Episode 22: Founder’s Day!

This is getting posted a day early.

Episode 22*

For those who liked the opening theme to the regular episodes: Dezil-“Tu Peux Crier” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7uKsQbU7KY

The Extras (this song will stay next season since it didn’t get a lot of use): Jessy Matador-“Décalé Gwada” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSjjqhQ_99g

The Catching Up Withs (this will also stay): Usher- “OMG”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPm25m8DZpA

*This episode was recorded before the two Catching Up Withs and way before the Truce!!!


11 thoughts on “Episode 22: Founder’s Day!


    D= NO. WELL OKAY. AS LONG AS you keep doing it.

    Yeah she always leaves the bill for someone else to pay … Elena.

    SMH at Jeremy. Too soon dude.

    Blood in a jar or whatever. Gross

    Elena is her mother’s daughters. Her mom talks the same way! Haha

    Tyler looks cute

    “My man won”

    Elena does bug Jeremy.

    Pff Jeremy was whiny but he was right.

    Alta tells Janine about slash! Lol Janine freaks!

    She did do it for Elena. Bonnie didn’t take away the spell because she was trying to protect Elena. 😉

    Oh crap they are defending Damon! Nonononononno

    Richard = dick.

    LOL Period!

    THE PALE ONE! Lol Janine! Lol

    Elena was bugging the hell out of her “brother”. I liked that he told her to piss off!

    Damon going after Jeremy was effin annoying. “Nice Damon” is attacking Jeremy.

    John assaults the sheriff.

    What was the point of taking Elena’s hand?

    She wants to warn Jeremy … what about Bonnie!? Her other friends maybe …!

    Janine: you always wants to sit there and bash Damon
    Alta: do I do it unnecessarily? I don’t think I do.

    Caroline was sweet with bursting between Tyler and Richard.

    When Damon was at grams house.

    Why did Damon go to find John.

    What was that growling noise?

    A witch is human though. And a Witch build the invention.

    WTF was the point of staking her when he was gonna burn them up. They put Anna in a refrigerator.
    John is an asshole.

    They didn’t use it back then because Pearl took it.

    Stefan has to explain to Elena something about her “best friend”.

    Mayor dies and Damon smiles when it happens. When he brakes the mayors neck it’s gross. L

    When I say the eye it freaked me out!

    “Golden and beautiful!?” It was effin scary!

    Who knows what happened to Caroline. :X

    Caroline is a fairy! LOL

    I never thought that about the energy transfer.

    Is this the second time Stefan has gone to save his brother from one of Bonnie’s spells … wait the first time it was because Elena was in the cave. *nod*

    When Stefan says “he’s my brother” Bonnie looks disappointed. She he left, once again, alone on the other side. I bet once she though she had an ally in Stefan. But of course their relationship (understandably) trumps what she thought she had with Stefan.

    Elena doesn’t have the time to really be pissed off about it. I don’t know why Elena tried run in there.

    It’s not fair that Bonnie keeps coming to Elena.

    Why did Elena tell Stefan that she cares about Damon … smh.

    Jeremy drinks tomato juice!

    What you guys are too far away from the mike

    I can stay made at Damon!

    I didn’t know why Caroline’s injuries are so bad!

    Jeremy is emo!

    Jeremy and Caroline need to be single.

    “Oh!” Stefan’s head tilt.

    Now it’s a stand off between Stefan and Bonnie. I think she’s letting him know they are not friends. “Keep you’re bother in check or I’m gonna have to step in. this is your last warning.”

    The kiss on the cheek was sweet.

    Jenna is full of fail with the over emotion.

    Why would Jenna be compelled? Katherine just got invited in.

    Janine: Oooooooh! … no I don’t get it

    Who knows what Jeremy did with those pills.

    John is a moron! John is a fairy.

    I only figured out when Katherine picked up the knife.

    It’s easier to play bad, I think

    What! Bonnie didn’t kill the day.

    It is not her fault that Anna is dead.

    What the F Anna is a big girl! She’s lived along long long life … it wasn’t like she was cut down in her prime!

    If Bonnie had taken the spell off then what? Whose fault would it have been when all those people died!?

    OH PLEASE! All of a sudden Bonnie is omnipotent! She controlled the council and the mayor and the free will that all involved had in their part in the show. But now Bonnie is a God that controls the outcome of everything?

