Introducing….The Asylum Chronicles.

I know we’ve talked before about the possibility that The Vampire Diaries as we see it is actually taking place in Elena’s head while she rocks back and forth in a mental institution.

Rough draft: Just messing around on Skype really. Trying to get these characters to make sense.

And then it kind of grew.

And grew.

It’s so epic and brilliant. She said with a laugh.


11 thoughts on “Introducing….The Asylum Chronicles.

  1. Oh my freaking God. This is perfect. This explains so much. Like why Bonnie disappeared after her fight with Klaus. An appointment was made for her to see Dr. Klaus after she got violent in Dr. Saltzman’s office one day. Dr. Klaus specializes in difficult cases like this. She created an elaborate story in her head that Dr. Klaus is “evil” and has to be stopped. As the appointment date got closer, the delusion got more elaborate. By the time she was in his office, her mission was clear – Kill Klaus. She tried to kill him by setting fire to his office. After that, she was put in isolation for a while to cool off. This also explains why she didn’t go after Klaus immediately after her return. Either they have upped her meds or she is trying to lull them into a false sense of security.

  2. This is great!! As Susan wrote, it explains a lot. Like, Elena feels so resentful of John that, at one point, she hallucinated that one of her alters, Katherine, chopped off his fingers and stabbed him. And since she also feels resentful of Jenna for abandoning her, she once hallucinated that the Katherine alter stabbed Jenna, too. However, Elena subconsciously feels guilty of harbouring such negative feelings towards her own mother. That’s why it wasn’t enough for her to hallucinate that the Katherine alter – rather than Elena herself – hurt Jenna, she also deluded herself into thinking that Katherine wasn’t even physically present when Jenna got hurt.

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