Are they going to say the Vikings found Mystic Falls before the Black witches?

Always assume the worst.




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61 thoughts on “Are they going to say the Vikings found Mystic Falls before the Black witches?

  1. The saddest part is there would be nothing wrong with this storyline if they brought up the Native Americans founding Mystic Falls (I just had a horrible thought that I won’t even vocalize for fear of making it come true) or having been on that land, but that is not what they’re going to do. Whatever they’re going to do is going to retcon a lot of things they’ve established about the Originals and the town and the show and it’s sad because they think this is good.

    When Anna said that line about the Founders stealing Mystic Falls from the vampires I rolled my eyes so hard.

      • It’s part of them wanting us to feel bad for the vampires and I don’t really get it since they have vampires killing humans, humans who aren’t even attacking/threatening them, all the time. For no reason 75% of the time.

          • My horrible thought was basically that they’re going to find some way to say that either 1) Native Americans were using Viking symbols to tell their stories about the Vikings or 2) they’re going to kill the Native Americans and then never talk about it or how Vikings didn’t settle shit or 3) the Native Americans are going to be the cause of Klaus’s great trauma and will be portrayed terribly.

            • With point one, it’s horrible to me, because it erases the language of the Native Americans and then puts the language of the Vikings in it’s place and that’s just…gross. More gross than Klaus’s jaunt about the world creating a fake curse.

    • Oh please, vocalize your horrible thought. Prepare us. You know craptastic stuff is going to happen regardless

      I can’t believe that I defended the show in the last podcast’s comment section. I thought they were going to say it was only from Rebekah’s POV that Vikings founded the town. Seriously? I guess Native Americans don’t exist in the TVD universe.

  2. Didn’t Elijah who is an original say that the witches found Mystic Falls now that isn’t true but what Rebeka said is true.
    Season 2 the season that wasn’t.

  3. Are they going to say the Vikings found Mystic Falls before the Black witches?

    … lol Remember when Klaus made up that lie about Aztec Shamans cursing him … ugh this show!

  4. Bringing this quote from Susan over from the thread for “Ghost World”:
    But the extended promo for next week has proven me wrong. They really are going to torture Stefan like Lexi has done all his frigging unlife which is probably why he is so messed up to begin with. I mean, Stefan is basically the product of “aversion” therapy, right? What is even more ironic is that, in the promo, it is Damon who is going to be doing it. Damon was the one who was very forcefully telling everyone that he can’t be changed just a few eps ago.

    But is Damon really torturing Stefan, though? It’s such a brief moment in the promo. It could also be Damon freeing Stefan. This would make sense since he’s supposed to be trying a “reckless new approach” with Stefan. Why would torturing him be considered reckless? And it wouldn’t be a new approach, either. So I could see Damon freeing Stefan and trying something else with him. But who knows. I could be totally wrong.

    • Don’t give me false hope, Emily. Don’t play with my emotions! LOL. You are right though. Maybe maybe maybe the show can restrain itself from being gross. Maybe I interpreted the last ep right and Stefan is not going to be tortured by Delena.

      And sorry for posting in the wrong comment section about the promo.

      • Well, I’ve successfully convinced myself that the promo is intentionally misleading. When Damon makes this quick movement in the promo, we’re supposed to think that he’s stabbing Stefan but he’s removing his chains. Yup, that’s what I’m going to believe until the show proves me wrong.

        Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that Damon’s “reckless new approach” won’t be just as gross. I have only some vague ideas what it could be and they’re not very appealing either. But who knows.

        • I have only some vague ideas what it could be and they’re not very appealing either.

          Please, share the ideas. I have no ideas.

        • Hold on. Do you think that Delena will get sexual (blech Lord help me *fans self*) to provoke Stefan into “feeling” something?

            • I just can’t stand Delena and live in fear of the day this ship will fully happen. Other than torture, what do you think they will try?

          • Omg, No, I don’t think that at all. (And I agree with Alta, the writers think that D/E is too epic for sth like that.)

            Well, since the show is going the route of ‘Stefan has to be provoked into feeling sth’ (which is such utter BS, ugh), I just thought of several situations Damon could put Stefan into and they were all awful, gross and/or silly. And then it hit me that this migh be the time when the deathbed kiss will be brought up and it will be made into this big thing for the triangle of doom and everything will be about the triangle of doom and everything will be awful. Do not want.

            But, on a more positive note, maybe it will just be about Damon trying to bond with Stefan? Like the brother bonding on the football field in early Season 1 (since the writers are so into paralleling things)? That would be ok.

              • Yes. Lol. You know just when I think the producers couldn’t do anything with Elena to make me lose hope all over again for her, you come up with something new. Lol.

                • You know the show is already halfway cracky and Elena would totally do something this ridiculous. And I am calling it right now – Damon is going to say that Katherine was the one for him all along sometime this season despite all that happened in season 2 and early season 3. Then she is going to leave him again or die.

                  I keep my expectations looooow.

                  • ow i really hope that doesn’t happen cuz it will be like deja vu and will totally kill the show….and i dont get it, how can stefan be healed from his klaus compulsion it’s already in his mind, how can they take it out…i just don’t’s on complicated episode after another.

                    • I don’t get it either. I don’t get any of it. I can’t tell what the story is. I think the only logical thing left to do if we insist on watching this show is to have fun by mocking it.

