see a lot of the physical/mental aspect of their survival. Everyone on the show is fight instead of flight when it comes to survival. Even Jeremy and Matt who did what they did to protect Elena did it as a last resort. So it feels like plot because we need the characters alive to push the plot forward. They need to be alive. They always survive. But there’s not enough to it. We lack the emotional aspect of their desire to survive. We know they survive. We know they put their own lives as well as each other’s lives above the lives of others and yet we don’t get enough of their relationships to get a true sense of how that makes them feel or whatever.

                • Yes, we lack the emotional aspect. And we lack the acknowledgment that their need to survive is often ruthless and … messy. (And the latter is what your fic idea reminded me of and brought on this ramble.)

                  Btw, one SL where I was so sure they writers would have to address this aspect was Stefan’s SL at the very beginning of S3 when he was running around with Klaus and showed no intention of killing himself. And then he even got bitten by Ray in Ep 2 and I expected him to go: “Ok, so apparently I don’t want to actively kill myself but maybe it’s for the best if I just let this happen and let the werewolf bite take me out.” To have at least have this thought cross his mind! But no. Nothing. Blech.

                  You know, plot-holes are one thing. They are annoying and everything. But this lack of focus on the emotional lives of these characters is a thousand times worse. Like Alta asked a couple of posts above, where’s this show’s heart?

                  • Yes! I was so ready for Klaus to have to force or at least threaten Stefan into drinking his blood after Ray bit him. I was ready for him to consider letting himself die. If only for a moment. If only for long enough to reason that if he died that would be one less barrier between Klaus and Elena. Something. But nope. Couldn’t have that.

                    I would have even accepted a throwaway line suggesting that Stefan had been bitten before during the summer, considering the lackadaisical attitude both of them took to the bite. Stefan assumed, without much worrying, that Klaus would offer his blood. Klaus, knowing that he would eventually, was like “behave better”. But nothing like that wasn’t even managed.

                    The show doesn’t have a heart because it’s interested in a rapid pace and a rapid plot and doesn’t give the characters enough to deal with it. The show wouldn’t even have to slow down technically, though that would be nice, it would just have to let the characters maintain their characterizations. Stop them from being mouthpieces and allow them to react. To own their emotions. But it doesn’t. So it can’t.

                    • And then they didn’t even have him drink from Klaus’ wrist. Like, no matter how you look at that sub-plot, we were robbed.

                      It’s not like they care about writing a sensical plot at least. Nope. Plus, I will never be over the fact that they continued the Kill Klaus main plot in the back-half of the season in the full knowledge that they wouldn’t kill Klaus off.
                      Anyway, now I feel even more resentment towards the show. So, thanks? 😉

                      Btw, is there any chance of you writing that fic?


                  • I’m going to try and write the fic. I’m actually pretty happy that the show doesn’t come back until October. So I have more time to just finish all of these one shots I’ve started in my head.

                  • Stefan’s unwillingness to let the bite take him out clashed with his attitude at the end of the blood arc. And then just to make matters worse, the writers then have him try to kill himself after Klaus sets him loose on Elena. Really?

                    If the writers cared about the characters’ emotions, there’s NO WAY they would have tortured Caroline this many times. It’s because they touch on their emotions in the most superficial way that so many of these plots are possible, and it’s why we run through so many plots in ONE season. That’s easy to do when you don’t care about all of your characters’ emotions.


              I love the idea of Matt dealing with the thought that, when he decided to get involved he never meant to cause death. None of this well-adjusted guy stuff.

              I’m actually playing with something similar wrt Matt in the 3.20 fix!it fic I’m writing. It comes up when Bonnie refuses to help the vamps leave the school and turns to leave and Matt, who’s standing in front of the door, actually glances to the majority to know if he should let Bonnie leave. And Bonnie sees it and Matt realizes what he just did.

              • None of this well-adjusted guy stuff.

