Please E-mail Me Your Nominations!

E-mail me three nominations from each of these categories:

Best Bonnie Vid

Best Shipper Vid

Best General Vid

Best Caroline Vid (if this one is skewed since there are only four, I’ll just declare the winner)

Call me presumptuous, but I think there are way too many Bonnie vids for the other characters to stand a chance at getting nominated (not to mention I know only a few people will go through the trouble of e-mailing me, but more will vote), sooo since there aren’t that many to begin with, I’m just going to put up separate polls for Klaus, Elena, and Caroline (if applicable). I’ll do a Tyler vs. Matt poll for their videos, and I’ll probably do a couple of other versus vid polls. But e-mail me those above nominations!

I’m extending the deadline for the whole thing, so you all have until Thursday at 6pm to e-mail me the nominations. Just the nominations.

To start:



Flail or vent

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