Episode 29: Masquerade

Episode 29

Guest: Cana

Highlights: Cana and I fangirl when we realize we got our first instance of channeling when Bonnie touched Lucy and the lights flickered!!! Other positives, the Tyler/Carol relationship, Bonnie, Bonnie/Jeremy, Bonnie/Lucy, and we talk about Matt/Tikki (yes, that’s right).

Rants:  Everyone goes to Tyler’s house after killing (or knowing about the murder of) his uncle, and the White Founding families of Mystic Falls love to celebrate their history and instead of subverting that the producers perpetuate the trope by telling/celebrating the White characters’ histories/stories (flashbacks, development, relationships, perspective…homes).


7 thoughts on “Episode 29: Masquerade

  1. ~ three hours.

    ~ the show can’t time jump without establishing a time line. i wonder if we’ll find out the date of her birthday. i’m pretty sure that elena can’t be jeremy’s legal guardian, whether she’s eighteen or not. she’d have to prove an ability to take care of him. damon will catch hell…it will just be off screen.

    ~ jenna is technicality because if damon hadn’t screwed with klaus’s plans caroline would have died. it’s a huge technicality.

    ~ what is the climax of a birthday party? once the day comes around everything is basically done.

    ~ time jumps are always bad ideas. they tend to ignore potential storylines or development and this is a show that brings in new story instead of going into the stories they already have. so i think the time jump is a bad idea. the only character who i think could benefit from a time jump is stefan, if only because we’ve already seen him in conflict and i liked the blood!arc, but the build up of that would be wasted now and to go through that again would only further prove that they failed to provide fallout for that particular arc. i’d prefer them skipping it by not having stefan around for a few episodes (instead of there actually being a time jump), so that when he does come back his turn could be a chance to learn more about him instead of a chance to learn more of the same things about him; the way damon’s repetitive “i wanna be human but i really like killing people” dance was this season (i have a fandom friend who, when s2 began described stefan’s conflict in my favorite way, specifically that stefan struggles against being a “what” and wants to be a “who.” He does and he doesn’t know how to reconcile the two. In my opinion, he has more of a problem with what he becomes than with being an actual vampire, if that makes sense.) All of that said, I lay all my s3 wishes with Bonnie, Jeremy, and Matt.

    ~ damon is a bit of an idiot.

    ~ jenna would have had to be in the hospital for at least a week. which suggests she didn’t nick any vital organs or any organs at all. otherwise she’d still be in the hospital.

    ~ but then there was the white guy who was connected to klaus and i’m curious if the show will ever talk about where the witches and warlocks come from.

    ~ i wish everyone on this show had a journey.

    ~ this podcast is great.

    ~ moments of stefan acting his age would be great. spoilers: i’m actually hoping this gets to happen with the becky character they’re bringing on (and i hope they cast the one actress whose picture i’ve seen floating around). i’ve actually created canon around them because despite my primary interest in the non-vampire characters, i still care about stefan.

    ~ doesn’t the show suggest that she only comes out of her post-parental death because of stefan?

    ~ re: matt’s feelings about elena, on a better show he would never forgive her. maybe they would interact, but on a better show he wouldn’t have to interact with her to get screen time, and he’d never forgive damon or stefan either, though i believe he’d probably be more angry at stefan, since he did suspect him of something after vicki was attacked and he saw him at the hospital but then he let it go, he would be more outwardly angry at damon because damon would be an ass about it. the scene when elena goes to comfort matt makes me so angry because, in order to help stefan and damon keep their secret, not only did she ask damon to wipe jeremy’s memory (and then get a pat on the back from the show about it) she essentially turned the other way while damon threw vicki away like she was nothing and then she came to comfort him after letting him think for weeks/months that his sister had abandoned him (this goes into my personal canon for matt in the period between vicki going missing and her body being found). but the show is not going to let him be angry or resentful or hateful or even sad about these feelings. his best friends lied to him for months about how his sister died and they let him hang around with her killers, as if it was nothing. that’s incredibly fucked up.

    ~ i have essentially the same tyler thoughts when it comes to his interaction with the group, but he’s got to play romeo so it doesn’t matter.

    ~ i imagine all confrontations directed at elena about the deaths associated with the salvatores will always result in either stefan or damon reprimanding the person for daring to be angry at her. “oh ho we killed vicki don’t be angry at elena she was only trying to protect you by violating your memories/trust”

    ~ elena was able to talk tyler down from his anger with memories of their youth. this was ridiculous to me.

