Season 3, episode 20. Pick your shows!!!

I felt like watching an episode of Charmed after this episode ended. And I still do. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. In the meantime, I still want something to cleanse my mind of Do Not Go Gentle. So why not talk about other shows?!

Pick a show or shows and talk about the 20th episode of their third season. And just because I want to cheat with TSC, you can also choose one other season and talk about it’s 20th episode. Do you remember how it made you feel? Was it as disappointing as TVD’s 3.20? Do you laugh now thinking about how involved you were with the show? How did your favorite character fare in the episode? How was the story? Did you feel like it was really leading up to a finale?

And who knows? We might have a couple of shows in common!

I’ll start with The Secret Circle, Smallville, and Charmed:

The Secret Circle’s 20th episode Traitor aired right after TVD, and it was great! TSC’s only on its first season, but I  said I was cheating. Other than the Slither, I think this is the one episode where all of the main characters were involved in the plot. I loved the scavenger hunt for the last two crystals. While the episode had a good plot, it also focused on the characters. There’s no better example than Adam and Melissa. They literally spent the whole episode trying to find Adam’s family’s crystal, trying to figure out his grandfather’s uncloaking spell. I loved it! It wasn’t boring and the characters gelled well. I love Melissa, so I think she fared well in this episode. I adored the dynamic between Diana and Cassie. Loved the power struggle, and I want to see more of it. And it does feel like it’s leading to a finale. John Blackwell said they needed to get the crystals and since then they’ve been working towards that goal. They have a timetable, and I felt it this episode. And they succeeded! Not only did they find the last two crystals, but they found out who the traitor is! I also loved the special effect involved in having the crystals find each other. I was also happy that Adam performed his first spell.

The 20th episode of Smallville’s 3rd season is Talisman, and I barely remember the details. I feel like Smallville’s third season was kind of stale? I never think of episodes from that season. I think I’d rather rewatch seasons 1 and 2, if we’re going to talk about the pre-Lois seasons. But I’m doing a rewatch of the whole series, so maybe I’ll rediscover some episodes I like/love. I didn’t watch this season live because I frankly thought the show was lame. I thought it was like Roswell, and I never watched Roswell. I didn’t even know what Smallville was about, lol.

Anyways, I jogged my memory by skimming some reviews, and this episode was heavy on the Kawatche myth/Superman anvils. A guy gets powers similar to Clark’s (second time that happens in the series, at this point. Or is it the third?), and he believes he’s Naman (Superman), and he has to kill Sageeth. He believes Segit is Lionel Luthor, but of course Superman’s Sageeth is Lex. I remember loving Lex’s last scene with Clark where he posed the question of whether or not Segit is the true hero for standing up to the being with the power of ten men.

Considering what the season 3 finale is (Clark goes into the caves with a so-called Kryptonian girl), then I guess it did lead into the finale because the central story revolved around the Kawatche caves which would be pivotal in the finale. It also featured a character who mistakenly believes they have power and they have this great destiny, and in the finale we meet “Kara” who says she’s of the same race as Clark, but she’s actually human and Clark’s bio dad just rewired her brain or something.

I don’t remember how Clark fared in this episode, nor do I remember how I feel about the story when put in context of the episodes that proceeded it.

Charmed! I only looked this up to double check, and I was right: Charmed’s 20th episode is Exit Strategy. Piper gets a new power! She’s my favorite part of the episode (and also my favorite character of the series). Unfortunately, this episode is part of a pretty boring two-parter. The A plot is Cole who has infiltrated the brotherhood. His relationship with Phoebe is also heavily focused. I don’t care for the A plot, simply because I know how tiresome Cole and Phoebe will get later on. I don’t think I watched Charmed’s 3rd  season live. I was 11 when it aired, and I don’t think I was into drama shows at that time. I think I was still all about PBS Kids. Lol.

Piper getting a power boost is the highlight of this episode, so I definitely think she was treated well. This episode doesn’t leave me frustrated like TVD did. It leaves me happy because I know when the credits role that I’m done with the boring two-parter :D. Although this story doesn’t feel like we’re nearing the end of the season, it does lay threads that will continue into the finale. Cole kills a witch after a demon casts a spell on him which leads Phoebe to destroy the potion (even though she saw the demon cast the spell on him. No, I still don’t get it). This leads Cole to not only kill the demon, but he goes to reside in the underworld. Which is where Phoebe will join him in the finale, and that will keep her from helping out Prue and Piper.



11 thoughts on “Season 3, episode 20. Pick your shows!!!

