Episode 82: TVD Season 4 Spoilers and Speculation


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Co-hosts: Cana and Olu

Episode 82

In this episode, Olu, Cana, and I react to Julie Plec’s post-finale interviews and season 4 previews, and we cast our wishes for each of the characters for season 4.

Quotes of the Podcast: “I feel like Stefan should fade away from Elena, because now she’s basically Katherine. As soon as, or the first time, she compels somebody, he should be like, ‘Okay I’m done.’ [Because it’d bring up uncomfortable memories and he’d be triggered]”-Cana

“[Julie Plec] says that it’s hard to keep [heroines] dynamic, and fresh, and new, and I feel like that should not be a problem, especially on this show, especially with these characters, because like we’ve said these characters are somehow interesting despite the writers. Elena is the main female protagonist. Okay. She has Jeremy, her brother who has lost a lot and has basically dealt with emotional damage from that. There’s an avenue for freshness and dynamic and newness. She has Bonnie, best friend who is a witch and feels she has a calling and has this long history that is also tied to [Elena’s] Petrova/doppelganger history. There’s another avenue. She has Matt, her ex who also has a messed family. And then there’s her friend Caroline, who was her frenemy. And then there’s Tyler, and they’re both founding kids, okay whatever. So she has these opportunities, but again she’s only concerned about the Salvatores. She’s not concerned about these secondary characters, so I feel like as a result, Elena is limited in the amount of experiences she can have, because [Julie] is not interested in those relationships. […..] So if she’s not interested in the people in Elena’s life, then no wonder it’s hard for her to write Elena.”-Me

“Another thing that shows they don’t respect Stefan, that they don’t actually care about him as a character is people don’t have reactions to him. [People don’t get to keep their reactions to Damon or there’s no change after they react to Damon, but they sometimes get to react]. No one reacts to [Stefan].”-Olu

Spoilers from TVGuide Thanks, Emily!

JP’s EW Interview

JP’s zap2it Interview Thanks, Nikki!

JP’s TVLine Interview Thanks, Kathrin!

Season 3 Review Thank you, Emily!


316 thoughts on “Episode 82: TVD Season 4 Spoilers and Speculation

  1. The first person she’ll want to try her vampire stamina on (gag) is Matt. Because she’ll want to be normal again and she was normal with Matt. *evil grin*

    I hope Elena kills some one and when she does it will be for Jeremy or something. What if she kills Katherine? 🙄

    • I thought about putting that choice in there. Imagine: towards the end of the season some were speculating that she’d reconnect with Matt and choose the human side of things for a while. She chose Stefan. And then bam! First person she sleeps with as a vamp is a human. Lol.

      Not gonna lie, it’d be hella interesting if she killed Katherine (if completely unbelievable). The meta that would be written would be amazing.

    • Probably, considering it took her and Stefan to kiss again and I doubt they’ll be jumping into anything right now. Meanwhile there will probably be some exploration or a push towards exploration with/from Damon.

      sidenote: I don’t remember half of what I said in the podcast, i’ll have to give it a listen when I get back to DC.

      • Yep. I’m thinking the sexual tension will mount. I sincerely don’t want to be the writers, having to decide who Elena will sleep with first, knowing how seriously both sides of the Fandom will take it (though I’m sure some Stelenas will say their ship has a lot more important things going for it than sex *____*).

        Lol. I don’t blame you. Have a safe trip!

      • Maybe Stefan will also get (back) with Rebekah.

        I’ll be in DC today for a trip with my sister(‘s school). I remember towards the end my voice was going or I was scared it was. I already DL for later. 😉
        happy trails

  2. Thanks to you guys, now I have the image of Bonnie, Jeremy, Caroline, Matt and Tyler being attacked by a shadowy figure. Like Bonnie will be sipping coffee at the Grill and suddenly passes out. Then someone grabs her (karmic payback for what she did to Luka 😉 No, I will never let the Martins go jsyk). Jeremy is compelled AGAIN etc etc. When they all come to, they are all in cages and the shadowy figure turns out to be Elena. She has somehow found or built (hey, Klaus can build a mansion in a day) a magically fortified safe house for her “loved ones” (she only brought Tyler for Caroline, lbr). Maybe the dead witches will help because, as Julie says, they might be pissed with Bonnie and want her contained. She keeps Bonnie in a drugged state so she can’t use magic. She compels Jeremy into believing that he really wants to be there. Tyler will be happy because he is with Caroline. We all know that Caroline is the only word in that boy’s vocabulary now. Caroline will be unhappy because she can’t plan anymore parties.

    Elena will check on them once in a while. She will get Caroline to have “girl talk” with her like nothing is wrong. No one will be looking for Bonnie, Jeremy and Matt. As we have seen before, all it takes to quiet the Sheriff and the Mayor down is a text sent from the victim’s phone. LOL. OMG! Now I really want to see crazier!Elena.

  3. Who is this woman going to ask? Don’t those other writers work for her? /faceplam
    Lady, *you* are the person to ask. They should be asking *you*. smh.

    Leadership. Learn the meaning of it.

  4. I can deal with Jamie sticking around if they keep it platonic between Bonnie and him. I am waaay more interested in the family dynamic between Bonnie, Abby and Jamie. I don’t want it swept under the rug for a ship.

    • Thanks for bringing this over, Kathrin!

      Does Julie not realize how fucked up Lexi and Stefan’s friendship actually was? How fucked up Lexi was? Does she not realize that Caroline needs to lose a couple of screws in order to become Stefan’s Lexie? Does she pay attention? Because Caroline and Lexie actually have nothing in common aside being friends with Stefan. Stefan leaning on Caroline and her being his cheerleader is going to be painful.

      After what they did with Abby/Bonnie and considering how far Bonnie’s made it all on her own, I wonder at the point of bringing in her father. I don’t look at her anymore and think, “She needs parental guidance or a mentor.” And because is show is so freaking stupid, I’m sure the resentment Bonnie should feel wrt her dad leaving her to flounder all of this time will be nowhere to be found. It sure wasn’t there during the Abby “story.” I’m sure Caroline will get a scene telling Bonnie’s dad to just give her a little time because everyone needs their father. I’ll actually explode.

      And I need JP to not call attention to how long they’ve waited to introduce his dad because it only makes me mad. Be quiet, Julie. I’m so happy this show is on hiatus, omg.

      It’s great that she’s going to be looking for an opportunity to rekindle Matt/Caroline. That’s just great.

      I have no words for the fact that she broke rules just to have Matt Davis in that final scene with Jeremy. So cheap. Her own rules aren’t sacred to her.

      I don’t want any TSC actor crossing to TVD, no matter how brief the period. But if I had to have someone I’d choose either SJP or Shelly.

    • Her love for Matt Davis is not of this world.

      “Damon is a character that started in a very dark place, but with a lot of love and emotion brewing under him” – How poetic.

      I looked Jose Molina up. He was a writer for Firefly and Grimm and will be writing for TVD in S4.

      • I like Grimm. I watch it when I’m twisting my hair. It doesn’t have the most impressive dialogue though. Or acting. I watch it to see how they’re going to interpret the fairy tales.

    • Steroline is BACK!!!

      Why are they so interested in exploring the least interesting of Stefan’s relationships? Fandom is going to be insufferable. Especially when Stefan eventually throws her over for Elena again (because it will happen. it has too).

      Sidenote: I remember someone on Tumblr hoping that, instead of Caroline reminding Stefan of Lexi (obviously, even if it was without reason, even before the whole Lexi is a psycho reveal) that she actually reminded him of Rebekah. Even though, Stefan’s memories of Rebekah were wiped at the time he told Caroline that she reminded him of someone he used to know. And quite frankly, no.

      • That would’ve been interesting if she reminded him of Rebekah. Caroline isn’t quite as vindictive as Rebekah, but she used to be when she was human (a little), which means she should’ve been more so as a vamp, but it’s TVD where continuity goes to die.

  5. Great podcast! 🙂

    – The life support analogy killed me. What. Well, it’s not surprising, since there are so many bad analogies being made on the show, too. I guess we now know who’s coming up with them? Or maybe it’s a group effort?
    – Dead at PW’s “There were many explanations and theories.”
    – I don’t think they will have one of the Salvatores forcing blood on Elena because that’s something we’ve already seen with both of them. Stefan with forcing Damon to transition in 1864 and Damon with force-feeding his blood to Elena in 2.20. I think it will be either Elena’s choice to transition or Jeremy will make her drink blood. Either way, there will be some angsting while an emo pop song is playing in the background and in the very next episode they will all happily attend the next town event where the council tries to massacre them. And Elena will kill one of the council members in self-defense and there will be more angsting and more emo pop songs. And on and on.
    – This makes me think: Maybe they will try to have it both ways and have Elena kill somebody and keep her reputation by killing a human in self-defense?
    – I agree with Olu on Klaroline. I think they might have Caroline and Klaus!Tyler sleep together because, you know, Forwood. But now that she’s mentioned it, I could really see Klaus stopping Caroline because ~he wants it to be real. And I can already see JP giving an interview after the ep where she says that Caroline will be seeing Klaus with completely fresh eyes now. And I can also see some reviewers then crowing about how Klaus was such a gentleman to Caroline. No. Horrible thoughts, go away.

    I feel so resentful after reading this new JP interview.

    • Thanks!

      Ugh. I just want Jeremy to stay out of it as much as possible.

      I never considered that they might have Elena kill someone out of self-defense. Oy.

      Ew. I don’t know which is more unnerving.

      I feel resentful after reading her latest TVGuide interview that Kathrin linked.

      • With Elena killing somebody out of self-defense, they’d have it both. We, as the viewers, would know that it’s not Elena’s fault but Elena could still blame herself and angst. Plus, they didn’t do this with Caroline, not really. The closest she came to that was killing these two deputies in 2.05 but that was never addressed. It’s as if it never happened.

        Oh, I meant that interview too. With that and the post-finale JP interview in the podcast, it was a double dose of horror.

        • True, they never did that with Caroline. She didn’t reflect on killing Carter until a season later.

          So so happy the premier is still months away.

    • what if they have Bonnie/Jeremy/Caroline/Matt slip Elena some blood after she’s decided to end her life or whatever? 🙄

      And I can already see JP giving an interview after the ep where she says that Caroline will be seeing Klaus with completely fresh eyes now. And I can also see some reviewers then crowing about how Klaus was such a gentleman to Caroline.


    “Here’s a dollar. Go find another parking lot to die in. Security!”

    Add in Swagger walk from the Battlestar Galactica actor! Woo

    /Find me a podcast that covers this show!

    • Oh my gosh, Jackson was….after his nice body shot in the beginning I spent the rest episode wondering why he didn’t care at all about Lydia being missing.

      The Argents scare me! I love them! Lol.

      • Yeah! And MTV apparently allows and likes WAY more sexual/nearly r rated scenes. Lydia is naked twice. A ton of makeout scenes and bra shots from Allison. lol If I saw Rebekah as close up as Allison and Lydia were in this episode I’d be in heaven.

        I do have a complaint about the season though. I liked that Scott was special. Now they are turning like 5 people in the upcoming episodes plus Lydia and Jackson I assume as well? So that basically means by the end of this season 90% of them will be dead. lmao. Probably all the new guest stars.

        • Lol. The Allison/Scott make-out scene did go on for quite a while.

          Lol. Yeah, I was talking to someone about that: there are too many werewolves running around in the main cast. That’s why Jackson and Lydia reacting badly to the transformation gives me hope that they won’t turn both.

          • We can hope! Lydia doesn’t seem likely to choose it if she can fight it? If not I fear for her life, but not as much now that i’ve seen the preview for the season with multiple newer werewolves coming. I am interested in Jackson’s story with it.

          • Maybe Jackson is immune because of that wound he suffered from a dying Derek last season (not sure if I am remembering that correctly). His body fought off a weak form of the werewolf pathogen and now he is immune for life! lol

            Btw, I have no words to describe how much I loved the latest ep.

  7. Julie Plec and the writing time are officially back at work today. So that makes the interview doubly scary, because everything she said is probably what she is writing right now. She tweeted this

    julieplec ‏@julieplec
    What’d I do after 3 straight weeks of travel? Got into my pj’s at 9pm, watched The Vow now bed. Tomorrow is the 1st day of school! #TVDS4

    • Yes, Al Septien also mentioned this in a tweet and stated that he & Turi Meyer (writers of the S2 finale, “The Hybrid” and “Bringing out the dead”) won’t be back for S4.

      Al Septien ‏@alseptien
      TVD writers begin work on S4 tmrw. @turimeyer and I won’t be back on staff, but wish all in the “windowless cre8ivity chamber”a gr8 year!!

      • Yay!!! They wrote Bring Out the Dead, which means they’re responsible for that insufferable episode where Esther came out, Bonnie and Abby got knocked out offscreen, one of Bonnie’s scenes got cut, and Bonnie was tripping over herself to apologize to Stefan for saving Jaime’s life. And also Stefan spoke to Abby like she was working for him.

        Good riddance.

  8. After listening to this episode I feel so bad for Julie Plec. In particular at the thought that she might one day stumble across this or other episodes you’ve put out lol. I fear she’d break down and cry for a week or kill herself. Which breaks my heart because I love listening to you guys so much.

    lol I love how unique your views on the characters and storylines are in comparison to most of the people I know who watch the show. Your the first group of people I’ve listened to that hate Klaus and don’t wish to see any more of him. Where as most of the people I know love him and can’t wait to see him next season.

    It’s so fun to see how easy it is for you guys to tear apart the flimsy plotholes that the writers leave wide open at times with their lack of continuity memory spans. Even if I can’t seem to agree with you guys on more than 50% of anything you say ^.^ It’s still fun to hear your ideas on how they could have improved this and that etc.

    If I hated Plec as much as you guys do then I wouldn’t be able to continue watching the series. Back when they killed off Anna, who was my favorite character and the only reason I started watching again (I took a break the ep or two before she came onto the show and then went back and caught up in a day with all 12+ or whatever it was episodes that I missed so that I could watch the finale the next week) – anyways right after I caught up and was so pumped and excited and HAPPY that I started watching… like cloud nine tweeting about how amazing the show was and all the epic things that were happening and how stupid I was to stop watching and how wonderful things were…. BAM Anna dies the following week.

    I go into geek rage and vow to never watch the show again for fucking with me like that. But blah blah I eventually watch again when season 2 comes back, glare at Jeremy for forgetting about Anna and wish he’d FUCKING die so many fucking times because of his memory problems ooh grr. But whatever I got over it. Then I liked Rose a bunch so of course she died and that’s when I realized I had no will power and continued to watch. But somehow Plec or whoever keeps winning me back. They brought Anna back for a bit (and Jeremy FINALLY after FOREVER remembers that he loved Anna and what not and totes wants to bang her ghosty self only again for her to leave randomly for Jeremy to have less to do again), then Plec gave me Rebecca to love. So until Rebecca gets killed, which can’t be far off with the way this bitch kills women, then I might be able to claw my way toward your level of Plec hatred again.

    lmao But I do agree with your Matt/Rebekah hatred. If they push that I will glare angrily at all their scenes. Stebekah ftw! 😛

    • After listening to this episode I feel so bad for Julie Plec. In particular at the thought that she might one day stumble across this or other episodes you’ve put out lol. I fear she’d break down and cry for a week or kill herself.

