Fic Rec Post!

Share your favorite fics! Write the subject, ex: Bonnie, or Bamon, or Delena, and then write the title of the fic, followed by a summary, and then link it!

I had a lot more Bamon fics (and Stefonnie fics) from back when I shipped them, but I accidentally deleted my external hardrive last fall, and now they’re all gone :(.


When She Falls, She Wears Their Bones in Her Hair (PG-13)

Summary: She is the last one standing, and there isn’t much time until she falls. will she take everything that remains with her? Bonnie burns it all down!

One Last Conversation (G)

Summary: After meeting Lucy, Bonnie goes to the cemetery for one last conversation with her grandmother.

Written by me and takes place after Masquerade!


The Perfect Ending

Summary: Left to choose for herself for the first time in a long time, Elena struggles as a transitioning vampire.

Set during and after The Sun Also Rises!

They’ll Dig Me up One Day, Stare at My Insides and Find Nothing but Ghosts (PG)

Summary: She doesn’t like to look at herself in the mirror much, she’s afraid of what she might see (and might not).

Elena has many protective masks.

Caroline (and Caroline/Bonnie femslash):

My Summer Break (PG)

Summary: Bonnie’s back from vacation with her family, and, overwhelmed by recent events, Caroline turns her switch off for the first time.

Set in 3.04 and attempts to deal with Caroline getting tortured by Bill.

Through Our Love of Cheering We Will (G)

Summary: In a bid to further mend things between them, Caroline reminds Bonnie of the cheerleader tryouts coming up.

Set during Katerina.

These Memories (NC-17)

Summary: Bonnie’s attempt to comfort Caroline after her ordeal with Brady leads the girls to cross a threshold in their friendship.

Part 1 and Part 2 . This fic is a work in progress. I have about 10 pages of part 3 written, but I keep getting distracted with writing other fics! But it’s coming!

Beremy (all of these take place in season 2, bar the last two):

One Night (T)

Summary: It was one of those tiny, absurd moments in life that you don’t ever want to forget. A Bonnie/Jeremy one-shot set directly after the end of ‘Crying Wolf’, showing the little moments that get lost in the bigger picture.

This fic is just long (which is great), cute, and sexy

Some Say It’s Absurd (NC-17)

Summary: “Okay,” she finally says, feeling a little smile bloom across her mouth, “what do you—” She lowers her voice a little and tries again, “What do you want to do?”

Bonnie goes down on Jeremy for the first time 😀

A Little Old Place Where (NC-17)

Summary: Teenagers. Alone in an abandoned house. You do the math.

Obviously this is what happened when they were hiding out in the witch house.

In Her Yellow Bedroom (M)

Suammry: Bonnie and Jeremy’s first time.


What Just Happened? (PG-13)

Summary:  A whole summer without Jeremy Gilbert and his kisses… but is it just her, or is he acting kind of weird? Something’s going on but she can’t quite put her finger on it yet.

Set in 3.04.

Absolution (M)

Summary: The night of the Decade Dance, memories are rekindled. Can Bonnie and Jeremy reconnect despite the interference of witches, werewolves, vampires, and current suitors?

Work in progress.

And check out the Bonnie/Jeremy lj comm for more fics!


Cardinal Sin (T)

Summary: They are each others’ weakness, and it will lead them to temptation. Pride. Envy. Wrath. Gluttony. Sloth. Greed. Lust.

I loved this fic.

Casualties of Accidental Dating (M)

Summary: A series of accidental dates between Bonnie Bennett and Damon Salvatore stir feelings of a deeper nature than anyone would have guessed.

Read all of the Bamon fics by Skysamuell, really. She was my favorite Bamon writer back when I shipped it.

The Enemy of My Enemy

Summary: Unlikely allies, uneasy friends, and reluctant lovers . . . Bonnie/Damon

I loved this fic! I remember not wanting it to end .

Half in Love With Pretty Girls

Summary: He’s half in love with a handful of pretty girls . . . and so completely in love with the witch it was embarrassing. Seriously embarrassing-Stefan wouldn’t stop laughing.

Companion piece to The Enemy of My Enemy, told from Damon’s pov.

A Cleansing (NC-17)

Summary: As a result of being the first Vampire-Witch, Bonnie is hunted by some of the supernatural community. Five months of chaos and stress has Damon and Bonnie needing to relax.

I think this was the first Bamon smut I wrote. I’m still proud of this fic.

How Bonnie Regained Her Spontaneity (NC-17)

Summary: Damon’s taunting has Bonnie seriously afraid that she is losing parts of herself. And at his urging, she does something to prove to herself that she isn’t.


In The Looking Glass (NC-17)

Summary: Bonnie is gifted with a crystal ball and proceeds to abuse her new ‘eye’ by dabbling in voyeurism.

