Happy Valentine’s Day!

Check out these V-Day cards from our hearthrobs Stefan, Klaus, and Damon . Lmao. Which one could get it? Be honest, now.

Of course I immediately wondered what Bonnie’s card would say. I got on Skype and my friend and I started lamenting on what all the girls’ cards would say, and I came up with these:

Elena: I feel it all. I feel for you always.

Caroline: My last Valentine’s Day was a bust. Won’t you make this one special for your Scarlett?

Bonnie: Trying some sex spells this Valentine’s. And I’m only missing one ingredient.

Got anything better than the CW? Better than me? What do you think the characters’ V-Day cards would say? Matt, Tyler, Elijah, Rebekah, Jeremy, Katherine, Liz, etc. You can even use dearly departed characters like good ‘ole Bill.

What would be Klaus’ perfect Valentine’s date? How would your various ships celebrate V-Day?


22 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Lol first can I say how bad the Vday cards are, when I first saw them I actually saw the Klaus one first and thought it was fan made and trying to mock him due to last ep, but nope I was wrong lol
    Ok who would get it?? Hmm I have to say Klaus lol shocking but I say this only because of Joseph I find him really cute and his accent lol

    How would the different ships spend Valentine day, that is easy, Stefan and Damon will probably be competing on the ”best day ever” for Elena, I can already see Damon doing his eye thing.

    Klaus will hire a private airplane to take Caroline around the world, to take her to the plane will be a horse carriage, oh yeah she will not have to bring anything as he will by it once at their destination.

    Bonnie will be alone of course I mean have you seen her ewww, she will be at home with the grimore trying to find a spell because the gang asked her to, they are allowed to have fun and a life she is not.(rolleyes)

    • The first one I saw was Klaus’ and I too thought it was fan-made. Smh.

      Jeremy could get it, I won’t even front. There was a picspam of Steven exercising the other day, and I was having a situation.

      So true about Stefan and Damon. And Damon would be passive aggressive about the quality of his V-Day attempts.

      Season 2!Stelena would spend Valentine’s Day at the lakehouse with Stefan cooking while Elena got ready. And then he’d put on some old-timey music that she would be impressed by and they’d slow dance.

      Yep, Klaus would spen V-Day in Paris with Caroline.

      Oh you know it. There will be a threat and Bonnie would be the only one working to solve it. Stefan will tell Elena there’s nothing to worry about, that they deserve a day worry-free. And then he’ll ask Bonnie to look out for any threats. Or if the show didn’t suck, going with Bonnie being the only single one right now, she would spend a magical day with her mother. She would get to meet the Aphrodite!!!! Lol.

      • How could I forget Jeremy, sorry its just that he has been off the show, when will he back?? I agree though Steven is FINE lol I think he is actually the most attractive guy in the show, canot wait until he is back.

        Klaus will probably take her to all the artist spots and maybe paint her while there.

        lol about Bonnie you know that is true while there is threats in MF everyone will leave it to her (rolleyes)

  2. Happy Valentines Day, Alta! Thanks for the wishes.

    Lol, does this really come from the CW? I thought someone on zap2it made it out of fun … I thought I saw them in one of Carina´s articles, but I could remember wrong.
    They all look so over-photoshopped in these shoots, I hate it, but I would probably fight with Nikki for Klaus because I love his accent and he is the most attractive one imo.

    Love the lines you choose for the girls.

    Matt: Health insurance, would you like to be my Valentine?

    Tyler: Howling for your love, because you are the only part that´s worth of me.

    Alaric: Whiskey flavored chocolates are my favourite, do you want some at 3 am?

    Liz: We only found one fingerprint set on the Valentines box of chocolates. *dramatic music and camera swings on Liz face* It was mine.

    Katherine: It´s ok to love them both *takes two chocolates after she can´t decide which one is better*

    What are the couples doing in MF on Valentines Day? Which couples? They are all single at the moment. But I will try something:

    Stefan/Elena: A wonderful car ride to the Bridge where their love story began and ended (at least for now) and a picnic near the river with blood bags and an animal blood buffet for Stefan because now he goes back to his “old days”

    Damon/Elena: A romantic candle light dinner on the porch of the Gilberts house where they argue about his bossy way to order the same meal for them even Elena doesn´t like it.

    Caroline/Klaus: I really like Nikki´s idea, but I think he would probably ride with her and his two favourite horses along a beach who knows where and in the background we see the wonderful sunset which is why Klaus has to stop and draw a picture of it for his new renovated house in Mystic Falls. He will probably put Caroline´s face next to the sun, because she has so much light.

    lonely!Tyler/Caroline: During his transition he will call Caroline who won´t hear it because of her date with Klaus but he howls her a love song on the voice mail.

