Teen Wolf: S02E05 Venomous

Not Lydia! *Tear.*

A clip from tonight’s episode came out a couple of days ago. Holland Roden is doing great with this material.

I also….liked Jackson….in the clip. It’s the first time in a looong time he made me smile. “Testicles left and right.” Lol. I also liked his smile after he complimented the coach. Watch it here if you haven’t already!

I’ll edit this post later with thoughts on the episode.

The episode:

I loved it!

My favorite scene was Derek realizing why he can’t get Scott into his pack. Loved it! When Scott said that Derek turned Jackson in hopes of killing him, did anyone notice Boyd’s reaction? Might he have a change of heart in the coming episodes?

My second favorite scene was the lab scene between Erica and Allison. I legit fantasized about Erica being Allison’s first werewolf kill, and it has nothing to do with her putting the moves on Scott. Erica is only surpassed by Isaac in terms of being cartoonish. One part I did like with Erica though, was when she said she always wondered what it would be like to steal someone’s boyfriend (or something).

Third favorite scene: Allison pulling one over on Erica. She reminded me so much of Kate! And I loved her addition of “Bitch.”

Now about the other people: Jackson is the Kanima. Can’t wait for his reaction, tbh. When Ms. Morell said that thing about loneliness, I thought of Fandom’s excuse for why Jackson’s an asshat. We’ll see. I like how the reveal played out. The end scene was shocking. Another new player? Can’t wait. For a split second, I wondered if it was Danny. Speaking of Danny,

His short bit about the camera guy was cute.

Everyone forming a wall around Lydia was cute and awesome. The mystery on what’s up with Lydia continues. I have no doubt she’ll learn the truth soon. I liked the kiss between her and Jackson. It reminded me of when I liked them together in early season 1.

But you guys, sometimes I wonder if Colton Haynes’ delivery is good or if it’s awful. Those moments where he cuts himself off while speaking because he’s so upset or whatever? Straddles the line.

I am SO not excited about the camera guy taking Scott’s picture. Ugh. Don’t come for him, dude.


23 thoughts on “Teen Wolf: S02E05 Venomous

  1. Do you guys think that Lydia is just going through PTSD or is it something supernatural?

    How does Allison know that guidance counselor?

    Do you think that it was the guidance counselor in the car at the end? If so, is she turning the students she sees into her own private army?

    OMG, Derek is a loser. He doesn’t know ANYTHING. Lol

    Danny/Camera guy and Danny/Jackson are my new ships. Speaking of which , why would Jackson be lonely? Maybe he lacks the ability to truly connect with people.

    Can we get more Allison/Lydia PLEASE. Everyone else got time with their bff. Even Isaac and Erica hung out.

    • I just thought of a reason for why it’s not simply PTSD, but then I realized that all that keeps happening is she keeps seeing Peter. Other than that, the fact that she hasn’t turned into a werewolf despite being bitten by an Alpha points to it not being simple PTSD.

      I have no idea. I need that cleared up.

      I didn’t think of that! I definitely think she could translate that text just fine and was lying about her inability to do it. I also think she knows exactly what a Kanima is. The thing is, she hasn’t had any contact with Jackson. Derek was the one who bit him. Maybe she just finds Kanimas and teaches them about what they are? Maybe Kanimas have leaders like werewolves?

      Derek, I just…he knows nothing.

      I side-eyed Jackson when he said Lydia takes everything. Um, what?

      Yes, more Allison/Lydia please. Maybe after Lydia finds out the truth.

      • Lydia saw Peter drawing that circle-y design that Derek used around his sister’s grave. How would she know about that?

        Yeah, that was weird. It would make sense if the guidance counselor was brought in by Gerard, after he took over as principal, but the woman acted like she didn’t know about Allison’s family.

        lol, she “guides” lost souls like Kanimas. Lydia was right to not trust her.

        I have to finish rewatching season one to better remember how their relationship was because what he keeps saying makes no sense rn.

        • On the board, right? I have no idea. She doesn’t even know how he died, yet she saw his charred face in the inkblot. She thinks he’s missing. That’s what she said, right?

    • -I kinda want it to just be PTSD, but it’s probably a thing.
      -Everyone knows everyone apparently.
      – If it was the guidance councilor in the car then she’s probably related to Jackson. It’s probably one of his real relatives.
      -Derek ugh! Every time he came on screen I cringed and got creeped out. WTF dude! Go find some people your own age to hang out with. I can’t with that dude.

      Danny/Boyd, Danny/Jackson, Derek/Jackson, Allison/Erica, Allison/Scott

  2. When Scott said that Derek turned Jackson in hopes of killing him, did anyone notice Boyd’s reaction? Might he have a change of heart in the coming episodes?


    I don’t get how Erica can be so ok with killing already. Isaac was severely abused by his father for years so his penchant for violence makes some sense.


    • Erica seems sadistic. She doesn’t seem like she could have compassion for anyone. She’s willing to kill Lydia for reasons that I’m positive she doesn’t understand. I mean we could say that Derek’s Alpha is influencing her, but Boyd has shown more penchant to think than either Erica or Isaac. Then again, Boyd was comfortable with being alone. He just didn’t like it and preferred not to be.

  3. My fave scene was when Allison dropped Erica. My second fave scene was when Derek realized that Scott had his own pack. My third fave was the Jackson/Lydia scene. My fourth fave was everything Jackson/Danny.

    I am back to being interested in Jackson. Yay!

  4. The quality of this show!!! Ahhh! Just, YES. It’s currently up there, in the terms of perfection, with the new Canadian Sci-Fi show Continuum on Showcase. Love these shows. Glad we’re getting quality shows over the summer that are better than most of the fall line ups.

  5. Ohh, I loved this ep. Favourite episode of the season so far! You’re favourite scenes, Alta and Susan, were my favourite ones too. Especially the one where Allison dropped Erica. I also loved the scenes set during chemistry class where they had all these different characters interact with each other.

    So, why isn’t Jackson immune to his own poison? Any ideas?

    Also, this episode might have turned me into a Scott/Allison shipper.

    • I specifically loved the Erica/Allison part, but yeah the chemistry scene with all of the characters rotating was good gimmick to get them to interact. I don’t know why stuff like this is so hard for that ratchet show TVD.

      Maybe because he hasn’t accepted who he is? Like how the full moon was harder on Scott when he wasn’t used to it. Or, maybe it’s a way to tell us that Kanima’s can be killed by each other. Jackson would never poison himself, accidentally or otherwise, but another Kanima could get it into his system. Plus despite Derek’s lame snake lesson, Jackson/the Kanima is not a snake.

  6. Hi,

    It is great to see so much discussion about this suprisingly good, dark and complex show.

    I wondered if anyone knows of a Teen Wolf podcast? This is the only show that I watch that doesn’t have a dedicated podcast.

    Thanks in advance.


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