The Secret Circle, Misfits, and Once Upon a Time.

These will be the subjects of the podcast I’m creating. I know it’s a little weird because of the shows’ different schedules, but oh well. Anyways, I have a decision to make. I was fully set on creating a new blog for that podcast (even picked a name. It’s kind of cheesy), but then I started thinking about what would happen to both blogs when the shows went on hiatus.

Unless a lot of spoilers come out about the general direction of the second half of TVD, then the Homecoming podcast will be the last until January, so I know traffic on this blog will go down. As will be the case when Misfits, OUAT, and TSC peace out. So! I’m back to debating.

Should I create a new blog or expand this one?

It would feel weird putting up episode 54, and it’s about TSC, Misfits, and Once Upon a Time. I feel like that should be episode 1. Hmm.

8 thoughts on “The Secret Circle, Misfits, and Once Upon a Time.

  1. I say, do it. what if TVD starts sucking so bad that you have to quit. At least this blog could still go on despite the shows your watching.

    • I’m going to start from the current ep of each (while also giving my opinions on the season so far), but in terms of TSC I’m going to backtrack with each new airing of Misfits and Once Upon A Time. I don’t feel like I’m explaining it clearly, but like I’ll talk about Balcoin in the first episode along with the new eps of Misfits and OUAT. Then in the second I plan on going back to the Pilot of TSC while talking about the new eps of the other two.


    I say yes. One site streamlines things a bit. Plus TVD can probably get worse in ways we haven’t imagined. (Going to check on the new podcast.)

    • It’s very pretty!!! But I don’t know if I’m keeping it. Like maybe if this was solely a Once Upon a Time blog, then it would work. I think I’ll sleep on it.

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