OUAT: The next episode will surely be my undoing.

Dr. Hopper and Gippetto’s reunion was better than Henry coming out of the mine. Because really, he didn’t reunite with anyone. Regina was trying to reunite with him, but he kept looking at Emma.

Mary-Margaret and John Doe (what’s his name?) had me so starry-eyed.

2 thoughts on “OUAT: The next episode will surely be my undoing.

  1. I almost want to laugh at myself with how much I ship Snow White/Prince Charming & Mary Margaret/David (John Doe).

    What are their faces doing around each other? What is Josh Dallas doing with his face?

    If I hadn’t read spoilers about Prince Charming’s episode, I would have been worried about the direction they were going to take with Mary/David, but seriously they are ridiculous.

    I’m off to listen to your podcast for the first few episodes.

    • I was flabbergasted by how into Mary/David’s scenes I was last episode because I said in the podcast that I didn’t really care what was happening to them, just Snow and Charming in the other world.

      And yes it’s because of Josh Dallas’ face because David started it and then Mary Margaret’s face took it and ran with it. It was ridiculous.

      Happy listening! In case you read this before you start listening, I only talked about the previous episode. Not all of the episodes that had aired so far.

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