Misfits: RIP Shaun

I’m not ready for a new probation worker. Let me get used to Shaun not being around first. *Sniff*


13 thoughts on “Misfits: RIP Shaun

            • if they had given Curtis back his power Shaun could have been saved again. I also thought Curtis was going to talk about Nikki when he was mopping up in the bar with Seth.

              Curtis should have the genderswap and time manipulation.

              • It doesn’t seem to be possible for them to have 2 powers. I think that’s one of the reasons they took the time-travel power away: so there isn’t a big reset every time. Because I think Curtis does care about Shaun (he’s seen him a lot), so he wouldn’t have the “I don’t feel it” excuse.

                Why did you think he was going to talk about Nikki?

                • It’s possible for them to have more than one power. The guy who was pretending to be Jesus had multiple powers.

                  I guess they can’t make anything really stick with Curtis’s original power. Do you think the cop will be back looking for Shaun?

                  Seth took Curtis’s powers and as a result Nikki died. And they were also in the place where Nikki died. 😦 It’s just my mind making connections that have little to do with what the show is trying to communicate. =X

                  • Oh right, I forgot.

                    I don’t know. He was only involved in the original murder because of Sally. What I wonder is: what are they going to do about the woman they kidnapped from the hospital? They kidnapped her and then she died. Surely that hospital has cameras?

  1. To answer the poll question I want to say that I wasn’t scared that she would be trapped in the coma body, but I was worried about how they were going to figure it out. Kelly was the one with telepathy, and they don’t have that power anymore. Man their powers are whack in comparison to last years.

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