Extra: Did anyone watch Scandal tonight?

Random post.

I loved it! Spoilers inside the post!

*I’m going to update TSC this weekend and then TVD will be next. I spent the past two weeks studying for a test I had today. And one of my professors irritated me so much this morning that I was in no mood for a rewatch of anything. Speaking of which, anyone ever had a really horrible professor or teacher? One who was incompetent or not qualified?

Also, did anyone catch last Sunday’s Game of Thrones premier?


5 thoughts on “Extra: Did anyone watch Scandal tonight?

  1. Did not see the dude being gay coming. I thought it would turn out that her gut was wrong and he did do it. I knew her gut was wrong about the woman. I saw it in the first scene, and I think she started to realize when she heard the nickname the prez called the woman. And before that, when she called him on the phone.

    I suspected her and the prez had a thang, but I wasn’t sure. I was happy to see it play out. But I don’t think it’ll last, and I’m okay with that. In fact, I think it works better that way.

    I love Kerry Washington’s lips. I love the way they move when she talks. Always have.

    Red Head likes Engagement Guy. Seeing as we didn’t see his fiance’s face, I just know they won’t last. She ain’t a main. Sorries.

    I liked the ending with the Hero. Unrealistic? Most likely, but it’s fiction and at least this is something different. I would’ve been fine with the ending of him choosing to just go to prison. That would’ve been sad and hardcore. But hope and life hopefully imitating art and all that.

    I’ll tune in next week!

    • I thought you said producers. Then I thought you had Podcast producers. 😡

      My drawing/art teacher hardly ever showed up … I felt like he was wasting my money, but he did teach me to draw better. And he was very attractive. 😉 But still I have to drive a long way to get to that glass. It would have sucked if I took the bus.

      • Dang, you’re fast. I did say producers, lmao. I published it and then realized what I wrote.

        Yeah, that would have sucked. This guy frequently shows up late and has times where he skips parts of the syllabus (he’s a replacement professor. The original one passed away after the first week of class).

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