Home stretch!!!!

I honestly don’t know what I’m looking forward to in this episode. Not after Do Not Go Gentle. JP tweeted that Bonnie doesn’t trust Stefan anymore, and that trust will have to be earned. If this show had good pacing, there would be less rants on this podcast. Thus, I’m thinking Stefan will earn Bonnie’s trust again next episode. Yes or yes?

Episode 21 Synopsis


Extended Promo

Canadian Promo



Second Canadian Promo

35 thoughts on “Home stretch!!!!

  1. Hooray for Stefan and Damon treating Jeremy like a child *____*. I wonder when Julie Plec will realize that SM is too old for this. Does she think he gets out of bed and looks forward to coming to work just to sigh, roll his eyes, and go where people tell his character to go?

    And I’m sure condescension will be plenty during the Stefan/Damon + Tyler scenes.

    • I read a comment from a viewer that they loved how Damon was Jeremy’s father figure. It was great how Jeremy just did whatever Damon told him. It was in reference to Before Sunset when Jeremy opens the door to Klaus on the doorstep. I read that and thought, “Are. You. Serious? Your hero KILLED Jeremy!!! And you’re making him out to be a father figure?”

      Obviously, I don’t see what they see…nor do I want to. Blech.

  2. Help a newbie out, please. Lol. Is there a link to the podcast or do you need special access? I can’t figure it out.

  3. Who writes the episode synopses? They always read as if they were written by a half-drunk twelve year old and edited by someone whose only criteria is “make this vague and boring”.

    Why is a “candid conversation about the future” a part of the ep summary? A conversation? Really.

    • If they had everyone active and competent in the plot, they wouldn’t need to put a conversation in the synopsis. And did they need to describe the enemy as “surprising?” That makes it even more basic, because I’m half thinking these characters no longer need to be surprised at having an enemy.

    • Why is a “candid conversation about the future” a part of the ep summary?
      cause fuck all happens apparently. … this show.

  4. It looks like by the time Bonnie get to the Gilbert house she has been healed already. So they probably do it off-screen so’s not to stir up the Bamon fans. I’m surprised he didn’t throw Bonnie over his shoulder to be honest.

    What the hell could Stefan do to earn Bonnie’s trust?

  5. It’s upsetting that Bonnie wasn’t murdered last episode. Boo. She is so annoying and bitter for so long. It’s getting so grating. Ever since Anna left what has Jeremy even had to do? Saw that coming the moment she was gone.

    • It’s upsetting that Alaric didn’t die last episode. That’s what’s upsetting.

      If you’re talking about season 3, Jeremy didn’t have anything to do even while Anna was hanging around.

      • loling irl. Don’t you know that there is a theory out there that Jeremy’s story is suffering because of Bonnie and Elena? Yep, Bonnie, aka “the plot device”, has consumed Jeremy’s story.

        • I used to see that claim while Bonnie and Jeremy were together and I wondered what people believed Jeremy’s story consisted of before he hooked up with Bonnie. I think most of the people who comment on these posts can agree by now that the writers recycle every characters’ story, and Jeremy’s material consists of death, new girlfriend (Vicky), death, compulsion, new girlfriend, death, new girlfriend (Bonnie), death (of Bonnie, him, and the relationship), new love interest (Anna), death (ghost world), compulsion, and we’ve just hit another death with Alaric. So I suppose the next step is for him to get a new girlfriend.

          Come on now, people. Something tells me the only reason Bonnie’s story gets variety is because her actions/reactions/dialogue are heavily tied into the plot and the PLOT changes, so those things change too. Because death of a loved one? Check. Sheila. Feeling burdened by magic? Check. Every episode pre masquerade. Being standoffish with the Salvatores because she recognizes that they’re assholes? Check. See: the episodes pre masquerade.

          Let’s not act like Jeremy was getting amazing story and Bonnie slowed him down. These characters are stuck in cycles. Some of them just have more variety/are less apparent than others.

          • They are pressed Jeremy/Anna shippers lbr. Anna’s presence or absence has nothing to do with Jeremy having a story. They are two different characters.

            These characters are stuck in cycles. Some of them just have more variety/are less apparent than others.

            IA. I can’t remember most of what these characters did this season.

            Jeremy had the most story when he was fighting Tyler for Vicki and, later, looking for Vicki imo. Ah, I miss season 1/early season 2.

            • They are pressed Jeremy/Anna shippers lbr.


              I can’t figure out why anything they went through mattered. Even them trying to kill Klaus doesn’t matter in the end.