      Well, jeez, I hope she can tolerate dissent both as a public figure and just a person in general. I mean, I bet a lot of the young people who watch the show work at service jobs where they have to deal with the public on a regular basis like I used to. I remember being disrespected, in some way, on almost a daily basis when I used to be a customer service rep. Although, my case may have been on the extreme end because the company I worked for was shitty. Anyway, JP has influence on a larger scale than us. Even though, her influence isn’t that great, she nevertheless does have *some* influence in shaping our cultural consciousness. I think it is healthy for the public to express dissent towards any corporations, government institutions *and* public figures. I don’t accept the notion that, since it is *just* a TV show, it is not worthy of criticism. Also, they (Alta, Olu, Cana) are the audience – the people the show is produced for ostensibly. They should be able to react to it in anyway they want.

      Personally, I didn’t really dislike her until Twittergate. Now, I can’t say that I care too much about her or what happens to her so I have a bias here. Meh *shrug* I can’t care about everyone. Besides, no one is attacking her personally here. They just don’t like the work she produces. Everyone gets their job performance evaluated by customers and bosses. Why should she be different?

      • Anyway, JP has influence on a larger scale than us. Even though, her influence isn’t that great, she nevertheless does have *some* influence in shaping our cultural consciousness. I think it is healthy for the public to express dissent towards any corporations, government institutions *and* public figures.

        That’s part of what I was trying to say in my comment, wrt the times I don’t feel bad for coming at JP’s choices for the show. The fact that JP and the Hollywood machine she’s part of doesn’t or rarely considers people like me when they’re producing their entertainment (unless it’s that “niche/all-Black cast” market) even if they happen to have a Black character on their program, probably doesn’t help the criticism I have about her show.

    • oh btw, re: Klaus

      I actually thought pre-season 3 that it would make the most sense to make Klaus a lead, if not *the* lead, even though I don’t like him. I couldn’t picture how the coming storylines would work any other way. I thought season 3 was going to be the Klaus and Stefan show. I mean, he was driving most of the story and there are no cases of the week so… idk. Something about the structure of the show has seemed off/wonky to me since the middle of season 2. Maybe it has something to do with how they have all these action-y plots but insist on keeping the ToD (not even the characters individually – just the love triangle) front and centre *no matter what* – usually at the expense of whatever plot they have mapped out for the season. Not entirely sure.

      • Something about the structure of the show has seemed off/wonky to me since the middle of season 2.

        Since the middle of season 2, they’ve had most of the characters focus on one plotline while only giving the Big 3 space to talk and air out their feelings. Season 3 was worse about it than season 2. Not to mention the incoherence of season 3 where, suddenly and without warning, we had a murder mystery on our hands that, again, only the Big 3 got to talk about before everyone showed up to the vigil. What? I’ll never get over the fact that Liz was cool with not solving the case. I think it was Olu who asked, but does Liz own the MF justice system or…..

    • Oh Lord. Sometimes I feel bad when I get really frustrated with her interviews/lack of follow-through, and other times I figure she’s the one who’s disappointing me. She isn’t the first producer I’ve been frustrated by.

      Lol, I’m happy to hear that!

      If I hated Plec as much as you guys do then I wouldn’t be able to continue watching the series.

      I don’t know how to phrase this but I’ll try: I feel like JP alone won’t get me to quit the show no matter how frustrated I get with her, because 97% of the things she says doesn’t actually make it onto the show. It’s the crap she does put in the show and then attempts to explain later. That’s what will eventually get me. Smh.

      Lol. You keep falling in love with guest characters, and guest female characters at that. You’re doomed.

      Oh God, you liked the ghost arc. *Side-eye.*

      • Maybe it’s my ultimate disdain for Bonnie and her ability to complain about everything that made me happy when my favorite guest character came back to mack on Jeremy and break the two of them up? 😛 ^-^

          • lol I want to like her, but every scene she is in she’s angry, bitter, or complaining. Or god forbid with Jamie and being boring.

            I HOPE she gets a good storyline, but with Karoline and Klaus taking up screen time I don’t see how she will compete.

            What do you think they could do to make her less angry all the time? Will they?

            • I don’t think Bonnie’s angry all the time, but if you want her to be more “lighthearted,” the show could, I don’t know, give her a reason to smile? Like building a relationship with her mother? Oh wait. Or getting back the dynamic with Jeremy that had her smiling in early season 2? Oh wait, then JP would have to actually LIKE their dynamic. How about bringing back the Caroline friendship to the point where they can talk about their personal lives and laugh again like in season 1? Oh wait, Caro’s Elena’s bestie now and she’ll also be busy with Stefan in season 4 because JP loves that dynamic (she’s actually said this). Well how about Matt? Bonnie smiled when they were reminiscing about life guarding together. Oh wait, JP then made Matt and ELENA connect for the rest of season 3 and next season he’ll be busy feeling like he owes Elena his life, he might be rekindling things with Caroline, and he’ll also spend time being disappointed by Rebekah.

              I don’t think Bonnie complains. At all. That descriptor clashes with the fact that she barely gets a perspective. It also clashes with the fact that she gets shuttled offscreen as soon as she cries. The rest of the time she’s on screen, she’s doing what needs to be done. I didn’t hear her complaining about Esther putting her under a spell. She didn’t complain about always getting the short stick when it comes to saving Elena. Caroline did that for her. She said nothing about Abby leaving. She said one thing, one, about her dad ignoring her way back in season 2. After she broke up with Jeremy, they spared her a scene to talk about it, and then it was on to the homecoming dance to incapacitate Tyler.

              • Idk maybe I’m just seeing her differently, but from what I remember she’s been RELUCTANT, I guess would be a better word, to do much of anything. And everytime they call on her to be the end all be all fix to every problem – to me she complains and does it angrily. Never does she go into a situation happy and pleased to help. Nor does she seem to be happy after the fact. Either don’t help or enjoy helping. I get annoyed by her attitude against the people she’s helping.

                  • lol. ikr! Either be a good little Mammy or gtfo, lady!

                    Bonnie is a separate character. I don’t judge her by how much and how easily OTHER characters get to use her. EVERYONE should be reluctant to help the Salvatores and Elena. It makes no sense that everyone from the Sheriff to the Mayor to their victims (Jeremy, Caroline, Alaric, etc) are ready to jump through hoops for these idiots. And they are *idiots* no matter how much I enjoy watching them at times.

                    • I don’t think that Bonnie needs a spinoff to avoid being smothered. This is the same show that is keeping the villain who tried to murder the heroine of the show and murdered her aunt. Apparently, Klaus is going to hang around like any other character even though his interests don’t always align with the interests of the ToD. Why can’t Bonnie be the same way? She could do her own thing or decide to tackle a threat to Elena her own way instead of listening to the Salvatores or Elena. She can defy the Salvatores. She did so in the past – most notably with the Gilbert device. Maybe the ToD will get angry at her and next season will be the Kill Bonnie season with the same success rate as the Kill Klaus season.

                    • If only Bonnie could go against the Trio! But Bonnie going against the Trio is like Bonnie going against the writers. Too bad the people who run the show don’t really know what they’re doing… Talking about they sit in the writers room asking ‘What would Joss Whedon do?’ That is some sad sh*t. Why you no have your own ideas?

                • Imo, everyone else should be on their hands and knees to thank her on a daily basis for the FREE help she gives them out of the goodness of her heart. They benefit from her – not the other way around. Who wouldn’t be exhausted and pissy after running around all over the place and almost dying for these people? Most of the time, they don’t even let her into the decision making process. They just expect her to jump when they tell her to. I hope there is a change in this dynamic in season 4. If they hope to get her help, she should be making the plans. Their plans keep failing horribly.

                  I think she should start charging them like Sookie sometimes does on True Blood – get a college fund going in case she lives that long. I think that might brighten her mood.

                  • I would love if Bonnie made herself unavailable or started charging them for spells. Bonnie has the Magic, she should be able to make the rules concerning how it should be used. Bonnie should not exist to make the Salvatore’s and Elena’s life easier. She needs a spin off. Her own show were she’s not being smothered under all these needless things.

                  • They benefit from her – not the other way around.

                    Word. And with no recognition, not even from the ones she grew up with.

                    I’d love for her to charge them too. Like, you keep talking to me like I’m working for while pretending we’re working together. You made a decision to look after your own interests and kill my mother and actually considered killing me. So let’s keep the theme going; let’s make it official….pay me.

                    The show will never do this because for some reason Bonnie’s love for these people who aren’t her family, aren’t even her friends in some cases, trumps everything. But I’m making it happen in my fic.

    • I don’t hate JP. That’s not an emotion she’s getting out of me, but I find the way she talks about her work and the show to be insufferable. I know that I don’t know much about what goes into making a show work and that show runners sometimes lie to keep the fanbase guess and there needs to be a certain level of flexibility when it comes to guest stars and characters and plotlines so a show can work. Sometimes plans change. I get that. But just paying attention to the cast interviews, to their reactions to the stories, and to the stories themselves is maddening and proves that there is a level of laziness at work here that is mind-boggling considering how invested in the show I still am. So I don’t hate her, but I don’t like her either and find her issues with certain characters to be obvious and gross.

      I’m probably not going to stop watching any time soon. The characters are stronger than the stories being told about them, in my opinion, so I’ll probably stick around until I can’t anymore.

      I was actually thinking the other day about how I don’t actually hate any of the characters. I have varying degrees of disdain for them, but for the most part my issues have to do with the ways they’re being wasted or overused. Same with the pairings, except for the obvious ones that are unshippable (mainly Damon/Caroline). Because I think most of the pairings on the show could work if the writers weren’t invested in playing the relationships straight, which I think I talked about in the podcast and considering how tangled every single person’s inner life should be, there’s no way to play any pairing on this show as just a happy-go-lucky-high-school-discvoery thing (which isn’t to say I think all the pairings have to be angsty and depressive and hurting each other or that none of the pairings can contain this underlying calm, but that they can’t start out that way or get stuck in that place. When that happens you end up with Stefan and Elena in s2, not being open with each other in an effort to maintain the illusion of an equal partnership. Of course, that was mostly Stefan) So I don’t hate Matt/Rebekah, but whatever the show decides to do with them will probably make me hate them.

      And Klaus is like the pathetic!villain of my soul, if I’m being honest. If he was dead it wouldn’t bother me and I’d prefer it, but him being alive is annoying in terms of how basic the show is, not Klaus himself.

      Then again, I may do a rewatch and change my mind.

      • Aren’t you kinda tired of writing about how much JP (and the CW) fails and how crazy her interviews are? I think it is time to switch to another mode of communication to tell JP to shut up more and write better. How about song?!

        From the late great Elvis Presley – “A little less conversation, a little more action please. All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me. A little more bite and a little less bark. A little less fight and a little more spark. Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me. Satisfy me baby.”

        (Original Version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvlxRvhCB_A

        (Newer Version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx1_6F-nCaw&feature=related



        I know I know. Random comment is random

      • “And Klaus is like the pathetic!villain of my soul, if I’m being honest. If he was dead it wouldn’t bother me and I’d prefer it, but him being alive is annoying in terms of how basic the show is, not Klaus himself. ”

        Pretty much.

        I remember discussing Klaus with someone during early season 3. We were marveling at how weird Klaus is. We were like, how can this guy be randomly scared of everything but also really reckless but also really conniving? what?. It was like the writers accidentally made him the most interesting character on the show by piling more and more nonsensical crap on him? But then, he started drawing ponies for Caroline and I gave up. What is truly remarkable about that ep is that it perfectly illustrates how much the writers don’t care.

        The show has been so basic since mid-season 2 that it has made me lose interest in characters I used to LOVE like Tyler. I mean, when violent/rage-y Tyler of the long line of violent/rage-y men became a literal monster and started losing his entire mind in nights-long fits of rage, I thought — ok, good story. But then he just became the universally beloved (even Jeremy was trying to hang! his mother was suddenly an actual character! he got a gf!) love interest. Ugh!

        • And also, while he was losing his mind, he started to date a girl with an absent father who had a pattern of choosing abusive men. I mean, as soon as Caroline got super powers, she really got interested in the one Mystic Falls resident who could kill her without even trying. But nooooo! Bland and basic is the way to go.

        • Tyler’s violent tendencies and “I’m an angry guy” have completely completely disappeared. They probably erased that part of his personality to make Forwood work because they didn’t want Caroline with a guy prone to anger? But that’s why Forwood didn’t need to happen. Not every single character on this show is compatible with every single other character. Some of their histories/the way they approach things would make some pairings impossible, if the writers approach it as something ~deep and ~meaningful, at least.

  9. If Elena does start to compel Jeremy nonstop then they’d have to do the Roswell Tess plot where she mindfucked “Compelled” Alex so much that his mind broke.

    • lol and that is a problem. Maybe if they do focus on it more with Jeremy we’d get an interesting storyline for him. With the walls of his compulsion being broken down in his mind and slowly starts to realize and remember certain things after compulsion overload. Cause lets be real, with how they’ve written Jeremy being compelled in the past, Elena could EASILY compel him to forget she even died and turned into a vamp.

  10. I think the show will run from October to December without a break. The only break will probably be on Thanksgiving I’m assuming. Was there a break last season when they ran from September to November? I don’t think there was. Maybe their running from Oct to Dec so the break is shorter for the second half.

    I guess you guys know by now, Klaus is a regular so he won’t be missing half the season.
    At least this means the Tyler!Klaus thing will probably only last the first episode.

    The stake is indestructible because the ring is protecting it from being destroyed like it stops the wearer of it from dying permanently.

    • No, I don’t think there was a break. The breaks (other than Thanksgiving and Christmas) didn’t start coming until the second half.


      Ugh. I just can’t.

  11. The CW is premiering their fall line up in October, something about not competing with other network’s premieres. I think it’s a mistake because it gives viewers a chance to watch other shows for a month.

    • Unfortunately if you look at the line up for next fall, ratings might plummet either way if they air them against the shows that are currently slotted against them or if they wait the month.

