Episode 24: Brave New World

Episode 24

JAJP goes through another change, and we welcome our first guest co-host (razycrandomgirl aka Cana).

Highlights: Caroline, Caroline, Caroline, Candice Accola, Paul Wesley, Bonnie, Mason and Tyler, and the moonstone.

Rants: Caroline’s elevation to bamf/hbic status among the greater Fandom, Elena wants to be a normal teenager so everyone has to play along, Heroes, and characters’ hands that are tied due to Damon/Delena (and that includes Elena).


5 thoughts on “Episode 24: Brave New World

  1. I forgot to say that the Martin’s would be alive if Bonnie killed Damon.

    … annoying scene Caroline’s “you suck”.

    I’m climbing in your podcast snatching up all the episodes!

    y’all better hurry up before I attempt to co-host the whole damn thing! lol

  2. This was awesome. It’s rare that I read or listen to in this case reviews that are spot-on dissections of the show. Could I be a guest?

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