Esther’s End?

The title has me suspicious. All My Children? Would the end of that be, “Are going to kill me?” Hmm.

Episode 15 Synopsis


Canadian Promo


Extended Promo


I sent a question to asking what Esther being back means for Bonnie and Abby. I submitted it before last night’s episode, but you can see it answered Here. It pertains to this episode.

Ian and Nina preview the episode. You’ll know why I watched it as soon as you do the same. Lol.

Some more episode stills because the episode isn’t close enough. Apparently.


44 thoughts on “Esther’s End?

  1. Just wanted to let you know there is another spoiler out and it looks like Esther will need Bonnie and Abby to help her with the spell. Now I dont know how to feel about this Im wondering if this will be separate to the ”Bennett destiny” ritual but now I am questioning if we will get anything about the Bennetts.

    Also from the promo I bet you it will fall on Bonnie to help, Stefan will tell her Elena is kidnapped while she is just about to do the spell with Esther and than she will be torn and come up with a way to save Elena/stall Esther (rolleyes)

    I also think Esther will probably not survive, I bet you at the end it will once again come down to Bonnie to do her ”witchy woo woo” and try to get rid of the Originals.

    • I just read the interview. So this is “Esther’s mission” now? Why couldn’t it be Bonnie’s? Why do they dial Bonnie’s magic back and yet bring in another witch to do what she should be doing? Esther’s mission is whack because killing the Originals won’t fix her mistake. There will still be vampires.

      Yeah, I’m now convinced that the ritual to appease nature is actually killing the Originals (who are abominations against nature), and they’ll just be helping Esther. Wow.

      May she die a quick death because two characters are being shafted so she can have something to do.

  2. Lol I knew that ep description was too good to be true, of course it most likley has nothing to do with the Bennetts, it will be all about the originals.

    The only thing intrguing me about this ep is to find out about the crying Kat tweeted about.

    Also Stefan going to Bonnie, I just want to see his attitude towards her as Im sure they will need her help in saving Elena (rolleyes)

    Im with you, I actually think Esther will be gone this ep hopefully.

    • Yeah, I guess Bonnie crying is all I can look forward to. I’m not even looking forward to the ritual anymore. I had so many ideas (well 2, but okay). But the only way I’ll enjoy the crying is if there’s a personal aspect to it. If she’s crying because of the spell and blood is running down her face and crap? I’ll be annoyed.

      Esther needed to go yesterday.

  3. I agree with you about the ritual … it was to good to be true. The writers wouldn´t give us something like that.

    And they probably won´t give us a reaction from Bonnie in regards to the “big and shocking” reveal from last night. This woman took powers from her family line because of a friendship between her and her ancestor and we only get the non-reaction from Elena. It´s making me furious.

    It looks like Elena has second thoughts about Elijah because she talks to Bonnie about “I can´t let him die” – of course you can, he betrayed you the last time and why should Bonnie help him, he also sabotaged her work to kill Klaus. We will see how Bonnie will react.

    That Bonnie/Stefan scene .., expected.

    Now I really hope (although this ritual being now “Esthers mission”) that the ritual won´t disappoint us. Kat spoke about some cool stunts and so on. I hope she gets to throw an Original against a tree, repeatedly.

    I think if anyone dies next week it will probably be Finn and Esther … then other nuisances probably will grace our screen until the end of the season. Kill it with fire.

    I really don´t know why Bonnie cries her heart out … perhaps Esther reveals that Elena has to die to complete everything?
    But I´m waiting “patiently” for the praise-tweet of Julie to Kat.

    • This woman took powers from her family line because of a friendship between her and her ancestor and we only get the non-reaction from Elena. It´s making me furious.

      We’re always introduced to these Bennetts through them being a “good friend” to some White lady. They always make sure to include that. Emily got “handmaiden,” Lucy got the friend card, and now Ayanna gets it, and I’m sure once Bonnie dies Elena will be telling Bonnie’s orphaned children their mother was a “good friend” to her.