      Last Resort on ABC is supposed to be huge (and something I can’t wait to watch) then there is Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men which are the biggest shows on CBS, then there is X Factor which is HUGE on Fox, then 30 Rock on NBC might do well too. All air from 8-9 pm

  12. The show is going to be behind everyone else’s line up. on other networks.

    Hey guies hay!
    Remember when JP said something about your first love and your second love and how you remember them, but your 3rd love not so much?
    Isn’t Damon Elena’s “third love”? Shouldn’t Damon be as SOL as Bonnie was in season three start.
    I hate Restless because of that line Buffy made about Sineya’s hair. Ruined the whole thing for me. Ruined Buffy for me. I could barely watch the show after that line. Also there was no more Cordelia.
    Jeremy will become a man because Elena will compel him to be one. :\
    I just had an image of the Salvatore’s turning rope for Bonnie, Elena and Caroline. 😡
    Sadly I’ll be watching True Blood. I also might be doing a The Walking Dead rewatch. 😀 Also there’s Common Law and that’s all I can think of right now.

  13. I’m watching Teen Wolf most of us are I guess. True Blood, Rookie Blue. I might watch Pretty Little Liars but I’m kind of over this show, it’s another show where a lot of stuff happens in a episode but nothing really happens. Some bad reality tv shows, their my bread and butter during the summer.

    • Re: PLL: Yeah, I was telling someone yesterday that there are times when I’m at a complete lost as to what the girls know and what they don’t. That’s due in part to me sometimes going months without watching an episode, but it’s also due to the fact that, no matter how many times the girls gasp while watching a video on a computer, they’re no more closer to solving Allison’s murder or finding out who A is than they were when the series started.

      So I guess I watch it for their personal lives and to see how A will mess with them, not so much for them solving the murder because absolutely nothing has happened on that front.

      • Ugh yes. I watched the season 2 premiere and walked away going “Really…. reallly? Really. Like come on now its starting all over again… but WHY. It feels so pointless to me. As if someone would care enough, and hate these girls enough to continue to mess with them. Get over it creepy ppl.

        • I’m curious to find out the new A’s grudge against them.

          I think it’s a little stupid that they didn’t just tell the police that they don’t know how Emily wound up at the graveyard. Surely, after being stalked for a year or two, the girls currently have some stock with the police?

  14. For some reason, I can’t really believe that Elena will be a vampire next season. I think there will be a loophole because the Doppelganger line *must* continue. I don’t really know what a Doppelganger really is yet. Maybe it is in someone else’ interest that they continue to exist. Maybe they existed, in some form, before the Originals?? What will happen if there are no more Doppelgangers? Nothing? Probably…because THIS SHOW! After all the madness surrounding the Doppelgangers, that is it?

    • Susan, Susan, Susan. You actually think there should be someone more special than Elena? Because you see, Elena was a special case for the simple fact that Katherine was no longer valuable as a doppel. Now Elena no longer is, and you actually think JP will make it so that a descendant of hers will be more special than her. Side-eyeing you for that. The doppel line is obsolete because Elena doesn’t need that particular spotlight anymore. How oh how will magic survive?! Since doppelganger blood, something that was created by magic, can enhance a witch’s spell? *___________________*.

      • I can’t help it! My brain can’t accept this level of crazy. lol

        Btw, do you think that doppels were created just as a result of Esther’s spell on Klaus?

        • Lol.

          Yes. Because this show is basic, I do think the Petrovas are the only doppelgangers to ever exist. Just like Stefan is the only Ripper ever, only the doppelgangers might be even more ridiculous? What I mean is, you’d think witches would have dealt with spells and curses that would require creating doppelgangers, but nope. Apparently not. Because JP has no interest in fleshing out every aspect of the world she’s created. Dark magic is dangerous and consuming or whatever, but only one line of doppelgangers exist. Okay. Sure.

          • That can’t be. All the folklore on doppelgangers can’t just be about the patroves. That would mean it was only 500 years old … not that I know a lot about doppel lore.

            • Don’t you mean 1000? Wait….after Tatia’s blood was spilled….Katherine was the first doppel, wasn’t she. What I mean is, she’s the only doppel of note, since Klaus was so lazy and never tried to break the curse until we were introduced to Elena. That’s another problem with making the vampires so young. I don’t know what I expected.

          • If I am understanding this correctly, the doppels were created because the spell required human sacrifice and lasted a long time? The human sacrifice that made the spell possible is also a loophole to said spell? If so, doppels might be a rare thing. How many spells would last several human lifetimes? Maybe something like a curse on a specific place like a town or country?

            • This makes sense, considering the Originals are meant to be the first vampires. Prior to them, there wouldn’t be much need for a spell to last several human lifetimes. Since werewolves aren’t important and fuck all was apparently going on in Europe or Africa or anywhere other than the coast of Virginia.

              But yes. This makes more sense within the context of the show. Even though discovering there were other doppels, that did not look like Elena, would be interesting. But it would be more interesting for magic than JP can handle.

                • Back in season 2, I thought it was imposible for a doppel line to end until the spell no longer existed. As if there was a type of magic that was protecting this…ingredient, in essence. So basically, Katherine turned because the line was already safe, but Elena had all of this stuff/people keep her alive, and now that the purpose for the creation of the doppel line is done, nothing protected her from dying in that car accident with vamp blood in her system.

                • I’d imagine something similar to what Alta suggested. The spell and the doppelganger go hand in hand. So the spell protects the doppelganger, but won’t once it is no longer in effect.

                  Though I think it would be cool if, by some freak occurrence the doppel died before the spell was broken, the spell wasn’t automatically broken but fractured, so to speak. If the doppelganger stabilizes a spell, then maybe the spell has unforseen consequences for all parties involved, except for the doppelganger.

                  • “If the doppelganger stabilizes a spell, then maybe the spell has unforseen consequences for all parties involved, except for the doppelganger.”

                    What do you mean?

                    I like the idea though: a doppel dying before the spell could be undone/reversed, though it would have to be a rare case (maybe they’d get killed by another supernatural), and their death would complicate things for the person who wants to undo the spell, not just the fact that they have to find another way to do it, but there’d be supernatural consequences. I wanted to say something more, but I forgot. Ugh.

            • That’s what I’m asking. In the millennia that magic has existed, only one doppel line is of note? Of course I’m only saying this because hearing about other doppels (even in the past) would’ve led to Elena learning about what she is, but the time for that is past now.

      • Ayanna and Mikael thought that Esther wasn’t that competent as a witch. Wouldn’t it make more sense that she took advantage of a resource created by another witch? I would like to believe that she got lucky and that a magically created creature fell on her lap.

        • I would’ve been okay if this not so powerful witch lucked out and created vamps. I mean all of the evidence is there. She was siphoning Bennett power for goodness sake. But not, Esther is presented as powerful all on her own because the show refused to tackle the problem of her mooching off of the Bennetts. Just like, as Olu pointed out to me, the show refuses to explore the sketchiness that is compulsion. It just isn’t talked about. It happens, but no one points out how problematic it is.

          • I can’t deal with the entire Bennett line being exploited by Esther. I have no words. And while the entire Bennett line was being used by this basic bitch, a Bennett witch was murdered, in the very same place where her ancestors were murdered, by people who belong to the same group who murdered her ancestors.

            The writers of this show and this network clearly have issues. They are all gross. Harsh but that is how I feel and, since TwitterGate, I don’t see any reason to hold back.

  15. Lets take bets on who will die in the mid season finale next season!

    I’m gunna have to say Rebecca, but only because all the characters I love that much tend to die.

    I’m also gunna say EVERY guest star introduced to us in the season opener.

    lol Anyone else on the chopping block?

    • Even though I love him terribly, I’m going to light a candle for Matt. They are never going to attempt to maximize his potential and if they do the Matt/Rebekah thing they’re never going to let her completely fuck him up (more, fuck him up more), so if he died, I would be okay and his death could, in some alternate reality where death matters, have a real impact on the kids, especially if they let him die in some human way that no one was expecting like a car accident (can’t do that now I guess) or alcohol poisoning or simply getting killed by the Council for being an assumed sympathizer.

      But he probably won’t die. My money will be on Kol.

      If Stefan/Rebekah doesn’t happen before she does die…if they don’t at least make out against the bar, in a freakin tree, at school and in the middle of a hall (I wouldn’t even care what caused it, perform a spell that makes them think they are in the twenties, DO NOT CARE, all I want are makeouts at this point), if something doesn’t happen between them, I will probably keep watching, but I’ll feel bad about it for a long time.

        • All this trolling is in an effort to make me see the light isn’t it? I have some how fallen into a gang of Melena shippers.

          I will prevail. 😉

          If the show goes there again, Matt will definitely die. For poetry or something.

          • lol. I was interested in seeing Melena until ZR looked like he was going to eat ND in that closet scene. Is it me or is everyone’s acting, with the possible exception of ND and KG (ND has stayed about the same and KG has gotten a little better?), getting worse the longer they are on the show?

            • It’s not just you. PW and IS mostly phone it in except for occasional bursts of decent acting. CA has gotten worse at doing the same thing over and over again. I’m pretty sure ZR has never gotten over bussing tables in s2.

      • Bonnie’s EVOL magic Kills Matt and then can’t save him … and everyone hates her for a while mmmh? But Matt tells Elena to tell Bonnie not to feel bad because at least now he’s with his sister

        • This as a potential storyline both disturbs and intrigues me. Disturbs because the show would fail horribly at handling it in terms of making everyone hate Bonnie, like any of them have been as good a friend to Matt as Bonnie (excepting Jeremy and Caroline) has been, for Matt’s death to an excessive “you guys have never given any shits about anyone else’s death” degree. But I’d be intrigued for Bonnie, personally. How she would handle it.

          And with luck, Matt would actually reach out to Bonnie instead of Elena, since Bonnie and Matt do seem to talk, but we’d probably not get that scene. Caroline would have told Elena who would then be relaying it to Damon or something.

          • Matt will die in Rebeka’s arms and Rebeka will relay the message to Elena and Caroline comfort Elena’s pain. Meanwhile Bonnie gets a note she found while cleaning out Matt’s cardboard box/home.

            What if Bonnie brought Matt back but she did it wrong? Then he could have his drinking problem and be murdering people on the side. \o/

            SHERIFF FORBES!!

            • Meanwhile Bonnie gets a note she found while cleaning out Matt’s cardboard box/home.

              At least Matt will have tried. Writing the note from the other side.

              What if Bonnie brought Matt back but she did it wrong? Then he could have his drinking problem and be murdering people on the side. \o/

              I’m all for a story that would 1) get into magical consequences/acts in a real way and 2) give Matt a drinking and/or murdering people problem. It’s only a plus that vampires wouldn’t be involved.

            • Oh my God, that is so sad, lmao. JP would probably say something like that is ludicrous if the idea were brought to her, but then she’d write it without even realizing.

    • You think Rebekah will make it to season 4’s finale? JP was nice to you in season 3: Rebekah lasted from episode 3 all the way to the finale. Think lightening will strike twice in one place?

      I’ll be so bored if JP kills another Original. Namely because it means hundreds of thousands of vampires will die. It’s just freaking pointless. Just keep them away from MF/my screen and I’ll be fine.

      I don’t think anyone in the regular cast will die since Alaric just bit it, so I’ll have to wait and see who they introduce. They’ll be dead meat.

      • And that pisses me off. Like. Oh la de da. Lets go murder 100,000 vampires and ruin some epic vampire human love story happening in Dublin or Los Angeles lmao. No regard for other peoples lives! But for real. Mass murdering bastards.

        • Lol. Now you know no human/vampire love could be as epic as the one Elena’s got going with the Salvatores. That’s why the rest of the vamps don’t matter.

          • This is so sad. It is sad that the people who wrote this think they did a good job. They just told us that NOTHING matters in the universe they created but a love triangle. All of this despite the fact that we are supposed to empathize with vampires. I mean, we were supposed to cry when Anna couldn’t find her mom and their reunion was supposed to be very emotional for us. But killing a whole bunch of other Annas and Pearls doesn’t matter at all because, even though they keep telling us that people like them matter, what REALLY matters is Elena’s love life. Like, “Remember that group of people we told you to care about? LOL Psych! The joke is on you dear viewer” -_-

    • I’ll go with Kol or Rebeka, the odds are against Rebeka as she has been in a lot of episodes and is female. I’m surprised she isn’t dead already.

    • OMG I forgot about Abby and Jamie, that’s how much I don’t think of them as characters. They will die in the mid season finale or before. Wishful thinking on my part with Jamie. They’re not going to keep him the whole season or Abby especially if Bonnie’s dad is coming. He probably won’t die because I want him too.

      • Abby will die and either make “Dark” or pull her back from it. who knows. 😯
        Hope Jamie dies and maybe Abby runs away again.
        I’m not ready for Nick Fury to show up in MF

  16. Zap2it’s 11 wishes for season 4: http://www.spoilertv.com/2012/05/vampire-diaries-season-4-zap2its.html

    1) Elena’s compassion and selflessness has never been shown as extending beyond the people in her group, so no worries there. Lol.

    3). No. Just no. Definite no to keeping both Rebekah and Meredith. Like I said on the podcast, this isn’t BTVS. Rebekah is not going to become like Anya because the writers don’t care about relationships and connections like that. Who is Rebekah’s connection to the group? No one. Not even Matt. When something is going down, Matt is not going to call Rebekah to come help; he’ll look out for Elena’s interest first and keep her away. Klaus is Rebekah’s connection. And unless Klaus’ life is in danger, Rebekah has nothing to talk about. Elena’s a vampire now, so Rebekah won’t be tasked with looking after her. And lastly, the writers are allergic to giving Tyler material.

    I think number 5 is the only one I agree with completely. Speaking of which,

    6) Do you guys think TVD will have a gay character ever again? Especially a young one? I think if, Lord forbid, they get Phoebe Tonkin on the show, they’ll make her character gay since people like the idea of Faye/Melissa and Faye/Diana on TSC. They could’ve made Sage explicitly lesbian, but why do that when Cassidy can make out with Ian?

    7) No.

    8) We don’t need more humans. More humans means more characters. What they need to do is respect the humans they already have.

    9) No. Having Elena and Katherine fight will be a bad decision, imo.

    • 1) No Elena does not have a little Ripper inside her because Stefan is a special snowflake and Ripping is not how Stefan defends anything except for his desire to kill people. Plus Elena is a special snowflake as well. She will probably have a unicorn/angel syndrome that makes her blood purple and gives it traits like high energy soccer playing, if anyone drinks it.

      2) Hilarious!

      3) Yes, but no to Caroline.

      3) do they know how to count? Also. No. That would just give them a bigger opportunity to kill her.

      4. If Matt/Rebekah were played as sweet…I would have to vomit. Or use a lot of gifs to display how wrong that would be.

      5. God yes.

      6) I’m not sure. I think the way they talk about getting a gay character, the writers not the list, is somewhat weird, like they are more interested in filling a quota and would never actually do anything interest with him or her.

      7, 8 & 9. Nope.

