Episode 81: TVD’s The Departed

A big thank you to everyone who listened and/or commented during season 3!

Episode 81-Fit for a Finale!

Outtakes- The Body Swap Episode!

Co-hosts: Cana and Olu

Intermission: 3:00:10.375-3:01:50.562 

In the last episode of the season, everyone’s suddenly worried that the Originals are after Elena despite the fact that Klaus was put on ice before he could tell anyone the link between Alaric and Elena. Olu explains why Elena dying comes one season too late; Matt gets some history that doesn’t make much sense and he’s way too involved with Elena’s plight in the present, and I explain how him drugging Elena could’ve been interesting; Cana wants someone to ask Stefan his opinion and motivation; I find Damon to be the most entertaining and interesting character of the episode (while wondering if it’s even possible for the writers to write him ooc when, bad action or good action, it’s all Damon being Damon). Last, we do JAJP’s annual season superlatives.

“The show suggested in the beginning that what she had with Stefan was passionate [unlike what she had with Matt], and now they’re saying that no, what she has with Damon is passionate [and what she has with Stefan is stability]”-Olu

“It doesn’t actually make sense that Matt wants all those things. It would make more sense if Matt was scared of kids and of marriage ’cause, like, his whole home life is a pile of shit. I can imagine him thinking that it would be very easy to screw it up. Because no matter how much Matt may put Elena on a pedestal, he doesn’t put himself on a pedestal”-Olu

“That’s why this whole Elijah thing of, ‘I’m letting you choose, Elena’ is kind of […] grating, kind of like a smoke screen, because even though she doesn’t usually say, ‘Okay I’m making a decision,’ so many things happen for her. So many decisions are based on her that, I don’t know, making a big deal about ‘Oh someone’s respecting her choice,’ like…it’s all about Elena. All of this stuff happens for Elena. People get killed for Elena. People bleed for Elena. […]. Has Elena ever made a decision that was [disagreeable] and people listened? That’s part of the problem.”-Me

“I would really like it if somebody would ask Stefan what he wants. Just ask him what his choice would be. I just wanna see his reaction. Has anyone ever asked him what he wants, what his choice is? He’s been compelled by Katherine and Klaus, and he’s been tortured by Lexi, and now he’s in this thing with Elena, and his brother’s in it too, and I feel like nobody has ever asked him, nobody who means something to him has asked him what his choice would be, what he wants.”-Cana

“In that scene, it really stood out to me how much Damon is a sucker for love, how much he’s such a loser in love, how much he’s forever alone. Never chosen, always the bridesmaid, always the groomsman. He’s never holding the bouquet. [….]. You see that there’s a side of him that accepts [that it will always be Stefan], that knows it, and I guess just having the conversation is enough for him even though he wants more. But it’s like, he never thought he’d get this far where, where he would actually be asking Elena, who would you choose. He never thought there would be a choice for her, despite his bravado and always getting in her personal space. And I think that all came out in the scene, and I think Ian did a great job, and I think it’s Damon’s best scene of the season, I’ll say.”-Me


33 thoughts on “Episode 81: TVD’s The Departed

  1. lol. Water is a vampire’s kryptonite, Alta. And obviously, Elena decided to die because she realized that, if she had died with her parents like she was supposed to, everyone would have been better off. Suicide is always the answer for Elena. Stefan decided that she had the right to commit suicide. And duh, someone whose brain is being deprived of oxygen can totes make decisions like that.

    • Water is a vampire’s kryptonite, Alta.

      Smh. We did talk on the podcast about how there are some stories/legends where vamps and spirits can’t operate or cross over water (I had to edit it out because of sound issues), but who knows if the TVD people are aware of that *_____*.

      I’ve some opinions who think she chose to die, but the show is so inconsistent about Elena’s suicide tendencies. I do wonder if they’ll say a part of her welcomed death though.

