Episode 63: TSC’s Fire/Ice

Episode 63

In this episode, I wonder where the season is going. Also, Faye gets solo magic for a hot minute and uses it to open a locker and set real fire to fake fires. We get much appreciated Diana/Melissa scenes, and Adam freaking explodes the douche meter right before I wonder if he and Cassie have ever kissed before.

Out of curiosity, what do you think are the top two most cringe-worthy spells uttered on TSC so far?


4 thoughts on “Episode 63: TSC’s Fire/Ice

  1. The most cringe-worthy spell on the show so far: “No air for fire.” LOL forever.
    Distant second: “Burning star, blood red eye.”

    This show feels as if the writers have no idea what they want to do with it. Like you said, what’s up with the season-long arc? Why is it episode 12 and it still feels like nothing has happened? The SL with the parents has become stale. Plus, I don’t like it how Dawn is now portrayed as the evil mastermind and Charles is (was?) only her accomplice because he is ~weak. No. He was the one who killed Cassie’s mom. Oh, and, on a similar topic, I hate how the show glosses over the fact that Jake is a murderer.

    Melissa is my favourite and I can’t stand it how she is the only one to miss episodes. In fact, I don’t understand why any of the Circle members would not be in an episode. They are only 6 characters, not 10 like on TVD. But it would be great if Adam and Jake would miss some episodes, just saying.

    My favourite scenes were the Melissa/Diana ones too. Hopefully, they’ll have more scenes together.

    • “No air for fire” is number one. My goodness, what was that? “Burning star, blood red eye,” slipped my mind. Is it the episode where Dawn and Charles had dinner? The second for me is “Make it stop.” I’m not sure if that’s qualified as a spell, but I’m positive it is. It’s similar to “No air for fire” in that it was supposed to stop something.

      Yeah, the parents have become stale and they’ve definitely taken the sails out of Charles’ wing. I get Dawn being more dominant, but right now they’re portraying Charles as a total lamb/sheep. He orphaned Cassie, threatened Ethan, didn’t mind Henry’s death, and is messing with Jane’s brain. I get how having to kill a child might have sobered him up for a bit, but he’s basically a teddy-bear now.

      You’re right about Jake. Cassie now knows he killed that shop owner, right? And the thing with Jake is that he killed the man and showed no remorse. None whatsoever.

      None of the girls should miss episodes, but it’s ridiculous that out of Faye, Diana, and Melissa, Melissa’s the only one who has been taken offscreen. Also, I’m not sure why one of the promo spots only shows Cassie, Adam, and Diana. Why Diana?

      • Oh, I had totally forgotten about “Make it stop”.

        “Burning star, blood red eye” is from the episode in which Cassie was attacked by this female witch hunter and then saved by Jake. That spell was just … weird. And not in a good way. It may also have something to do with Jake and Cassie’s delivery of that line.

        And the thing with Jake is that he killed the man and showed no remorse. None whatsoever.

        No, he didn’t. Quite on the contrary, he was positively gleeful when he killed that man. Ugh. And didn’t the show imply that he has been killing witches for years? “The witch hunters brainwashed him into doing this” is not good enough an excuse for me but I guess that’s what the show will go for.

        In general, the guys on this show are such a mess. Adam the Awful, Jake the Jerk and Lee the Ludicrous. Yup.

        Also, I’m not sure why one of the promo spots only shows Cassie, Adam, and Diana. Why Diana?

        I didn’t see those promo shots. I guess they were inspired by TVD and chose to promote the love triangle?!

        • Yeah, it completely strips him of responsibility. They said at one point that he was with the witch hunters because he wanted revenge for his parents’ death or something. I guess two glances at Cassie changed that?

          Lee the Ludicrous

          Lmao. Holden’s still the only one who had a personality.

          That promo thing comes on tv after every trailer for a new episode (as in when the newest ep ends on Thursdays at 10 and they air the trailer).

          That love triangle is barely a triangle anymore.

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