Spotlight: Racialicious covers TwitterGate, Plus a 3.17 Review

Hi all! I want to share two articles that I read today. The first comes from Racialicious, and they weigh in on why JP’s treatment of Bonnie and her fans sucks. They touch on the Black Best Friend and Magical Negro tropes, and wonder why “Strong and beautiful” Bonnie can’t seem to speak for herself lately.

The second article is a light hearted review of episode 17, Break on Through. Is TVD turning into a fanfic written by Damon? It touches on Damon being the representative for Sexy Vamps R’ Us as well as the Psycho Ric plotline.

We’ve talked about Elena waking up in a hospital (or mental institution) and realizing everything she went through on the show was just a dream or hallucination. This author has posited that Damon might wake up at the end and realize everything was a wet dream. What would the other characters’ reality look like? Would Matt wake up and realize he does have insurance to take care of a broken hand and breathe a sigh of relief? Would Ric wake up in jail after one of his bar fights and realize his ex wife Isobel has put out a restraining against him, hence her “death” in his dream?


2 thoughts on “Spotlight: Racialicious covers TwitterGate, Plus a 3.17 Review

  1. The Racialicious article touches on something regarding Bonnie’s treatment on the show that I haven’t spent much time thinking about, even though I spend a lot of time talking/thinking about Bonnie. For such a “strong and beautiful” character, her voice has been disappearing, especially during this Abby turning storyline. I always mention when Bonnie should be the one learning an information or saying that she doesn’t want to talk to Elena, but I haven’t thought of it as….pervasive? As erasing of Bonnie’s character?

    When Caroline or Matt or whoever say Bonnie’s feeling “this way” or Bonnie thinks “this,” it’s always a summary. Because these characters have their stories, their own lives, and their own opinions that they need to give voice and emotion to. So of course they’d sum up Bonnie’s complicated story/emotions into, “I talked to Bonnie,” “She’s still a little mad,” “She’s the one who always gets hurt,” (does Bonnie have more to say than that? Does she have specific examples of a time when she was resentful towards Elena after having saved her life? One of the times when she had to go home and wipe the blood from her nose while everyone fawned over Elena?), “her mom left so maybe we shouldn’t call her,” and on and on.

    I mean good God, is Caroline’s summary all we’re going to hear from Bonnie about Abby leaving again? This is her mother! She’s the one who was abandoned! She’s the only one who was impacted by Abby leaving. But all we’re going to hear is what Caroline has to say? While Bonnie gets close to Jaime? The season’s almost over y’all. I can’t stand it.

    I’ve said many times that Bonnie holds stuff in. I think many Bonnie fans view her that way. But there has to be a break. When they have Caroline or Matt or Elena yapping away about Bonnie’s emotions and feelings in as little detail as possible, it’s not because the writers see Bonnie as someone who holds her feelings in. It’s because they’re cutting off her voice. Yes, she broke down, now let’s hear her speak! They did this in season 2, only it played out a little better because we’d gotten her speaking a little bit at the end of season 1 and a little bit after her brief hiatus in season 2: she broke down and almost killed Damon…..and then she didn’t talk. Elena went home to sleep, just like in 3.18 Elena was asking about Damon and Caroline was worried about Tyler.

    Sometimes I shake my head at the fact that Stefan is known as the king of brood on the show, and yet we still know what’s going on in his head, even if it’s rubbish. He gets diary entries and voiceovers, as well as conversations with Damon and Elena. Bonnie can’t even get a freaking diary (or grimoire), let alone an actual confident like everyone else has (Jeremy doesn’t have a confident right now, but he has a good record for having them in terms of girlfriends).

    • I believe they write it that way where the white characters are speaking for the POC because they probably believe that there’s only a certain about of “Bonnie whine” the audience can take. That’s why you get scenes where Bonnie gets hurt and then disappears. And it’s usually followed in the next episode where they have some character given a throw away line updating us as little as possible on Bonnie’s situation.

      They probably think no one will listen to Bonnie go on an on about her feels or her history unless it has to do with a white main. And even then … We don’t want to hear too many things come out of her mouth -so’s not to lose the interest of the audience- and so her feelings are then voiced by the more acceptable bodies of the show.

      You know that I don’t think such things, and that fact that Bonnie’s voice and history are snuffed out unless it has to do with Elena … are more interesting to me than whatever the mains are doing … There’s so much secrecy (more accurately: neglect) around Bonnie story that if just whets my appetite.

      We also know that Caroline seems to get Bonnie’s story lines. We got to see Caroline and Bill choose whether or not he would transition … we got to see Caroline’s Father first. We got to see Caroline confront the murderer of her parent Etc.

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