Episode 20: Blood Brothers

Episode 20

Quote of the Podcast: “Why is Elena trying to get Damon to admit that he loves Stefan when we just had an episode of Damon trying to save Stefan? So she should already know this, but now she’s trying to goad him into saying he loves Stefan, and Damon’s acting like he doesn’t love Stefan. It’s just so pretentious” –Alta


3 thoughts on “Episode 20: Blood Brothers

  1. Do you all wish you’d started watching two at a time in the first place? I miss all the ladies together.

    Blood Bothers! Alta’s favorite!

    Continuity lol!

    Aww brothers! Stefan freaks out.

    Lol Wow Katherine! She has a heart for Stefan. 😉

    Poor Alta. L

    Maybe Damon just doesn’t want to share that part of himself with Elena. He cares from his brother but Elena doesn’t need to be a apart of that. 😡 maybe?


    Poor Stefan … that relations was bad to put it mildly. SMH.

    LOL DAMON. Pale, why for?

    I wonder if this is happening before they tried to rescue Katherine? I’m confused

    The writer of this episode was trapped in a closet and didn’t know what was going on … and now we suffer for it. If they needed a filler episode they could have did something with Grams … or the Bennett’s

    “Like a fish!” lol

    Damon is defined by Katherine.

    Pearl should have gouged him.

    “Jeremy now knows more than Bonnie” Bonnie needs to get herself a vampire boyfriend in the know. 😉

    Retirement homes! LOL

    Stefan says: GET OUT

    Elena says: NO

    Wow persuasion. Maybe Bonnie knows Elena’s tricks cause they’ve known each other longer? But I know the truth is she cares more about Stefan. 😦

    Why didn’t Pearl Kill him!?

    I think they did that so we would hate John.

    It was his father’s blood. That is effed up no wonder he’s got blood issues he fed on his dad. :-\

    If he’s not dead than he watched his monster son feed on him. That just have made him crazy.

    Alaric and Damon is so fake. I don’t get it.

    And so Damon does LOL

    OMG Stefan brings him a girl … sick

    Damon loving the blood.

    Ew Damon killed the girl.

    Damon turns on Stefan.

    She knew where he was because she read his journal or something.

    “Elena doesn want him too.” *eye rolls*

    Reunited and it feels so good …

    Pearl. I don’t think I expected that or something. Pearl seems to be a good vampire. And they shot them from afar? Cowards!

    LOL Harper. Awww lol sorry.

    WORD. *sigh*

    Elena’s made a nest.

    That’s a kewl moment with Damon and Stefan.

    I want to punch someone.

    This episode is in a bubble of nonsense.

    OMG Anna and her mom! L

    Isobel. I love that actress!

    Maybe we’ll get more info inn the second season please please please.

    “Pearl died. Harper died. It was just ridiculous! … so do you have a favorite scene?” LMAO

    I don’t know how you can watch this more than once. :\

    Lets just ignore this epsidsode for over it’s okay Alta. Sorry!

    I like Isobel! Weeee Bonnie!

  2. yeah i was one of those ppl that thought the whole stefan/elena suicide moment should of went to damon. but i dont think that elena told damon that stefan left his ring and went into the quarry. i think if she had done that, damon would have done something to stop him.

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