Extra! The ComiCon Trailer & Season Two Speculations

Extra! Second Edition!

Quote of the Podcast: “Katherine is Damon’s story. Like I was talking about before, they need something outside of that stupid triangle to focus on. Stefan has his blood addiction; Damon has Katherine; Elena…” -Alta

*This was recorded before the release of the official trailer


9 thoughts on “Extra! The ComiCon Trailer & Season Two Speculations

  1. Uh oh I was krumping at the opening theme song. More mentally though.
    I wonder if jKatherine will use Bonnie for her advantage or protection like Emily.
    I want to know how Katherine knows her wardrobe and where she lives too.
    I have a feeling Alta’s going to point out that second bamon scene at the end.
    “I never loved you.” I didn’t feel bad for Damon at all.
    Wait Katherine said, “Stefan I love you.” before she died I must have missed that part in the one episode.
    I just want to know how long this dang triangle, excuse me ‘square’ is going to last so I can actually enjoy this show and focus on something else.
    “They’re supposed to go on another trip.” “Are you serious?” haha.
    They don’t go to school anymore.” haha
    “It’s bad acting so it’s Elena.” haha. I’m going to be so confuseddd in this season right now.
    “She’s a really good Katherine..” true but we’ll see how that balances out.
    I’m mad Damon was gloating about kissing her to Stefan, so annoyed with that. After he saved your butt out that fire. Can’t get over that.
    So much for Damon/Stefan bonding scenes this season.
    Elena better watch out! Katherine does not play when it comes to getting what she wants.
    I don’t think Damon knew it was Katherine that he kissed. I’m glad he didn’t know.
    I want to know already if Jeremy is a vampire. When is SEPTEMBER!
    I hope we get some good Emily flashbacks and how she died and how she made the deal with Damon.
    I don’t like this idea of another triangle but at least it’s not a triangle that happened decades before but now it’s just with a doppelganger included.
    “oH he cares.” haha.
    I’m mad Tyler wasn’t in the trailer. It’s all I hear about but didn’t see him in the promo. It’s depressing.
    “He’s[Matt] going to die.” lol
    Matt’s supposed to have a friendship wit Stefan? Really? Didn’t know that.
    Amy is random, and Vanessa sounds boring.
    I hate winter hiatus the most, they feel like eternity.
    “Like omg, let me hug you..” hahaa. I have a feeling Elena will be comforting Damon after this heartbreak for him, and that will make me roll my eyes because I think they’re relationships bull. Whatever!
    “..and she’s like Stefan!” lol.
    “They don’t do anything together, except drink and talk about how pitiful they are.”
    Btw Janine, let’s make a truce. We can both have Tyler/Michael. I like you and you’re funny so lets hug it out and kill the beef. lol.
    I get what you’re saying about Bonnie. I don’t get why people call her a ‘Biatch’.Or not. I can go on defending my girl but I don’t want to right now. It gets old sometimes.
    Love the very last quote you said about the triangle. You took the words out my mouth.
    “She asked for a request?” haha.
    “What are you going to do when Tyler gets a girlfriend?” Too late. lol. Sorry had to say that.
    Thanks for making this podcast. Good to hear your thought on the spoilers 😉

  2. You’re extra’s are so cute.


    I think it was silly that Katherine and Elena have the same hair.

    Maybe Katherine and the Bennett’s have some kind of bond.

    Didn’t Elena say someone took her clothes?

    Get a clue Damon! Katherine is doing him a solid

    They died, what?

    WHAT! Another trip! I hope Stefan hang out with Bonnie.


    I bet Stefan glamour or compel the teachers to let him go with no trouble.

    Nina … 😡 she’s not a very good actress …

    Damon telling Stefan about the kiss. POOOR STEFAN! His face! D=

    Nice. “tell that bitch to come get it.”

    Damon doesn’t know! WHAAAAAA! I thought he knew.

    Where was Uncle John’s hand? His fingers are gone.


    I hope Caroline doesn’t die.

    Suicide that is weird. Jeremy is annoying. Jeremy with his feelings turned off?