      • Remember when tiny Bonnie saved a drowning Matt without the help of magic. Apparently, once Stefan ripped out the car door, his physical strength became equal to that of Bonnie’s. That door took a lot out of him. There was no way he could pull up two people. LOL. I can’t. Elena wanting to die is the only explanation that makes sense.

  2. Oh, you bringing up that Damon gets all the action scenes reminds me of something JP said in her interview with the VRO. She said that they had originally intended to give the desiccation scene in ‘Before Sunset’ to Damon. The original plan was that first Elena would try it but fail (of course, rme) and then Damon would step in and see Klaus’ desiccation through. But then they realized that it would make sense for it to be Stefan and changed it.

    • Stefan was there last choice for dessicating Klaus? When if he wasn’t the first choice, because Elena would have her reasons, he should have been the second? Okay. I see the writers. I. See. Them.

      • I can’t. Lmao. I’ve said before, somewhere, that the writers legit don’t think about how they can exploit their characters and the relationships of those characters based on their past experiences. They just automatically give the scenes to a select few.

        • There’s literally no emotional payoff to Damon being the one to put Klaus down. There would have been more emotional payoff to Tyler doing it than with Damon being the one to do it and yet, Damon was the first person they considered. They really care about him the most.

          • It also shows that emotional payoff is not on their list of concerns. “Poetry” only applies to the faves: Damon, Alaric, sometimes Elena, and maybe Caroline.

            • Ahh, since you mention Alaric, I have another tidbit from the VRO interview. I think Kathrin already posted that JP said that Alaric was the character of whose character development she was the most proud of in S3 (which was my question, btw, hehe). JP also said that, before the season started, they talked about how Alaric hadn’t realized his full potential and how he had never quite become the character they had envisioned him to be. So they racked their brains to find a way to do his character justice. Sigh. I wish they spend that much energy on all of their regular chars and not just a select few.

              • I wish they spend that much energy on all of their regular chars and not just a select few.

                Seriously. And….Alaric is not just a secondary character, but he’s human, presumably from a normal family. His one source of angst was the fact that his wife wanted to be a vamp and he couldn’t stop it. I wouldn’t say that’s the character where you need to rack your brain to find his full potential. That’s why his story ended up being the mess it was. I would Jeremy and Matt before Alaric. Those characters still have potential based on their relationships with the others, their family history and how it ties in to their present relationships and the present happenings, etc.

  3. Re: Bonnie I kept seeing people say how proud they were that Bonnie stood up to the witches. What what what, when were the witches the big problem in Bonnie’s life? I really didn’t get it. Now Bonnie will make her own choices away from the witches, what what again when were the witches the big problem in Bonnie’s life? I kept seeing this sentiment.

    • What what what, when were the witches the big problem in Bonnie’s life?

      I resent this, because, again, they keep making Bonnie turn away from/reject her support system while everyone else has one. She couldn’t even choose her own mother over that ratchet group.

    • I agree with his. As soon as Esther shows up with her “sister” talk suddenly Bonnie’s ancestor’s are a problem. 🙄 Not the fact that Esther is ratchet and sucking the life/power from Bonnie’s whole family like. Kill that bitch already. >_> I hate Esther and all that she is.

      If she could have killed all the vampires and then poofed away I wouldn’t be this irritated.

  4. The house belongs to Jeremy now. I hope they never go back to the Gilbert house. I hope the Salvatore’s are never let back in. But of course the will be.

    Klaus should have been after Bonnie, Day 1. He should have dedicated that song to her at The Last Dance. It should have been Bonnie and not Caroline this whole time in most of “Caroline’s stories”. Concerning Klaus and Tyler and the thing that happened with their parents. Though I’m glad Bonnie didn’t get that I-forgive-the-killer-of-my-parent scene that Caroline got with Alaric.

    It’s stupid to think that Klaus only came after Bonnie once this whole time.

    X-Files/TVD crossover. Mulder and Scully come to investigate this weird ass town.

    Matt should have wanted to go to family night at the Gilberts.

