Announcement: TVD Panel at Comic-Con

I know the podcast for this week is super late (blame real life), but I hope to have it recorded and posted on Sunday. In other news, the TVD panel at Comic-Con will be taking place tomorrow. I don’t know what time, but Hollywood Reporter will have a live feed going (

I’m posting this announcement because last year I received a request to do a podcast extra about the spoilers that were released by the panel. Well I’ve decided to do it again this year, and anyone who will be keeping up with the panel and who wants to call in (not co-host) to discuss whatever spoilers they release needs to e-mail me at so that we can plan it out. 

This podcast will probably be recorded later next week just because there are spoilers that come out in the days after Comic-Con. Plus, Katerina will be posted next week too.

And for those who don’t know, the TVD panel will consist of Julie, Kevin, Ian, Paul, Nina, Candice, and Joseph Morgan. Can you gauge my level of excitement about this?



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