Catching up With…Jennifer! Let the Right One In/Under Control

Jennifer(17 & 18)

Quote of the Podcast: “And then I kinda skipped a few scenes…and it’s night time. And I’m like, ‘why is she still in her car and it’s night time?’” –Jennifer


4 thoughts on “Catching up With…Jennifer! Let the Right One In/Under Control

  1. Episode 17

    Lol usher music!

    Anna’s not like Damon either.

    Jennifer and Alta sound similar.

    They didn’t go after Damon because they are punks

    Awww Damon and Stefan.

    Jeremy just wants to obsesses.

    I wonder when ever you get that feeling like you’ve forgotten something does that mean you’ve been compelled or been on a ride in the TARDIS or something? Weird.

    Tyler’s dad yeah ew. That is so disrespectful.

    LOL Tyler/Jeanine.

    Caroline went exploring! Lol

    Alaric has a problem with killing people …? I think rightfully so. And Alaric kills a vampire why are technically monsters … so exception. And I don’t care if that sounds wrong.

    Vampires are listening to weird music.

    They were fighting and then Fredrick just left. Like peace out.

    I hate the scene in Haunted where Elena’s like “Jeremy watch out/run!” or something and her face … and body movements … it’s just off and it annoys and haunts me.


    Death by Damon.

    I bet Stefan had a problem with Damon killing the house owner to get him out

    I think there should be a couple of episodes where Elena goes on a vacation or something PLEASE! Give Elena a break she needs it. Hello Bonnie! 😀 It’s the Bonnie show … or whatever. 😉 muhahahahahhaha!

    Poor Kelly. She was trying and then she gets the news that her child is dead. Uhg the thought makes me sick.

    I kinda understand the Matt/Elena thing to Matt/Caroline … yeah I see both sides. Caroline doesn’t need that.

    Stefan really needs to deal with the blood thing. I hope we get to see that in the second season.

    Episode 18

    “Stefan is really fine.” 🙂
    Damon is a peen head.

    “I‘ve done so much to protect them.” STFU ELENA!

    Stefan aggressive! Om nom nom.

    Where is Jenna when that noise happens? Is that a stupid question?

    Cutting a rug. Lol that random guy was on his period.

    Tyler and lol Kelly. I think Kelly reminded Tyler of Vicki.

    You think Alaric is gonna be like Tyler’s trainer or something in the second season? O_O

    I think he liked Vicki.

    John told Damon he consumed vervaine (or he alludes to it.) and Damon breaks his neck. So if someone asks me about vervain I’m gonna act like I don’t know what it is. Lalala bite me.

    Maybe everyone was looking at the fight? Lol

    When Stefan was playing with the blood was gross!

    Can’t Bonnie take the smile off Damon’s face too …

    And why was Alaric so ready to kill John?

    Elena … I guess you don’t expect someone to really want to read your journal …

    Missed you girl!

    I hope you ladies get a chance to keep doing this once the show starts! *flails*

    • Jennifer and Alta sound similar.

      Lol. I thought that too while listening to it.

      I hate the scene in Haunted where Elena’s like “Jeremy watch out/run!” or something and her face … and body movements … it’s just off and it annoys and haunts me.

      Lol! Is this during the fight with Vicky when Stefan tells her to get him out of there?

  2. “Stefan goes out to get some squirels..” lol
    “She decides to get out the car at night time.” Really backwards haha
    Paul was the best! Go Stefannn.
    NOT “EPIC” That word has to die!!
    Harper’s character was pointless and that’s unfortunate b/c I thought he was going to have more scenes.
    “They disappear periodically then they bring them back.” “Hm.” haha
    “You guys are always pitiful.” haha
    Now tha Jen is back on track..NEXT PODCAST PLEASE..I WANT TO GET TO THE FINALE *whip* …for personal reasons.

  3. Episode 18: Tyler/Matt’s mom, so RANDOM AND DISTURBING!!
    “Janine doesn’t exist in Tyler’s world.” No comment.
    I was too busy jamming to Paramore during that Damon and John scene.So then all I saw was John being thrown off a building. I was like, “Whoah, what just happened here?”lol.
    “I love you so much..AWW.” haha
    Yeah I loved Stefan in that episode too. They need to expand Stefan’s fun side more.
    Yes I understand Tyler was annoying because he should of been kissing me not Kelly, I undertstand Jen, I got you! 🙂

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