    Matt was to Elena what Tyler is to Caroline (but not as bad)

    Stefan would have probably ran to get to Elena and left Alaric to die alone. 😀

    Elena doesn’t even wear vervain anymore.

    Gosh I miss interesting Stefan.

    You notice that Alaric outed all the women founders in control. Meredith, Liz, Carol. DIdn’t UJ do that already?

    LOL this break music reminds me of Purple Rain! \o/ Alta Srsly?

    Dark!Bonnie should have happened when a) Bonnie turned against Luka b) when she did the life swapping spell for UJ and Elena, c) when she brought Jeremy back from the dead.

    Who are Bonnie’s friends? I guess Bonnie means Tyler and Caroline? But it almost seems like they are trying to include the salvatore’s too. >_>

    We are so goofy. 😀

    • That’s true, actually. Jeremy’s now the one with the ability to give out invitations. I wonder if the Salvatores’ invitations have been rescinded since Elena’s dead. Probably not since the show is lazy, but that would be a nice detail.

      Stefan would have probably ran to get to Elena and left Alaric to die alone.

      Lmao. I’m pretty sure that he would’ve been shocked and backing away slowly as realization set in, and then he’d run off to find Elena while Alaric croaked on the cement floor.

      Is Meredith even on the Council?


      I really don’t know who her friends are. Ignoring what the show’s trying to sell, who is close to her right now? She’s like number 3 on everyone’s speed dial when it comes to “friend” time. Who’s number 1 on her speed dial? They had to bring in Jaime to give her a moment to voice her feelings. Really?

      Lol.That “let’s say it together” moment was hilarious.

      • Is Meredith even on the Council?

        That’s a good question, cause I just assumed since she was at a part that she might be a member or something and she talks about it.

        Ugh. I remember once upon a time Bonnie was at the top of Jeremy speed dial. I made a screen cap of it and everything.

        It was. I couldn’t hear you or Olu. lol

        • Well that’s true, she is a member, but she’s so irrelevant. I doubt she goes to meetings. Her ex Brian Walters probably attended more than she did, lol.

          Really? Share the screencap!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I did comment a long time ago back when you still liked Damon and Bonnie as a potential couple. Carina actually try to talk to you on tumblr. I want to see that transcript.

    • If you go on my tumblr: innameonly.tumblr.com, and type cadlymack into the search, the back and forth will come up. Start from the bottom. If you start all the way at the bottom, you’ll see the comments (by me) that made her come to my inbox.

  6. BTW Eureka just did a body swap or brain swap as they called it, with Jack swapping with various characters. It was one of the funniest things ever. Lost Girl did one too and it was hilarious.
    I too would pay money to watch Damon and Bonnie swap. Damon would be extra pervy.

    • This is a very nice video. I wonder how much I’ll like Rebekah when I rewatch the season. I don’t hate or dislike her. i’m just disappointed because I feel they veered off of how they presented her in The End of the Affair. I had expectations, and they gave me “She’s just a girl who loves recklessly,” and she just wants to go to high school, it was predictable and not something I had time for.

    • That is your vid? Awesome. I wish I had the patience to learn how to make vids.

      Do you have any Rebekah related fic recs? I was very interested in her in the beginning but this show’s follow-through on anything is lacking.

  7. Question: What were they going to do to Alaric if he were to show up in the woods? I found myself thinking about that today. When Damon,Stefan and Klaus fought him he tossed them around like rag dolls so I don’t understand what was going on. Jeremy,Stefan and Elijah were there and Caroline. Jeremy did tell him to met him there right?

    • He did. I have no idea. I mean they added 1 vampire in Caroline, and they had Jeremy. I don’t understand how that was supposed to be a match for Alaric. But they’re such geniuses that none of them thought to invite the witch. But really, what was the plan? Because Jeremy did call Alaric, but they obviously weren’t going to desiccate him. Did they even have stakes? Lawd.

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