              Yeah, Jeremy’s strongest, most emotional character arc was in early season 1 when he was mourning his parents, as annoying as I sometimes found it at the time. Lol.

  6. There is a new canadian promo for the episode with some Bonnie/Jeremy scenes:

    What do you think they are doing in the woods and where is Abby? Was she already there or does she come in later?

    Btw I watched the older Canadian promo and why is Alaric stronger than Rebekah and Klaus … at least it sounds like Rebekah is talking about him or am I wrong?
    That´s not even possible. He is only one day old or did gave him Bonnie´s blood some exxtra boost?

    • Lol, I just posted it.

      I don’t know why they’re in the woods, but I’m having dirty thoughts. *Sigh.* Saving it for the AU. I hope they talk about something that pertains to them personally, whether it’s their relationship, what Bonnie’s gone through, or Jeremy’s compulsion! She might be channeling him for a spell. I’m just not sure what the spell is for.

      Yep, Alaric is stronger than Klaus and Rebekah. No, it doesn’t make any sense. Esther made him immortal and indestructible. But age should be his downfall.

      Alaric tells Elena to stop trusting vampires, but that’s not even the issue anymore. Get with it, writers. Geez.

    • What are they doing in the woods? Is that a trick question??? lol If if you’re a shipper, they’re handling Beremy issues. If you’re a writer for the show, Bonnie is risking her lie and Jeremy is too and they are both forgetting that they used to be a couple.

      • If you’re a writer for the show, Bonnie is risking her lie and Jeremy is too and they are both forgetting that they used to be a couple.

        Uuuuggghhh. There better be more to it than that. There has to be! Come one, new writers!

  7. What is Robert talking about?Is Robert talking about the scene where Bonnie said to Stefan she didn’t do that for him? because she says that all the time. He literally decided that that was for the Bonnie/Jamie love story.She was doing it anyway before he was threatened she was doing it for Caroline and Tyler and of coarse Elena. He needs to stop talking.
    I was so happy about Bonnie/Jeremy scenes tonight.

    • Right, when I read it I actually was lost, lol are we being trolled?
      When Bonnie said she didnt do it for Stefan lol Jamie wasnt even in the equation to me, like you said it was mainly about Elena, Caroline and Tyler. Not long ago Bonnie didnt want to give up the coffins for him lol.
      He really is reaching Ive noticed in every interview for TVD he always has to say something random, Im sure the next interview he will be saying how the Bonnie/Jeremy scenes was really about Jamie somehow lol.

      • Not long ago Bonnie didnt want to give up the coffins for him lol.

        Exactly! Also, let’s not forget that Alaric’s life was in danger. Who is Jaime to Bonnie? Why is Robert getting these interviews instead of Persia?

    • I saw that interviewed posted last night and I couldn’t. Now, I’m glad I didn’t. I had a feeling he’d talk nonsense. Bless you for watching it. I punked out. Every time I see him, I just think go ahead and try to pimp Jamie. Sooner or later, he’ll be just as dead as Sheila and Luka or pulling a no show like Daddy Bennett, Abby and Lucy. Keep talking, Robert. Keep talking.

      I’m still happy for the Beremy scenes tonight. I’ll find a way to twist it to my satisfaction despite what happens onscreen. At least they’re together and touching. LOL

    • because she says that all the time.

      He wouldn’t know, because he doesn’t know the Bonnie character, and it doesn’t seem like he’s talked to Kat about it. He seems to be a lone wolf on that front. He really needs to stop though. Falling in love? Emotional dependency? Uuuummmm, Bonnie didn’t depend emotionally on Jeremy, and I’ll be damned if that will be the case with Jaime or anyone else.

  8. The producers preview:

    Only blub blub about Alaric and him being the ultimate hunter. JP is in love with this storyline (probably with all sls this season). And apparently Alaric will do everything to kill one of the Originals. What do you think will happen? I still think no Original will die tonight … is Kol even in the episode?

    • Thanks for bringing it over! I’m sure she’s very excited.

      There was that tweet pic of Nathan Buzolic in the Mystic High jacket, but I don’t know. He might make a surprise appearance. Since I’ve seen the stills for episode 22, I’m really at a loss for what gets accomplished in tonight’s episode.

      • I also saw these pictures but I don´t know. I would laugh so hard if he would make a surprise appearance in the last five minutes and then is killed in the crossfire.

        But he tweeted JP and asked her if she also included Kol in the finale. I think he wouldn´t do that if his character was killed already … but perhaps he hadn´t read the script for ep 21 until then.

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