Spotlight: TVD 3.17 AU Brought to You by Olu and Me.

This isn’t exactly a fic. More like a Skype conversation gone off the rails.

What happens when you try expand Stefan’s sex life? The following scenario, that’s what.

Carol invited Stefan to the ball in 3.14. Strange. But it would not have been strange if one thing had led to another!

Olu: She’s lonely. Recently widowed. Stefan isn’t hideous to look at. She hasn’t known him his whole life. She must figure “why not?”

Me: And since Stefan was recently off his bender, there’d still be residue, so at one point he’d be like, “Why the hell not?” instead of the stupid feelings conversation he had with Elena at the end of the episode.

Matt would find out and tell Jeremy and Bonnie. Caroline would somehow find out and so would Tyler. And Elena and Damon would find out.

Me: Stefan wouldn’t even try that hard for an excuse. He’d just let everyone marinate in their shock.

Olu: I’m imagining the guidance counselour asking stefan about some rumors she had heard about him and Mrs. Lockwood.

And thus we have an episode! The whole school now knows. The guidance counselor calls Stefan into her office, and Matt, Bonnie, Caroline, Jeremy, Tyler, and Elena sit at lunch and talk about ~what happened.

The Graduate is Cool Until Your Mom is Mrs. Robinson .


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