Set after 2.02.

Lucid (R)

Summary: Since everyone has plans for the summer, Bonnie is forced to take care of a very drunk Damon, and the vampire takes the opportunity to air out some feelings.

The last Bamon smut I wrote

Bonnie/Tyler (the last one hints at a threesome with Jeremy. Can someone please write an official Bonnie/Jeremy/Tyler threesome fic? Please!)

Those Formative Years

Summary: Three Experiences Bonnie’s had with a Lockwood


It’s Complicated: A Bonnie/Tyler Story

Summary: Bonnie and Tyler navigate the Mason link between them. It’s push and pull as one tries to redefine the other.

I think this is my favorite Tonnie fic that I’ve written

Indecent Liaisons (NC-17)

Summary: The night of the Originals’ ball finds Bonnie taking a walk to clear her head of her problems. She stumbles upon Tyler who is desperately trying to break Klaus’ sire bond, only to suffer a disappointing setback when he learns Bill, who was supposed to mentor him, is dead. Could this be what actually sets him free? What follows is a story about two teenagers, one more lost than the other, coming together and exploring a different use for the banes of their existence, their powers.

The longest fic I’ve written .

Seasons Change (M)

Summary: A hot day by the Lockwood pool ends with a surprising event for Bonnie Bennett.

Such a tease!


If You so Desire (I Do Desire) NC-17

Summary: During one of their intimate meetings, Elijah suggests a way to relieve Bonnie’s stress.


Worth, Regret, and Peace (Greta-centered with slight Greta/Klaus)

Summary: In mourning, Greta reflects on her family’s death and the big part she played in it.



32 thoughts on “Fic Rec Post!

      • not yet! 😉 I’ll have to go bag I see. I made a bigger list but I don’t know what happened to it.

        I’d love to see your list.

        • You really should 🙂 Oh I hope you have a copy of that list somewhere … I remember how I felt after I lost my big video-rec post months ago 😦

          I will try and collect my favs, but please don´t judge me, sometimes I´m desperate when it comes to Bonnie fics lol.
          At the moment the only Bonnie fics I can read are with a Klaus(or any Original brother)/Bonnie pairing or Bonnie-centric. Can´t even touch new Bonnie/Salvatore stuff, only re-reading my old favs or the ones I started reading before episode 15 (Bamon) and episode 10 (Stefonnie) aired, but it isn´t the same anymore.

          • Oh yes I c/p that before I hit the send button. I sensed evil afoot. I still have the list I just can’t post it.

            I won’t judge you. Most of my rec’s are porn. lol

            I have been having Klaus feelings so I’m looking forward to reading some of your recs.

            I have to imagine that some of the stuff never happened just to keep my head.

            • I won’t judge you. Most of my rec’s are porn. lol

              Awesome *high five* I love porn aswell lol.

              I have been having Klaus feelings so I’m looking forward to reading some of your recs.

              I will try to finish the list until Saturday, have to choose wisely lol.

              Btw for you as a Tyler/Bonnie shipper I would recommend you to look into the Kat/Michael thread on the Kat board of fanforum because someone wrote a very interesting post there.

                • Did you find it? Because there was some posting going on … but it would prove again (if it is true) that JP takes away sls from Bonnie and gives them to other characters.

  1. Bonnie/Tyler:

    Transference (PG-13) by Albion1919
    Summery: Bonnie tries to ease Tyler’s transformation

    Into the Woods (R) by Ladygawain
    Summary: Bonnie finds Tyler in the woods, strange things ensue. No spoilers just a scenario.

    First (T) by BambiScott
    Summary: Somehow he manages to say her name just exactly as Caroline does when she is annoyed


    Whimpers (NC-17) by Kiwi25
    Summary: Bonnie likes to whimper and moan

    Texts from Last Bite (PG-13) by Irishcookie
    Summary: On second thought, giving Damon her number was not such a good idea.

    It’s Hard to Be a Saint in the City (NC-17) by Eatsscissors
    Summary: Bonnie is in this to make certain that Grams didn’t die for nothing. She’s pretty sure that Damon just likes to kill things. AU

  2. PT2

    Surrender (NC-17) by Ellensmithee
    Summary: Stefan and Caroline have started… something, but can Stefan get over his ghosts from the past? (WIP)

    Elena, Jeremy
    This Kind of Crisis (PG) by Serene_mania
    Summary: N/A

    Bamon, Tonnie, Stefonnie
    Blessed Beltaine, Bonnie (NC-17) by Angryzen
    Bonnie is celebrating Beltaine for the first time, and each of the supernatural men of Mystic Falls do their part to acknowledge the resident witch’s holiday

    Also like I said any irishcookie story that has Bonnie in it. 🙂

  3. This is a bit late but here is my list:

    Jenna, Elijah
    Compensation by irishcookie
    Summary: When there is no one else, Jenna calls in a debt and finds out if Elijah is a man of his word. (Mentions of character death and violence)

    Remnants by irishcookie
    Summary: In death, there is nothing that Jenna can do but watch as her loved ones fall apart.

