Episode 23: The Return

Episode 23

Quote of the Podcast:

“And we end the episode and begin the season” –Alta

“With a bang”-Jennifer

“Yeah. Right now we’re at a wimper”-Alta


3 thoughts on “Episode 23: The Return

  1. Awwwwww yeah I’m dancing to the new music! Welcome back y’all! oxoxoxoxo

    Awwww L No Janine this season? I will miss her and let her know I will keep mister Trevino warm … for myself. 😛 Happy Trails Janine. I’ll hit you up at that other place.

    Janine’s better than me. Though I could DL these episodes and listen to them at the gym. \o/ WIN/WIN!
    Oh well! YAY ALTA & JENNIFER!

    Oooh Call in! O_O WEEEEEE! I’m SO EXCITED! LOL

    Yeah what is Elena gonna do to Katherine with a knife? *shrugs* lol “Rose”

    J: didn’t she want to be a vampire?
    A: No she ust dates one.

    I love that Janine came up with a whole back story to Elena wanting to be a vampire!?

    LMAO! To Elena’s Caroline diss. Elena’s a crap friend.

    Awwwwwww man I don’t know where I want to guestspot. Smh! I’m not saying anything! :X :X :X

    There was that hug … O_O


    Damon how do you know? LMAO

    Maybe Damon knows cause he stalks Katherine.

    Bonnie says Do it because Elena is Failing.

    For Elena …. UUUUUGH!!

    Awww Caroline and Bonnie! Soooooo cute. I love that scene!

    MASON! URF and that tattoo. I agree with Mason being boring until that thing happens to him.

    Eeeeeee Stefan creeeeeeepy.

    Elena is … *eye roll*

    I do like that scene! 😀 They rocked it!.

    Bonnie can hurt Damon. They both know that. Bonnie is soooooo BOSS!

    YOU GUYS DON’T GO AHEAD! *finger shakes*

    BTW YES Elena is rude to Bonnie in that phone call. I bet it itches or something the head thing. It just doesn’t incapacitate her, but I bet he feels it a little.

    “The Lockwoods are known as assholes.” LOL

    That is a taste of Katherine. I think Elena likes to keep her opetions open. She loves people to love her.

    That’s right. I can talk crap about my people but you can’t. Get out of here Mason. 😛

    I bet the tombed vampires … ooooooh I will stay quiet.

    And he hates her lies. Stefan feels so decived.

    LMAO on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

    John should be fullly healed after Stefan gave him his blood. Just sayin’.

    Giles >>>>>>>>>> John.

    OMG just like on Misfits! Lol

    Hell yeah Bonnie! \o/

    Jermmy didn’t ask about Anna …. :-\

    Tyler is abusing his mom. 😦

    I like that scene! Grrrr! Poor Mrs Lockwood is so oblivious. I wish she knew. She could be a fierce mama bear.

    I love Katherine torturing Damon.

    He does like Elena because she’s still alive.


    Elena/Damon scene was creepy and gross. It was like a rape-y theme. He is forcing himself on her. Gross.

    Jeremy … poor thing. Lol


    HER BROTER/COUSIN! I’m gonna spit out my drink! Lol

    Nooooooooooo! Omg!

    I get it Alta! It’s so sick! Damon should have been shunned forever! Okay!

    The next episoded they were talking.

    It might have been over with me Stefan and Damon. Your brother killed my brother. GTFO!

    Damon doesn’t deserve Bonnie. :-\

    Alta uh-huh …..uh-huh! lmao

    Elena is the rebound girl.

    “What Rose? don’t?”

    Season one was better.

    Bonnie and Jeremy is not disgusting! LMAO!

    Bye ladies! *dances*

  2. so glad to have you guys back!!!!!!! i will miss janine and her epic tyler thoughts 😦

    i would love to be a guest 🙂 i’ll email as soon as midterms are over.

    jeremy’s “damnit” line was hilarious.

    i thought stefan was aggressive last season but it was heightened in the premiere. i wrote an article about how it was the writers attempt at making stefan more popular and more appealing to the people who found him dull in season 1.

    the bonnie/elena hug was a fail. i wanted to slap elena when she asked bonnie if she could do a spell to fix caroline -___-

    the line about emily threw me off too. it solidified my belief that there is a damon/bennett storyline the writers are sitting on.

    bonnie is a character of morals. she loves elena and will do anything for her friend, but she will not compromise her beliefs. i love that. loyalty should have it’s limitations.

    elena is full of herself.

    damon was in massive denial. like he could ignore katherine…..

    i loved caroline’s jersey shore line. that scene with bonnie/caroline/matt was so sweet!!!