      I tweeted Narducci who wrote next week’s episode to ask the chances of Bonnie learning about the Ayanna reveal and talking about it. I’m sure I won’t get a response.

      he also sabotaged her work to kill Klaus.

      I hope she remembers this. Elijah should be nothing but another Original to Bonnie, one who was willing to screw everyone over at that. It does seem to be Bonnie that Elena’s talking to. Can she please stay out of this and realize it’s witch business? Please?

  4. I’m 100% sure that Esther is going to fail in her endeavor next episode. Or else, she’ll only manage to take out a few of them (Finn/Kol) before something happens and the spell conveniently has to stop.

    Abby will either be grievously injured or, lol, with my bottom-of-the-barrel expectations for this show, it’s possible she might get killed – no doubt sacrificing herself for Bonnie.

    Witches will, yet again, be said to be useless.

    Bonnie will work herself into an early grave to “fix” it.

    She’ll die.

    I will stop watching the show. The end.

    /aka. in a shit mood with this show omg.

    • Lmao. *Sigh.* I’m feeling so apathetic this afternoon.

      I wish chances were good that Esther could take them all out except maybe Klaus (since we need something for the season finale).

      When will Bonnie have an accomplishment to her name and her name alone?

  5. Stefan seems to be asking Bonnie who took Elena. From his tone, she either refuses to tell him or he’s just being his regular entitled self.

    The webclip: the dialogue when Stefan and Damon have a pissing contest over Elena is frequently bad, and I think this is the worst of the bunch. They sound so basic. They should have given us an Elena clip or, I don’t, something with Bonnie?

    • Stefan seems to be asking Bonnie who took Elena. From his tone, she either refuses to tell him or he’s just being his regular entitled self.

      Really I thought he said “he took Elena” … but yeh I´m not surprised that I´m hearing it wrong.

      Agreed with the Webclip, but how can we expect a solo Bonnie or Bonnie/Abby one?
      That´s simply impossible.

      And watching the promos I get the feeling that Esther and probably Finn will be preparing everything and Abby and Bonnie only come in at the end of the ritual … meaning with minimal screentime. But this could also be my crushed Bonnie stan heart which can´t hope anymore.

  6. So regarding the answer to me question, Bonnie and Abby will be “enlisted” by Esther and they’re “keys” to the plan working. It can’t work without the Bennetts, tools in someone else’s goal. How did the Bennett witches come to be pawns on a show that features their family line? How?

    So I’m not even thinking about the ritual anymore or how Bonnie/Abby come to it, because it’s not about them. They’re just conduits for Esther/the show to achieve her goal. Now I’m just waiting for the “emotional consequence.”

    And unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like JP has dropped the Jaime/Bonnie thing. *Sigh.*

    And yep, I realize Ayanna’s name was spelled wrong. Smh.

  7. lol this, Im confused about that article talking about witches being plot devices and how they finally have a sl or whatever lol are they serious.

    I think the only thing that might make this sl better is if Bonnie refuses to do it due to Elena (rolleyes) and Esther bites it and than it is left up to Bonnie and Abby to finish it.

    lol please stop are they really going ahead with Bonnie/Jamie? I have noticed he hasnt been mentioned in any Julie interview unless I missed one. Lol I guess I have you guys rants to look forward to, because we all know if they do go there it will not be developed properly and Jamie will end up dying so….

    • Yeah, I’m not sure how Bonnie being related to Ayanna has elevated her from the “plot device” basement.

      I actually want Bonnie to do it. I just want it to be played right, but it won’t be. I’d love it if she did it fully knowing that Elena would die. I’d love it if her and Elena had a scene where she told her, and Elena accepted because though all she did was exist, she gets the bigger picture, and it would be a good moment for Elena, Bonnie, and Bonnie/Elena as friends. And of course Elena wouldn’t die in the end. Maybe pass out. We would get back Bonnie who made tough decisions involving these people. But yeah. That’s not going to play out.

      All I can hope for at this point is that JP is just hyping something that won’t even be a big deal. Like the Bonnie/Luka/Jeremy “triangle.”