                This is what I hate most about what the show has chosen to do with Matt and actually most of the characters. Matt may be the only one specifically coded as being well-adjusted, but he shouldn’t be. He’s the only one who came to this life by choice and it was a shaded choice, but not quite in the same was as being born to this, whatever role that takes on (Bonnie, Elena, and Tyler) or having this life forced upon you (Caroline, the Salvatores to a certain extent, but also secondary they’ve had over a century basically, and Jeremy, if only because of the Council…the roles that can’t be escaped). Bonnie said it herself in The Reckoning. This isn’t the life that Matt has to have and yet he chooses it. And it isn’t because he’s a swell guy with a lot of heart. Even though he does have a lot of heart. It’s messier than that. It’s about more than being “one of the good ones” and it’s about less than that too.

                I think of the conversations/arguments that Matt and Elena could have, I could almost even be into their friendship, and I think of Matt finally saying something about Vicki’s death and Elena asking him why he’s still around them. This idea that he told Caroline once that he didn’t want to be apart of this world. And he walked away after Smells Like Teen Spirit. And basically I imagine Matt saying something like “I can’t pretend I don’t know what you know. I wanted to. I tried. I couldn’t. It was lonely.”

                Because when if ever have these kids learned to care about people other than each other and not had those people taken from them. There’s the bigger picture and then there are these kids and I can see Matt seeing the bigger picture as a place to disappear and that terrifying him a bit. He’s never had to disappear before. Always had Bonnie and Elena and Caroline and Tyler. Always had Vicki. Even Jeremy. And he’s lost Vicki, the one person he wasn’t supposed to lose. It’s supposed to be the benefit and she ran off, but at least she could come back until she couldn’t. Until she was dead. Until she was dead and he was the last one to know about how (except for maybe Tyler who probably doesn’t remember he knows people who aren’t named Caroline). So now he has his friends. Can he do better? They all can and at the same they can’t. Not only because of how warped the show is, but because they don’t really know how. They never tried. So yeah, that’s something I think it interesting in terms of Matt choosing to stick with the supernatural and how that makes him less than well-adjusted. Or you know feelings explosions.

                I like the idea of that 3×20 fix it. Mostly because I like the subtly of it, even in description + Matt/Bonnie interactions are actually never a letdown. On the show or in fic. Can’t wait to read it.

                • If Matt brought up Vicky and then Elena asked him why he still hangs around them, I would die of shock. There’s this sense of entitlement among the characters (and it’s stronger in some than others depending on the level of hurt they’ve caused) that’s just like, “Of course you still want to be friends with me. Why ever would I question that? It’s only natural that you want me in your life no matter what.”

                  except for maybe Tyler who probably doesn’t remember he knows people who aren’t named Caroline

                  LOL! Tyler shade will never get old. But yes. Vicky wasn’t perfect. It was obvious that she cause Matt some headaches, but we did get the sense that he could go out and have fun and party and play football. He was still the little brother in a sense. As a matter of fact, he was more tense and on edge when his mom came to town. So with Vicky, even though she had a lot in common with their mom, she was more functional and she and Matt had a routine. And then just like that she ran away

                  (and didn’t Matt say something about how that wasn’t like Vicky? I do remember him saying, “She’s just like her mother. I can’t rely on either of them.” But that was Matt being made to be okay with everything. It would have been great if this show liked its characters and thus allowed Matt to have flashes of coherence through his compulsion where he found it unbelievable that Vicky would just leave him. Besides…wasn’t Stefan the one who compelled him? There you go, the big thing in early season 1 was that Stefan’s compulsion wasn’t solid),

                  and then just like that she was dead. And the most Matt has to grapple with is that Elena saved his life? Not even that he might be in over his head, but that she saved his life. Rme.

      • If Brian Young is writing it, then it’s probably Forwood.

        More sex than you can shake a white oak stake at. And yet only two people will be having sex in this episode. With each other. And it’ll be the usual suspects *_________*.

        • I also thought with “Sex” he probably meant shirtless!Damon walking around, he is also one of the usual suspects, lol.

  21. question. since all the ladies are vampires except for Bonnie on this show can I ask who’s gonna get the necklace? I want Bonnie to fuse it with vervaine. 😡

    • Before I say anything, I really wish Stefan agreeing with Elena to save Matt wasn’t framed as him letting her get turned. Unless we’re going to find out that he actually knew about the vampire blood in her system (which would actually be awesome and would require fallout) what he actually did was fail to save her. Which is different from “letting” her die. It’s starting to annoy me since it doesn’t actually set up, on it’s own, anything good in terms of storyline for Stefan.

