Episode 35: Daddy Issues

Episode 35

Highlights: …Candice did a great job with the torturing scenes?

Rants: Bonnie and the Martins!!!! Is this what they consider good storytelling? How does Jonas know that Caroline was kidnapped? How does he know that Bonnie knows the truth about him and Luka? Why didn’t Jules go check Tyler’s house, or any house for that matter, before jumping to kidnapping? Why does she call Stefan when Damon is the one who has motive to take Tyler? Why doesn’t Elena defy John to go save Caroline like she would have had it been Stefan or Damon in trouble? Many questions abound in this contrived episode.


13 thoughts on “Episode 35: Daddy Issues

  1. I don’t remember anything about “Blood Brothers” except for Stefan and hating the part of the episode where Emily said that Stefan had a good heart.

    The writers basically skipped the discovery of everyone finding out that Luka and Jonas were working for Elijah. It just happened. That’s bad storytelling even by the low standards set up by One Tree Hill. If people had relationships on this show…it would be a different show and maybe it wouldn’t be so annoying to have the characters talk about each other and the relationships that they observe, at the very least, but no one observes anything on this show. Everything is suddenly known.

    These bitches! – Lol!

    We never got to see Bonnie and Caroline resolve their drama.

    John committed the horrific crime of attempting to kill Damon and Stefan and a horde of murderous vampires.

    Who is she getting her information from? The magical vampire information delivery system. I’m just guessing.

    Caroline crying over the fact that she’s been lying about how his uncle died and Tyler is upset about it is a bit disgusting. Tyler is in no way justified in his reaction, but yeah, her crying is gross. What makes this scene worse is that we’re never going to get a similar scene (Tyler being upset about the role his suposed friends played) between Tyler and Damon, Stefan, Jeremy, Elena, or Bonnie.

    The original werewolf is coming? I didn’t know it was that werewolf.

    I’m convinced the producers have a weird “let’s see how much abuse we can heap on Caroline so everyone knows that there’s trauma going on” issue.

    Stefan is a saint though.

    Matt/Caroline is awful for the both of them.

    The episodes from this point on are slapdash mess of nothing getting a real or consistent explanation.

    I read a lot of people saying they could understand where Tyler was coming from.

    Maybe, when everyone shows up in town they get a picturebook of the townsfolk with a fate line that explains when shit is going down.

    We all know Jack Coleman and Sebastian Roche are going to torture/threaten her in some way.

    Stefan respects Elena though! He totally listens to her and agrees with her and they have an equal partnership. What does it matter if it translate into them not talking about things?

    These characters are most often destroyed by being contradictory mouth pieces and it becomes a part of their character in the most uninteresting and bland way. It’s played as just something they believe in instead of a sign of duplicity, weakness, cunning, and so on and so on.

    The hair down is about her being the good doppelgänger.

    Elena was protecting Jenna. She was protecting her.

    Elena gets to choose who dies.

    The news report could be a cover-up? Since Logan was involved with the news and was part of the Council. It’s dumb but maybe it’s what they have.

    I’m of the opinion that all the sex depicted on the show that occurs after compulsion (Caroline, Stefan, Andie, etc) is rape. The show doesn’t always treat it as rape, in retrospect or within the scene, but yeah. All three of the characters we’ve seen having sex after being compelled reacted with horror once they discovered that the person they were with was a vampire.

    (off topic note: I’m about to start watching Teen Wolf.)

    • We all know Jack Coleman and Sebastian Roche are going to torture/threaten her in some way.

      Caroline? oh no!

      Elena was protecting Jenna. She was protecting her.

      I’m sure that’s how they can sleep at night.

      I remember ontd_tvdiaries started telling people so stop saying rape just randomly because it might trigger people. I can respect that but when people are being compelled into having sex I have to call it what it is.

  2. The biggest issue with sex occurring after compulsion, to me, is that the writers seem to know that what they’re depicting is rape and that something about the person being compelled is negatively effected, to the benefit of whoever is doing the compelling (outside of the actual spoken aim of the compulsion), and to the detriment of the victim. Yet once the compulsion is over we do not get to see what that effect translates into. I’ve got theories but the show doesn’t really back them up.

