Episode 18: Under Control

Episode 18

Quote of the Podcast: “I was like ‘what the hell, Tyler?’ Like, why is he sitting there kissing that nasty-looking thing?” -Janine


6 thoughts on “Episode 18: Under Control

  1. Closer to another Bonnie episode!!

    “Stefan working out.” 😀 Squeeee!

    Stefan is so frustrated he’s working out.

    No one likes Uncle John and at this point we don’t really know why and they haven’t given the audience a reason to dislike him.

    Jenna’s easy peasy lemon sqeezey.

    “if she had someone to talk to …” but Elena is keeping things from Bonnie to protect her … cause she cares … *eyeroll*

    I think the only reason Damon was in Elena’s room was maybe for the joke and him going though her stuff and seeing the mess Stefan made. I was so hoping one of the pictures he had in his hand was one of Bonnie.

    “Jeremy … *bottom lip quivers, eyes well up with brave unshed tears* why didn’t you tell me?!”
    Bitch, I’m telling you now!

    Well, Kelly is grieving. 

    I bet when theirs alcohol the parents don’t care. As long as the parents are there they think its okay.

    Awww poor Caroline. Matt would have used the “I’m still grieving” excuse.

    Stefan goes “oh Heeeeell no!” *snap snap*

    Kelly and Tyler. Tyler is young.


    When he wanted to kill Logan and Frederick … did you want Damon to kill the guy from Unpleasantville?

    Awkward party break. :-\

    That scene is so gross with Kelly and Stefan.

    Elena you fool you should have had a live journal!

    Tyler is getting abuse by his father.

    I think Emily made the rings … I thought the vamp and human rings were the same? I bet the founder stole them if they were Emily’s. And maybe she made some for the Salvatore brothers to keep watch over her lineage? Who knows? There’s plenty of holes in my theory.

    If the dad had been wearing his ring when he was in the car accident HE WOULDN’T HAVE DIED! How/why did John inherit the ring? *confused*

    Why would he send the woman he loves to a vampire? Nice John.

    See Elena … should have had a live journal.

    Paul is amazing!

    I wonder how it is if a vamp mixes blood and alcohol.

    “You call I come.” Goss Damon.

  2. “Uncle John…” *sighs* lol.
    Man I didn’t notice how much Matt downs Caroline. SMH.
    “Because Elena kas to be on top of anything.” ahaha
    “Shut up Jenna, you’re pathetic.” hahaha
    “No Elena I will not go up to your bedroom with you..,” lol.
    “oKAYY.” Says simutaleously. I love it when yall do that.haha
    “Why did she invite him over?” Good question..*singing*UNECESSARYYY
    “Jeremy why didn’t you tell me??” lol
    “Stefan sees Elena and he is so drunk.” I think this was the first time I found Stefan more appealing, I mean I always knew he was attractive but idk I could deal with a drunk Stefan.
    Exactly! I was assuming Caroline would be there. But no Caro, more weird matt/elena scenes.
    “Oh Hell nooo.” hahaa
    “Damon looks so creepy and scary, it’s great!” lollzz.
    “Caroline’s not there. She’s probably with Bonnie.”hahaha. That makes sense. haha.
    “Tyler is making out with a hag!” hahhahaa
    Kelly and Tyler…pukefest! Tyler and Monique, now that’s a lovefest 😀
    Paul once again killed that scene. I think this blood craving phase got me more in awe of his acting skills.
    “She wrote everything down…” “…very smart.” My thoughts exactly haha.
    Then “Bam!! Pimp slap!” hahaa, that’s what I said.
    “Where are all these rings coming from??” I have no clue, it’s weird.
    Paul again, amazing! He was my fave of the episode.

    • “Why did she invite him over?” Good question..*singing*UNECESSARYYY


      Kelly and Tyler…pukefest! Tyler and Monique, now that’s a lovefest



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