      All of this is to say, I am with PW trying to give Stefan’s actions some nefarious sense.

      “I feel like that was all bullshit. I’m just kidding.” No you are not.

      He told her not to feel bad for him. PW needs to stop. He would bring in more humans and limit the amount of supernatural characters in Mystic Falls. Ugh. Help me. I’m having PW feelings. He’s just ready with those answers too.

      Did he just say he’d change the writing so things mattered? He’d limit the amount of death. Ugh, this makes me so sad that his character is a complete non-entity to the writers when he could be so much more. (And interviews like this make me sad because it means that, to a certain degree, he would have killed a better written story.)

      Sometimes he’s my favorite because of shade. Sometimes he’s just my favorite because I’m ridiculous. This time he’s my favorite because he managed to throw awesome shade that straight up could have come out of our podcast.

      Reading this back and I am ridiculous.

      • PW has def been thinking about this show in his down time. Lol I wonder how man times he rolls his eyes while reading the scripts. I’m kinda having PW feelings >.>

      • No you are not.


        It’s just so perfect, and yes some of this could have come out of the podcast and it has in some cases. How many times have we (on the show, in the comments, on tumblr) said that the show needs less deaths and needs to write for the humans and needs to make things matter (and needs less guest stars)?


  22. They casted April:

    ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 casts Grace Phipps as the new girl in town

    By Carina Adly MacKenzie

    Now that Elena will be sporting fangs, “The Vampire Diaries” has a new girl-next-door headed back to Mystic Falls. Zap2it has learned that 20-year-old actress Grace Phipps has landed the role.

    Phipps, best known as Amy on the short-lived “Nine Lives of Chloe King,” will play April, described as “a natural beauty with a bit of an edge.”

    As we were the first to report, 16-year-old April is from Mystic Falls, and, after a death in the family, she decides to move back home from private school. Executive producer Julie Plec describes her as “a natural beauty with a bit of an edge.”

    She’s got childhood history with Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), so it’s important to Elena to protect her from Mystic Falls’ many secrets. We’ve got our suspicions that she’ll be wrapped up in the monster mayhem before too long, though! Expect to see April make her first appearance in the second episode of Season 4.

    Don´t know the actress but I think it is pretty funny, that they repeated the “a natural beauty with a bit of an edge”. It´s so fresh they have to mention it twice.

    • she’s very pretty and I already don’t like her. If they pair her and Jeremy up I’m getting the feeling that it’ll be a Jeremy/Anna redux for Julie Plec who seemed to have regretted killing off Anna. Oh well, hopefully I can get into some other plots and they won’t shove this too far up my butt.

  23. Tricia: Please, I beg of you, Vampire Diaries scoop that isn’t about the love triangle.
    How about scoop that is about one person in said love triangle? As if her transition won’t be giving her enough to deal with, we’ve learned that Connor, the new vampire hunter (played by Todd Williams) coming to MysticFalls, will set his sights on Elena. Can’t a girl transition in peace?!

    • Boom. Where did I ask this question? Who did I ask? I posited the possibility that Elena would be the female vamp getting kidnapped and tortured now instead of Caroline. I also said they might still leave Caroline as the victim of tortures. But still.

  24. Another new character … this time for episode 3:

    Hayley is a friend of Tyler’s and helped him break his sire bond. She didn’t know he was still alive or wealthy, though, and only found out recently that Klaus hadn’t killed Tyler (one of Klaus’ hybrids told Hayley he was going to meet up with someone named Tyler) so she shows up at the Lockwood mansion.

    In the other half of the casting side they apparently reused stuff from the Jules/Damon confrontation from season 2.

    I thought Tyler was alone all this time in those mountains? Do you think they retcon this for more Forwood drama?

    And here it says this character is going to be recurring:

    • Oh damn. And here Olu and I were saying it doesn’t seem like there’s any story planned for Tyler.

      Everyone thought he was alone in the mountains. He certainly didn’t talk like he’d had company. I sense conflict for Forwood. Caroline ain’t gonna be happy. Unless he told her offscreen, where communication takes place.

