Extra! Season 3 Speculations and the Comic-Con Trailer

Extra! Third Edition!

In this episode, spoilers abound as I talk with Cana and Olu (separately) about all things TVD Comic-Con: Klaus, some new characters, Bonnie, some of JP and KW’s interviews, the released season 3 clip, Ian’s comments about Bamon, Tyler/Caroline, and even Matt and Alaric! Speculations this way!!!

Quote of the podcast: “Do they know how to write?” -Olu

Comic-Con clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNN3ggLoQHE&


10 thoughts on “Extra! Season 3 Speculations and the Comic-Con Trailer

  1. I think that Kat Graham is *still* not filming. She was in LA yesterday doing an interview. They must be starting on the third episode soon if they haven’t already. According to Al Septien’s twitter (former Smallville EP and current TVD consulting producer), they started filming 302 on July 22 and the final script for 303 is out.

    Btw, how scary is it that this show now has Smallville producers/writers?

    I think that a lot of the tone/quality changes from season one are due to the fact that they had almost *all* new writers in season two.

    • I think that a lot of the tone/quality changes from season one are due to the fact that they had almost *all* new writers in season two.

      Did they! I hardly knew but the explains so much!

      • There was a discussion about the writing changes on TWOP so I checked the TVD page on IMDB. Depressing. Is the CW that bad?

        That Delena cip was so UGH! For the love of ugh. The worst part is that he *looks* like a 30+ yr old man and she *looks* like a teenager. This reminds me of the worst kind of kinky fanfiction. Someone needs to tell these writers that rape/sexual harassment is *not* sexy. I think that if I continue watching this show, I will have to question my own sanity.


    I sound so sexy, yo! lol

    It’s like Heroes 2.0 only JP/KW are really showing their ass.

    OLU! *flails*

    LMAO about the hug!

    Elena pulls rank on her friends but not her lover’s brother’s friends. Caroline can’t lie, but Damon can pile on the bodies as long as a few episodes pass Elena’s gonna be alright

    I hate to bring this up but they should take writing classes from Joss Whedon.

    Uhg flashbacks! IN THE YEAR 1000! Elijah is more interesting than Klaus.

    Love cures all y’all.

    I feel like Greta had more build up than Klaus.

    YEARS please no. But One Tree Hill is still on so ….
    Latina or Asian or a Pacific Islander non white (you have enough)

    Where are you finding this stuff about Gloria? Bringing out the candles. LOL!

    Maybe 60’s sexy means she’s got an afro if she’s black? *shrug* but is she was black they probably would have said she had “SOUL”

    I love Olu’s voice and inflections.

    Indianan Jones with a stake. *face palm*

    “Mystic Falls doesn’t except uglies!” LMAO. They don’t get screen time.


    Alaric, Bonnie would have been so awesome.

    Jack Coleman’s character is dead.

    OMG Stefan killing Damon should be the end of the vampire diaries! BEST ENDING EVER!

    What is The Friend Zone?

    I swear Bonnie/Mason had more chemistry then Caroline/Tyler. Just sayin’.

    Trank darts!

    I wish it was Bonnie/Tyler.

    Maybe Caroline is a substitute for his mom. His mom didn’t like Caroline.

    I would hate if Matt just forgave them for Vicki’s death.

    Matt/Jeremy/Tyler/Bonnie! YES LIKE I SAID! Sending the ghost away.

    Caroline found Vicki’s body.

    Bring back Emily too!

    “What’s curfew for a witch daughter?” I feel like dad should have authority. Bonnie doesn’t seem like a disrespectful/ power abuser type, but business has got to be handled. and Bonnie’s gonna cast some spells if lives are hanging in the balance. This should be an issue.

    • I sound so sexy, yo! lol

      You do!

      Caroline can’t lie, but Damon can pile on the bodies as long as a few episodes pass Elena’s gonna be alright


      The stuff about Gloria is on the TWOP spoiler page.

      but is she was black they probably would have said she had “SOUL”

      Lmao!!! You know it!

      I love Olu’s voice and inflections.

      You know it!

      The Friends Zone means they’re just friends. Rme.

      Yeah, Bon doesn’t seem like a disrespectful child. Caroline’s got that mantle.

  3. I didn’t know there would be a New York Comic-Con. I’ll be in New York in October. I might try to get in if Kat is there.

