Episode 69: TSC’s Valentine

Episode 69

In this episode, Faye and Diana hash out their Melissa issues (Melissa, who is the perfect center of a triangle, it is known). Meanwhile Cassie gets into a horrific car accident (horrific!) but still meets Adam for dinner while I struggle with the word ‘dizziness.’ What’s a concussion?

But do you all see how short this summary is? Where is this season’s plot? Goodness.

I didn’t include Faye/Diana because neither is at the center of the triangle.



10 thoughts on “Episode 69: TSC’s Valentine

  1. Cassie is like Matt Donovan with magical powers.

    My favorite scene was when Melissa reached for Dianna. Beautiful. I liked everything with the slumber party.

    There shouldn’t even be any dudes in this show. They only take away from the story IMO. I do like Dianna’s dad though.

    I really just wanted the show to be about Faye, Dianna and Melissa. 😉

    • I am glad that it still seems like the producers like her though. Lol, then again I didn’t start wondering about Elena until the middle of season 2.

      There really shouldn’t be. The teen boys should be recurring, not permanent. They should test them out (on the viewers) and then see if they want to make them permanent. But I’m guessing the general consensus is that people love Adam and Jake?

      • But I’m guessing the general consensus is that people love Adam and Jake?

        EW! lol

        ps. 69! lol you know I had to. ;D

        Also Bonnie should get some of that Devil Dust weed or whatever it’s called. Bet she would get hooked and then they’d have to bring in more witches to have to deal with it. Heck it could have been her own mother (as a witch) who could have dealt with it.

        • Lol.

          I can’t see Bonnie getting addicted. I think she’d be more like Diana, not in terms of how she acted, but the whole not-addicted thing. But I’d love to see her on it! Someone should bring it to MF. Lol.

          I can definitely see Abby using Devil’s Spirit! She’s all about the herbs. Lol.

          • what do you think Bonnie’s personality is? We know she avoids, but I guess she doesn’t have an addictive personality.

            Now do they snort Devil’s spirit?

            • I don’t know much about personality types, but I think due to her environment she’s become a bit of a type A. Very controlled, etc. I was talking to Mags about it and, though I don’t think she was drunk at Caroline’s birthday party, she might have been tipsy (maybe). Anyways, I think she’d have a looser tongue and be more in your face about her opinions were she to get on Devil’s Spirit.

              I think they take it orally since Melissa pulled it out in this ep and just stood there to take it. Like, they didn’t find the empty packet on a table, for example.

  2. Have your read this recent interview with KW where he was asked about TSC? He said that he was only involved with the first 6 eps of the season to get the show started and then stepped back.

    I liked the slumber party too. The line “You’re not a hot pizza guy” was great, loved that scene. And I especially liked Diana and Melissa giggling when the girls were playing with the Ouija board.

    Is Adam’s voice getting huskier from ep to ep? Idk. It was weird in this ep. But Jake also often talks in a husky voice. I thought it was very noticeable in “Return”. Speaking of Jake, the lighting in the scene between him and Isaac at the end of the ep was strange. And the actor playing Jake is not selling this bad guy/badass angle.

    I don’t know what’s up with the season’s plot. It doesn’t feel like the show is leading up to something. The witch hunters are not very menacing and not terribly interesting. The parents just play hide and seek with the crystal. And the season is almost over … Anyway, I hope that the abandoned church in the forest makes a re-appearance. I really liked that setting. Aside from the slumber party, Cassie running towards this enormous church was probably my favourite scene in this ep. It was so surreal.

    • Yeah, I read that interview. On one hand I was like, okay. One the other I thought maybe that’s why the plot is so freaking thin.

      No he is not selling it at all. And yeah, I thought the lighting was strange too. They seemed to want to play with shadows, putting half their face in shadow, and it didn’t work.

      Now that you mention it, it was a pretty nice scene.

      I read a spoiler that they’re going to incorporate the Mayan calendar and the whole 2012 prophecy into the show, and all I can see is Cassie worrying about it while the rest of the girls float on the sidelines.

      • I agree. I also think that KW’s idea of creating suspense widely differs from the TSC’s showrunners’.

        It looked as if they shone a flashlight into the faces of the actors. Def not a pretty looking scene.

        Ok. So we might get a finale where Cassie/the Circle is trying to avert the Apocalypse? Not sure how I feel about the writers incorporating the 2012 prophecy into the show, I’m trying to keep an open mind.

        • Yeah, I think so too.

          I don’t know if they’ll be playing up the Apocalypse. I really hope they don’t. That would be like TVD introducing the idea of first vampires while only in its second season. But TSC will be delving into the prophecy. Hopefully they put an interesting twist on it.

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