      These descriptions always list the physical attributes first. And it’s always, “They’re beautiful, but.” Like, they’re pretty, but don’t let that fool you! Rme.

      Thanks, Kathrin!

      ETA: I also wanted to ask how the heck Hayley knew about breaking a sire bond. Didn’t Damon say sire bonds are rare? And I’m betting Hayley’s a teenager. The show pays so little attention to the werewolves that I have it in my head that it’s rare to find a were who knows a lot about their kind, since they’re supposed to be almost extinct.

      • Lol my first thought after I read that side was that they will probably cast Phoebe Tonkin for that role. Especially after that TVFanatic interview with JP I emailed you. They would create a character just so that Phoebe would get a new job. But that´s only my speculation.

        Oh damn. And here Olu and I were saying it doesn’t seem like there’s any story planned for Tyler.

        I thought the same especially with them not even saying one word of what is going to happen with Tyler after Klaus is out of his body at Comic Con.

        Unless he told her offscreen, where communication takes place.

        Yeah, but they will probably use it to make Caroline angry at Tyler for not telling her. I really hope we won´t see her slut-shaming again.
        What also confused me that they bring Tylers wealth into this … why is it worth mentioning in that casting side?

        And also this confuses me:
        one of Klaus’ hybrids told Hayley he was going to meet up with someone named Tyler

        This makes me believe that Klyler wanted to meet that Hybrid because when did Tyler ever showed any interest in his kind and he never spoke about the other hybrids whenever they were around. But I don´t think Klaus is still in Tyler´s body in episode 3, because JP already has the one liner for Klaus return prepared “Fate and oxygen intervened and here I am.” Don´t think she would mention it if Klaus wasn´t already back in his body in episode 1 or 2.

        ETA: I also wanted to ask how the heck Hayley knew about breaking a sire bond. Didn’t Damon say sire bonds are rare? And I’m betting Hayley’s a teenager. The show pays so little attention to the werewolves that I have it in my head that it’s rare to find a were who knows a lot about their kind, since they’re supposed to be almost extinct.

        The writers conveniently forgot about that.

        • I really hope we won´t see her slut-shaming again.

          She probably will, lbr. Or she’ll use the girl’s physical features to demean her. Option number 3 is that she doesn’t insult the girl but is instead quietly jealous. If she’s quietly jealous, know that this Hayley will be used as an excuse for Klaroline to happen.

          I have no idea. TVD doesn’t pay attention to class differences anymore, so why mention that Tyler’s rich?

          This makes me believe that Klyler wanted to meet that Hybrid because when did Tyler ever showed any interest in his kind and he never spoke about the other hybrids whenever they were around.

          Lol. For real. And I read that one-liner. I definitely think their spirits get separated by the end of episode 2.

        • She wanted him to embrace his werewolf side and stop locking himself on full moons IIRC. Oz ended up killing her because she tried to attack Willow or something?

          I really really really hope TVD doesn’t do something like this. The show is gross enough as it is. I don’t need to see a woman being sacrificed at the altar of the perfect love that is Forwood – because that is exactly how this show would play a scenario like that.

          • Oh, I remember now. Thanks! Tyler doesn’t have anything like that going on though. He no longer transitions. I guess she could get him to accept the sire bond, but I don’t think they’re going to go that route.

            They’ve sacrificed women at the altar of Elena. We don’t need them to start doing it for Caroline.

  25. So Kat didn’t win a TCA :/ Did anyone here actually vote? I voted once. Last year, I voted at least half a dozen times in all the categories that TVD was nominated. I am losing enthusiasm I guess. lol. As if that is news to you guys.

    • I voted everyday in the beginning. Then I completely forgot about it. Confession: I voted for Ian for best male actor. The Ripper Arc was all talk, but PW was hindered by the lack of dedication and follow-through from the writers.

      • lol. But IS though? Really? I didn’t pick either of them. Kat was the only person from TVD I voted for this year. I just don’t care about anyone else anymore.

        • I was thinking of his 3.19 scene in the motel when Damon explained why he doesn’t let people in. I was so upset by the Reaper arc that I was not going to do anything to support it.


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