    I didn’t know that Bonnie wasn’t going to be in the premiere.

    Tyler is going to be at Elena’s party? That’s weird.

    Are they even going to explain why Bonnie isn’t around? Is she going to get to come back with some kick ass new powers or family issues or plans or anything? The problem with being off-screen on this show is that the characters don’t even get to do anything in that time. We don’t learn that something was going on with them in that time. They’re just waiting for their cue from off-stage. Now they get to do something that effects the plot. Maybe they get a line that suggests an internal life we will never get to hear anything about.

    I like your personal canon about why she’s away though.

    I sound weird to my own ears. It’s good to know there is someone else who sounds like me in a weird … maybe I have a doppelganger way.

    My main interest in Becky is hoping that they cast Lily Roberson. As is my way, I’ve ignored the casting sides and created my own little history for them that I will probably expound upon at some point after her introduction because I’m not terribly interested in what will probably become a “Stefan should only be with Elena/Katherine” mess. Of course that is how the story would go once they decided to bring up Stefan’s romantic past. Up until Becky, Stefan’s past is made up of non-sexual relationships. All of them positive except for Damon and Katherine. Which is annoying, but to be expected. Sex doesn’t come up until it’s made out to be bad because Stefan is currently bad and any sex he had must be less in some way when compared to him and Elena.

    I hope Gloria is a woman of color. I’m guessing Stefan didn’t know she was a witch. If Bonnie met Gloria, the writers would have to explain something about witches or let information about witches exist between witches.

    It would be interesting to discover that vampires came about because of witches, in some way that would explain the debt that can occur between the two parties. I can’t think of a reason now, but it would be interesting if the writers could.

    I finally figured out what I was trying to say with the Stefan being willing to kill Damon. Sort of. Anyway, I think Damon would make the choice to kill Stefan in an either or scenario, like you suggested. Damon would let Stefan die, but Stefan would kill Damon because I think he sees Damon’s life as his responsibility, for the taking and the saving.

    The idea of Damon and Elena together in any way is gross to me. Sexual tension in relation to Elena and Damon means problematic scenes of a suggestive nature.

    I understand what you mean. If Damon has to end up with one of the girls then it should be Elena.

    Ian’s Damon/Bonnie, Jeremy thoughts were annoying and about as simplistic as the writing usually is.

    “Especially when one is a serial killer,” lol.

    His hair looks like a helmet gel situation.
    re: KW’s Jenna quote; why oh why are they writing? Why are they writing if they can’t plot out character arcs? Why is death the only answer to not knowing what to do with a character? Does Alaric have a purpose? Because he’s doing fuck all.

    Proactive Council!: Bonnie and Jeremy and Tyler and Matt! It has the potential to be amazing, especially since the writers don’t seem terribly concerned with the adults/council outside of their interactions with the younger casts.

    I am loathe to defend Joss Whedon, especially since he had a tendency to kill characters for dramatic effect, but KW and JP seem to have taken that idea and beat it to death just to prove a point.

    The initial spoilers for s2 involved Tyler/Bonnie interaction. I remember that.

    I would love Bonnie deciding to take Stefan out and I would definitely love it if the show would reference the conversation they had at the end of s1. What I’m most interested in when it comes to Stefan falling off the wagon of decency are his interactions with Bonnie, but that is on a different show where he’d face consequences and probably die at the end of this. On a better show, I definitely think that he would understand and want to be taken out, mostly because he’s not brave enough to take himself out.

    • or let information about witches exist between witches.

      Especially this! White people vampires always have to be involved.

      It would be interesting to discover that vampires came about because of witches, in some way that would explain the debt that can occur between the two parties.

      As consequence for the witches doing that. I totally see it.

  4. Just listened to the podcast. Regarding these spoilers for Season 3 — I don’t even know what to say. I’m basically speechless, lol. Plec’s comment about there being no line for the characters, KW going on about how he was not “that fascinated” by Jenna (and, like you said, essentially giving her SL to Alaric, ugh) and the horrible, horrible Damon/Elena clip make me want to give up on this show altogether. What do they think they are doing? How can they possibly think that any of that is a good idea? Blows my mind.

    You guys have probably already heard of it, but still – Enisha Brewster has been cast as Gloria. (In case you haven’t, here’s a link to it: http://www.kabookit.com/2011/08/booking-vampire-diaries-houghton-talent.html )

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