    They were sleeping pills. He’s sleeping.

    You can’t drink pills! LOL

    Emil flashback! Wooo!

    Being a werewolf is a curse. Maybe Katharine (IDK spelling) made Emily curse them.

    He’s gonna look like a shifter. :-\ not a werewolf or a wolfman.

    People try to blame Bonnie for the Mayors death. The Mayor was acting like an alpha male a-hole when he was in the parking lot with Jeremy and Tyler.

    I want Stefan to start to drink human blood. 😉

    I think Tyler and Bonnie are gonna hang more. I hope it!

    OOH maybe Jenna will die! 😀

    Burn the triangle!

    Sit closer to the mike Jennifer.

    What about when Elena’s eyes dry up? What?

    Liar? Ohh no fighting. :X

    Maybe it’s Uncle John and Jenna! *hops*

    They don’t have a backdoor. Fire hazard!


    Maybe Katharine kills herself … self sacrifice?


    Alta! I hear you. I only watch for the witches.

    “Is Bonnie still gonna be a biotch?”
    “I don’t think she is a biotch, so pleas explain.” LOL WORD!

    Bonnie is hurt! She’s lashing out. I get that she my not have her stiff together as much as she’s putting on, but I think she wants the people who have power to know that she has power too. Maybe it’s a bit cocky, but it’s all she has right now. She knows she can depend on her powers and not so much on her “friends” anymore.
    Poor girl.


    Janine … you are back and forth with the last names. I’m giving you a look. o_O

    Damon is like Bella! LOL Katharine is like Edward!

    • Didn’t Elena say someone took her clothes?

      Yeah, she did.

      “Is Bonnie still gonna be a biotch?”
      “I don’t think she is a biotch, so pleas explain.” LOL WORD!

      *High Five*

  3. ooh new intro music :p

    WELCOME TO EXTRA!..love it.

    yay Katherine is back! I love her because she is a true HBIC!

    yeah that’s interesting that she knows A LOT of bennet witches..and its true if Katherine wants she will get you..

    ‘Emily 2 or 6′ LOL

    Elena can’t even keep hold of her own clothes..how is she gonna hold of Katherine..

    That’s what i am saying Katherine is smart to get Elena’s clothes go to her house and all of that without actually knowing anything unless she was pulling a Damon all along o_O

    Oh it will suck for Damon and Damon does not need his head messed up anymore !

    LMAO Stupid triangle; Elena:….

    I agree Damon character development was premature..too quick and was just moving along for the triangle.. once again triangle talks. Ugh.

    Elena is …’the next step’ LOL

    Yep where is Stefan in this buddy buddy roadtrip. Stefan should so hang with Bonnie.

    LMAO ‘Stefan doesn’t go to school anymore..YES HE DOES’!

    Yeah i thought that really bad bad acting when i saw that ‘ what are we gonna do’ YOU GUYS i thought i was the only one who thought does! VERY bad acting…i have to empasise that!

    I agree that Nina ‘is a really good Katherine’ i think she will handle the Elena/Katherine scenes..butas Elena im sorry but i do not like.

    Damon is hilarious though ‘two lips PUCKER’ LMAO

    LOL ‘here come the triangle’..where where …*turns around* oh there it is …

    ‘does she think that Elena stealing her man..and she came to get Stefan’ LMAO cat fight! Meow.

    No Tyler, Caroline, Jermy on the trailer. Sadface.

    LOL ‘pool of blood so..why did it show’ i saw pool of blood too.

    Katherine must care for Damon. Just a bit. No. OH COME ON!

    Yep Matt should be gone. FOREVER..i could handle that.

    I SO WANT Jeremy to be a vampire. IT would be so fun to watch him harass his sister. Tee Hee.

    LMAO ‘i don’t even think he knows how to act’ Well you won the argument there Janine 😉

    A Jeremy/Katherine double team would be H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. I would so watch that spin-off.

    ‘they keep introducing these little storylines for Bonnie..andthentheyynevergoanywhere! LOL. True talks.

    Emily Bennett was a great character and kinda hardcore too.

