Episode 67: TSC’s Medallion

Episode 67

In this episode, Adam tries his hardest to infantilize Cassie, Cassie screws up and then flops in her hard/badass moments, the Ethan/crystal/Charles thing went absolutely nowhere, Diana/Melissa/Faye OT3 gets ready to take off next episode, and I give the weirdest pronunciation of the word “grimoire” that I’ve ever heard (while using the wrong word to describe this show’s magic books).


4 thoughts on “Episode 67: TSC’s Medallion

  1. Cassie annoyed me so much. She just told Lucy EVERYTHING just stop talking Cassie I couldn’t believe it.

    I would choose Jake if I had to choose.

    I don’t think Adam can not be annoying.

    Melissa is the just gorgeous. I noticed Callum for the first time when he flirted with Melissa.

    I only like the females on this show plus Charles. Charles is such a mess he can stay.

    I love Diana I wish they would give her something to do.

    Forever bitter about Jeremy Gilbert. Other shows creating flashbacks.

    • Yeah, the girls/women are good (including Cassie, when she’s with Diana). Charles is the only interesting guy.

      I know right? First Misfits gave me flashbacks and now this show.

  2. Adam was so crazy in that ep. He looked as if he was about to completely lose it. I wonder if it has to do with the actor being frustrated with the material he’s been given so far and giving his all in those scenes.

    If I had to choose, I would choose Jake too.

    Cassie’s badass moments never ring true for me.

    I’m right there with you and Tavi. I also noticed Callum for the first time when he flirted with Melissa.

    I liked Cassie’s “Daddy?” scene too. But I don’t know. It may also have to do with the fact that I love that Raveonettes song that played over that scene.

    • I saw a still where he has his arm around Cassie while they’re sitting in a booth. I think it might be from tonight’s episode. It was so creepy. All I could think was that he’d finally gotten his way and had managed to brainwash her and now he’s happy. I’ll find it and link it to you.

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