It’s a ghost partaaayyyy!


The Canadian trailer continues to be superior to the American one


Stills. Scroll down.

Extended Trailer


62 thoughts on “It’s a ghost partaaayyyy!

  1. Am I the only one who thinks Mason looks rough in that trailer? In a bad way?

    I reeeeaaaalllly need Jeremy to get it from Bonnie in this episode. I don’t want him to confess. I want her to bust him. And then break up with him. And then can get back at a later date when she decides he’s groveled enough/he’s made her feel secure again.

    Why is Damon reminding Alaric of when they plotted to kill Damon? Nothing came of that. The person he should be saying that line to is Bonnie. But the show stopped being concerned with sense a long time ago.

    • He does look rough. But he was pretty rough when he died, not only in terms of how he died, but just rough in general. Maybe something will come of it.

      I like the idea of Bonnie catching him and breaking up with him. If only because it would allow for her to be making an active decision instead of Jeremy telling her and then the show framing it as something she should forgive him for. I’m interested in seeing them fight/break up. Especially since this Anna situation won’t be permanent.

      Sense and this show are not friends.

    • Yeah I really need them to break up too. it sucks but it has to happen.
      I love the idea of Bonnie busting Jeremy I think that with whatever is going on Bonnie will probably be able to see the ghost too and Jeremy doesn’t know that . He will have to beg for her forgiveness the rest of the season.

      I don’t know why I’m not more upset about the Jeremy/Anna stuff like I was in 3×4 it just doesn’t seem real I guess.

      Damon should be scared and running to Bonnie he killed or had a hand in killing mostly all the ghost.

      On another not that doesn’t look like Caroline’s house they are coming from could it be Bonnie’s.

      • I don’t know why I’m not more upset about the Jeremy/Anna stuff like I was in 3×4 it just doesn’t seem real I guess.

        I’m not upset either! You’re the first shipper I’ve met who’s not upset. Granted I haven’t been looking.

        Olu, do you ship Bonnie/Jeremy or do you just like them?

        Aaaaahhhhh!!!! That would be great! Maybe the grams scene can happen there!

        • I definitely ship them. It’s just hard for me to be enthusiastic about the ships on this show or rather, I try not to get too enthusiastic.

          • Is it weird that I have never been super invested in a ship? I have been invested in a ship *not* happening (Delena or Damon/anyone) but I can’t say that I have ever been super invested in one particular ship happening. I can’t think of one. Usually, it is everyone/everyone. Well, maybe Spike/Drusilla because they were fun to watch together. I don’t know what that says about me.

            • I don’t think it’s weird. It’s rare for me to get super invested in a ship. I only have five ships that really matter to me and I go back and forth on which ones are truly otps, for me.

              Usually, it is everyone/everyone.

              Yes. This is how I am most of the time. Constantly curious about the pairings.

    • How’s Bonnie going to catch Jeremy in the act if she can’t see Anna? I kinda want him to be caught kissing or something naughty. Did Jeremy ever say “I love you” to Bonnie?

      • Did Jeremy ever say “I love you” to Bonnie?

        OMG! I don’t think so. I don’t remember that.

        I know this is partly Bonnie’s doing but she needs to dump him STAT. Sure, she should help him (and everyone) fix the situation but she needs to end this relationship (for now, at least).

      • She doesn’t have to see Anna. All that needs to happen is for her to see Jeremy leaning in to air, and she’ll know.

        Jeremy’s not told Bonnie he loves her, and Bonnie hasn’t told him the same. As a matter of fact, the fact that Bonnie is in love with Jeremy hasn’t even been mentioned this season. We don’t even know if Jeremy is in love with her.

  2. So Lexi’s the one that has Stefan all tied up. I’d be excited and happy if the show hadn’t ruined their friendship for me. Like, if this was the first time she was doing something like this, that would be one thing. But it’s not so I’m unimpressed. Anyway, I’m not interested in Stefan being “fixed” in order to make Stelena possible.

    Why are the Canadian trailers so much better than the American ones?

  3. Why is the Canadian promo better than the US one. The US promo is a incoherent mess and the Canadian one at least gives you a clear picture of what is going on. I don’t even need the extended promo.

  4. In the Canadian trailer, Mason is angry with Damon. In the American one, he is helping Damon find something. So hurting then helping?? Makes sense. That is how it works on TVD

  5. It just occured to me this is going to be an awesome ep for Bamon fans. Lmao. Jeremy wil kiss Anna. Plus, Damon and Bonnie are going to interact.

  6. According to the synopsis, this ep was written by a new writer that JP was bragging about in that Kevin Smith radio interview a while back. She is supposed to be good at “psychological” suspense or horror or something. Let’s see

    • Yes! I listened to that radio interview too. This new writer’s supposed to be good at ‘psychological horror’. So, yeah, we’ll see.

  7. I’m very happy to see Bonnie back at the burial ground and with Caroline nonetheless. I wonder if this is when Sheila appears.

    Alaric can see Mason, Cana, so Bonnie can definitely see Anna if she walks in on Jeremy kissing her.

  8. Why is Damon saying to Rick that they conspired to kill Mason. Was Rick even in the episode that they killed Mason. I remember Stefan, Bonnie and even Jeremy conspired more than Rick I don’t remember Rick. Is this just an attempt by Damon to spend quality time with Rick.