    The council SL was anticlimatic for me..we are like normal people by day but at night we hunt vampire and werwolves and things that go bump in the night. YAWN.

    Tyler ‘RAGE’ is sexxyy as hell. Sigh.

    If the werwolves turn out to be like the TB werwolves i will legit break my telly. That is all.

    I think Stefan would of been stronger than Damon for some reason. Because he is kind of level head and calm in his killings (see Unpleasantville and Fool me Once)

    Damon is all ‘look at me with my scary tricks and my large fangs’ BOO! LMAO..yeah Damon is still sexy as hell though.

    LMAO ‘only for a couple of hours..’ im thinking Stefan might of been on human blood on and of after that..

    ‘the dumbest way to make him die’ LOL so true.

    Oh have you guyes SEEN Mason Lockwood. Dead. That man is sex on a stick!

    Mentor .. LMAO ‘is that a word’ you guys legit crack me up’

    ‘How do you think being back Katherine will impact Stefan…Not at all’ LMAO oh you wait and see Janine..

    LMAO all i hear was ‘…KILL ELENA …IM KIDDING’ i wouldn’t hate if you weren’t Jennifer hun.

    Yeah Stefan drinking human blood makes him so fun..we should have Angelus Stefan. YAY.

    ‘eating squirrles and rabbits..that’s ridculous..that’s retarded’ LMAO poor stefan..he tries to be good and that means eating woodland creatures.

    Yeha i agree the whole season of Katherine will be quite contrived LMAO’ first three episode andthenshesdone..cos that’s all i can take’ i agree it will get annoying but at least we can enjoy her trying to kill Elena . Tee Hee.

    Jenna still not gonna know. Well how will that work out? Dead..that’s how ..her dead.

    I agree Elena should sit her whole family down and be like ‘hey guys there’s something i have been hiding from you from the last season..yes Jeremy its about vampires’ LOL

    Um Matt/Caroline/Tyler. No thanks.

    Im telling you all triangles should be shot.

    I agree Caroline/Bonnie seem to have a better friendship. Because the T A L K. Elena should learn from them.

    LOL about the Katherine/Elena hairstyles..

    Im so excited for the Tyler SL.. LMAO ‘oh wait he cares’ Damn it is he dad after all.

    Matt SL is gonna be ‘.. he is gonna die’ LMAO i…hope…so…

    That way Tyler and Caroline can so hook up. Yes im liking Taroline.

    Im so bored with Aimee and Vanessa already.

    Alaric and Jenna are the most fail ship in all history of ships ‘except drink and talk about how pitiful they are togetther’ LMAO nailed in one Janine.

    You don’t wanna be spoiled any more Alta. Yeah Uh Huh, I belive you :p

    I hate Hitatuses too. Its the most stupidest thing invented in the TV industry.

    LMAO ‘they don’t even another door in the house’ let alone a garden. That’s funny.

    Please no triangle dicussion. PLEASE.

    I hope Damon kills Katherine. If Stefan ends up killing Katherine i will be so piiisssseddd.

    LMAO ‘let me hug you again’…’ohh Stefan..’ LMAO i love the Elena imitations 😀

    I agree this triangle is gonna me hate everyone in it. And Damon and he is the only one in that triangle that i care about.

    Caroline is boring too. I love her one-liners too.

    I wanna see Bonnie family too. SO MUCH!

    Wha! who is a BIOTCH …Bonnie UH UH the only biotch on the show is E___A. Yep you fill the gaps. I still cannot believe you called her that! Damn.

    LMAO Janine Trevino…it kind of works.

    ‘then he moves to Elena ..REBOUND’ LMAO..

    BYE girls

    oh new intro music again 😀

  4. Nice intro music=)

    Anyway, I love that the Kat is back.

    I agree that Nina plays a stellar Katherine, but her portrayal of Elena needs a ton of improvement.
    Then again, how can you improve on a character that is so one-dimensional? Elena really does not have a purpose/ storyline in the show except that she’s just a third in the dumb triangle and she wants to know why she looks exactly like Katherine. Other then that, I don’t see any other purpose for Elena.

