Episode 21: Isobel

Episode 21

Quote of the Podcast: “Bonnie thinks Elena is her best friend, but she’s never proved that. I mean if that’s how they’re gonna have it, then just have Bonnie and Caroline hang out, and Elena can come to them whenever they want to pretend she has actual friends outside of Stefan and Damon” –Alta


10 thoughts on “Episode 21: Isobel

  1. “Isobel! I hope you’re well and what you’ve done is right.
    Oh it‘s been such hell. I wish you well I hope you’re save to night.
    It‘s been a long day coming. And long will it last when it‘s last day leaving.
    I‘m helping it pass by loving you more.”
    Isobel – Dido

    YAY ALL THREE! Weee!

    I like Isobel. Maybe Katharine told Isobel to pimp Delena because you know she wants Stefan. *wiggles eyebrows*

    Isobel chokes him.

    Of course she’s talking to Damon … O_O why would she talk to Bonnie.

    WHAT A JERK! Talking crap about Caroline. I can’t believe Elena didn’t take up for her friend. L it’s sickening. Yack!

    Stefan got the better room.

    Caroline/Bonnie! Weeeee!

    Damon: Elena, you don’t have to do this!
    Stefan is thinking “hey that‘s my line”

    He’s like freaking Damon
    No he’s not. LOL

    Compulsion is rape, I’m telling you.
    John kills Pearl because he hates vampires. :X

    Maybe Katharine heard Damon turned Isobel.

    How can a mother ask her child that? LOL the voice impression.

    Yeah why doesn’t Alaric still hate Damon.

    It is Damon’s fault because he didn’t have to turn her.

    That’s a whole bundles of feeling we can’t get into.

    I love the arguments! I mean debates.

    I love you critic the French accent.

    “He must’ve been a ho, he had a penis and she enjoyed it.” Lol wow

    Damon says “I do want I want!”


    “I do believe in killing the messenger. You know why? Because it sends a message.”

    I love that LINE! Phew that whole scene. \o/ nummy!

    “So funny!” lol
    Why did Bonnie bring the grim-book?

    Her grandmother was teaching her the language before. They were speaking it when trying to open the tomb. I think it could be on the Mother’s side. Maybe Grams was Bonnie’s maternal grandmother. Maybe Bonnie’s father is Grams son-in-law. H’m

    I remember something about the writers wanting to put Bonnie’s mom in a mental institution. But they said they shouldn’t now ‘cause it’s been done on true blood.

    Alta: This is a spoiler.
    Jennie: Oh.


    Elena should just get a dog if she’s gonna call people like that. :-\ Just because you’re calling someone, doesn’t mean they’re gonna come to you. :\

    Maybe Caroline told them.

    “Where’d they get the strength because you can’t compel someone to be stronger.”

    I think it’s an adrenaline thing. They fight because they are told and the probably fight like it’s for their lives even hurting themselves to get to the end result. I think you can compel someone to be stronger. We have the strength but self perversion stops us from over doing it and hurting ourselves.

    Lol Jeremy’s gone!

    I think that’s a regular beating. J

    Jennie: How’s they take Jeremy so fast?
    A car?

    OH ELENA! Grrrrrr her treatment of Bonnie.

    Bonnie told them she couldn’t be trusted! SHE SAID.

    I guess Bonnie didn’t argue with them about the spell because time was of the essence. And I bet she just wanted to get rid of the damn vampires.


    I wish bonnie had done something bigger, but I supposed she didn’t want to tip her hand and let them know how powerful she’s getting. Well done Bonnie, don’t tip your hand!

    Woohoo Bonnie. Damon made a sound! What! LOL I have to see that.

    Come on! You didn’t know that Bonnie tricked them at the time? The scene fooled us all. 😀

    Lol monotone voice.

    Yeah Stefan is like a background character.

    It was cliché.

    “Jer-” slam! Lol did Elena get angry about Jeremy for reading the journal? Cause Whaaaaaaa?
    Jeremy please we have to talk about this. IT’S TOO LATE ELEANA YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE.

    Alaric lives at the school. LOL

    He’s not drinking it cause he’s wearing it.

    She’s slamming him because she’s horny for him or something. She did it to be merciful. SOMEONE PLEASE COMPEL ELENA. That’s not right after I keep saying compulsion is like rape. :X

    Elena is the pale version of Katherine.

    I hope that he’d leave too. And take Bonnie with him. YES BONNIE … yeah okay. He and Bonnie can be friends. I’m sure Bonnie wouldn’t be too happy with Elena hooking up with the guy who tried to kill her … L.

