TVD Vid Rec!

Hello people! Susan suggested doing a TVD vid rec post, and I think it’s a good idea. Here are the guidelines:

Please write the category next to the link because there will eventually be voting (so Bonnie, Delena, Bamon, Caroline, Forwood, etc). Also write out the title of the video so that there aren’t any repeats. You have until Jan. 1st at midnight (that’s Sunday at midnight, so technically Monday) to post up to 3 videos in each category. I’ll give you the timeline to nominate videos after that, and then we’ll do the voting.

All of this will be done by Thursday, January 5th, 6pm EST.

If you have any suggestion for the guidelines, let me know in this post, and I’ll update it.


21 thoughts on “TVD Vid Rec!

  1. Character vids


    Who I am living for

    Everybody wants something from me



    Miss Halfway


    So Frightening


    and I will try to fix you

    Get it Right




    Family Tree



    Teenage Dream


    The War is Over


    Sweet Dreams


    Hot N Cold



    All Fall Down




    I’m Confusing As Hell

    General vids

    Once I Was Human

    Protect Me From What I Want

    • I wish the Hot N Cold video had actually shown the moments when they were cold because the song is really good for their ship.

      The only videos I’ve seen off this batch is the Bonnie Powers one and Beremy’s Teenage Dream.

      This is the first time I’ve watched any Elena and Caroline videos, and I beyond love And I Will Try to Fix You (Magali said that Elena’s been in a constant state of mourning since the beginning of the show, and this video showcases that. I like how it shows Bonnie and Jeremy when it mentions ‘light’). I love Miss Halfway for Caroline.

      The beginning of the Beremy ‘Signs’ video kills me!

      I can’t believe someone made a 5 minute video about Matt!

      Once I Was Real is very good!

  2. All I have in my TVD youtube section is Bamon and random Bonnie shipper stuff. Forgive me.

    I seek you out, flare you alive | Damon ❤ Bonnie

    damon & bonnie ~ love me mercilessly

    damon & bonnie | I am what I am.

    Bonnie/Mason [completed]

    Tyler and Bonnie- Halo

    Bonnie & Tyler || Howl

    anti establishment ♡ Damon / Bonnie & Stefan / Elena

    Bonnie I love this one.

    the servants of nature || opening credits

    • Oh Cana ,,, you are killing me!
      These Tyler/Bonnie vids are moving that tiny little part of my heart that thought during the hiatus between season 1 and 2 we would get them together in season 2 … but after three seasons we got nothing.
      I love that Bonnie/Mason vid!

      I love the idea of vid recs, thanks for suggesting it Susan … and thanks for starting it Alta.

      I will try my best with the links, but like Cana I mostly watch Bonnie vids and some shipper vids with her.
      Love all the vids that are posted.

      • Can you post the links by tonight at midnight, my time? The ending time for posting was midnight yesterday, but I realize everyone’s been busy with New Year’s celebrations.

        • Well, since everyone is mostly bringing in Bonnie related vids, how about the categories for voting just being – Best Character vid (any character), Best Ship vid (any ship) and Best General vid?

  3. Puh, immediately forget it … sorry but unfortunately my computer deleted my first try and I had to search and copy all links again.
    I think my favoritism for a certain pairing/characer/episode is showing but I wanted to share them with you.

    Character vids

    Bonnie Bennett. The Story of a Witch \\

    “He’s trying to kill me” | Bonnie [The Vampire Diaries 2×18] \\

    Bonnie – the witch » I’ll take him down \\


    Numb \\ Caroline Forbes

    Klaus. The Hybrid (that was before season 3 started) \\

    klaus | echo \\

    Relationship vids

    Damon&Bonnie • Between two points \\

    Bonnie&Damon //Until We Bleed \\

    [pride] ღdb \\


    TVD brothers | requiem for a dream [TUVO] \\


    between two points | elijah/elena \\

    elijah✖elena \\ come on angel. \\

    Elena & Caroline & Bonnie ► Perfect To Me (THC) \\

    Elena/Bonnie/Caroline [The Vampire Diaries] | Use Somebody \\

    (2×18) || Bonnie & Elena || Umbrella \\

    Bonnie/Caroline l Fall For You \\

    Klaus + Bonnie + Damon | It’s getting colder in here \\

    bonnie & elijah || the original & the servant of nature [au vidlet] \\

    matt+bonnie | 3×05 \\

    mღb [too late] (3.05) \\

    General vids

    Final Hour – Vampire Diaries 2×18 \\

    2×18 ; Illuminated \\

    The Vampire Diaries | Atmosphere [OVC] \\

    I don´t watch many character vids and the Klaus vids are only part of the list because I watched some videos of him during the hiatus because I thought JM could do so much more with this character if he wouldn´t be dumbed down by the writers.

    And I think Susan posted some awesome character vids!

    Hopefully I´m not too late.

    • Sorry I should have given an epilepsy warning … some videos are really flashy and with heavy editing … hopefully nevertheless you enjoy them.

    • (Sorry four videos of the same vidder but her colouring is amazing and I couldn´t choose. I´m not strong enough for this)

      Lol, I’m about to test your strength even more because you posted 7 vids and you’re only supposed to post 3! Which ones would you like to keep so that I can delete the rest?

    • I love The Story of a Witch!!!!!!!

      I’ve never seen I’ll Take Him Down. What an amazing video.

      I really like that Hybrid video. What Klaus could have been. Actually, I like both of the vids.

      That TVD Brothers video is pretty much the show’s priority laid out to music.

      Omg, a Bonnie/Caroline ship video!

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