      10. Sure. As long as they were really friends and/or friendly even grudgingly so. If Damon/Alaric could get nearly two complete seasons of non-sensical buddy cop relations then they need to pass that feeling around. I don’t even care about how stupid it would be, it wouldn’t even crack the top twenty of dumb things the show has decided to do.

      11. I thought everyone agreed that Phoebe Tonkin was not a good actress. Also this show needs more humans like it needs more new characters. None. Nope. Keep them away. (I’m pretty sure that everything they could do with Matt and Jeremy (and Bonnie, she’s a witch but she is still human, one does not negate the other in quite the same way that being a vampire does) they would do with new humans and I can’t. I can’t.)

      • Lmao!

        3) do they know how to count?


        Yeah. I mean look at what they did with Bill. And remember JP’s reaction to being told the show is gay (what?). Stefan couldn’t even drink the blood from Klaus’ wrist *______*.

        Word about Bonnie. I don’t understand the love for Phoebe. I really don’t. And I watched TSC. She didn’t exactly knock every scene out of the park. She didn’t stand out among her co-stars.

        • I feel like the love for Phoebe has more to do with her personal connection to KW and the cast of TVD.
          That article was written by Carina? Because pretty sure she hangs out with Phoebe and Claire a lot. I actually like Shelley Henning(Diana) and Jessica Parker Kennedy(Melissa) more. I don’t think Phoebe is that great, but she seems to be the one most out there.
          TVD doesn’t really need more characters, sorry but they need to do better with what they have. I don’t know how this article is asking for better follow through on characters stories, but than saying add more characters.

            • Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt are best friends since they did the show H20 Just Add Water together for 2 years. I’m pretty sure they either live together or right next to each other in LA. Plus Phoebe totes ships herself on twitter with nearly any girl character she acts with. So yay for that! =)

  17. New JP interview: http://de.eonline.com/news/watch_with_kristin/vampire_diaries_boss_julie_plec_sounds/321626#ixzz1x3ZfSZjk

    And there is also a spoiler for Bonnie going around, but everytime I try to click on the address it shows me error, but this is the TVD-related spoiler:

    Jennibean 8: Any TVD scoopage?
    Similar to Alaric, one of our heroes might become a full-fledged baddie next season: Bonnie! Alas, like all things TVD-related, it’s a bit complicated. Of the repercussions to Bonnie’s controversial actions in the finale, Julie Plec tells us, “To be truthful, a lot of debates go on in our [writers’] room about whether to take Bonnie to to the dark side and the biggest thing that prevents us from doing that is not wanting to feel like we’re following Willow’s journey.” Of course, she is referring to Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s HWIC, Willow. So will that iconic character stop the Diaries‘ writers from making Bonnie bad? “She’s tapped into some darker stuff…I don’t know which way we’ll go with her in season four. Do you go down a road even though people did it really well, do you really want to do that? Or do you ignore what other people did and do it because it’s right for the character? I’m interested to see where we land on that as writers.” As are we, Julie. As are we!

    I don´t like at all that probably the only thing they speak about Bonnie in the writers room is if she is turning dark or not.
    And I wasn´t a fan of the Willow arc on Buffy.

    • The only thing I ever hated about Willow in Buffy was that she chose that weirdo freak Tara over the amazingly sweet and epicly awesome Oz when he returned to Sunnydale. No Bueno for me. And basically ruined Tara for me to this day and I can’t not think about her with malice.

    • I’m about to Hulk out or something about how they are always wondering about following some other show, mainly Buffy and/or True Blood. Are they serious? Are they serious? Do they think they have to invent stories wholesale out of thin air as if they have never or should never interact with the genre? Part of transforming story, part of changing and developing and turning stories on their head is taking a trope and breaking that shit down. Or taking an archetype and saying here is the rotten or fresh fruit core underneath what you believed you knew. There’s more going on here than meets the eye. Can they do some general writers exercises or something?

      Bonnie going dark would only mirror the dark!Willow arc in one way and that way would be the fact that they are both witches. First, Willow’s descent was pretty well developed from hte earlier seasons. She was always a bit power hungry, always looking for ways to shine and, not only be useful, but to be more useful than Buffy. It’s part of why she took up magic. Willow wasn’t born to magic like Tara (or Bonnie) was. She took to it like science and worked to make herself stronger. I’m not saying that Willow was a complete meglomaniac…but she had some tendencies if you know what I’m saying. Unlike Bonnie who sometimes considers the moral consequences and decides to do a spell anyway, Willow did not. She brought Buffy back partially to show herself that she could. In s5 when she fixes Tara from what Glory did to her, she takes it as permission to mess with Tara’s memories again and again throughout the time we don’t see between the end of s5 and the episode before Tabula Rasa in s6, not to mention what happens in Tabula Rasa. The failure, in my opinion, with the dark!Willow story in s6 was that the blame for Willow’s actions was placed on the magic and not on her. The magic was a part of what she did surely, but it was less of a source than a means.

      None of this, in my opinion, would be something they had to worry about with Bonnie. Partially because she was born to magic and because they haven’t made her power hungry. However that has effected or failed to produce stories for her that the writers are willing to explore, it doesn’t change the fact that Bonnie is not Willow, simply because they are both witches. The stories would not need to be the same.

      It’s been awhile since I’ve watched Buffy so I hope that wall of text in the middle made sense. But yeah, JP annoys me as a writer. There’s a huge difference between saying “I will never write the Odyssey or the Bible” and saying “I wouldn’t want to write any stories about heroes on long journeys or saviors or stories at all.”

      I know that is an extreme example, but the world is not swimming in stories…at least JP and her writers’ room aren’t, and some of the best stories are about taking a story and saying “here are it’s parts and they do not add up to the same whole”, especially since they seem so worried about duplicating TB and BTVS.

      • JP wishes her show was somehow airing at the beginning of modern television so that she could do everything first. No wonder her mythology/characters are a mess. She wants them to exist separate from the whole freaking genre, like you said.

        Someone should tweet this to JP. Bonnie was born in magic and Willow was not. Does she even know the BTVS mythology? Can she even see the differences between it and TVD?

        There is absolutely no way a story like the following can work for me: Bonnie gets addicted to magic; Bonnie can’t stop using dark magic; dark magic (or any magic) alters Bonnie’s personality; dark magic (or any magic) is a kind of magic that Bonnie will eventually need to stop using because it’s disrupting her life/the group’s life. Like, that’s bs to me. Primarily because of how Bonnie’s magic has been set from the beginning. There are so many things they can do with her, I don’t have time for them to turn around and use her magic as a damn plot point so she can learn that there are some types of magic she needs to stay away from and never use. Bullshit.

        Her obsession with not copying other stories has her in a state of paralysis, and that’s especially not good for the Bonnie character, considering how much attention JP pays to her in the first place.

    • Here it is: http://www.eonline.com/news/watch_with_kristin/spoiler_chat_scoop_on_vampire_diaries/321600?cmpid=rss-000000-rssfeed-365-topstories&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=rssfeeds&utm_campaign=rss_topstories

      This is going to be a hot mess. They are way too concerned about what other shows did. They really are going to go the route of, “dark magic is bad for you” even though TVD’s magic is rooted in nature. Great. I’m going to hate season 4.

      Elena is compassionate and is fiercely loyal to the vampires around her, okay? Can we stop confusing things? Considering the different people in her life and their distinct personalities (I’m talking about the Salvatores), she cannot be loyal to everyone. She has to ignore a couple of other people in order to be loyal to some. And she has.

    • “So in a fun way, it’s like the birth of a supernatural heroine and with Buffy being the beautiful foundation of that kind of character and Sydney Bristow in Alias, it’s a whole new world to explore, so we’re kind of excited about that.”

      😐 No.

      I don’t believe that she has watched any of those shows. I think she is just throwing out random names of female characters – ones that, other people have told her, are kick ass. I wonder who she is going to bring up next. Both Nikita TV shows? Wonder Woman?

      • El Oh El! I believe this. She’s only heard the names. Probably hasn’t even seen the movies they were based on.

        Xena the Warrior Princess, River Tam, Angelica from the Rugrats!

    • Yes. We have a rule that we remind ourselves of all the time and that we try to follow at all costs. I mean, obviously some rules are made to broken, but when you set out to follow it it really gives a good foundation, and that is: These are real people. These are real young people in a real world — a world of science, a world of history — and that everything we do has to somehow emanate from a real world point of view. Even our magic, we try to always keep it grounded into the earth, into the elements. You know, of course we break that rule all the time out of desperation.

      Way to contradict yourself. I can’t with this woman.

      This entire interview is a headache. I can’t believe what she said about Tyler. I can’t. And Caroline’s on her way to becoming a co-lead or a female lead? Who is surprised? Not me. People can miss me with the secondary character crap they always pull out when Bonnie fans try to talk.

      BTVS is the worst thing that happened to JP’s career. That show will hunt this woman forever. Lol.

      • BTVS is the worst thing that happened to JP’s career. That show will hunt this woman forever. Lol.

        ikr! Time for an intervention. Everyone should tell her how much her obsession with BTVS has hurt their enjoyment of her show.

    • “And then Caroline is just that girl who wanted to be loved so badly and actually had to become a vampire to be lovable.”

      My eyes must’ve glazed over this when I first read the interview. Wtf? She just does not connect with these characters the way they are. Why is she thinking like a fan?

      • “And then Caroline is just that girl who wanted to be loved so badly and actually had to become a vampire to be lovable.”

        Wow. I…there’s no real way to respond to this except to say that, for all the vampires on this show are pretty dull, the writers sure have their heads shoved entirely up undead (or whatever these vamps with their breathing and their heartbeats and so on) ass.

        Poor Caroline, tbh. The way this show treats female characters we’re lucky she wasn’t killed off sooner.

  18. Why is this woman still giving interviews???


    On Why Big Bad Klaus Is Still Around | “I will tell you this — and I haven’t said this before: Our intention was to kill Klaus at the end of Season 3,” confided Plec. “We created the character last year… and our intention was, that after a long, arduous year of trying to vanquish and defeat the villain, our heroes would prevail and he would be no more. But when you have actors [like Joseph Morgan] who are that good, making such a distinct mark in the roles that they are playing, you have to let your storytelling evolve and wrap around that a little bit. We collectively decided around the middle of Season 3 that we weren’t done with Klaus — or Joseph. We also weren’t done with the Original family, because with the addition of Rebekah and Kol, there’s still a lot of story to tell. Sometimes [as a writer] you kill a character because you don’t know what else you can do with them, and sometimes you kill them because their death will so powerfully impact your other characters. But if you’re killing a character who is doing a great job with tons and tons of story left in him, you’re making a mistake. We had to do a bit of an about-face in our storytelling, which is how we came up with the Tyler body swap [in the finale]. So, we got to kill Klaus, and then not!”

    I can´t I just can´t deal with this. 😦 We would have been free of him. But no, JP had to do it otherwise.

    • I can’t. I don’t know why she’s talking like she’s schooling anyone. She does this crap all the time, change her plans and keep a character around because the actor is “so good.” It’d probably be a challenger for her to actually stick to her plans and follow through on the story.

    • Am I about to go through most of these answers and side eye? Possibly.

      “How do you go to high school as a new vampire? How do you fall in or out of love? How does it change who you are and what you feel? … We get really excited when we talk about this [arc] because it feels so deliciously Season 1 all over again,” Plec enthused. “It takes us right back to Stefan arriving in Mystic Falls, trying to hold himself together and not let anybody know who he was. Now, we get to watch our heroine go through all of that.”

      Julie? Julie. I’m pretty sure you just go to school. Elena was in school like last week. We’ve seen Caroline going to school. Elena going to school is not like Stefan going to school because Stefan is 163 years old. He wasn’t just in school. Elena’s adjustments should not be so much about the “how” of what her life used to be and finishing high-school and pressing forth with life as she wanted to know it, but the “why”. She died. She’s a vampire. She never wanted to be. The life she wanted is gone. Is she going to be able to adjust? Or is she going to move past those old desires, even if it is a struggle, and trying and develop and work towards new goals. Will she be able to? We already know that becoming a vampire makes someone more of who they used to be. The good and the bad. The emotions. All of it.

      Note: I know she can’t win with me at this point because she is clearly saying something similar to what I mean and yet…

      The questions JP is suggesting are going to be asked aren’t, for the most part, ever fully explored with the storylines given to any of the vampires on the show. I don’t expect that to start happening with Elena.

      Now they get to repeat a storyline.

      Let’s not even talk about Klaus.

      Or Rebekah. Both of them deserve better.

      (I can’t believe she mentioned 90210 Original Flavor and then mentioned a character from the beginning of the bad years. Seriously, Julie Plec. You could have just said Brenda Walsh. Also…are Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline supposed to not be mean girls? Because that is not…true.)

      We’ve given Matt Donovan his due, and given Bonnie her time in the sun, and Caroline especially has evolved into a leading lady in her own right. So, this is going to be the year that ‘Donna Martin graduates,’”

      1. Hahahahahahahahhahaha. NO. NOPE.
      2. Donna Martin graduates! No one says that seriously.

      Of course this will be the year that gets them out of high-school. I don’t know how that is meant to be a goal when that’s what happens at the end of senior year. Barring death.

      I feel like a huge grouch when I read her interviews. I should probably stop.

      • Julie? Julie. I’m pretty sure you just go to school.

        *Dead and gone.* I mean….Elena’s already registered at the high school? She acts like other kids go to that school and they might notice that something is up with the protagonists and thus might investigate. Nope.

        When did Bonnie get her time in the sun? Can JP point me to a string of episodes? Is she talking about the fact that they introduced her mother? Is she okay?

        Of course this will be the year that gets them out of high-school. I don’t know how that is meant to be a goal when that’s what happens at the end of senior year.

        LOL! Listen. These kids are not attached to their high school. They didn’t have any adventures in their high school, barring prank night, and that night had more loss than success. They’re not going to look at the building fondly. They don’t play sports anymore, and they don’t talk in the hallways. Who gives a crap that they’re going to graduate? We haven’t spent 3 years watching them meet up at school to talk about their adventures. Freaking Rebekah will remember that school more fondly than most of these kids.

        Damn it, something’s wrong with this theme. The HTML codes don’t seem to be working. Ugh.

        • Other kids go to that school? I’m pretty sure only potential corpses are allowed to register.

          Bonnie has had some scenes involving being out during the daytime…in sunlight. I’m assuming that’s what she meant. Or maybe because Alaric got scenes and we all bleed red anyway so it’s all the same.

          These kids need to look at the forest surrounding Mystic Falls more fondly than they’ll be looking at the school. Because let’s be honest, they consumed enough alcohol in those woods to turn all of those near death and actual death memories into one long and tragic bonfire party that they fell asleep in the middle of.

          Oh God, what if someone has to give a graduation speech?

          • Lmao!

            LMAO! I can’t. It’s all the same ’cause Alaric got it. Smh.