    The Back Up Plan by Nadin4400
    Summary: Jenna needs her best friend, and he is always there for her, with a bottle of wine and a late night talk. (Set pre-show, a few years before Jenna returned to Mystic Falls for good.)

    Between the Bars (M) by razycrandomgirl
    Summary: N/A

    Mine is a devil’s heart (R) by crickets
    Summary: N/A

    Bonnie (Elena)
    Reckoning (R for character death) by boggie
    Summary: N/A

    • Thanks, Emily!

      I forgot that you loved Jenna. Remnants and The Back Up Plan sound interesting. I’ll check them out when I have time, hopefully tomorrow. I read Cana’s Between the Bars, and it’s differently a different take on how Jeremy spent his time in Denver. Lol. I like the detail she included of how he attempts to assert control over his own body.

      I clicked the link for Reckoning because the title and character death warning sounded familiar to me. I read it only to find out I’d already read it. I had even left a comment. Lol.

      • LMAO! Yeah, just a *little* different 😉 It reminded me of my SPN and Smallville porn reading days. Idk why I ever stopped reading fanfiction porn.

        • oops! forgot to quote what I was responding to.

          I read Cana’s Between the Bars, and it’s differently a different take on how Jeremy spent his time in Denver.

        • why would you stop …? that was my first venture into slash so … I’ll take it as a complement. 😀

          I got the idea from Olu and Alta’s review of “Delena’s Road trip prt 3” (I forget the name episode). They brought up that Jeremy was nowhere to be found while Damon and Elena were doing things. Kol could have been doing horrible things to Jeremy and Elena couldn’t be bothered to ask him about them. 😦 Poor Jeremy.

          • why would you stop …?

            I hit a wall right around the time “knotting” and “infantalising”(sp?) became popular in SPN fandom. That fandom broke me. It turned me into the crazy/angry person you know today.

            • … guuuuuuurrl that fandom is into some shit! O_o I could never! You must’ve been in the darkest, rankest parts of fandom where people wear trench coats with stains on them. O_O

              It would drive me away too. O_O guuuuuuuuuuurrrl

              • You know I am obsessive. I have been active on tumblr for like a week and I am following 135 blogs. I HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING.

                Basically, once I started I couldn’t stop. I kept going deeper and deeper into the darkness. Now I can’t stop talking about it. I am legit traumatized by all the crazy fetishes I exposed myself to.
                As in, start seeing a therapist just for this kind of traumatized. Siigh. I should stop bringing it up here though and seek counseling.

      • Yeah, I loved Jenna a lot. But, well, considering the state of the show, I’m also kind of glad that she’s out of JP’s/the writers’ reach, so to speak. Who knows what they would have done with her in S3. Somehow ‘nothing’ sounds like the best option, lol.

        Cana’s fic is so, so dark, I love it. I liked that detail too.

        I was wondering if we could also ask for fic recommendations? Like, if we could post that we’re interested in a fic about a certain char/pairing and if someone happens to know a fic like that, s/he could reply to that post?

        • Lmao. Probably. You know the women don’t inspire these writers as much as the men do. Look at all they thought to do with Ric, but they couldn’t think of anything to do with Jenna. Look at the stories the Salvatores get outside of the triangle and then look at how most of Elena’s stories ties back into the triangle and is an opportunity to give us insight into the Salvatores.

          I like that idea. I’ll have to figure out how to implement it. Maybe make it part of the episode speculation posts?

          • This is very true. Although it did seem that it took them *a lot* of time and effort to come up with something for Ric. But yeah, they were willing to spent time and effort on him.

            YAY!!! Yes, I think making it part of the ep speculation posts would make sense since they are more frequented?

            • It did. And I think part of it is because they were trying to make Ric more important than he was. Most of the characters on that show didn’t know him and never got to know him, so the scale of what happened to him was not as hard-hitting as they trie to portray. And part of making Ric more important than he was was literally giving him the role carved at for Jenna at her inception. Plus there’s the fact that they don’t really plan out these storylines, so. I mean, if Klaus was supposed to die in 3.21 but they changed their minds, think of how Ric’s story was supposed to have played out. He’d have no reason to be in 3.22.

              That’s true. Okay, I’ll be sure to put it up on the next spec post. In the meantime, if you want to make any requests for recommendations in this post, feel free.

  4. Okay, so this is probably a long shot but does anybody happen to know any Gloria fic? Having so many Gloria feelings at the moment…

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