The Vampire Diaries Deleted Scenes: Season 2

Tyler/Caroline: The Descent

If I had to choose between this scene or the kiss, I would have kept this scene. But keeping both wouldn’t have worked because Tyler would look super bad in his final scene with Caroline. Also, someone mentioned that keeping this scene would be bad for Tyler either way because of how he reacts when Caroline is captured by the werewolves.

Luka/Bonnie: By The Light of The Moon

Jeremy/Elena: By The Light of The Moon

Why would they cut this?! Had they kept this scene, it would have led to a follow-up where Elena would’ve talked to Bonnie. But instead they seem to want me to think Elena is self-absorbed and rarely considers Bonnie.  I also like Elena being mad at Bonnie for trapping her in the house. Maybe this scene would have led to Elena talking in depth about her suicide mission! Instead what we got was Elena accepting being trapped and sulking. Or something.

Katherine/Lucy: Masquerade

Stefan/Katherine: By The Light of The Moon

This Stefan/Katherine scene would’ve been good and it actually fits with the synopsis of the episode which said: Stefan and Katherine play mind games with each other. Instead of just Katherine playing one mind game on Stefan.

Remember when Ony and I complained about no one asking Jeremy why he wanted to kill himself?

Stefan/Jeremy: The Return

What I find even more disappointing is that when they cut scenes like the Jeremy/Elena one, or the Stefan/Jeremy scene, or the Bonnie/Stefan scene from season 1, they don’t look for another opportunity to make the essence of the scene happen in canon. So instead of Stefan asking Jeremy why he wanted to die, it could have been brought up here when Jeremy found out Elena was trying to die. And Bonnie’s weakness could have come about in a conversation between Elena/Bonnie when Bonnie found out the truth (onscreen) about Luka.

There are some more, but I only posted the ones I deemed relevant. The others can be found on the person’s youtube page.


5 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries Deleted Scenes: Season 2

  1. I think that some of the guest writers come into the VD room after watching a few episodes and say “Let me write some of the wrongs here.” Then they sit for hours and write and re-read and edit. The go back and watch later episodes and make sure that they’ve tied everything together that they’re supposed to. Then they might change something. Then they shoot the scenes and everything is awesome.

    But then Julie and Kevin watches the clips and say, “What is this?! This makes complete sense! We can’t put this in the show,” And then they screw everything up and say, “Now that’s epic!”

    And that’s how we miss good scenes.

  2. I would have loved to hear Elena call Bonnie her “former best friend”. I know she was all bitter when it was said but I could have considered their ties cut. But Elena knowing about Bonnie’s problem would have been interesting, more so than what actually went down. They won’t let Elena be a person.

    I defiantly preferred this Tyler/Caroline scene to the one. The chemistry was better and more natural. I liked the hug. 😉

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