            It can’t be any of these—–it’ll probably be Caroline. I would’ve voted for Not Now Dana, but she’s long dead and forgotten by these kids. Dana seemed to know the other kids in school *____*.

          • Isn’t “time in the sun” a phrase that was used a lot by Bonnie fans (or maybe just one really loud Bonnie fan) a while back?

    • So I guess the only new information is that the writers had already decided to keep Klaus on the show around the middle of S3. For some reason, I thought that it was a decision made in the last third of the season. Well, this explains why, in the 2nd half of the season, there was no real reason to kill Klaus and why our protagonists didn’t seem to have a real motivation to kill him that went beyond “that’s what the plot dictates”. The writers had already aborted Misson Kill Klaus (aka Mission Impossible). But what I don’t get: The plot of the second half of the season seemed way more focused on “let’s kill Klaus” than the first half. In the first half we had episodes like “Ghost World” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” that had nothing to do with Klaus (unless I’m forgetting something). So why would you then decide to not kill Klaus off *and* then have the rest of the season consist of your protagonists trying to achieve the impossible. I just don’t understand.

      It seems like the decision to keep Klaus on the show coincided with the birth of the Klaroline SL. So I was wondering what came first: They first decided to keep Klaus and thought of Klaroline as a way to embed him more into the show. Or they first thought of Klaroline and it was one of the reasons why they felt they couldn’t kill him off because they were so excited about that SL and felt like they need more time to tell it.

      I would really like to know what KW’s was like when JP told him that they weren’t going to kill off Klaus. For some reason ,I don’t think that’s something he would have decided. (And yeah, I know KW was still on the show when they decided not to kill Elijah. But I feel like not killing off Elijah and not killing off Klaus are not on the same level. Wrt Elijah, I think the main problem was not that they decided to keep him alive but that they changed the complete mythology of the show for him.)

      • Well, this explains why, in the 2nd half of the season, there was no real reason to kill Klaus and why our protagonists didn’t seem to have a real motivation to kill him that went beyond “that’s what the plot dictates”.

        Yup. They had no real reason to be angry with him, and Klaus wasn’t really doing anything. It also explains Stefan’s sudden decision to not want Klaus out of MF anymore. It’s weird: JP’s going, “Well you can’t waste a character like Klaus,” but that’s exactly what she’s doing because Klaus has no real goal for villainy besides “make Hybrids,” and we’ve already established that this group doesn’t care about people dying. Stefan’s back into the fold without any real kerffufle, save for Jeremy wanting a day without a vamp for….one episode.

        I’m going with the former. They decided to give JoMo his wish of having a love interest after they decided not to kill Klaus.

        I agree. I don’t think he would’ve kept Klaus alive either. Keeping Klaus alive isn’t even the same as keeping Katherine alive. Klaus just should have died. Plain and simple. And while we’re on the topic of KW, I wonder what he thinks of JP’s decision to make it so that if an Original dies, then a whole bunch of vampires die. He keeps saying JP’s doing a brilliant job, but the actors keep saying they’re surprised by the scripts, so…….

    • On Rebekah’s Role as the ‘Mean Girl’ Queen Bee | “What I’m excited about with Rebekah [in Season 4], specifically, is that we have never had a true antagonist on a human/teenage level,” she noted. “We’ve never had our Valerie [from Beverly Hills, 90210] or our Amanda Woodward [from Melrose Place]. And with Rebekah, who is so vulnerable and damaged but has that tough exterior, we get to see a queen bee in action; we get to see a mean girl.

      Bwahahaha! Isn’t this what Caroline (sort of) was when she didn’t have the personality of a plastic doll? Someone who has watched 90210 and Melrose Place please enlighten me. The rest of what she said about Rebekah is even funnier. The time to make her a “mean girl” was season 3. Way too little, way too late for that imo. Time to try something else with Rebekah.

      Not one thing I just read makes any sense. Is she the Troll Queen or a complete idiot?

      • Caroline was definitely that. And considering these kids don’t go to school and they don’t have hobbies and they don’t even party, the show doesn’t have the space for a mean girl who isn’t part of the group. And Rebekah is not part of the damn group. What, is she going to be mean girling it up while the rest of the characters are talking about the latest threat?

        • I think she is saying what she thinks fandom wants to hear. I remember her talking about Forwood being like Romeo and Juliet. That was actually a pretty popular meta in Forwood circles before that. I talked to a Forwood fan about Forwood during season 2. I was wondering how Tyler’s history, as an angry/violent man, and Caroline’s history, as a victim of violent/angry men, played into their relationship. What I got back from her was an essay on how Tyler had learned from his mistakes and that Caroline had become a stronger person. She said that Forwood was more like Romeo and Juliet. That was the first I heard of that theory. A few months later, I heard Julie saying that she had a Romeo and Juliet storyline planned for Forwood in season 3. And we all know how that turned out.

          I am finding it really hard to get interested in these interviews. Maybe Rebekah fans want her to be “Queen Bee” and Caroline fans are being more forceful about wanting her to be the lead. idk. I don’t lurk as much on fandom (other than this site and the tumblr blogs of the commenters here) or talk to many fans anymore.

          • What they are trying to do with Rebekah is what book!Caroline was. And it also could have been show!Caroline but after she turned into a vampire they totally dropped it and now she is Elena´s best friend and the writers don´t want to bring her back on her season 1 level because they fear that she will get unpopular again, or so I think. But Rebekah is right there, has similarities to season 1 Caroline and the show writers like to treat her like crap. So they will go with it. And I will roll my eyes repeatedly.

            Maybe Rebekah fans want her to be “Queen Bee” and Caroline fans are being more forceful about wanting her to be the lead. idk.

            I saw many Rebekah fans who aren´t happy about that. They want more for her … but I don´t think what they want is possible on the show and especially not with these writers/executive producers.
            But to the second one, I for sure saw many fans saying that Caroline would be the better lead female so who knows which boards and forums JP is stalking.

              • I think they want her to have a real friend (I saw someone mentioning that Phoebe Tonkin could play her) to not care about this whole highschool business, not let herself being belittled by the gang (especially Damon) and the ones who aren´t fans of the Rebekah/Klaus rl want her to move on from him and leave town.
                I only saw some comments on tumblr in reply to someone quoting JP´s interview so I don´t know if that´s the majority but at least it looks like these are Rebekah stans who see her character different from what JP is trying to sell..

  19. Why is Julie giving so many interviews? She needs.to.stop. Stop with the Buffy stuff, just stop. The more she speaks the more upset I get. I need to take a break I’ll check back after comic con. Seriously Bonnie got her time in the sun, and Caroline will become a lead. Is anyone else seeing the difference in these statements, and she wonders why Bonnie fans say she doesn’t care about Bonnie. Bonnie can only have moments.

    • Here ya go. Feast your eyes!

      G: I think another of the show’s greatest strengths its insanely good ensemble cast. At one point did the cast seem to gel as a whole? Were the elements just there from the start, or has it been a process of building and refining?

      J:When you’re doing a pilot, you’ve got 41 minutes to introduce about 10 characters, and a world, and a story. So when you consider that you’re pilot is centered around probably just two of those characters, and there’s about eight characters that get about 2 minutes of screen time per, so it’s very difficult to make your mark as a supporting character in a pilot. And yet the beauty of a long-running series is that, theoretically, by the time you get to the end of the series your supporting characters have become your co-leads, if not sometimes become the true leads. I think that Caroline’s character is on a journey to by the end of the series — should she survive it — be one of the strong female leads of the show. So what’s fun about it is the evolution of all these people. Going from, say, Tyler Lockwood, who was just kind of a one-note bully to now having a very, very rich experience and a rich love story.

  20. I changed the theme again because the last one didn’t have html coding, so the italics weren’t showing up when you guys quoted each other.

    I hope you all like this one!

  21. I like these new colors.

    I was thinking about how JP is always describing the characters in terms that are very high-school or geared towards how a high-schooler would or could conceive of their relationships. Not all the time and most often towards Caroline, Rebekah, and Tyler. They are mean girls and he’s the typical asshole jock.

    I don’t, for the most part, have a problem with any of these descriptions. But I can’t help feeling that taking the characters out of high-school make all of these descriptions flat. We don’t get to see any of the characters interact with people who are not either 1)unimportant in the grand scheme of things or 2) marked for death (unremarkable and otherwise). They are barely in the lives they are meant to be living, let alone high-school. And that is tragic, but it also messes with these descriptions. I imagine a private party amongst the high-schoolers once Elena and friends stopped caring about school enough to give other people a shot at ruling it (my head canon remains the same, what finale?), but they don’t fit in at school anymore and they can’t be shoved back in either. Not in a way that isn’t cheap storywise.

    I’m not even sure what I’m really getting at. I was just thinking about how they could have bypassed a lot and told a slightly different story by moving the setting from high-school to college. There would be fewer chances for dances, but at least pulling the characters out of and pushing them into activities would make a little more sense. But this is just me thinking about how no one should be concerned with being a mean girl anymore. Whether they remain both a girl and mean.

    • Yay!

      Were JP concerned with the kids being kids, she could’ve done what I thought she was going to do: Elena would be the first to drop off the social scene, first because of her parents’ accident and then because of her discovery of the supernatural world. The Bonnie fall off because of her responsibilities, stress, and loneliness. The first step would be her quitting the cheerleading team in the middle of or end of season 2. But Caroline, Tyler, and Matt would keep their social statuses and Caroline and Tyler especially would fight to keep it by staying in their school activities with the cheerleading and football. So then Bonnie (and Elena, but since she’s so stuck with the Salvatores….) would keep her social status mostly through association since she wouldn’t be showing up at the football games and parties because of the aforementioned stress and responsibilities and loneliness. And then maybe that would start to change when she first started dating Jeremy (even though he doesn’t do school function, but he did want to hang out with her), and then she’d revert again as the sacrifice drew closer and she and Jeremy stopped doing things and talking about non-magical things (because they did). But then from Tyler’s constant invites and Caroline and Matt’s encouragements, she’d get back into the social scene and kind of take her status in the school personally again (this is going in the universe where JP’s main motivation isn’t to make everyone as miserable and unhappy as possible for no good reason). And I guess Elena would too. If she wants *____*. And they could even make Rebekah part of that. Provided that, you know, they changed her age and….her whole history so that it wouldn’t be ridiculous or predictable.

      • so I’m just going to copy/paste from what I just typed up in Skype. One of these days, I will do more than shoot from the cuff with my thoughts. Today is not that day. 🙂

        If JP had done something like you suggested, I think the show would probably be a little lighter and would be forced to be more focused on each character, not that the secondary characters would suddenly be leads, but their presence and the effect of the supernatural and how they rebelled (with Caroline and Tyler holding onto their statuses within school, Bonnie going between both worlds, and Elena making those attempts, Jeremy and Matt being in this weird in between place where they could, reasonably not be apart of the supernatural but also not, because who would they be if they did that, in terms of where would their place be) would be part of the story and then how those rebellions failed or succeeded would be part of the story. Klaus sneaking into dances and ruining everything would become a part of that. Tyler’s transformations would be a part of that. The Salvatores doing whatever would be a part of the successes and failures of what high-school would be for them of what they were leaving behind because they were no longer allowed to simply be kids.

        I think that would have been an interesting dynamic to explore for Bonnie and Elena specifically, but all of the characters as well.

        As it is, we’re meant to mourn the loss of Elena’s and to a lesser extent Caroline’s and everyone else’s humanness/normalcy/youth/innocence “this isn’t the way our lives were supposed to be” and yet, by not giving some time to high-school shenanigans or to the dreams that the kids were giving up, by choice or by forces beyond their control (do Tyler or Jeremy even draw anymore?)what are we left with, except the idea that they loss something.

        I hate to bring up BTVS considering, but the high-school years on that show had moments for Buffy and the others, where they were confronted with what they gave up. s3 was, in part, about Willow and to a lesser extent Xander, making the decision to stick by Buffy, to fight the good fight. Now there isn’t truly a similar fight for the kids to fight, but there are the lives they were going to lead and could have and no longer can.

        But we don’t stick around Jeremy long enough to fully comprehend his choices or his desire to become a hunter. We have to come up with reasons for Matt’s turnaround about the supernatural. Because the show is never going to explain it. Caroline got a few moments about what she was losing and then what she could gain was taken up by Klaus promising to take her to Europe in a century or so because Caroline doesn’t have legs or something.

        Bonnie and Elena probably get more moments than the others, but before The Last Day, we didn’t know that Elena wanted a family and not to become a vampire. We didn’t get much more beyond that. We know some of what she’s lost, but not really what she’s given up. She stopped cheerleading, but she didn’t replace it with anything. It didn’t make her happy, but what will? Bonnie has suffered losses in a different way and she has suffered alone most of the time and the show touches on how her powers and her feelings of responsibility have taken over a large part of her life, but then you have moments like the decade dance and we get no transitions. No turnaround from her mother’s death to see if that dance (or something like it) is something she wants. To stop thinking. Though that’s probably not the best explanation, I’ve ever given.

        And Tyler…he gets nothing.

        So we’re supposed to mourn their losses, but we get little about what they actually want.

        I’ll add that, the characters don’t need to be given five year plans or anything of that sort, but they (excepting Caroline, but even she gets jipped) could have interests. Or want to, I don’t know, party or something and then a murder happens and they can’t. More active lives being made less active or inactive lives being made active by the last thing they would have asked for, but not characters that stop existing off-screen (even though, yes they stop existing, but they can’t do that within the story).

  22. Tweet from Jose Molina:

    Jose Molina ‏@JoseMolinaTV

    The writing of #TVD S4 has begun! @carolinedries is hard at work on the season premiere, and @julieplec and I are hot on her heels w/ ep 2!

  23. I just watched the latest ep of Teen Wolf. Why did they have to kill that hot guy in the beginning? Plus, there was no Danny. Boooo! Derek was a creeper. Jackson’s angst has reached John Snow level of hilariousness. Scott and Allison continue to be flawless. I wish they had shown us Mrs. Argent being a leader. It seems like Allison’s grandpa is calling the shots. What is up with that?

    I love this little show.

    • The latest episode was great. The guy in the beginning really was hot :(.

      Derek was an absolute creeper. Ew. And I wasn’t feeling Stiles suddenly finding Erica hot after not paying attention to her. It’s just tired and boring.

      The producers seem to think whatever they have in store for Jackson is worth his stank behavior. I couldn’t believe how he reacted to Lydia. He’s like a freaking sociopath. Not caring that there was something wrong with her in the premier? Not to mention his total lack of caring about Isaac getting abused.

      Some people pointed out that we didn’t get to see Erica wolf out. I hope we get to see it. I’d hate to think they don’t want to mess up her ~hotness.