    When Bonnie is in front of the fireplace who is that behind her is it Grams maybe. And I’m so happy for Bonnie/Caroline scenes.

    • I don’t remember Alaric either. If Damon is to say that line to anyone, it should be either Bonnie or Stefan. The only thing Alaric did was be at the bbq during Damon’s first attempt.

      I paused the frame, and the person is White. Also seems to be a man. By the hand, I’m pretty sure it’s Jeremy. Break up scene?

      • He could say that line to Jeremy too since Jeremy was the one who brought him wolfsbane (sp?). He is basically talking to the only person (other than Elena) who wasn’t involved with that in anyway. Oh wait. Maybe they are trying to show how ~deep the Damon/Alaric friendship is. Damon talks to him about everything now. Even when Alaric is mad at Damon, he is the first person Damon thinks of in a crisis – not Elena lulz. Dalaric for life, y’all. This show and its fandom! Everyone should be shipping Alaric/Death because my opinion is the only one that counts, ok

  9. Bonnie just seems so tired not sleepy tired just fustrated I guess.There’s always one crisis after another and now Jeremy who she has come to depend on a lot is kind of sucking right now I think her being with Caroilne and seeing Grams is what Bonnie needs right about now.

    • I think her being with Caroilne and seeing Grams is what Bonnie needs right about now.

      I think so too. I’m happy that right now we can count on two scenes for Bonnie/Caroline.

  10. Remember when Katherine said that she found Klefan because someone helped her? It doesn’t look like that was Gloria. Did she get Lucy to magically lojack his ass in early season 2? Lol. Seriously, who told her? More importantly, do you guys think that this person will show up soon?

    • If Katherine’s dead, then I’ll know that line was just the producers’ way of hand-waiving the fact that there’s no way Katherine should know what’s going on with Klaus and Stefan, let alone be able to find them.

  11. I’m wondering if Jeremy’s choice will be terrible because he ends up doing something that has physical repercussions for Anna. I don’t think it has anything to do with the kiss because I can’t imagine how Elena asking for help with Stefan could lead him to kissing Anna.

    • JP tweeted about Malese Jow’s performance in tomorrow’s ep a little while ago. She said that it was really emotional. She also tweeted earlier that writing this ep made her cry. Lol. I think you right about something bad happening to Anna.

  12. I can’t shake this feeling that the Bill/Caroline dynamic will be repeated with Mikael/Rebekah. He might not be her father but he is probably someone she knows.

  13. “Greetings, Blondie. Witchy” “Whatever you screwed up, fix it”

    I want to murder Damon for those comments alone. And I don’t want all the people who have been saying that Bonnie is the one who screwed up and made Mason possible to be right. Ugh! Why show? Why wasn’t it Original Witch? I hope that Damon is just full of it.

    Yay! Baroline. And the weird makeup choices on IS continue. Yay! Because I won’t be side-tracked from my hatred of Damon by any hotness on the actor’s part.

    • I don’t understand how Bonnie could be the one to screw up. She did a spell to stop, not a spell to let in. I would love it if they said Matt didn’t actually do anything. His words weren’t important, they were empty. His blood is what was important. The Original witch needed blood to spill for the spell to work, and Matt was the easiest for Vicky to get. And of course being dead or Original doesn’t stop your spell from having unintended consequences, ergo when Vicky crossed over, so did the other ghosts. I hope they thought about how simple it is to explain this!

      I’m so happy for this Bonnie/Caroline scene. They’re talking and they’re talking about Bonnie. Caroline has an interest in Bonnie’s life and is encouraging her to express herself. And of course they sound so comfortable with each other. They’re my other ship, to be honest.

      Damon can gtfo. His comment rolled right off my shoulder.

      • What you wrote is mostly how I thought it went down and I wrote something similar on a forum. I guess I was wrong?? What I don’t understand is why they would make this Bonnie’s blunder instead of a way to build up a new nemesis (Original Witch)? What is more compelling for the story?

        As for Damon’s comments…idk. When he doesn’t call people by their actual names, he is basically dehumanizing them. It reminds of how most vampires don’t call witches by their names but simply refer to them as either “witch” or “my witch”. It also reminds me of how Damon used to called Andie – Andie Starr Action News. Like she was some novelty item. This is a dangerous guy and he is dehumanizing the girls. This is something else that I have weird feelings about.

        • Well we don’t know that they’re making it Bonnie’s blunder. That’s what Damon’s dumbass is saying, but there’s a slim chance the producers might have him be wrong. That might be why Matt’s there, to remind us of what he did. Maybe Bonnie will look at him once Damon drives off. Idk.

          • Oh, that is why Matt is there. I was wondering why he is in this scene. I am still not used to Matt having a purpose on this show. I was like, what is Caroline’s ex doing there. LOL. Ok, there is a chance that it will be the Original Witch’s doing after all.

      • I would love it if they said Matt didn’t actually do anything. His words weren’t important, they were empty. His blood is what was important. The Original witch needed blood to spill for the spell to work, and Matt was the easiest for Vicky to get.

        I hope they state it explicitly because that was the impression I got from the scene, but you can never know with TVD. The simple explanation is sometimes overlooked for something complicated and non-sensical.

  14. What I find funny about this clip is that Damon is talking loudly about the supernatural in public. It looks like Matt can hear everything even though he is across the street.

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