  8. I’m picturing Esther in the coffin conscious for 1000 years … This makes me feel a little better. She should be stark raving mad for being stuffed in that coffin that long.

  9. wow I am actually shocked Cadly actually says something that I actually agree with, and what we have been saying since the beginning wow. She still annoyes me, she is forever interviewing the writers/cast and she never brings things up, when she was asking for people to tweet her questions for Julie some people tweeted her Bonnie questions about her sls and development but she said she wasnt going to ask that..erm ok lol

    Like I mentioned before it is impossible that the writers do not realize this, heck you have nearly all of fandom and recappers saying the same thing.

    Lol and whats even more funny is that Bonnie is back nxt week to spell something and probably help save Elena lol writers.

    • I tweeted her to bring this up to the writers, and she says it’s not her job to complain to them. I told her that since she always praises them when she thinks they do a great job, she can also tell them about something she thinks is problematic or needs improvement.

      If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem, especially since she’s very much in a position to say something to JP, even if it’s not on record. It doesn’t need to be on record. But watch, an episode is coming where she’ll forget the very problems she brought up here and just go for the easy “plot device” label.

      • I tweeted her to bring this up to the writers, and she says it’s not her job to complain to them. I told her that since she always praises them when she thinks they do a great job, she can also tell them about something she thinks is problematic or needs improvement.

        It was you? Cool, because I only saw her tweets, but I had to roll my eyes, especially at her last one: “they read my recaps and articles. i don’t need to add to the incessant twitter hate.” – what does she mean with hate? I think the Bonnie fans for sure are the ones who are the nicest ones (of course there are always black sheeps) there are still the rabid shippers who sent dead threats to the writers or sometimes actors … and she as a journalist should be able to make constructive criticism in front of a writer and ask them about it.

        • Yeah, that was me.

          And I don’t know how constructive criticism is the same as hate. She told someone else that she doesn’t do critical interviews or something like that, that it’s not her department. Great.

          • Oh my god. Somehow I’m shocked by this even though I was feeling all cynical about the decline of journalism (I know it’s ridiculous to even use that word… um… TV criticism? Media mash notes?)

            I can’t believe this crap. Not her job to “complain”? It’s not her job to present fair and balanced articles? And she has the gall to ask readers for questions, *pretending* that she’s gonna be a go-between so that *we* have a voice and can be heard… and then she refuses to ask anything but most fluffy inoffensive ones ’cause god forbid TPTB cut off her exclusive interviews. That’s what I figured, with the press being too easy on crappy shows like this. But it’s still depressing as hell to hear confirmation. :/

            If you’re interviewing someone, *interview* them, don’t just provide another forum for them to promote their product with no analysis or *questioning* their questionable decisions. I want hard-hitting journalism! Doesn’t anyone ask the tough questions anymore? Ooh no, then I can’t be best buds with the showrunner and get neato perks and spoilers and maybe meet the cast of hunky hunks! *squee* No wonder TV “reviews” are mostly drivel now.

            Cowards and sellouts, all of ’em! Grrrrrr.

            • P.S. If there’s a lot of “twitter hate” (and I’m glad to hear it…I don’t really have time to use twitter) then maaaaaybe aaaaaall those “haters” have a point? And your TV show could use some improvement? Naahh. Keep living in your delusional bubble, Julie Plec, surrounded by nothing but sycophants.

              No wonder JP got this far… she’s like all the producers & managers I know who want to be sucked up to instead of given constructive criticism to improve. It’s all about the personal ego, not the quality of the product. Haaaaaaaate.

  10. Lol is anyone asking her to shout/threaten the writers? Exactly, she is a journalist she is meant to ask the questions, I feel like she just doesnt want to rock the boat and also like there is the issue of race I feel like she doesnt want to say anything because she is scared she may offend them.

    ”But watch, an episode is coming where she’ll forget the very problems she brought up here and just go for the easy “plot device” label.”

    lol that will probably be next episode.