    LOL! This is hilarious!
    Janine: Bonnie’s a boy right?
    Alta: No.

    How does one sip of blood cure a vampire’s thirst.? … I don’t get it.

    Alta: Tyler’s supposed to get a love interest in season 2
    Janine: No.

    He treated Vikki like that because she let him. I think Bonnie wouldn’t let him get away with anything just like she doesn’t let Damon get away with anything. Bonnie demands a higher standard.

    Aww Vikki was broken. Her parents failed her.

    They could do it so that it doesn’t come out of nowhere. Bonnie could help Tyler with his supernatural tendencies. We’ll see. I’d just like it if Bonnie got more screen time. Please and thank you.

    Elena lies lies lies!

    Bonnie didn’t refuse because there was no time for it. Jeremy was in trouble and if she refused it would have been on her, saying that she didn’t want to help save Jeremy. WHEN DAMON COULD HAVE JUST BEEN SELFLESS AND HANDED OVER THE DAMN INVENTION. DUH!

    Library scene is my favorite. I also the scene with Isobel and Damon. Om nom nom! Grrrrr!

    HATER Jeanine!
    OMG! I can’t believe there are such haters on this pod cast.

    L I can’t wait for the next pod cast! I want it now! NOW!

  2. yeah i’m gonna have to go ahead and completely agree with alta in this one about bonnie. janine and jennifer saying bonnie turned into a lier. bonnie WASNT GIVEN A CHOICE. elena just looked at her and assumed that bonnie was going to undo the spell. as a best friend, why would u even think that bonnie would do something like that after what happened the last time? and not only that but jeremy’s life was hanging in the middle, so bonnie did not have a choice. either she would say no and have elena forever hate her for not helping jeremy or undo the spell and have an entire town full of ppl die or pretend to undo the spell where she will save a town full of ppl and save stefan and damon (and before u say that bonnie had no intention of saving stefan and damon, remember what bonnie said to stefan at the end “elena is my best friend and because she loves you i COULDN’T let you or damon die.” it’s BONNIE. elena’s the bitch, remember. she would never do anything that bad and the fact that some ppl have such little faith in her kind of really pisses me off). bonnie had an impossible decision to make here and she is in a tough situation and honestly, i feel so bad for the poor girl. why is everything suddenly all on her shoulders? since when did it become her responsibility to do something like this? poor bonnie 😦

    and about janine and jennifer saying that bonnie is not becoming her own person, she is turning into her grams. i disagree with this. her grams dying had a tremendous effect on her and it is MOLDING her character and her choices. here’s another thing that ppl need to understand. technically it is BONNIE’S fault that the tomb vampires were out so bonnie probably feels like it is her responsibility to make everything right. if someone dies because of one of the tomb vampires, the blood is on her hands……. can u imagine what this poor 17 year old girl has to come home to…. sheesh, i really feel bad for her.

    and who is it that dies because of bonnie’s betrayal. not damon or stefan because she saves them. mayor lockwood? yeah but technically his neck gets snapped by the other vamp and no one gives a damn cause he was an ass and anna? yeah but technically uncle john stakes her (and lets not forget that the only thing bonnie knows about anna is that she tried to kidnapp her and elena… and of course elena keeps her in the dark about everything so how would bonnie know any better?)

    i dont understand why u guys were saying that bonnie changed. she really hasnt changed. we knew this was how she was from day one. remember when she touched stefan and got that feeling that he was bad. u remember how she reacted towards him after that. she wouldnt talk to him and avoided him and was rude to him at certain points. how is it any different from how she is acting after her grams died? to me, it’s the same bonnie.

    see it’s reasons like this that i wish i could be one of the people on the panel!!!! alta i would have totally backed u up LOL. u def needed backup there. tell jennifer and janine (btw i have no idea how to spell her name) what i said and see what their response is.

    i honestly think that ppl and especially elena’s dumbass expects TOO MUCH from bonnie. she is only human and on top of that she’s had to find out she’s a witch, almost die by a vampire, have her grandmother- the only person she could relate to in her life- die- again because of a vampire, and come home from the funeral to realize her grams died for no reason and there are 20+ vamps running around town because of her…………. that is WAYYYY too much for a normal person to deal with.

    ppl need to put themselves in bonnie’s shoes.

