Catching up With…Janine! Miss Mystic Falls/Blood Brothers

Janine(19 & 20)

Quotes of the Podcast: “They’re having, like, this little nasty moment with their eyes…and I’m like ‘what is this? Let us see Stefan now’” –Janine

“That money they wasted on Harper could’ve been used on those two [Tyler and Bonnie],” –Janine


3 thoughts on “Catching up With…Janine! Miss Mystic Falls/Blood Brothers

  1. Janine Trevino! REALLY? Lol

    Treasure chest of rotting blood. That’s still gross.

    “He’s pale, but he’s sexy.” lol

    Stefan did poke his head. LOL!

    I liked that she was talking to Caroline too. It shows that there’s life beyond Elena and world does not revolve around her. She was out of the loop in this situation and it shows that Bonnie is leaning away from Elena because she knows that the stuff her friend is currently into (I.e. VAMPIRES) is a bad situation/element. I bet Bonnie feels safer/comfortable with Caroline’s getting some love (cause Matt‘s not delivering *snap snap*).

    I think Damon can’t forgive Stefan because he’s his brother. You know, close bonds and all that. It’s not really Damon’s fault … it’s the writers of Blood Brother’s fault!

    Stefan … the blood must be effecting his ability to lie.

    That kid … with the blood! “It’s just a little blood.” He sassy that because I bet he wants to appear macho in front of the other dudes. I bet it he was alone he would have been tearing up. He ran his knee into the asphalt. O_O

    Did you say getting burned from a perm? Lol I never bled from that! O_o

    Gross! Lol the guys would be dude what are you doing.

    Tyler has a huge house! Tyler doesn’t care about the Miss Mystic Falls pageant.

    If they put Bonnie in there it would have been even more awkward when Damon showed up. Damn they should have put Bonnie in the peroration room.

    Hey Janine … Bonnie and Tyler were hanging out together that’s why there was so little of them in the episode. *nod* They were getting close … hehehe

    H’m Damon’s planting seeds.

    “’You kept a secret from me!’ Lets rewind.” LMAO

    Go head Janine! Go down that list. I want Elena to read that damn list! *snaps fingers*

    Implicating Bonnie in her lies! SMH.

    Damon is beautiful. Why didn’t she knock?

    They should have made Jenna the one to reaffirm Elena. *eye roll*

    His jacket was black. lol


    Bonnie does that mind thing like her grand!

    In that scene where Stefan is ashamed by what he’s done the only thing I’m looking at is that dangling thick blood string hanging from his mouth. It makes me so sick. Yuck!
    Janine: IDK why she came back?
    Alta: Because she sees that Elena was hurt
    Janine: Who cares though …

    Nice! And true if Elena wanted to talk to Bonnie she would have called her or shown up at her door step. HELLO!

    She stabs him in the back!

    Blood Brothers


    I like when Janine says “Oh yeah yeah yeah!”
    Raging bitch!

    “You know you are about him” … stop it.

    TEETH SMACKING! I love it.

    Uncle ugly John

    Elena doesn’t like to collect dots. \o/

    Janine is obsessed with paleness.

    Oh continuity …

    I bet they don’t just so the other characters in the background because then they’d have to pay them. :-[

    You guys are hilarious! Isobel impression!

    Tyler, Caroline and Bonnie. I didn’t even known what happened to Harper for the longest time.

    I don’t know why Pearl didn’t kill John right there everyone who say be damned. Pearl could have just been like “oops”.

    OMG Alta you had to talk about this episode twice. *hugs*

    WTF are they going on another road trip?

    Wait, they didn’t even show Harper’s death?

    John was so far away because he didn’t want Pearl to gouge his eyes out. 😉

    It’s annoying not “gay”. ;P but I know what you mean.

    See women especially aren’t’ allowed to trump Damon. Okaaay?

    Lol Harper.

    Why did he kill him?
    Because he was black.

    LMAO *dies* well it is the south.
    Seriously how would john and company have covered that up if Harper was just some compelled dude?

    Dude I hate shows that just seem to kill off the people of color. I EFFING HATE IT! AND IT PISSES ME OFF THE MOST WHEN OTHER PEOPLE PRETEND LIKE THAT DON’T SEE THAT SHIT!

    The put Anna in a refrigerator? THIS SUCKS! Jeremy is not even that important/interesting. *GRRRR*

    Interracial relationships doesn’t not mean you’re not a jackass.”
    MY FAVORITE QUOTE EVER!! \o/ *happy dance*

    Pearl couldn’t do it because she can’t Elena’s father … *headache*

    Janine Trevino. Stop. lol


  2. “Then why wasn’t Tyler in this episode?” haha, that’S WHAT I WANT TO KNOW!
    “So why’d you enter this?” haha
    “Maybe his jacket was black.” haha
    “Nasty moment with their eyes…” haha
    “Runn RUN RUN!! hahahahaa
    “I changed my mind!!” lolz
    Yall are so funny! Too manyy hilarious lines to quote. I think Cana ^^ did most of the quoting for me anyways. haha.
    Funny podcast ladies

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