    Im just still baffled by the writers, I mean they must see this as well right?? The only thing I can hope is that at the upcoming CC one of the fans will bring this up.

  11. What I still don´t get is why Elijah and his siblings thought it would be the most clever solution to kidnap Elena. Abby and Bonnie could say “it´s our duty we have to kill these abominations of nature” even if Bonnie´s friendship with Elena gets destroyed along the way or she gets hurt. Wouldn´t it be smarter to kidnap Bonnie, because without her Esther can´t even complete the ritual?

    And I also read on different forums that Klaus will do something really “terrible” (because Kevin or Joseph tweeted it) … what could that be, killing his mother would be old news, he did this already. Also it seems like Klaus isn´t very involved in this whole thing, looks like Elijah will lead the army. He probably spent too much time drawing horses, stalking Miss Mystic Falls and stealing bracelets from princesses.

    • I have no idea. Bonnie should have been kidnapped a long time ago by Klaus, but the producers insist on making Elena important in areas where she either shouldn’t be or doesn’t need to be.

      You’re right, Klaus doesn’t seem to be involved in this. Is he even in the episode?

      He probably spent too much time drawing horses, stalking Miss Mystic Falls and stealing bracelets from princesses.


      • That´s the Julie Plec (and now that we figured it out also Caroline Dries logic). Do they even know anything about Ayanna and what she did for their mother and how she survived? That would probably be my first question if my mother showed up after I thought she was dead for 1000 years.

        You’re right, Klaus doesn’t seem to be involved in this. Is he even in the episode?

        He is, I saw him in one shot with Elijah and Kol in the promo where they walk to the ritual ground and probably confront Esther and Finn (who are holding hands). I don´t know if Bonnie and Abby are there, but somebody mentioned in that one shot where Finn (?) sets the pentagram on fire you could also see Abby and Bonnie besides Esther.

  12. I can´t believe it … now I understand what Elena is saying “Elijah found a way to keep me alive and now I´m just let him die”

    I know that he had this elixir (which they didn´t use because Damon gave Elena his blood) but he betrayed them in the end and it was Bonnie who kept her alive. What is going on with the writing on this show.

    • I haven’t watched the trailer yet because I’m in class, but wow. Wow. It’s bad enough that the show doesn’t vault what Bonnie does but to give other people credit for her accomplishments? Gee, what else on the show is just like that where the real heroes get no credit and said credit is given to other people? I don’t like these writers.

        • Yes – The only way I can stand this character is if she slowly becomes more ruthless and manipulative. She is already extremely hypocritical, has a total disregard for the lives of people she doesn’t consider friends or family and is pretty self-absorbed. Those are not the characteristics of a bleeding heard heroine. Why do they keep insisting on putting her in that box?

  13. Will ya look at that. Bonnie’s accomplishment being acknowledged. And Abby’s too?! Elena can go on with her comment. Esther is recognizing who she’s talking to.

  14. Lol I think Esther signed her death sentence with praising the Bennett´s but I love that finally someone acknowledges what they have done.
    Lol @ Finn chilling in the background he is really ready to die, he is probably already fed up with the 21st century.

    Are they including the serial killer story in this episode? I thought the Salvatores go to Alaric and Meredith for help with the Elena situation.
    Nina sounds so bored I don´t know … more energy please Miss Dobrev lmao
    Nope Ian Elijah screwed Bonnie over with him saving his brother last season. You two only stood there and watched while Bonnie did the hard work.

    In regards to the whole Elijah/Elena deal, is Elena telling him what their mother plans or is he figuring this out by himself?
    Because in this one promo with Elena and Elijah he says “She wants to undo the evil she created” as if he realizes it now … so Elena must have told him something or blabs about it by mistake.

    • I think Elena could be telling Elijah on purpose. In the synopsis it says no one agrees with her plans. I think she will feel guilty about aiding in Elijah’s down fall and want to warn him. Everyone else(Damon,Stefan, and Bonnie) is okay with him dying.

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