      I want to see more of Mrs. Argent being a leader too. Like the scene where she tortured the principal. And also last season, she was the one who told Chris that they needed to keep going after the werewolves or something. She freaked me out so bad when she cut her arm. I said out loud, “Why did she do that?!” She’s freaking intense.

      Scott and Allison were amazing. Which reminds me that I didn’t get Stiles telling Scott that maybe he didn’t need to worry about Erica and Derek turning these people, after he was needlessly asking Scott to find Lydia in the premier.

      I love it too!

  24. Julie Plec actually said Bonne is the true hero in all of this, y’all. Mark it: http://tvline.com/2012/06/12/vampire-diarie-spoilers-parenthood-bunheads/

    Season 4 is The Season of Transition. These seasons don’t live up to their themes too well. The Year of the Originals only meant we had a boatload of Originals on the show.

    The kids are going to become adults…..or not: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Mega-Buzz-NCIS-Vampire-Diaries-Bones-Spoilers-1048807.aspx

    • Julie Plec actually said Bonne is the true hero in all of this, y’all.

      Interesting. Wonder if the writing will reflect this.

      The framing of the seasons around a specific word (originals, kat, transition) is messy and pretty boring. Saying that s4 is a season of transitions is one thing (even though…every season should be a season of transitions probably). Saying it’s the Season of Transition is another. Like way to set up expectations.

  25. So JoMo is in Monte Carlo right now for some reason or another, and so are Persia White and Michael Trevino. Joseph took a group picture and he and Persia were standing next to each other, and that had some Klaroline AKA Joseph/Candice shippers as well as Joseph/Claire Holt shippers wanting to line up and throw themselves off of cliffs, because omg Joseph and Persia are dating but she’s so wrong for him; she’s old and ugly and I want him to date Claire or Candice so I can easily insert myself and pretend he’s with me!!!!!! *_____*.

    Anyways, he still hates that Klaus was paired with Caroline: http://stefan-and-caroline.tumblr.com/post/25279309272

    I don’t want Klaus to come back because he no longer has a goal and I’m not interested in watching the evolution of his love life, but this is hilarious. JP thought he’d love being paired with one of her fave girls, and he doesn’t.

    I also feel like he’d up hating being paired with Elena. Has he seen Stefan? The only one who has it good while paired with Elena is Damon.

    • No one likes being paired with Caroline because it never means anything in the end. It is the easiest way to get shipped away for episodes at a time. You get consumed by her story and she gets consumed by your story and then the writers give neither character anything. The only character who managed to be paired with Caroline and maintain even a smigde of his story was Matt and that was only in s1. We all remember s2. Like Caroline deserves better than to be the go to romantic interest for lonely male characters.

      But I can understand why, with few exceptions, the actors are always talking about the relationships they want their characters to be in, as those relationships mean screentime. But yeah. The stories are really only worthwhile for Damon.

      • You get consumed by her story and she gets consumed by your story and then the writers give neither character anything.

        So true.

        But also, the screen time and story development only last during the getting together period because like you’ve pointed out, that’s the only thing the writers know how the write. Once the characters get together, they either start destroying it (Bonnie/Jeremy and even Caroline/Matt) or one of the characters or both characters stall (Stefan stalled in Stelena and both members of Forwood stalled. I’d say Caroline stalled until Klaroline started happening, but really? That ship was about Klaus. We saw HIM thinking about it while away from Caroline. We never really got Caroline’s perspective about anything Klaus said to her).

    • That whole reaction of some sections of the fandom after the pictures of Persia and Joseph came out is really awful but expected. I remember when there were Candice/Michael shipper who bashed against Jenna. But apparently now Candice/Joseph is more popular and Persia gets attacked for no reason.

      In regards to his comment about Klaroline I saw that too … but apparently he also said this http://jomoklaus4ever.tumblr.com/post/25283336217 at a convention in Vienna – So who knows and I have to roll my eyes at Ian´s comment about wanting to see Joseph and Candice making out.
      Also why is We all bleed red visiting so many conventions, he had a Q&A-session with Michael again.

      Not really spoilery but I thought it was very interesting, there was a convention in Germany last weekend and Zach and Paul were asked if they would play a female character which one they would choose. Both of them said Bonnie. And at a Convention in Australia Nate (the actor who plays Kol) said the same.

      • I remember the bashing Jenna got.

        Lmao @ Joseph’s answer vs Ian’s! “Working with Paul Wesley.” Lol!

        Ian tries. Sometimes it’s endearing. Other times I just don’t get it.

        I have no idea why they’re putting him on stage. I saw gifs of his convention with Michael. Apparently he thought there was enough evidence for Tyler/Klaus. He knows nothing because Klefan is where it’s at.

        Yay! I’m happy they’re still saying Bonnie. And Nate said Bonnie too? Awesome.

        • Lmao @ Joseph’s answer vs Ian’s! “Working with Paul Wesley.” Lol!

          I also lol-ed about that! I imagine Ian expecting Joseph to say something like that about him too and then after Joseph´s answer he would think “That played out better in my head” lmao.

          I have no idea why they’re putting him on stage. I saw gifs of his convention with Michael. Apparently he thought there was enough evidence for Tyler/Klaus. He knows nothing because Klefan is where it’s at.

          I can´t watch anything with Matt Davis anymore and I recently discussed this with Emily because I read a part of his fanfiction and I don´t know if you remember the Paleyfest at which he said that his inspiration at the moment is Tyler and he likes to make him do things. And I read one of this parts in which he lets Klaus humiliate Tyler (for example he has to wear a dog collar) – it´s disgusting and Emily told me about a part in which Klaus teaches a homophobic Tyler about homosexuality or something like that. I just can´t. And then I see these cast members still hanging out with this man and JP praising him on twitter (and apparently also reading his fanfics after what she said at Paleyfest).

          Here is a interview with Joseph, also from Monte Carlo and his answers are more Klaroline-friendly http://de.eonline.com/news/watch_with_kristin/vampire_diaries_joseph_morgan_teases/324096#ixzz1yAODYAzB

          • He is so disgusting. He’s most likely one of those male douches who thinks they’re soooo hilarious.

            “I think it will end in tears, probably Caroline’s. I think Klaus will do his best to take advantage of the situation and to get something from it; I wouldn’t be surprised if he does,” Joseph predicts. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the first Klaroline kiss is in Tyler’s body, but eventually I think he’ll be found out because that has the most dramatic effect, right?”

            I just…..

            “I’d like to explore the relationship further, for sure. I love working with Candice. I think there’s a chemistry there. I think it’s interesting to show more humanity of Klaus. I think our storyline allows that.

            Like I said upthread to Olu, this ship is about Klaus.

          • I hate talks about Klaus earning Caroline’s trust because they always talk about it in the wrong way. It just means Klaus has to come into her world; Caroline wouldn’t have to change one bit because she must be kept lovable and bubbly and “full of light.” And that only spells disaster for the Klaus character. Not that he’s not already there, but I know it can get worse.

            Oh yeah, Ian’s ramble played out better in the video. I actually smiled at some parts.

      • Ian’s answer to that question must have been awkward afterward. Like, I hope he was just being nice or that they were both being tongue-in-cheek because why oh why would Ian’s best achievement of the season be sitting on stage with JoMo.

        I also wonder if the person relaying events left JoMo’s reaction to that out.

      • Hahaha! This lady is too funny. I bet she STILL thinks that nothing is wrong with her writing even as she has to explain half the plot to her audience. This is not some deep shit she is explaining. It is not like people are asking her about character motivations or theme or wtvr. People are literally asking her questions like, “WTF happened in this scene?”

        • This is not some deep shit she is explaining.

          For real. The plots on this show are not deep. There shouldn’t be confusion this often. For someone who cries over her writing, said writing sure is vague.

    • “In our minds Tyler was complicit.” That’s awesome, JP. If only everyone who watches this show (including the ones who don’t post online) lived in your mind and could know your intent as we watched the confusing scenes.

      Thanks for sharing, Kathrin! And I haven’t forgotten about your e-mail! I just need to find the time to watch them all in one go so I can get the full effect. Lol.

      • You´re welcome!

        And I haven’t forgotten about your e-mail! I just need to find the time to watch them all in one go so I can get the full effect. Lol.

        Good to know 😉 Yep the full effect, that´s the best, lol. Hope all the links are still working but I think most of them are from the official yt-Account of the ESC so they should work.

  26. Two new characters are coming into town:

    Our merry gang of monsters and friends is about to grow a bit when a 16-year-old girl named April comes back to town. She’s from Mystic Falls, so she remembers Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) from their childhood, but she’s been away at private school for the last few years. She decides to move back to town after a death in the family, so when we first meet her, she’s grieving. Perhaps some of our favorite characters can relate. While we’re not sure yet whether she’s got a hidden agenda, we can tell you that she’s smarter than first impressions may convey.

    Producers are also looking for someone slightly more threatening. (By slightly, we mean a whole freaking lot.) They’re seeking a “scary hot” — emphasis on scary — actor to play the imposing Connor. He’s described as a “highly trained killing machine,” so, you know… nothing too out-of-the-ordinary for a Mystic Falls newcomer.

    Both roles are recurring, and we can expect them to be pretty significant in the first part of the season.


    April sounds like a possible love interest for Jeremy, especially after they mention him and Elena (why not the other teens aswell?).

    Connor sounds like the Terminator is coming to town lol … and his ability as a killing machine won´t get used on the regs anyways. So who cares. Do you think he is coming in because of the Council sl?

    • I’m already bored by these characters. I wish April was coming in as a killing machine and that Connor didn’t exist. Do you think he”s going to be a vampire or a hunter? Hunters aren’t actually any good on this show. But there’s no reason for a vampire to need training. Ugh, remember when humans killing vampires was dependent on training and luck (because hell if every kill the Council made wasn’t in some part based on a vampire underestimating them)? Fun times.

      April is choosing to come back to Mystic Falls? *shakes head*

      Love interest for Jeremy, obviously. But her importance is regulated to the first part of the season, so she’s either going to die (probably) or choose to leave town of her own accord (haha) or just become so much background furnishing in the second half.

      Connor…I don’t know why we should be scared of a vampire killer, unless he is like the human version of Stefan and takes his time or whatever.

      If we get childhood stories because of April, when in the last 3 seasons there has been a dirth of them with the gang we started the show with…

      • The same goes for me with being bored by them … but at the moment I side-eye everything when it comes to this show, lol.

        Do you think he”s going to be a vampire or a hunter?

        With them mentioning that he is “highly trained” I would say he is a hunter. But I don´t see him being threatening because of what you mentioned … and what kind of development is this? We have the tomb vampires in S1 as villains, S2 Katherine for the first half and the second half everybody prepares for the arrival of Klaus, then S3 the ~oldest vampires of all time and now Connor the vampire hunter?
        If he is a vampire then I could see him having connections to one of the Originals because they need to include them in some kind of way (because JP loves them and has so many fresh ideas for them) now that Rebekah and Klaus are here to stay and she also mentioned that she wanted to explore Kol (not in regards to that spoiler but I could see them bringing back his past with Damon, the sl which was dropped after the Ball episode).

        And I´m still lost when it comes to this Council sl – I know that JP mentioned the Council only in the first interviews after the final but now she doesn´t even speak about it. So weird. Either they dropped it in some kind of way or she wants to mislead us.

        Can´t be that smart if she wanted to come back to MF.

        If she really is the love interest for Jeremy, would they kill her off? After Vicki and Anna, wouldn´t that be to redundant for this show? It´s probably the best to don´t answer that question, lol.
        Perhaps she is a Fell? Would also provide storyline for Meredith because JP doesn´t seem to be able to let go of Meredith/Torrey.

        If we get childhood stories because of April, when in the last 3 seasons there has been a dirth of them with the gang we started the show with…

        Didn´t even think about that, smh.

        • because JP loves them and has so many fresh ideas for them

          Your sarcasm gives me life.

          I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I don’t want them exploring Kol unless he’s a love interest for Bonnie. The Originals are still unnecessary. Why do we need to get to know them?

          wouldn´t that be to redundant for this show? It´s probably the best to don´t answer that question, lol.

          Yeah, it’s probably best not to answer. I mean, Connor is already giving me Mikael flashbacks.

      • If he’s a killing machine, he’s probably a hunter. What else is there to kill in Mystic Falls? Certainly not humans, as it’s only an emergency when vamps are in danger. The MF murder mystery never got solved by the police. Wasn’t Mikael supposed to be a killing machine? Ugh. So it could be a vamp.

        She’s probably White, so she can choose that. But Lucy…..Lmao.

        I mean….I’d have to be especially invested in the vamps’ safety, and I either actively want them to die (Salvatores) or I don’t care ’cause Candice and Nina have job security. I’m not sure what a Tyler is, so……

        LOL! Olu, we will get Elena’s childhood story. It’s been a month, but surely you haven’t forgotten? Elena’s a vamp now. Perfect time to remember that she had a childhood.

    • Fuuuuuck. Sorry for cursing, but I’ve got my eye on April. She most likely is Jeremy’s new love interest because why would they mention Jeremy before Elena? That never happens.

      As for Connor. Whatever. Damon will get in his face and blah blah blah. We’ve seen it. It’s almost interesting that he doesn’t seem to be supernatural, but I will not get sucked in.

  27. I’m really curious about how many vampires there actually are in the world. Because there were a lot of tomb vampires and I doubt the Originals were like “No Europeans” when they escaped to the old country or were in London. But somehow, Stefan and Damon (Stefan especially) met three out of six before the present day, but never seemed to, if we’re going by what the show has shown us, leave these American shores.

    It just makes no sense to me that there aren’t more vampires that just don’t know each other. Even before Stefan knew Klaus and Rebekah, he was connected to them through Lexi knowing Rose. Though the show never explained why Rose would risk exposure by associating with Lexi…who associated with Stefan…who was a Ripper and clearly would be known by the Originals. Curious…were Stefan/Rebekah/Klaus the only vampires in Chicago at that time? That makes no sense.

    I’m just asking a bunch of questions right now that I probably won’t care about in a few minutes, but I only bring them up because Kathrin mentioned that Connor would or could be connected to the Originals since this show is really about establishing the shortest games of Six Degrees of Separation. So if he isn’t a vampire and he’s a hunter…maybe they’ll finally give the vampire who is a vampire hunter a legitimate go? Still. I’m trying to make myself excited and failing.

    • I can’t at any of this, lmao. I published a TVD story a couple of days ago, and I had Klaus rattle off the names of witches who had been turned by vamps. I first included a witch in Georgia (the country), and then I thought, “Wait. 1000 years. Would vampires have moved from the U.S. (the Originals) back to a Viking country and then spread to Georgia?” I mean thinking about the learning curve the Originals would need to figure out how turning people works (what with the feeding them your blood part), could there be that many vampires in the world? Especially enough to wipe out werewolves 1000 years ago? Werewolves who should’ve outnumbered vamps because they were around first, and they don’t have a starting date?