    Matt/Mystic Grill: He will close the Grill earlier and decorating it with hearts and flowers so he can get into the mood to write a valentines letter for Elena and Caroline. During this he will numb his pain with alcohol because he has to write with the hand which is broken. He tried to write them with his other hand but it was unreadable

    Damon/Alaric: Like every other day, drinking in some bar near Mystic Falls because the Mystic Grill closed earlier.

    Damon/Bonnie; Bonnie sets him on fire after he ate all the chocolates that he gave her in the morning. And she will make a chocolate fondue over his burning body.

    Bonnie/?: She looks into her witch cook book and bakes herself the perfect man. Who will love her for all time and never will cheat on her with a ghost but also will provide her more screentime because he is linked to everyone: the triangle, the Originals, the council, the school football team and the sheriffs department.

    That´s from me …

    • Yep, it’s from the CW. I first saw it on Carina’s page too.

      I knew you’d mention health insurance for Matt!!! Lmao.

      Oh my God, the ones you came up with for the other characters are perfect!!!!

      Tyler: Our bond is something I’d never want to break.

      Damon/Elena: A romantic candle light dinner on the porch of the Gilberts house where they argue about his bossy way to order the same meal for them even Elena doesn´t like it.

      On the porch! Lmao!

      I’m dying at all of these!

      • Lmao The CW embarass itself without even trying.

        I had to, I can´t let this slide anymore, have to mention it everytime lol.


        Love your Tyler one. He should send it to Klaus perhaps he will focus on Tyler and will forget Caroline.

  3. Bring it on lol, but I agree I find Klaus/Joseph the most attractive, I think Damon/Ian is as well but I dont know what is going on in the makeup and hair department they really age him it is odd.

    Hahaha at Liz ”*dramatic music and camera swings on Liz face* It was mine.” I dont know why but it made me really laugh lol

    Also how could i forget about Klaus and his drawing lol of course that has to be mentioned lol.

    Alta I fogot to say I love Bonnie’s line lol, I can already imagine her smirk if they had a picture.

    • Razycrandomgirl – I love it! This makes me think of TVD VD cards based on song lyrics…

      Of course, Stefan’s would have to be “Love Will Tear Us Apart” …haw haw 😛

      Damon: “Possession”

      Matt: “Can’t Buy Me Love” (’cause he’s poor, dontchyaknow?)

      Klaus… well, there’s a song called “I Love To Ride My Pony”? It’s all very innocent, I assure you! 😉

      • Love them all songspin.

        Because of the loud music last episode also for Damon: “DEVOTION”

        Lmao @ the song after this I really could see Klaus in a cowboy costume for Halloween.

        • Thanks Kathrin 🙂 And then Caroline gets up on stage and serenades Klaus (as Matt watches, all mopey and miffed) with “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone”!

          Kowboy Klaus is pals with the Mayor now, so I’m sure she’ll let him ride his pony in the next Mystic Falls parade too. And you know he’ll want Miss Mystic Falls ridin’ sidesaddle with him and waving to the crowd. (How about Klaus runs for Mayor in the next election! Up against Tyler! Caroline marries the winner.)

          Sorry, can’t stop writing bad fanfic. 😉

          • *dead* please don´t stop writing bad fanfic!

            Nikki and I joked on ff that they could do a drawing competition with Klaus and Tyler and the winner gets together with Caroline.
            We only needed an international jury because we thought that the Scooby Gang could be biased.

            Shouldn´t there be a new Miss Mystic Falls or is Caroline chosen for (her eternal) life?

            • Ha! I forgot that *Tyler* used to draw too! Chalk up another repetitive idea from these genius writers. Being a secret Artist is like the writers’ shorthand for “underneath this aggressive and jerky exterior, lies the sensitive soul of a killer who’s just misunderstood.” Swoon away, ladies!

              Damon draws… pictures of himself, with AngelElena and DevilKatherine hovering over his shoulders, while stick-figure Stefan broods in the background, ’cause they love Damon, not him, nyah!

              Stefan draws… pictures of body parts, cuts them up, and makes his own puzzles to reassemble! (This one’s for you, Razycrandomgirl) 😉

              Elijah doodles hearts and “Elena + Elijah = Elejah Always & Forevah!”

  4. Hmm, let’s see…

    Matt: You’re really fun and pretty and all. Will you be my Valentine? The ball is in your court.

    Tyler: I’d break all my bones just to be worthy of your love.

    Damon: Devotion is my watchword. I’ll always be by your side.

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