  3. at the end of the day, bonnie did the right thing, because she is BONNIE. she ALWAYS does the right thing. that is her character. that is who she is. i dont see ANY other way for bonnie to have done things and have it work out. if she had said she wasnt going to help, jeremy would die (because we know damon wouldnt have handed over the device and he would try to save jeremy his own way and get jeremy killed in the process) and then elena would blame bonnie as would the viewers of the show and she would be the shittiest friend in the world. if she had undid the spell on the device, the entire town would have died, including elena and jeremy and damon and stefan too because they would be outnumbered… frankly just everyone would have died except maybe bonnie. so what OTHER choice did she have?! if u can find another way for her to have done things, then fine i will shut up, but if not…….

    • Dude! people were saying that “Bonnie should have done the spell because Stefan and Damon would have figured out a way to save the town”. I was like *eyeroll* GTFOH.

      Bonnie should just roll over when ever Elena, Damon, Stefan needs to use her for a freakin spell? I don’t think so. She wouldn’t even be a person if she kept doing that she’d be this thing that they kept using over and over until it broke from miss use. I want to lift the scales from Elena’s eyes! WAKE UP ELENA! *slaps*

      I’m glad Stefan wasn’t even upset with her after it all.

      Stefan even told Bonnie “Salem witches (which is what she is) are an heroic example of individualism and nonconformity.”

      And gosh after she helped saved Stefan save Damon no one thanked her and the look on her face, watching Elena throw her arms around them, go to an comfort them. She was so alone. Who was there for her after she help save a known murderer and abuser (of her friend!?).

      Bonnie was alone. I hope she gets a friend soon. If I live in MF knowing what I know I’d be her friend.

      Oh Bonnie … 😦 *hugs*

      • “Dude! people were saying that “Bonnie should have done the spell because Stefan and Damon would have figured out a way to save the town”. I was like *eyeroll* GTFOH.”

        That is so annoying. Like, Bonnie shouldn’t even try to use her little brain to save the town. She should just let the vamps handle it. Her opinion is invalid because she’s not part of a triangle. *Rolls eyes forever*


      • stefan and damon save the town from the vampires?!?! how do ppl even come up with this stuff? damon FOUND OUT the vamps were there from anna when they were ALREADY there. damon and stefan would have died in the process of saving the town but not before innocent ppl were killed first (or most likely what would of happened is that bonnie would end up saving them all AGAIN!)

        i know!!!! OMGGG!!! i was at least happy that stefan seemed grateful to bonnie but wtf was up with that? it was the three of them on one side and bonnie left by herself again. no thank you from her “best friend” or no hug or anything. no “i’m sorry bonnie. i know this had been hard for u. i understand”….
        i REALLYYYYY hope elena tells her thank you in the premiere but i know that is probably wishful thinking….

        i really dont think kevin williamson and julie plec were aware of the “fan” backlash that bonnie would recieve because of this. i was not either. when i watched it, i was like GOOO BONNIE!!!! and then i started reading things saying “bonnie is such a traitor” “bonnie is a bitch”……… and i was like um what?! did i miss something.

        but if u actually asked ANY of those ppl who say that WHY they hate bonnie, there is only two logical answers that u will always get. 1. bonnie hates damon and i hate anyone who hates damon or 2. because elena and damon belong together and i hate ppl saying that bonnie and damon should be together………….. so that’s it. they r damon obsessed and think he is the sweetest angel in the world and everyone who hates him belongs in the pits of hell or they cant stand the idea that bonnie might actually be a better match for damon than precious little elena……

        i know janine and jennifer have a problem with “biatch” bonnie but i absolutely LOVE the badass witch vibe. it makes the show INTERESTING!!! elena can be so boring at times and this is mostly because she just accepts everything but bonnie!!! bonnie is like BAM! in ur face “i will take him down” !!!! i love it!

    • OMgoodness who is this “Kat” girl she is my idol right now! ^^ You are brilliant! Bonnie all the way,I agree with everything you said. :))

  4. That is so annoying. Like, Bonnie shouldn’t even try to use her little brain to save the town. She should just let the vamps handle it. Her opinion is invalid because she’s not part of a triangle. *Rolls eyes forever*



    To Kat.

    Those people look for any excuse not to like Bonnie and I say F*uck’em! You don’t have to like Bonnie But don’t come over here with that shit. Talk to the hand. Yeah I said it.

    but if u actually asked ANY of those ppl who say that WHY they hate bonnie, there is only two logical answers that u will always get. 1. bonnie hates damon and i hate anyone who hates damon or 2. because elena and damon belong together and i hate ppl saying that bonnie and damon should be together………….. so that’s it.

    Yup, that’s all it boils down too. Now if they could only admit it out loud. I love Bonnie, I’m happy she has her own mind and isn’t a puppet. She is interesting.

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