      • This is why it’s a dumb idea to give vampires a start date. A real dumb idea. Especially if werewolves are going to be rendered useless against them, except in terms of saliva. And how was that discovery even made and why was that the case? What does werewolf saliva/bite do to a regular human? That’s a question I would like an answer to. But yeah, I hope we discover there are other mystical creatures (Fairies 2014!!) and all of them hate vampires because vampires are upstarts…because that’s kinda what they have to be.

        • Yeah, how/when did they discover what a werewolf bite does to vamps? Speaking of which, it should be the case that an Original vamp died because they got into a fight with a werewolf. That could’ve been how they found out. No werewolf ever bit an Original? *______*.

          Lmao. And Elena will be part everything. Except witch. We’ll discover that one Petrova was a fairy, so Elena is 1/4 fairy.

          • Speaking of which, it should be the case that an Original vamp died because they got into a fight with a werewolf. That could’ve been how they found out. No werewolf ever bit an Original? *______*.

            That’s actually really important. It’s not like Klaus’s blood was a cure before he was an official hybrid. (Sometimes I think about Elijah saying “I believe the phrase you’re looking for is OMG” and roll my eyes because…that was probably not the phrase Elena was looking for and why would that be anyone’s phrase of choice considering…werewolves and vampires exist…a hybrid is not hard to imagine, but this is a digression and now that I think about it the OMG line is in regards to him and Klaus being brothers, right? This is why I have to rewatch the show) And for a long time, at the very least 100 years, they were the only vampires. And since their strength (as Originals), probably incorrectly on the part of the writers, was gained over time they should have been susceptible.

            Could have explained a war between vamps and weres, especially a war without a real beginning. Would have been a better “forgotten origin” than Mikael killing the werewolves because Klaus wasn’t his son (which…I guess it doesn’t matter how Esther felt about this other man at all). If a werewolf killed an Original, thinking they just killed a human and the Originals think it’s deliberate and war begins and they figure out how to create vampires because of this…to have the power of numbers and such.

            • (Sometimes I think about Elijah saying “I believe the phrase you’re looking for is OMG” and roll my eyes because…that was probably not the phrase Elena was looking for and why would that be anyone’s phrase of choice considering…werewolves and vampires exist…a hybrid is not hard to imagine, but this is a digression and now that I think about it the OMG line is in regards to him and Klaus being brothers, right? This is why I have to rewatch the show)

              *Dying.* Yeah, it’s in regards to him and Klaus being brothers. Lmao. The phrase Elena should’ve been looking or was, “What?”

              Yep, yep. You’re right that it should’ve taken them at least 100 years to figure out they can make another vampire. Because one of the things they’d have to discover is that their blood heals people. And considering they were young, hungry, and in some cases (Kol and Rebekah), sadistic vampires, they should’ve been sucking people dry for a long time.

              The other man doesn’t even matter. By moving the Originals to MF, that means Klaus’ birthfather is Native American. Klaus is portrayed by a White man. Does.not.matter.

              That would’ve been a much better story. The writers were probably deliberating how Damon knew everything he did in the premier on that day, so they didn’t have time to come up with this *_______*.

  28. So I just saw that Trevino and Roerig are going to attend the Comic Con this year … together with the usual suspects JP, KW, Paul, Nina and Ian.

    Looks like Kat won´t be there again 😦 … so probably not many Bonnie questions except if they ask Michael about the Klaus/Tyler/Bonnie deal

    • Kat isn’t going? Why.the hell.is Roerig going? The people who plan this really think folks would rather talk about Matt than Bonnie?

      Don’t answer that question. *_______*.

      • You know I care about Matt ridiculous amounts, so I’m curious about what this news could mean…but yeah. I’m like one of 5 people (if even) who care about that boy beyond Elena and none of us are going to Comic Con. Zach doesn’t need to be there.

        Why is KW there? Isn’t he moving on or something?

        • Lol. Ugh. We’ll probably get amazing details about Matt feeling like he owes Elena.

          My eyes completely glazed over KW’s name. Why is he going? Does he even know details about what’s going on on the show wrt the characters?

          Hell is what’s going on with the characters really that complicated? JP could probably catch him up during a sit-down dinner.

          • Lol. Ugh. We’ll probably get amazing details about Matt feeling like he owes Elena.

            With that in mind, the less said about Matt the better. The writers should just not talk about him a whole lot. Keep it to a minimum. Make him a sad drunk and move on. I don’t know. Leave him alone. I don’t mind him feeling guilty, he had a part in her death, guilt should come. I just don’t want that guilt to turn into a debt. Especially for Matt, whose grief/anger over Vicki was wasted on the end of his relationship with Caroline, wrongly and against her, for reasons related to the writers being lazy.

            If he is coming back…it’s almost reassuring. Like if I squint and stand on one leg and remember s1 and parts of s2?

            • Lol. *Sigh.*

              If he’s coming back, I’d actually rejoice for at least one day. It would be a change. It would all come crashing down because there was some fuckery when KW was onboard too, but still.

        • Why is KW there? Isn’t he moving on or something?

          I don´t know, because after the last interview with him I think that he isn´t involved in the writing process at all anymore. This new writer Molina, JP and CD will probably be the new triarchy of TVD.
          Maybe he is there because of his big name and him still being in the credits and because he is also there for his new show (and the panel is on the same day I think) so it would look weird if he doesn´t show up for the TVD panel. Only speculation..

  29. I know I’m supposed to be above wanting characters to die so my faves can play, but dear lord I am so over investing in potential, you know? Which is what will happen even if these characters are interesting/amazing. They’ll either get a pretty well developed arc, as well developed as this show manages lately, and then out stay their welcome OR they’ll have the potential to be interesting and just end up boring without explanations for why they chose to do what they do (Meredith) or they’ll be useless space fillers who interact with the regulars for no real reason (Jaime) except JP wants to play with new people (which I can’t even blame her for, even though she’s kinda run her characters into the ground…wait, I can blame her for that).

    So I’m already hoping April (I literally thought her name was Anna for a good 30 seconds) gets the fuck out of dodge and Connor gets a quick death or ends up being a surprise werewolf who learned to control that shit on his own, also he’s black. And also gets out of town before anyone can kill him because if he’s highly trained, one hopes he can sense that sort of thing and sometimes pulls out.

    • They’ll either get a pretty well developed arc, as well developed as this show manages lately, and then out stay their welcome

      And I’ll resent them before they can even overstay their welcome because I’ll be looking at them and thinking, “Why can’t the writers do this with the characters they already have? Like my faves?” Season 2 was a long time ago. No time to get invested in well-developed new characters when you know the only reason they’re getting all of this focus and development is because they’re new and they have JP’s juices flowing.

      Connor. Black. Lol.

      Connor. Werewolf. Lol. Do werewolves still exist on this show? Legit question. I wonder if JP catches episodes of Teen Wolf and regrets her choices. I hope she does. I think Scott’s eyes glowing when he takes pictures with flash is a very cool detail. I hope JP regrets that she and her crew didn’t think of that first.

      I would’ve been more interested in April if she was Bonnie’s childhood friend. I at least would’ve been hoping the writers don’t screw her up. As it is….

    • Connor […] being a surprise werewolf

      Something random, I looked up this name because Emily and I wanted to figure out the origin (perhaps indicating something of his supernatural status). And it means something like “hound-lover” in the german description it is also called “wolves-lover”. So who knows maybe he is a werewolf.

      I have some speculations about him:

      1. He is a human and learned all his tricks from Bill – because of connections
      2. He is a vampire, was trained by Mikael (that´s why his description reminds us of Mikael and JP has mentioned that she regretted dropping that sl to quick because they had to do a cliffhanger for the episode before the long hiatus) and followed him on his quest to find Klaus and kill him (I also have a extension of that theory, lol in which Connor is the brother of the Original Petrova – btw if Tatia was viking why did they use the name “Petrova” [at least Klaus called her the Original Petrova] she would definitely have a different name – and wants to take revenge on the whole family at least Klaus, Elijah, Esther and Mikael because they were involved with Tatia and her death, followed Mikael because he could lead him to the other Originals but then after Mikael was entombed by Abby he had to find them alone … and now he has finally took notice of what is happened in MF)
      3. He is a werewolf and because the writers forgot what they established in the flashbacks is a descendant of the family of Klaus real father. And he will be white because JP doesn´t see the problem.

      I think I had another one … but I forgot it.

      • I’ve got my fingers crossed that he’s a werewolf. Hope he’s not a human. Bill didn’t manage to kill a vamp, so I wonder what he would have learned from him.

        I could go for him being trained by Mikael.

        The third option…I don’t really want to consider that one.

      • Can we do away with Bill’s “expertise?”

        That’s true about Tatia’s last name. But JP and crew don’t have time for details like that, not when they’re busy retconning.

  30. Should Jeremy even get another love interest? Considering how much relationships stop mattering after your second (not that Vicki mattered much, to Jeremy, in the end) love and stuff. Why bother?

    • Should Jeremy even get another love interest?

      No. After the ghost thing and how things ended with Bonnie, Jeremy should be over at Tyler’s house with Matt and they’re hanging out and drinking tequila, and Tyler will contemplate throwing an actual party and he’ll talk about who he’s going to invite and the subject of girls will come up, and Jeremy will say he’s not interested because he’s going to go it alone for a while, and Matt will agree and they’ll toast to this, and Tyler will call them weird or lame. Matt may or may not hold on to his promise since he’s already been single a while.

      This scenario with Matt putting his hat in too worked better back when Vicky still mattered to Matt around 3.06 and 3.07 (in theory). But the point is I’ve thought about this. I would make sense for Jeremy to want to take a break from relationships. Especially if he felt his actions during the Anna thing blindsided even him. It would make sense. 😦

      Instead, Jeremy/April will be epic and deep and for the first time he’ll feel alive and it’ll be like he and Bonnie never dated, and he’ll stop volunteering to have Bonnie use her magic on him and cut his hand and kill him, etc. Bonus if he feels like he can’t date April because he’ll be betraying…Anna. Extra bonus and sprinkles if he talks to April about Anna, and she helps him move on because she understands him and then they start dating.

      • Instead, Jeremy/April will be epic and deep

        And they will have sex and heavy make out scenes.

        Do you think that April´s dead relative could be killed by one of the ~heroes, perhaps even Elena?
        That would even put more angst and drama into a possibel Jeremy/April romantic rl especially if Jeremy knew about it.

        • Ugh.

          From the description, it sounds like her parents will die offscreen and we’ll only here the details. Unless the Fandom falls in love with her (which they will) and then JP will realize this so she’ll retcon her story in order to give us flashbacks.

      • Jeremy should be over at Tyler’s house with Matt and they’re hanging out and drinking tequila, and Tyler will contemplate throwing an actual party and he’ll talk about who he’s going to invite and the subject of girls will come up, and Jeremy will say he’s not interested because he’s going to go it alone for a while, and Matt will agree and they’ll toast to this, and Tyler will call them weird or lame.

        I would like a scene like this. 1) Kids!! 2) These alcoholics!

        I think you’re right about Jeremy (and Matt, but what even with the writers and Matt), but that doesn’t matter when JP gets going

  31. I don´t think if I have mentioned it before but I have a strong feeling that Matt is going to be the one who Elena will drink from and therefore completing her transition.

    First of all it would be a shout out to the books in which Matt is also the one who willingly offers her a vein so that she can complete her transition (Stefan and Damon were there to supervise her)
    And second of all with all his guilt of her being dead because she wanted to save him, he wants her to be back and he doesn´t care if it is as a vampire.

    • Ugh! On the one hand…I appreciate shout outs to the books. So I wouldn’t be completely against him offering a vein, but it better be because of guilt and paying back the favor. If the words “I don’t care if you’re a vampire” are even uttered I’ll vomit, twitch and die. Because he would care. That is the character they have made Matt. He cares about that sort of thing. He isn’t always showing that feeling and I think he’s gotten to a place where he isn’t as “No” about vampires, but sweet bird of youth, he would care and the only thing that should override that care is guilt.

      So if he does say it, he better be lying. That line needs to come back and bite both of them in the ass because Matt cares and things will get messy.

      This isn’t even about hating Matt/Elena. This is about Matt having a consistent characterization and they sometimes leave the lack of interest in vampires thing up in the air (and yeah, it could change) but it needs to not be so simple as “Elena’s a vampire or she dies and I just want her to be okay so now I’m okay with vampires” because it says nothing about their friendship and would be sacrificing an aspect of Matt’s character that I like.

      So guilt or bust.

      (oh dear, none of what I just said makes snse)

      • If the words “I don’t care if you’re a vampire” are even uttered I’ll vomit, twitch and die.

        Lol! And yes, Matt would care. Because Vicky is a character that happened. He would care. Jeremy is the one who shouldn’t care that she’s a vampire, and even that should be complicated because when Jenna was turned she died, but Elena will live. I just want Jeremy to be resentful. Is that too much to ask?

  32. The casting sides for episode 1 and 2 are out

    For episode 4.01, the character Pastor Young is being cast. His daughter April Young is also being cast in a recurring role beginning in episode 4.02. Pastor Young hates vampires, and he threatens Meredith that he will expose her use of vampire blood on her patients and he captures Damon and wants to use him as bait in order to try to capture Stefan, too.

    April Young returns to town after her father dies, to attend his funeral.

    Connor Owens is also being cast for episode 4.02. He shows Damon a folder of notes he’s been keeping and threatens Damon. Connor and Tyler argue over each of them having something that the other wants (knowledge of how a curse is triggered and the location of a particular stone).


    If Pastor Young is Aprils father then we already know that he is going to die. And after Pastor Young captures Damon he is dead for sure (but why is this happening in episode 1 – I thought the focus is on Elena???)
    Caroline Dries wrote that episode, right? I expect torture porn and shirtless!Damon.

    I don´t know about Connor … that sounds like the moonstone and the sun and the moon curse, do you think they recycled something just to irritate us?

    • I don’t know. Maybe April has been living with her mother (who dies off-screen and before April is introduced) and then returns to live with her father in MF?
      I don’t think that the stuff mentioned in the casting sides regarding Damon and Stefan is real.

      Some people in the comments section of that aricle mentioned that the casting sides for Connor are actually taken from the argument between Mason/Tyler in early S2.

      • Ugh, I’m blind. The article mentions that April returns after her father dies. So yeah… Whatever, Pastor Young. I don’t really have it in me to care about him.

      • Lol when I first read Pastor, I immediately thought of the Pastor that came to Sunnydale in the final season of Buffy. I know they wouldn´t copy something like that (because ~fresh ideas) but now I´m imagining him being played by the same actor.

        I don’t know. Maybe April has been living with her mother (who dies off-screen and before April is introduced) and then returns to live with her father in MF?