    I agree that Damon’s character just developed too quickly. Thus, I believe that Damon has not really changed at all. He’s just trying to win Elena and piss Stefan off at the same time. If Damon has truly changed then he wouldn’t have kissed his brother’s girlfriend right after his brother saved his life, regardless if it really was Katherine. Yeah, Damon definitely deserves all the hell that Katherine will put him through in season 2.

    I want Jeremy to be a vampire, but not at the expense that it comes off being forced and not natural (if that makes any sense Lol) If Jeremy becomes a vampire too prematurely I feel like it would take away from any future storylines down the road. I think Jeremy should struggle more with trying to become a vampire and if it’s something he truly wants. I just want Jeremy to be a little more conflicted because he’s too gung ho about being a vampire. Then again, he does have a reason for being a bit eager.
    I just feel like he only paid attention to what Damon told him about Anna and the off switch a vampire has for their emotions. Everything else Damon said just went right over his head, in my opinion.

    I don’t think what Bonnie said about knowing who she is now is indicating that she found herself.
    I believe that she has finally accepted that yes she’s human, but she’s a witch also.
    To quote Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility.
    Bonnie knows what she is and what she’s capable of and what she could be capable of. She wants to put the fact that she’s a witch great use and protect the town and the people that she cares about.

    Yes, I agree that Bonnie couldn’t have possibly found herself in that amount of time and ,adding to the fact, she is only 17 years old. How many 17 years old do you know that knows exactly who they are?

    I just think that Bonnie meant that she has finally decided to embrace her heritage and ,in honor of Grams, become a powerful witch that her Grandmother would’ve been proud of.

    A witch that is dedicated to her craft and heritage, willing to protect the people she loves, and is not intimidated by the vampires and is willing to put herself on the line to stop certain vampires if they get out of line.

    Remember, Grams took a big risk by tricking Damon (and ,by association, Stefan and Elena) about actually opening the tomb. If Damon would’ve caught on to this , he would have probably killed Bonnie and Grams. Regardless, Grams still trick because she wanted to protect the people she loved.

    I think that is exactly what Bonnie is beginning to do now. I don’t think she’s trying to emulate Grams per se, Bonnie just wants to do right by her powers.

    Of course, this is all speculation and I could very well be wrong. =)

    I honestly believe that maybe more people would’ve reached the same conclusion that I’ve reached regarding to the whole Bonnie threatening Stefan scene if she wasn’t written out of 4-5 episodes. By doing that, TPTB screwed up in giving Bonnie the edge she needed to deliver that threat to Stefan. It completly lacked oomph.
    If we would’ve seen her struggle with Grams’ death and see her practicing her craft, then it probably would’ve been more believable that Bonnie could take down Damon and Stefan.

    Also, I just want to point out that ,other than Emily herself, Bonnie is the only Bennett witch to ever posses Emily’s spell book. Emily is supposedly suppose to be the most powerful Bennett witch ever, then, by Bonnie studying the book and practicing would/should make her a lot more powerful than any regular Bennett witch(That doesn’t mean that I think Bonnie is nearly anywhere close to being as powerful as Emily was because ,let‘s face it, she‘s not…yet 😉 ).
    So I definitely believe that Bonnie can back up her threat she made to the Salvatores. However, because of Bonnie being absent for saying long gave viewers a plausible reason to be skeptical about Bonnie’s powers and if she’s as powerful as she claims. So I don’t think Bonnie is cocky or has an abundance of overconfidence, she’s just confident and her drive to become a powerful witch and to protect her love ones gives her that confidence. Love and ambition are two very powerful commodities.

    Anyway, I absolutely love your pod cast and I am very grateful that all of you take the time to review the episodes and special events. Lol! Your pod cast and the way all of you interact sometimes reminds me of The View (which I love by the way).

    • Lol. Thank you for commenting! I absolutely agree with everything you said about Bonnie. That’s exactly how I view her, and I won’t forgive the writers for taking her out for so long, and during such a pivotal time in her storyline, until they do something amazing with her (storyline and screentime). Hopefully that happens in season two.


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