  1. I choose BtVS and The X-Files

    okay so for BtVS is was the “The Prom” seeing as it came before the 2 part season finally it was kind of a filler episode. Prom happened and it was MotW. Buffy and Angel had their whiny drama and I was not a fan of it so … I focused on my favorite characters of the series; Cordelia and Xander. Mostly Cordelia after what Xander did to her. He bought her prom dress for her and he thought that made up for the fact that he cheated on her and she almost died from it but I digress. They played Wild Horses and it was sweet.

    There was also another sweet moment in the episode where the class of 99 gave Buffy a Class Protector award because they knew she was protecting them from the hellmouth. It was sweet. Buffy got some appreciation. Of course it’s her show.

    Buffy’s 3:20 Prom episode is MILES better than 3:20 TVD pooped out.

    The X-Files 3:22 (I thought it was the 20 and I started writing about it and now I don’t wanna go back it’s 2 episodes before the season fin so …) was “Quagmire” TXF used to get like 24-25 episodes per season.

    It was great. one of my favorite episodes

    It was MotW (monster of the week) which prefer on TXF because I’m not really into the alien mythology.

    It was a Loch Ness Monster/Moby Dick shout out episode about something that lived in a lake and it was eating people in and around the lake. directed my Kim Manners who was brilliant in everything! (RIP)

    (David) Mulder and (Gillian) Scully’s chemistry. The episode is hilarious to me. I love it when Mulder and Scully are out in the field and not in their suits and Mulder’s picking at Scully and she’s sighing at his crazy obsessions. Plus the scene where their boat sinks and they sit out on a little piece of rock talking until help arrives, I love that shit. I like when the agents talk to each other about their past and how it was for them to grow up. Plus Mulder and Scully was one of my first ships. I had such crush on David Duchovny, lemme tell ya!

    • I’ve never seen the Buffy prom episode. I watched Buffy sporadically. I did watch the episode where Cordelia caught Xander and Willow, and I think I watched the one right after, but I didn’t see Prom. I did watch Graduation? Was that the two-parter finale? Of course I watched it when it was in repeat because 1999? I don’t even think I knew this show existed, lol.

      I was one of the people who loved Buffy/Angel. Lol.

      I never watched The X-Files, but I know how much you love it. Lol. The closest I’ve come is watching the opening credits.

      • The Prom on was filler so you could watch it if you wanted. 😀 It’s kinda like Charmed but a little darker and with less witches which loses the appeal for you I know. 😡

        Angel/Buffy … WHINE! I liked Angelus. 😀

        Oh the X-Files … Memories! I just popped in some dvd’s. *Troll face*

        X-Files is the mother of Supernatural. 😀

        • Yeah, I didn’t like the lack of witches. Vampires do nothing for me.


          I only watched the first episode of Supernatural. Two human dudes battling monsters. Eh.

  2. Hey alta, i think tsc had a kind of okayish episode but nothing of importance really happened until the end when they saw nick again and i am not even sure where they are going with it…what i really want them to focus on is cassie maybe channelling her anger on charles because he killed her mother..and when are they going to make her find out…urgghhhh it really pisses me off sometimes they are trying to squeeze too many mysteries in the tv series so that they can keep their viewers interested but it is really doing the opposite for me!
    Like tvd writers they are saving all the answers for the end of the season to make it epic but they just might lose us before the finale.

    • Hi!

      I think the whole episode was important because they were trying to find the crystals to make the skull. It will only be unimportant, imo, if they don’t even end up making the skull, but the synopsis for the finale says otherwise.

      I don’t think this show has many mysteries, which was one of this season’s problems. It seemed like they spent too much time on certain things. Like the medallion and the sign in the house? It now feels like we spent forever on them.

      I wonder too when they’ll make her find out about Charles. That would be interesting for Cassie and Diana. I have no doubt that Cassie would at least try to hurt Charles, because of her dark magic.

      What did you think of Cassie kind of being a hothead in this episode and wanting to act first and think later?

      • I know, she is acting all pro witch…she could control herself in some situations like when she nearly killed ian but she herself wanted to hurt him so she shouldn’t blame the magic for everything…Cassie is so annoying, ever since her dark magic she acts like the leader of the circle and i think diana also partly dislikes her for that because she used to be leader before.

        Do you think cassie and jake are over for good?

        • I think they’re over for a long while, which I don’t mind. The triangle and the whole destined thing is the show’s weakest point.

          Jake looked ridiculous when he walked into the wake and was huffing and puffing like Jane was his grandmother. And then for some reason he calmed down and was snickering with Faye about pills.

    • I didn’t even know that was nick at the end. I can’t wait for Melissa to find out. ;D I wanna see her faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

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