        But in the casting sides it is mentioned that her father dies or do you think that is not real aswell?

        Some people in the comments section of that aricle mentioned that the casting sides for Connor are actually taken from the argument between Mason/Tyler in early S2.

        Thanks for the info … just read that too. I immediately thought about it being recycled but I didn´t know that they used Mason/Tyler stuff.

      • I don’t think that the stuff mentioned in the casting sides regarding Damon and Stefan is real.

        Do you think they used Stefan/Damon but in the end it is Caroline who is captured by the Pastor and Klyler goes after him? You know CD likes to torture Caroline and it would also provide stuff for the Klaroline fans – oh the 1000 years old Hybrid cares for her and saves but at the same time risks his own life – *fangirling all over the world*

    • (but why is this happening in episode 1 – I thought the focus is on Elena???)

      LOL. No! That would be too much focus on the wimmins and we can’t have that. Besides, Elena is not the lead.

    • Meredith? Nooooooooo! Also, isn’t this what Bill was supposed to do? I really don’t have the patience to watch a Meredith storyline. I still don’t feel like she’s part of the cast,

      All of this focus on Damon. Is the show about him or something?

      Does the fact that they’re using the casting sides for Mason mean Connor will have scenes with Tyler?

  33. And my last thought on Pastor Young … could it be possible that the Youngs are a Founders Family? The tomb vampires were burned in a church, right? Perhaps the Youngs are like the Pastors of this town since it was found, just like the Lockwoods are the mayors and the Forbes are the Sheriffs and the Fells are responsible for the media.
    Perhaps an ancestor of Pastor Young blessed the acts of the Council even if they destroyed the church to save the town.

    And with Meredith being mentioned it looks like we will see her next season.I can´t wait. 😦

    • And now I remember that Meredith using vampire blood to heal patients was already topic in the final and Alaric told her that the Council would go against her … and isn´t she already fired or something (I think you guys spoke about it in the spoiler podcast)? So this stuff about Meredith in the casting side doesn´t make any sense … unless the writers forgot about it being topic in the final.

      • No when we left off, Meredith getting fired was only a threat. My question is, why can’t we see the known Founding families getting on her, like Carol or Liz or bring on Meredith’s father. Why Pastor Young? Eh. She’s gonna be fine, ’cause he’s headed for death anyways.

    • You think they’ll retcon the founding families?

      Something that stands out about Pastor Young is that he knows about vampires. Of course. Remember when some people didn’t know about vamps? It’s funny because on Teen Wolf, the characters who were in the dark are finding out about the supernatural, and I’m excited. But the thought of more people being in the know on TVD tires me out. Maybe because on TVD people knowing the truth doesn’t lead to more story opportunities.

      • Maybe the Young family has worked for the Founding Families for generations. I’ve always wondered why there was no mention of the people/families that work for them

  34. On the subject of Founding Families, it would make sense for there to be more than four families, but the writers weren’t thinking that far ahead in s1 or in s2 or even in s3. There’s also the fact that the families would have grown. They could not have just kept on marrying each other over the years. The problem with adding families now is that it feels like a retcon and does away with the more messy aspects of having someone discover that there are vampires and werewolves. There’s no build up. There’s no “here’s what this family did…even if they weren’t strictly speaking, a Founding Family” there’s only, let’s change what we known, instead of this was something we didn’t know before.

    So instead of the Pastor’s family being…a religious force in the community, having a background role and then being brought forth, they’re being thrown at us full force. No build up. No knowledge.

    (I have a lot of Buffy complaints, but a good portion of s2 of BtVS established the s3 villain, prepared the audience for what was to come, without ever showing the villain. They could have just given names and pulled from there. But we’ll never see Tiki or her grandpa again. Or Amy Bradley’s family. What would actually be cool to discover, with the introduction of Founding Families, is that the other families, lower on the totem pole, are actually better at preparing and protecting their children. But that would also be somewhat excessive with a show like this that can’t manage to balance the regulars and kills off anyone who could potentially be recurring.)

    • ‘On the subject of Founding Families, it would make sense for there to be more than four families, but the writers weren’t thinking that far ahead in s1 or in s2 or even in s3.’

      Yes i agree, what is so special about being a founder family if everyone is from one. I also agree with the show killing off the regulars, if they keep changing removing and adding characters it will slowly develop into a different show much like how smallville did, i mean if you look at the first 3 seasons of smallville and compare it to the rest of the seasons it’s like you started a new tv show, don’t get me wrong i still liked it but it might not turn out so well for vampire diaires, so i just hope they don’t change it too much next season.

    • Whyyyy aren’t you a head writer for this show?! It would be less ratchet. But yes, Aimee Bradley interacting with these kids while knowing the secret herself because her parents told her unlike the actual Founding kids….it would have been great.

      But yeah, if the Pastor is part of the Founding families then it already reads like a retcon. They’ll put a sham of a backstory together and Carol and Liz will talk about him, but it’s still going to come off botched. I mean the first thing they’re doing is killing him so that April can be an orphan like the rest of these kids. I keep wanting to call them losers. I’m especially pressed right now because Phoebe Tonkin might be playing April.

      • But yeah, if the Pastor is part of the Founding families then it already reads like a retcon.

        Especially if he’s prone and able to kidnap and torture a vampire. That’s not the kind of personality that goes without mention over the course of three seasons. Other than the recent deaths, which are a good enough reason, I guess, why will he suddenly be so gung-ho? In episode 1, nonetheless? It’s not like he’s coming in episode 3 or anything. The problem is…they always manage to make retcons sound like retcons. Because sometimes retcons work. They fix holes. They may create new ones, but as long as the new holes are smaller than the old ones…that’s kinda okay. But TVD isn’t good at fix it retcons. They’re good at retcons that sound like they’ll be ignored within the episode or within the next two episodes.

        They kinda are losers. I think, if they had maintained a backstory of them being rulers of the school and everything, closed off from everyone, but also “better” in a sense, then this complete fall from grace they have all undergone, sometimes through force, sometimes through choice, would have been interesting. To me, at least. Because they have fallen from grace. Who talks to them anymore? I mean, Tyler can still get people to come to his parties but no one cared about him. Elena, Bonnie, Matt, and Jeremy aren’t exactly social butterflies anymore. Not that Jeremy ever was. Caroline holds on, but Rebekah was crowned Homecoming Queen and she’d only been going to school for two months at that point. So that would have been nice to see.

        I’m not terribly into Phoebe Tonkin joining the cast. Or anyone joining the cast. I bet April starts out with Jeremy and by season’s end she’ll somehow have morphed into Kol’s one true love because she catches butterflies after the rain, like he did when he was young.

        • Yep yep. And this man really doesn’t sound like he’ll have a big influence over most of the characters on the show, so why should I care? Why does he matter? How much plot will we get out of him or his daughter?

          I long to see them as rulers of the school so bad. Or to see some sophmores gleefully pointing out the fact that they’re no longer popular.

          You said what? End of the season? Naw. She needs to be out by mid-season cliffhanger. I have no desire to see the writers stumble over themselves to write story for her. And while they’re planning her introduction, have they even figured out what Jeremy (the regular character) is going to do for, say, the first 4 episodes?

  35. So I found a casting video for the character Pastor Young, the actor who auditioned uploaded it on youtube (but we don´t know if he got the role) … and I really don´t know what to say.

    There are two scenes one with Meredith and one with Caroline. And I can´t believe what Caroline is apparently saying after Pastor Young says that Damon is wherever he can´t hurt her – she says “He wouldn´t hurt me” …. I can´t. I don´t know if they will change the dialogue but this is a mess.

    And btw JP was on a convention in France this weekend … not many spoilers for the new season. Nothing about Tyler, Bonnie, Jeremy or Matt I would say. Only stuff in regards to the triangle and Caroline. And the stuff that I saw on twitter makes my head hurt.

    Also something about Connor being an enemy but not the enemy.
    Oh and Klaus will still be trying to get Caroline and he “probably” realized that he has feelings for Caroline after he healed her in episode 11 (according to JP) … must have radiated so much light while lying sweaty in her bed.

    • Oh and Klaus will still be trying to get Caroline and he “probably” realized that he has feelings for Caroline after he healed her in episode 11

      He had never met her before then. Stefan never spoke about her. Klaus was out of town when Rebekah was interacting with her. Can she not? Can JP stop? Or come up with better answers? Or not play the relationship straight?

    • he “probably” realized that he has feelings for Caroline after he healed her in episode 11 (according to JP) … must have radiated so much light while lying sweaty in her bed.

      Why did he heal her in the first place?

      Why do I keep asking questions about this show? lol

      • Why did he heal her in the first place?

        I thought to get Sheriff Forbes on his side … because I think she was the only one out of the Council who didn´t accept his deal of living peacefully in town with his hybrids.
        But look what this whole sl with Klaus infiltrating the Council meant? Right … nothing.

      • Because a part of you still can’t accept that the people in charge legitimately think they’re writing quality.

        Why did Klaus heal Caroline? Now I want to write an AU where he let her die. I always did want him to kill someone from that group. My first choice was, of course, Alaric. My second choice was Damon.

    • she says “He wouldn´t hurt me”

      I seem to remember him choking her and trying to eat her father. Hmm. Maybe I was hallucinating. Do you remember that too?

      • I remember it from Damon’s pov. I’m not sure what Caroline thinks happened considering the very next day she was telling Elena that having feelings for Damon makes her human.

        • LOL

          Apparently, *nothing* ever happens from Caroline’s POV. This is why I keep saying that she is not a character anymore? She is and she is not? I don’t know how to phrase that properly. Despite all the time spent on her, she is less of a character than Bonnie. Bonnie sometimes remembers stuff.

    • I can’t see the video, but I heard the audio. I still don’t know how a vampire telling the Council about vampires works. They saw him speed.

      How was Caroline teaching April cheerleading moves when she’s at most 2 years older than her? By that I mean, why was Caroline babysitting someone 2 years younger than her? Unless the pastor has another daughter.

      I can’t believe they’d give Caroline that line, whether it makes it to the actual show or not (and it probably won’t). I told y’all the writers want to forget that Caroline was ever raped and emotionally assaulted by Damon. I said it. If this actually makes it onto the show I will laugh at this level of the writers being ~aware of what Damon is or whatever. I’ll laugh and then I’ll break something because it will piss me off.

      Only stuff in regards to the triangle and Caroline.

      Oh you mean the Big Four?

      An enemy but not the enemy? She sure has a way with words.

      Probably? Evidence of how much thought they put into this ship. Klaroline fans are more sure of the timeline for this ship than she is. And once again your sarcasm is amazing. Lmao.

  36. I’m so confused. Why is Damon and not Stefan being kidnapped and tortured, if this is really the time where people are going to get tortured and everything? How many times can we watch Stefan choose something really dumb and selfish to save Damon’s life?

    I mean…the one time Damon was put in a similar situation…he actually kinda got to be in the right, considering Stefan was tortured by a bunch of tomb vampires who were…plotting to revenge on the town and on Stefan (and maybe their revenge on Stefan was mostly fair considering). Damon saved Stefan from legit bad guys, who were planning to continue being bad guys when they were done with Stefan.

    Stefan saves Damon from…suicide by wolf bite, that Damon actually wants, getting his heart ripped out by Mikael…whatever other threats were gotten up to this season. Not to say that Stefan hasn’t saved Damon’s life in different ways, but I would, if we have to see them save each other or whatever (blah blah blah Damon tried to teach Stefan control for 27 minutes in an episode once blah blah blah), like to see Damon save Stefan. This isn’t about returning favors. This is about someone, who wants vampires dead, recognizing Stefan as a threat and going after him. Plus, I can’t believe I’m saying this, it would be nice if Damon wasn’t tortured for once and Stefan was.

    • Because kidnappings lead to rescues which lead to talking about said kidnapping which has the potential for character insight. And of the Salvatores, only Damon gets those.

  37. Some other spoilers from JP from that convention:

    Apparently she said that S4 will be about the differences between the brothers and about what Elena’s going through. – I wouldn’t give much weight to this spoiler. She’s just saying stuff.

    Damon will get a new love interest, Stefan won’t. – I guess this means either that they’ll introduce a new character or Meredith will become Damon’s love interest. I’m pretty sure it will be Meredith, since they need to integrate her more into the show, if they want to keep her on. And we already saw them ~connecting in 3.20.

    We will see be seeing Jenna again in flashbacks. – So, I guess, more flashbacks from Elena’s past.

    We won’t see Katherine for a long time (because Klaus is still in MF). – Good, one less character to assassinate.

    Oh, and JP said that Meredith could become a mentor figure for Elena, as Elena might want to become a doctor because she’s always trying to help people. – No comment necessary, I think. Just … I guess JP has forgotten that Elena wanted to become a writer in S1.

    • Ok, so apparently JP tweeted that the spoiler of Damon getting a new love is not true. But since Damon is the designated sexy vampire of the show, I still believe in Damon/Meredith, haha.

    • as Elena might want to become a doctor because she’s always trying to help people

      1) Like you mentioned, Elena wanted to be a writer in s1.
      2) Did she just, almost in exact words, transfer Stefan’s hoped for career to Elena? Almost his exact words about his desire to be a doctor.
      3) Is she forgetting that Elena is a vampire? And yeah, Stefan is an extra special case, but it’s a thing that the writers have suggested that all vampires would have some trouble doing. And she’s going to what…be Doogie Howser, MD?

    • She really is just saying stuff. Elena’s transition isn’t going to last for 22 episodes, so the season won’t be “about” the differences between the brothers. Why would we focus on the differences between them when it comes to this specific thing? Shouldn’t the fact that we’ve seen the differences between them when it comes to situations over the last three seasons tell us how they’re going to react to Elena being a vamp?

      I’m surprised we’ll be seeing Jenna again. Can’t say I’m excited since it’s going to be about Elena.

      Elena might to become a doctor? LOL! Why the heck would Elena look to Meredith as a mentor? Elena always wants to help her loved ones, not “people,” that’s number 1. Number 2, the way she talks about protecting her loved ones wouldn’t necessarily lead her into the medical field, I don’t think. I remember when people pegged Jeremy as the one heading down the medical route (either that or being a teacher). Now it’s Elena’s concern for everyone, not just her loved ones, that’s going to help her find her career. I’ve read short metas that tackled why Elena is only/can only be concerned about the well-being of those closest to her, and this new desire of hers to be a doctor kind of clashes with that. No doubt she’d just end up using vamp blood like Meredith does since she’s shown no resistance to the idea. Maybe she’ll compel her patients to boot.

      Needlessly to say, I find this spoiler completely random. I had heard about some of the others you mentioned but not this one. Elena’s going to want to become a doctor? Bonnie’s the one who tries (and does) help “people,” and I’d even balk at the thought of her wanting to be a doctor in the future.

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