      • something i forgot to say before is, caroline and stefan are able to remember what happened to them under compulsion (I don’t know what the show will do with Andie or Matt or Elena) and I think Stefan protected himself by building on his image as the wronged/abused party. Stefan’s form of protection/healing is incredibly sketch when one considers his behavior/words. We’ve gotten to see the effects of it instead of the process. Still incredibly sketch. We’ve yet to see Caroline confront what happened to her or fall apart over it or get angry over it or react to it in a way that allowed her to grow.

        Still. The show doesn’t really support this reading of the text. Since compulsion translates into willingness and fear followed by a muted-reaction once compulsion wears off. At least now is over is the message the show sends, instead of what now?

        • I will be knocked off my feet if they every let Caroline or Elena react to Damon’s compulsion of them, Damon’s rape of Caroline or Elena being force fed his blood (which is a symbolic rape).

          If I liked Elena or could find a way to relate to her I would try to figure this out but as it stands … 😦 If Kat was playing Elena I would probably be all over it! :X

    • rambly version: At most we’ve seen vampires compel people to be silent about the abuse being inflicted on them and to perform minor task that the vampire doesn’t want to get involved with, but we don’t really get to see the person being compelled fight or resist compulsion (unless it’s weak), even though they know that something is wrong. There must be an adverse affect to having your mind violated in such a way, when the violation can always be erased by the violator, and brought back again as a trigger, in order to keep the person (Stefan, Caroline, Andie) acquiescent, afraid, obedient, loyal, and trusting. I’m not sure what the negative effect compulsion had on Caroline was, except to say, we’ve only seen her in relationships post Damon’s mind games and each of them have been unhealthy. Caroline is insecure and prone to jealousy and Elena makes her feel even more insecure, etc and so on, I think it could be argued that Damon made it worse, turned it into this thing where Caroline is willing to take abuse if there is even the suggestion of affection behind it. (This is what makes me so upset about Matt, since he was, from the way they were written in the very very beginning, clearly meant to be an opposite to Damon, for Caroline and the writers crapped all over that. Not that I think Matt and Damon are comparable).

      As far as Andie goes, we don’t know enough about her for me to say one way or another what compulsion has changed in her or made more pronounced in her, but her immediate reaction to Damon was fear (twice) and when we last see her she’s Stockholm’d Syndrome’d up with some added Beauty and the Beast tendencies thrown in. She wants to help him. We don’t know her. Damon doesn’t try to know her, but we’re supposed to see something…I’m not even sure what we’re supposed to see, but she wants to help him, after everything he’s done. It’s a complete turn around from her initial reaction to him.

      Disclaimer (though I’m pretty sure you don’t need it): I think Stefan is pretty fucked up and I go back and forth on who I think had the most influence on who he is now: his father or Katherine. If Katherine hadn’t compelled him, I don’t think he ever would have come around. I do think he loved her, but the compulsion warped that. So instead of compelling him and just being herself, Katherine maintained this air of innocence that Stefan was drawn to and counted on the trust/loyalty created by the compulsion to encourage that. Stefan is (and Andie to a lesser extent) the only one of the three that I have actually paid attention to, who stopped being afraid after he was compelled. Like, even Damon got to be a bit disturbed by drinking Katherine’s blood. Katherine says she only calmed him down and Stefan says that she took his choices away from him (it’s one of the only things about Stefan’s past that I trust his interpretation on). I’m still trying to work out why he stopped being afraid and how that works against the Stefan we saw before any compulsion. Maybe it’s the effect of his arrogance, I haven’t decided. In fact I’ll get back to you on Stefan since it’s hard to describe what I think went wrong with him.

      Short version because my thoughts are a bit scattered, at the moment: I think that compulsion, if the show were to go into its effects could damage a character’s sense of self-worth (or positively effect it if we’re going by gains), identity, and emotional stability. Amongst other things. I definitely don’t think Damon compelling Vicki throughout the first few episodes in order to toy with Damon, did anything to make it easier for her to adjust, though she never gets that moment of clarity over what was done to her (with Caroline it happens within hours, even though it took Stefan years to unbox all that crap, so the show is not terribly consistent on that front).