    i agree with you alta!!! mason got interesting in the episode when he died. what a shame lol. i dont know why these guys are acting like katherine has a magic vajayjay. seriously, arent there any other girls they could fall for?

    i totally forgot that john tried to kill damon. that definitely must have added to stefan’s hatred for john.

    bonnie is a bennett. she is powerful by blood, much more powerful than damon. her downfall though is that she is human, so she could easily be killed when she is not paying attention.

    yeah i noticed elena hanged up the phone too lol

    i love when stefan dissed katherine!

    elena telling damon she was surprised he thought she would kiss her back ugh i wanted to slap her. thats so mean, she should have been straight with damon if she knew that he had feelings for her!

    stefan fell in love with elena back in 1864. the katherine that stefan knew back then was how elena is now, so it makes sense to me why stefan fell for elena.

    stefan is way too calm about damon’s feelings for elena but i think it’s within stefan’s character. you can see the extent to which stefan loves damon in that scene. his monologue to damon was one of the greatest lines in TVD history in my opinion.

    i hate how they just dismiss anna.

    “dont pout, it’s not attractive on a woman your age” favorite line!!!

    damon/katherine scene BROKE MY HEART!!!!

    damon is forever in elena’s bedroom.

    SO TRUEEEE!!!!! she sounded like an abuse victim.

    WOOT WOOT!!!! thanks for the shoutout 🙂

    ELENA’S FUCKING DUMB!!!!!!!! THE MOMENT THAT DAMON HAD HIS HANDS ON JEREMY SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ACROSS THE ROOM! she could jump over fire to save damon but she couldn’t move an inch when damon was going to kill her brother. thats BULLSHIT. i thought the whole scene was great though aside from elena’s vegetable state. it was so shocking. my jaw was open the whole time. my heart was racing.

    i agree, it should have been a deal breaker. i dont see how a relationship is possible with damon and elena after this but somehow the writers still try to push it.

    i dont blame stefan for trying to defend damon. stefan always tries to assume the best in damon. no one would want to believe their brother can be that cruel. thats his brother. but elena….. she has no excuse whatsoever. she has too much faith in people. she also thinks people kiss her ass more than they do. she didnt try to stop damon because a part of her thought that damon wouldn’t actually hurt him. WRONG. she thought bonnie would despell the device just because she said so. WRONG. elena needs to get it through her head that she is not some sort of princess. her line in the episode when she was on a suicide mission- “i dont question why everyone tries so hard to save me, etc, etc, etc. MAYBE THAT’S THE PROBLEM ELENA!!!! maybe you should be questioning that. if you did then you would know better than to think damon wouldnt kill your brother.

    i dont agree with the whole “bonnie would be a rebound” thing cause damon’s never truly loved anyone. with both katherine and elena, his love is obsession. it would just make sense for me if damon ended up liking bonnie. after he’s spent all this time “loving” two people who dont love him back, it would nice to see him fall for someone who he actually could legitimately have a future with. i really hate to bring up smallville lol but i always have to bring up smallville. everyone used to say the SAME THING about clark! the writers spent SEVEN YEARS doing clark/lana and clark was so in love with her and even said numerous times on the show that he couldnt see himself loving anyone else and the fans had the same belief that when lois came into the show, it would be weird because it would seem as if clark is not AS in love with lois. but on the contrary, clark and lois was BUILT. their relationship is television masterpiece in my opinion. they built clark and lois on the side all through clark and lana’s relationship so that when the time came for clark to fall for lois, it didnt seem weird. it just fit perfectly. and no one questions it anymore. that clark doesnt love lois as much as he loved lana. his love for lois is a different type of love. it is real. it is MATURE. it is selfless. it is everything that his love for lana was not. if the writers build bonnie/damon properly, it has all the potential in the world of being something truly epic.

    the premiere was great. my second favorite after ‘masquerade’

    i will be eagerly awaiting your next review!!!

    i think i might start doing the reviews again if i like the next episode lol. i really need to get back the TVD bug, hopefully the next episode doesnt disappoint.

    • I agree that Stefan’s speech to Damon was one of the best line of the series.

      “i dont question why everyone tries so hard to save me”

      I bet the producers thought they did a great job with that line to show that Elena is not conceited or something. There’s still something wrong with it. If a group of people were willing to die for me to the degree these people are willing to die for Elena, I sure as hell would need to gather them and have a talk with them.

      Ugh, I remember when some of the Clana/Chlark/Chlois fans would say that Lois would be Clark’s second choice. I was like, “Do you realize you’re talking about Lois Lane here? The producers are dumb sometimes, but they’re not crazy.”


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