Episode 37: The Dinner Party

Episode 37

Guest: Olu

“So we learned last episode that Elena made a deal where she knew she was going to die. So why am I watching Stefan contemplatively skipping rocks on the lake?”-Moi

In this episode, Olu and I discuss everything to do with Stefan and his shadiness, the mess that are the flashbacks, how Alaric should have died in this episode thereby thrusting Jenna into the supernatural world, focus on Bonnie/the witches that we’ll never get, and Elena’s lackluster decision to start fighting.


9 thoughts on “Episode 37: The Dinner Party

  1. Around the time this ep aired, my fandom friend and I came up with the outlandish theory that the show is happening inside Elena’s head while she is in a coma from the car crash. The show had gotten so bizarre in its treatment of Elena. Everything was about her but she seemed so hallowed out. We discussed the possibility of everyone representing an aspect of Elena. Therefore, when Stefan reacted to Elena’s suicide plan, it was actually Elena reacting because emotional reactions is something she transferred to “Stefan”. It would explain why he was crying during that Elena/Jenna scene in a later ep and also why he was the one who dealt with Caroline during the Matt debacle. He was also the one who told Elena about Bonnie’s suicidal plan. He seemed to be dealing with Elena’s personal relationships a lot. He was in scenes which should have been Elena scenes. Lord, we wasted so much time trying to make this show make sense in our heads. lol We had so many theories on how this could work. One was that Stefan, Damon and Katherine represented three different sides to Elena’s grief because they were the characters who appeared only after the car crash. I don’t remember exactly what they were supposed to represent in our insane theory. I think one of them was supposed to be anger but I can’t be sure. We figured they had something to do with her coping mechanisms while the rest of the characters may have some resemblance to what the actual people in her life are like. Another theory was that Bonnie represented Elena’s power and they were distant now because Elena felt powerless. Eventually, the whole thing got so convoluted and we realized it doesn’t fit with season one anyway.

    That was one of many theories we had about the show. I am so close to giving up on this show. Watching a tv show should not require this much mental gymnastics. Nothing on this show makes sense.

    Regarding Bonnie losing her powers, didn’t Bonnie lose access to her powers for a bit in season one? I vaguely remember Grams coaching Bonnie on how to regain access to her powers. That made me think that witches can lose access to their powers but you are right about Bonnie losing her powers outright not making sense.

    • Bonnie did lose her powers in the first season. That story line was more about her than when she had her powers stolen from her … smh

    • That is such a good theory! Especially the part about all the characters representing a part of Elena’s personality. I totally understand about the theory ceasing to fit. That’s what happened to my Fandom friend and her theory that Elena loved the special attention she got from Damon. But then things like Damon force-feeding her his blood and tossing her around dispels that. Unless she’s really twisted.

      I agree. I have never speculated about a show so much only to go at the end, “But it’ll never happen.” Ugh.

  2. Damon’s wearing eyeliner or Alaric was? For his emo phase?

    Alaric. Why is he still hanging around?
    Alaric killing Damon would give Alaric purpose! And that could be the end of his storyline. He killed the monster who turned his wife. THE END. GTFO dodge Alaric because Stefan might be coming after you. And then give Jenna a story!

    Yes! Vampire Diaries just says shit. They toss it up in the air and then that’s it! And it feels like they never think about it again.

    Poor Jenna died twice in the same night.

    Shit would have gotten real if Elijah killed Alaric. I love it. I wish that happened. OMG Jenna, Carol and Liz as the members of the council (and John too because he has to live). 3 ladies, not being sacrificed, but running shit. Sure KW could think to kill off three women but to have them running shit together … I bet that never entered his mind. What is JP doing? WRITERS UGH!

    He didn’t kill all the Salvatore’s because they had a nephew to keep the house while they were away.

    Damon … I get the distance that Olu is talking about … Because at that time Damon wasn’t being presented as the wounded misunderstood hero or whatever. All this other extra stuff is gross and it didn’t need to happen again. Andie is worse than Caroline because Damon compelled Andie to love him … which I don’t get. Also, you all are right, Andie wasn’t a real person like Caroline was. Andie was just Jenna’s friend. Uhg I with Mason was still alive and watching this … I wish he was hanging out with the council.

    I wish Damon stabbed Elijah and !!! I want Olu’s story!

    LOL What he said it was a bar of soap?!