                    • with the slowly drifting storyline mocking will be easy for me to do..i mean each season is like a different show.

                    • You’re so right. I commented on the podcast for 3.07 that it’s like Jeremy was in another show. One where he never went out with Bonnie and never had any feelings for her.

  5. This is general speculation.

    I wonder if Elena is driven to stay human and want kids because she is a doppelganger. I have been thinking lately about what it means to be a doppelganger. Maybe there is a built in strong drive to reproduce because there has to be more doppelgangers, right? Maybe Katherine found it easy to turn because she already had a child.

    • Does Elena still even want to stay human or have kids or even be alive? She had no problem telling Klaus to just kill her. Oh, but two episodes ago she wanted to take up arms to stay alive against Stefan.

    • A built-in desire to reproduce would make sense in terms of the spell. It would ensure there would be a doppel as long as Klaus becoming a Hybrid remained a possibility.

    • Like Alta said, a built-in desire to have kids would make sense because the doppelgänger has to recur somehow, both to break the spell and, because I want Elena human as long as possible, to recast it, if that is even possible at this point.

  6. In this upcoming flashack where The Originals are Vikings (I guess), are the werewolves they had a war with Native Americans? I guess that would fit with how the vampires basically wiped out the werewolves (blech)

    • are the werewolves they had a war with Native Americans? I guess that would fit with how the vampires basically wiped out the werewolves (blech)

      I hope not as it would not explain Klaus being half werewolf, if his father is meant to be a Native American (which I doubt is something the writers are dumb enough to do). Unless we’re meant to believe that the Originals are faking being Eastern European. Oh dear lord, I hope the writers remember that the Originals are from Europe.

    • Oh God. But Klaus looks….completely White.

      Are they going to say most of the werewolves in the ENTIRE world were based in Mystic Falls and these Originals just happened to come there too? Wtf?

      You know this doesn’t have to mean they were ever in MF. The flashbacks could be taking place in Europe and the cave paintings is just one of the ones Klaus painted on his jaunt across continents. Maybe the producers forgot those paintings were lies?

      I was going to say the paintings could also be from the Native Americans, but they’re done in a Slavic language. But…eh, if they can hint that the Vikings Found America, then they can make a minority group do something that’s outside the box. Why do THEY have to stay true to history (and therefore remain in the background)?

      • You know this doesn’t have to mean they were ever in MF.

        Oh yeah, that is true. I assumed that because they showed the cave paintings and Rebekah mentioned the Vikings that the flashbacks were going to be about Rebekah and Klaus being in MF. I suppose, it is possible that Klaus could have written about his family there without them actually ever being in MF.

        • Wow. I just realized that what I wrote there makes no sense. LOL. Insomnia does strange things to my mind

          I assumed the cave paintings meant that the Originals were from MF. That is what I meant to write. I meant that Klaus could have written about his family there without actually being from MF. As in born there.

        • i dont think Klaus knows about it after all it is locked from vamps…so witchwork or a former home of the wolves that were supposedly there before original vamps so they must know all the secrets.

  7. What is going on with Klaus’ forehead in the stills? Why does it seem like it is protruding? I noticed it the first time I saw the stills but I have been afraid to ask

    • It does look like it’s protruding and I can’t think of a reason why because Joseph Morgan’s forehead doesn’t really look like that at all. Unless they took the picture at the wrong time and he was making the worst facial expression he could ever make for his face ever.

  8. Another episode where we get to watch Elena learn, absorb, and process information. I am so excited.

    “The original founders.” Please sit down, Elena. Your family didn’t found anything. Maybe if you had spoken to Jenna more, you might’ve learned this.

  9. I know Alaric is a history teacher and was presumably, prior to Isobel’s death, a history professor, but what even was his specialty that he knows how to read the cave drawings/paintings and ancient Viking runes/languages?

      • He can’t know much since last season he was clueless about the curse being fake and Klaus may have been trying to fool people with the sun/moon curse but he wasn’t trying to fool experts, he was trying to fool regular vamps and weres, like Brady and Co.

        • This is why they shouldn’t have killed Isobel or Slater or gotten rid of that woman from the university. Now a high school teacher is an expert on ancient languages.

          Btw, is this the first ep shot while IS was(/is??) injured? He grabbed the wall to sit down. I guess Damon will be sitting or standing still a lot.

            • He is using crutches right now. Someone linked to a pic IS tweeted of his crutches on a forum I was lurking on. I don’t remember what the injury is exactly. I think it is an old injury that came back(??). Maybe the eps that were shot since his injury haven’t aired yet. It probably won’t be obvious anyway. PW couldn’t walk for a couple of eps last season and I don’t think it was easy to tell. I guess they used his stunt double as much as possible.

    • Maybe they will say that he’s able to do this because Klaus possessed his body in S2. Which, of course, is total BS. But I could see the show going for that.

  10. I think Mikael is Rebeka and Elijah’s father and Klaus’ stepdad. Yes I do think it is going to be that simple.
    Is the “original” witch going to appear in this episode? I’m more interested in that.

    • I agree about Mikael. I think this flashback will be about ultra woobifying Rebekah and Klaus. I think they are going to show him being persecuted somehow. Since they are not in Eastern Europe, I don’t think the woobification is going to come via werewolves. Therefore, I do think we will see The Original Witch.

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