    Well that’s swell. Tyler is shaking his head at you right now Janine. He’s so disappointed.

    It’s full love loopholes.

    The ending was powerful!

    I like the part right after Damon gets saved and blocking of that scene. There’s the trio in one corner and them Bonnie on the other side. I love that. Poor Bonnie though. 😦

    Anyone scene/moment/person

    Bonnie.. Fail Janine.

    see you next summer. 😦

    • Alta tells Janine about slash! Lol Janine freaks!

      It was hilarious. The podcast is as far as they both go into any fandom of any kind, so they have no idea about slash/broyay/any of that stuff. Maybe that’s how other people who watch the show, but don’t go online would react? LMAO.

      What was that growling noise?

      I can’t remember. This was recorded in early August.

  2. OHHHH, NEXT SUMMER!! 😦 …Whoa, Alta in another country? Where?
    “She hung up with Bonnie and let her pay her bill.” haha
    I was confused too, why is Elena smiling and bowing…too much Katherine resemblance.
    Then sexy comes in from behind Bonnie! Woo. He looked amazing in his unifrom.
    I actually loved when Jeremy told Elena off. I loved him in the episode.
    I don’t know where this Jyler crap came from! What do people be thinking.
    Janine already knew bonnie/damon scene was Alta’s favorite scene lol!
    What eye thing? ha, that was cute.
    “I didn’t care for much of it…I’m like oh, whatever…” haha.
    “Go to hell Elena.”
    “That’s my favorite line.” hahaa, mine too.
    “It’s like where did you come from?” THANK YOU JANINE! Damon really had me annoyed with him and I’m glad Stefan stepped in. I wanted Jeremy to punch Damon in the face, I was like, “Why DAMON WHY!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS RIGHT NOW?”
    “Then my husband’s in the car!” hahaa
    “Stefan’s falling down and Elena’s trying to do something.” haha
    John didn’t have to stake the girl like that, geesh! That was cold.
    Wait Tyler’s mom was in the episode? lol, I do not remember her in the finale.
    I didn’t pay attention to the John and Elena scene.
    “…and Damon comes out, cause it’s his house.” hahaha.
    “No I don’t get it.” Lol!
    Bonnie yeah her and the device led up to Anna dying but even if she knew the Anna was going to die Anna kidnapped her why would she help her? She doesn’t even know her only as her kidnapper.

  3. LMAOOOOOOOOOO janine’s reaction to the tyler/jeremy slash. i was listening to this on the bus and i just randomly started laughing. ppl were staring lol

    i agree with alta. i think they are “humanizing” damon way too fast. i mean c’mon it’s only been a season and he’s already becoming soft. it’s supposed to take a few seasons for him to turn like that.

    of all 22 episodes, the scene i HATE most is that jeremy and damon scene. i was SOOOOO mad. WTF?! damon, do not, DO NOT, get involved in jeremy and elena’s sibling shit. it’s none of ur business. just DONT. i was soooo glad stefan stepped in and put some sense in him.

    i agree, i’m sick of bonnie apologizing to elena especially when she has no reason to.

    the finale was one of the best episodes of the season. i thought it was really well done.

    whats with all the bonnie hate? she saved the whole entire town and THAT is the bigger picture. so anna being able to survive would have meant that 100+ ppl would have died….. how is that justifiable. and bonnie didnt know anything about anna except that anna kidnapped her. AND if uncle john hadnt staked anna, anna would have been saved along with stefan and damon when bonnie did her spell to make the fire die down. AND i’m pretty sure uncle john would have found another way to stake her. i loved anna but i dont blame bonnie for what happened at all. anna had to die. that was her purpose.

    i like how bonnie does one effing thing wrong (which i dont think that she did, i think she did the right thing) and she gets so much hate…..

    • I waited just to see your reply lol. Glad I did because I love what you said about Bonnie and Anna. I’m pretty sure John would of found some other way to stake/kill Anna. Anna or 100++ lives? I choose the last one. I liked Anna too but come on, let’s think about it.

    • That would have been a kick in the stomach if Stefan pulled Anna out of that burning building too. She would have been looking at them all like “WHAT THE FUCK, STEFAN!” And I don’t think even the censures would have bleeped that one. 😀

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