    ~ you gotta love white history!

    ~ jeremy actually seeing tyler kill someone would have been good writing for characters who are not stefan or damon or elena.

    ~ i miss s1 because we got to see more of the friendships on the show.

    ~ carol and tyler actually have a good parent/child relationship. which is, with the exception of the gilberts, the only good parent/child on the show.

    ~ more head!canon for matt, since he’s clearly more drunk than tyler is by the time the attempting to get himself killed happens, depending on how much control one has over themselves during compulsion, i think he got himself drunk in order to be able to say the things he says to tyler, without really knowing the why. the show doesn’t really get into how one thinks during compulsion what the decisions feel like. i hope, that the person who is compelled isn’t thinking “i have to die. i have to die” instead of “i have to provoke anger”. so matt decided to say a bunch of cruel but true things about tyler’s father even though chances are tyler would ignore him before he’d kill him or fight him over it ( i think matt would know that). so i think it’s the product of compulsion and looking for something to say. what will hurt him enough to provoke a fight but then he has to start the fight anyway.

    ~ the whole two sides of the same coin thing the show aims at with stefan and damon pigeon holds them. 1) because damon isn’t as interesting as the show thinks he is and the danger inherent, to his recklessness has nothing to do with him being unpredictable and everything to do with him being entirely to predictable and no one doing a thing to stop him, and 2) stefan gets very few character moments and he needs more character moments, little hints of who he is outside of being elena’s boyfriend or damon’s brother; which is specifically a problem of this season, which is when they pushed it the most and is part of the reason I found The Dinner Party so disappointing.

    ~ i’m assuming that tyler has known elena, bonnie, caroline, and matt the same amount of time give or take (since elena brought up knowing him since they were kids). how long they’ve been friends i guess is another matter and something i haven’t really thought about, for whatever reason.

    ~ stefan does fuck all to protect amy. fuck all. i was stunned when it happened.

    ~ if one was to understand how the characters react one would have to call the characters emotionally devoid.

    ~ your commentary on stefan’s freak out is hilarious.

    ~ Damon needs to die in a fire.

    ~ I want desperately for there to be funnier episodes surrounding spells going wrong. they have a built in way to have hijinks and a reset button and yet they don’t use it. let’s experience another hour of angst and darkness and pointless deaths. this is how a timeline would help. you can build hijinks around a theme.

    ~ what’s your tumblr name?

    ~ jeremy’s hair is gorgeous in this episode. as is jeremy.

    ~ it would be nice if we got to see a witch or a warlock doing magic for themselves and solely for themselves

    ~ stefan’s line about checking on elena is a such filler.

    ~ the treatment of bonnie’s character occasionally veers towards magical negro territory

    ~ this was a great katherine episode. the last one, i think, before she started getting stuck in caves and rooms and going back on the things she’s said before.

    ~ I’ve already mentioned it before but I loved that “The brother who loved me too much and the brother who didn’t love me enough” line and was beyond annoyed when the finale ignored it in favor of “you can love them both. i did.” I want to tell the writers that they aren’t doing what they think they’re doing. At least they doing what they think they’re doing in the most obvious way.

    ~ damon does act like katherine wasn’t sleeping with his brother at the same time or a vampire.

    ~ i think katherine was trying to provoke damon to do something stupid like try to kiss her. to give her something to laugh at.

    ~ matt was in a suit. that raises the hotness stakes. zach roerig is much hotter in real life than on the show.

    ~ the show is terribly inconsistent about vampire hearing and heartbeats (like do vampires have heartbeats? i ask because there’s really no reason for damon to not have known that katherine wasn’t elena).

    ~ the show needed more katherine scenes like this.

    ~ bonnie’s warning to stefan in the s1 finale is a brilliant character moment and a brilliant show moment if not for the fact that the show is called the vampire diaries and of course the writers aren’t going to allow bonnie to even call damon or stefan on their shit let alone take them down.

    ~ we don’t even get to see vampires save witches. does it work both ways? does it happen if a werewolf saves a witch?

    ~ i think if the show wasn’t positioning stefan and damon as big shots then the show would be much better in terms of their actions, because they wouldn’t be positioned as right but as characters with their own motivations.