      • Andie helped Damon after he sent her packing in the most horrible way? O_O It must’ve been some off screen help or I blocked it out.

        You are making more sense of this than the show ever real.

        • She wanted to help him? I’m pretty sure I remember him trying to kick her out and she went to him anyway and asked him to let her stay and talked about how she wanted to be there. It was incredibly gross.

  3. Daddy issues!

    Lol start off upset or end upset

    Bonnie: All of the exposition for Bonnie and the Martins happened off screen, why?
    I was so pissed off when I saw them come in to the episode like that. I thought I missed something and I did. It was such a rip off!
    I know how you feel, Alta, about all this off-screen exposition. UGH! Are Bonnie/Caroline/Elena the trinity?
    Why even show the moonstone getting de-spelled if there is no follow-up for the people who were there when it happened? Why is Bonnie even on the show if they are going to do this to her? UGH! WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING!?

    Tyler and Bonnie need mentors! Even Jeremy! It is bullshit!

    Alta is going crazy! LMAO “Dees bitches!” Oh she’s dropping that knowledge! OMG I LOVE YOU! *dies*

    John’s better than Alaric. Win. Aww I hear your smile when you talk about Jeremy.

    Uh Tyler, Caroline and her lies! Tyler did have a killer face.

    Jules! I don’t know I think Jules has a pack mentality. The females I think have a fair amount of power in pack.

    I wish Caroline would have become reactive when Tyler pushed her. I don’t know why she’s got to be canon’s beat up bag. She’s like the preverbal victim all the time. Strong sometimes but when they need someone to feel bad about something it’s usually Caroline. Why is she so loyal to Stefan as apposed to Tyler who she grew up with.
    Caroline being tortured so severely is to make you forget that she lied to Tyler about the death of his uncle. Why it’s so gratuitous IDK, but it’s not progressive. It’s just another woman being abused by another man on TV. Caroline was already an abuse victim and now they are just showing her getting her over and over. WHAT FOR! UGH!

    If Tyler would have tortured Bonnie he would have got a parade. OKAY?


    Stefan: I don’t like that Stefan did that to Tyler. I wish Tyler asked Stefan if he made Caroline. OMG Stefan smh.

    Elena: Elena’s hair in a ponytail is lovely.
    Elena jumped out a window in the last episode. >_>
    This is making my head hurt. The listing. Even when you talk about Elena I get bored. I’m sorry. 😡

    Mystic Falls must have a severe Meth problem if the towns folk believe that. LOL Alta you’re gorgeous and they killed Gina Tores so … there goes that logic. We’d be dead, yo.

    Damon better forget about Bonnie trying to kill him.

    “Sexy reporter girl” LMAO I got winner, guys! I got winner!

    I knew it would be Stefan! Lol

    Oooo you’re going to be so far behind Alta. 😡

    “A hug takes care of everything.” lmao

    • Caroline being tortured so severely is to make you forget that she lied to Tyler about the death of his uncle.

      That’s interesting. I never thought of it as a way to bypass the lies she told Tyler. There’s also the fact that he’ll probably never get to bring it up again. I still think what he did was awful, but the entire situation surrounding Mason’s death is suddenly made to seem fair and necessary because his pack has a response to it that is violent and against the wrong person(s).

  4. About Andie helping Damon, there’s the fact that Damon had compelled her to fall in love with him in an episode before that. So her action was that of someone trying to help a person they’re in love with. But of course we’re not supposed to remember that Damon was forcing that very strong emotion on her.

    About Stefan vs. Caroline, I think the length of time it took them to work it out after dying has to do with how long they were being compelled. Damon was compelling Caroline for a couple of weeks whereas Katherine had been compelling Stefan for months. Of course the show could blow my theory out of the water by introducing someone who was compelled for months but quickly got over it, or who was compelled for weeks and took forever to get over it.

    Of course Tyler’s not going to get mad at anyone else but Caroline! Olu, you read that spoiler about him and Elena. Same for Matt. Freaking out on Caroline over Vicky? The end of it. It’s like how Caroline never got mad at Elena or Bonnie for knowing about her abuse and doing nothing.

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