    If it was Elena he probably would have gotten in the shower with her or watched her through the glass. God forbid he compelled her again.

    Stefan should hate Katherine. I wish, WISH, WISH they would go there, in a real way.

    LMAO it’s okay they’re on vacation! LOL Olu! “He respects her decisions.”

    Elena doesn’t emote, you know this.

    Lexi says what?

    “Who the fuck are you?” Olu! LMAO truax!

    I am dying! This damon/ian talk and then his hair!

    LMAO there’s Jerry again! LMAO! I can’t.

    Also the blood makes him an asshole, but he’s a vampire and he needs to drink to survive, so yes they way he is with human blood in his constant and the way he is with animal blood is a weaker version of himself, but still his ass-holiness comes out in other ways in how he lets Damon hurt Elena and her friends and how he lies and tried to control Elena and the people around her. I mean he ripped the one guy’s heart out and it was nothing. The vampire “supporters” (if you will) are playing with fire.

    I know that journal entry was the dumbest thing every. I was like “how did he write it if he‘s dead … and who writes like that! It‘s so pretentious!”

    It’s a family heirloom. You should get your own family heirloom. Lol
    The council is so ragtag. Renegade Council is needed.

    Stefan is just doing damage control with Elena.

    They don’t think ahead. Smh

    Elena should watch ‘30 Days of Night’ with Stefan and ask him if that was how he did it.

    Elena would have been laying there bleeding in a puddle and being extra salty because Elijah would have flipped his hair and walked away.

    Tyler, Matt and Caroline coming with the sense. Lol

    I loved Elijah in that moment for what he said about witches and slavery. I love that he actually said something and he wasn’t whispering it he was just stating fact. That was my favorite line in the episode. TYVM!

    You know that Bonnie is not going to see that list. You know that if Bonnie does see that list it’s going to be off screen. You know that if Bonnie does read that list and if she does talk to anyone about it it’s going to be off screen and we’ll never know about it. What if it says that the Bennett’s own MF. Or at the very least that house where the witches were burned or whatever.

    The accent. I thought he was trying to fool Jenna or something. LMAO his accent and he’s British. LOL Olu! Where is your tumblr?

    You know witch is an synonym for black. YOU KNOW IT!

    YES BONNIE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE! But really Jonas should have been telling Bonnie this stuff. He’s a history buff/teacher. He has a doctorate, right? But you know thing’s sound ten thousand times more believable when white men are saying them.

    Don’t even get me started on the privilege party!

    Maybe this show is secretly about the witches? “But the show doesn‘t care about that.” I laugh to keep from crying. I really do.

    I would really love if this show let the characters have their feelings. Let Matt have his feelings. Let Caroline have hers. Let Tyler and Bonnie and Jeremy and Elena react honestly and real to the things that happen to them! SO FRUSTRATING! I really want Tyler and Matt to be bitter.

    I like the idea of him scattering her power.

    They still need something of yours to channel you dead or alive and that’s why they need Bonnie. She belongs to the witches that died (they belong to her as well).

    I told you this before, Alta, about how I thought it was too easy the way Jonas took Bonnie’s power and how in hindsight that might have been the reason Greta took off with Klaus. Of course in that moment we didn’t know that Greta left of her own free will. But I bet Jonas used that power on his family more than a little bit. That’s all I’ll say about that, for now.

    Great time ladies!

    • Alaric’s wearing eyeliner.

      What is JP doing?

      Squeeing over Elijah. He’s her favorite character, you know. Before that, I’m pretty sure it was Damon.

      Elena would have been laying there bleeding in a puddle and being extra salty because Elijah would have flipped his hair and walked away.

      Lol! I whip my hair back and forth!

      But you know thing’s sound ten thousand times more believable when white men are saying them.

      TVD seems to think so. How many times has Damon doubted something he read about witch lore only to believe it when someone White like Isobel writes about it? Alaric told the witches to shut up in the finale, etc, etc.

      I laugh to keep from crying. I really do.

      Lmao, Cana. You crack me up.

      Yeah, I remember that speculation about Greta.

    • my tumblr is fixingontheday.tumblr.com

      Stefan should hate Katherine. I wish, WISH, WISH they would go there, in a real way.

      He’s over it because of his strong moral fiber. Stefan’s strong moral fiber is the cause of all of his joys and woes.

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