    ~ prior to s2, there were spoilers that tyler/bonnie was going to happen and i would have preferred that to tyler/caroline.

    ~ I know a Caroline fan who thinks that Julie doesn’t like Caroline and uses every opportunity to make her seem somehow less than Elena and abuse her.

    ~ There’s no real blood between Bonnie and Lucy if they’re fifth cousins.

    ~ i can’t see matt with any of the girls on the show either but that has more to do with 1) not wanting him with elena or caroline and 2) not seeing him with bonnie as anything more than friends + Damon/Forever Alone = ENDGAME.

    ~ The Secret Circle is about white witches.

    ~ this podcast has been hilarious.

    ~ what makes the dialogue worse is that once stefan gets out of the tome they just have sex and never talk about why they didn’t get back together sooner.

    ~ i just realized that they threw the moonstone in there with katherine. wow.

    ~ I didn’t hate Damon at this point either. I didn’t care about him, but I didn’t hate him.

    ~ it took me awhile to remember that i’d actually seen paul smoke in pictures and everything.

    • ~ what is the climax of a birthday party? once the day comes around everything is basically done.

      Lmao. True.

      Yes! Yes! Yes! I complete agree with what you said about the time jump. The only person who will benefit is Stefan. The others needed the timeline to continue the way it was. I can’t think of a worst time to do a time jump than when characters are supposed to be grieving. I had all of this stuff in my head about how Bonnie would be beating herself up about failing where Klaus was concerned. Because I really feel like the plan changed. Up until 2.21, Bonnie spoke like she was going to take Klaus all the way out. Of course she didn’t have to succeed. She could have used all of her energy and seriously injure him. Instead she handed the final blow to Elijah (I feel this is because Elena spoke to her and convinced her to do it that way) and he screwed it up. I wanted to see her beat herself up over that because, realistically, after all of that power and resource she had, she managed to accomplish nothing. Logically, that has got to be messing with Bonnie, and I wanted to see it. I wanted to see her and Elena talk so that Elena could see how bad Bonnie feels and Elena could talk about how she feels about Elijah changing his mind and she basically died for nothing (I know that’s an out there hope where Elena’s concerned). But we’re going to skip all of that because it’s Elena’s birthday.

      I agree that Stefan should just be kept off the screen for a bit until it’s time. But then you’ve got half of the Fandom who would freak out and the producers who would probably use this to further Delena. Heck, they’re probably going to use the time he’s not in MF (even the we the audience will be seeing him) to further Delena.

      In my opinion, he has more of a problem with what he becomes than with being an actual vampire, if that makes sense.

      I get what you’re saying and I agree. I like the way your friend phrased it.

      SPOILERS: I wonder how much scenes Becky and Stefan will be getting. I read that we’re going to see Stefan in Tennessee or something like that (or maybe we’re going to get a flashback of Stefan and Becky in Tennessee). Another instance where Stefan acted his age was whenever he spoke to Sheila. Especially that final scene on her porch.

      You mean did the show suggest that Elena came out of her mourning period because of Stefan? Yeah. Julie even said that the reason Elena doesn’t write in her diary anymore is because she now has Stefan to talk to. Lol. Bonnie and Caroline apparently don’t exist.

      I agree with everything you said about Matt. Especially the part about how, on a better show, he wouldn’t need to interact with Elena (or Caroline) to get screen time. He could be interacting with Tyler first and foremost because Tyler is the only one who didn’t lie to him that much. Tyler didn’t know about Vicky until probably recently (since Caroline told him everything). Jeremy would be in trouble with Matt because while he and Matt may not be that close, he did date Matt’s sister. But after Tyler, I’d say Jeremy would be the first he becomes cool with.

      “oh ho we killed vicki don’t be angry at elena she was only trying to protect you by violating your memories/trust”


      ~ elena was able to talk tyler down from his anger with memories of their youth.

      I completely forgot that’s how this happened. I’ve only seen this episode once so I only remember him saying sorry, she says it’s okay, and then she hugs him.

      ~ you gotta love white history!


      1) because damon isn’t as interesting as the show thinks he is and the danger inherent, to his recklessness has nothing to do with him being unpredictable and everything to do with him being entirely to predictable and no one doing a thing to stop him,


      So true about Stefan not doing anything to protect Amy. He doesn’t even try to redirect Amy and make her go away. He just lets Katherine talk to her.

      you can build hijinks around a theme.

      Yes! And I agree with your assessment that the characters are basically emotionally devoid.

      ~ i think katherine was trying to provoke damon to do something stupid like try to kiss her. to give her something to laugh at.

      That makes it even better! Lol. And I agree about the treatment of Bonnie’s character.

      does it happen if a werewolf saves a witch?

      The show isn’t interested in telling us stuff like this. That would be considered world-building instead of vampire-building. It would be interesting to know of course. That would let us know that this is a weakness the witches have in general.

      I’ve heard the same thing about Julie re: Caroline.

      Is that what they are? Fifth cousins? Apparently magic doesn’t take that into account which is interesting if they’re that distant.

      ~ The Secret Circle is about white witches.

      Par for the course. That was my point. When there’s a serial show or movie about witches/people with powers, we’re always following the journey of White witches/people. The Craft had a Black witch, yes, but the protagonist was a White witch. That’s why I was so excited to have a Black witch on a tv show whose journey I would be following. Bonnie is the first. Which is why I get annoyed when people basically want to know where the White witches at. Another thing is that in these shows with White witches, most of the witches who guest star are White too with only a sprinkling of witches of color. So! If TVD, since they’re following a Black witches’ journey, had mostly Black/of color witches and only a sprinkling of White witches/warlocks, I’d be good. Because that’s what I’m given when it’s White witches.

      I agree about Matt. I firstly don’t want him with Bonnie because he’s been with both Elena and Caroline, but now that you bring it up, I actually can’t see him and Bonnie as more than friends.

      I’ll e-mail you my tumblr url!

  2. OMG ALTA! I just noticed that Bonnie channeled Elena in season 1 finale. She did it when she saved Damon from the fire in the basement.

    I tried to use this http://ekfamily.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/cousins_chart.jpg to figure out the relationship, but all I come up with is grams being really old (or much younger than Lucy). I bet the writers didn’t expect anyone to try to take the time and check this, but we’re checking! Lets say that Lucy got in the car and cringed because she misspoke the family tree or she did it on purpose so Bonnie couldn’t find her.

    I feel like in Witches/witchcraft are older than Vampires. I feel like Werewolves and Vampires were created from magic and that’s why they have weaknesses. Like you said being a vampire/werewolf is a curse. So I’m thinking somebody had to cast it. Like on Buffy the Slayer line started when the Shadow Men forced a girl in their village to take on the essence of a demon. 😦 They cursed her so she could fight their monsters. I bet they even created/unleashed some of those monsters. :-\

    Oh Lucy, yeah you’re Bonnie’s cousin. She told us all about it!” no she didn’t. I LOL’d

    I feel like Jeremy picked Bonnie up and they came together, but he offered her the ride to be polite and to let her know he was ready to go in case she wanted to stay … Jeremy was just trying to be smooth. Because those too where partners in the plan.

    Bonnie and Jeremy get closer! I feel like all Rose was about was Elena being kidnapped and the Salvatore Brother’s search for her along with Bonnie and Jeremy’s help. I don’t remember Caroline and Tyler’s scenes. :X

    Thanks again, Alta! oxox \o/

    • Oh, that’s true! I remember people wondering why she was holding on to Elena.

      I will be looking at that chart to try and figure it out! Unless Olu’s right that they’re 5th cousins.

      Any speculation as to why they would curse them. I feel like witches are older than vamps, simply because humans are older than vamps. Unless they want to say that in this world there are humans/witches and vampires are another entity/race like the demons on Charmed.

      • I can see why Witches would curse humans who have wronged them. Remember you had that thought of Emily cursing the Lockwood’s because they burned her at the stake. A witch would probably do these poetic justice spells. Like if and evil man was abscessed with his life a witch would/could curse him with immortality. To live in the darkness and drink other peoples blood to survive.

        On Buffy, the vampires were demon hybrids.

        I think Olu is right. I was trying to figure it out but it’s simple math. Twice removed and they are separated by 3 relatives on top of that?

        I think the Bennett magic is blood magic and the power is also bound to the name. That’s why they are always “Bennett’s”. The name compounds the magic.

  3. OMG And Matt knows about Tyler’s domestic/child abuse! I bet that’s how they became friends. Matt knows Tyler’s secret, and they are friends because they have this weird understanding. They bond over their really shitty parents!

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