Episode 17: Let The Right One In

Episode 17

Quote of the Podcast: “And then Elena says to Damon, and Alaric, ‘you don’t understand. This is Stefan.’ And then Damon says, ‘No Elena, I do understand, because Stefan is my brother. I’ve known him a whole lot longer—” –Alta

“He didn’t say that, Alta! You said that!” –Janine

“That’s what he should’ve said! What the heck?! You’re not talking to Alaric, Elena. You’re talking to Damon. Geez” –Alta

5 thoughts on “Episode 17: Let The Right One In

  1. OHHH MY COMPUTER IS RETARDED!! It did it again!!! This is pissing me off.
    I have to sum it up again.
    Great podcast girls, I wish I would have seen that Tyler scene Janine but I can always youtube it.
    By the way, just know that you’ll have Tyler, but Tyler is a fantasy character. My muchacho is reality. Trevino ALL THE WAY BABAY!!
    I’m glad Elena did something that I accept. Giving Stefan blood because she wants him to heal.
    Love The Damon-wanting-to-save-his brother thing in this episode. Kind of wished I would have watched it now, hearing that it was really good for you guys. haha
    Anyways, wish I could say more but I don’t remember what I had before not thanks to my stupid computer. Can’t wait for the next podcast though 🙂

  2. Kewl. Sorry that you guys are separated

    WTF Elena.

    They need miss gibbins to “Let the Right One In”. hehehe

    Fredrick is pissed … and ugly. Lol

    Maybe he sucks the blood off.

    Why the hell would Elena tell Damon that she’s accepted him as an unfeeling psycho killer? Why would she feel the need to tell him that? *rolls eyes*

    Damon hurt Elena’s feelings so that’s enough to make her not like him. Not the fact that he was using Caroline like a tissue. Not the fact that he almost killed Bonnie and murdered Matt’s sister and killed so many people! *rolls eyes*

    Jeremy and Anna! NAP TIME!

    Pearl is lovely!

    Dad’s boyfriend’s daughter’s birthday party. Ouch

    LOL Squirrels. Stefan should be getting blood from the butchers like Angel.


    SEXY BODY STEFAN! That is so kinky.


    I bet Harper still has the slave/servant mentality

    Nice. “I don’t do pity turns.” Nice.

    Monique, shouts out!

    LOL Tyler is unhappy that Janine’s not there. :X

    LOL Damon should have said that. GOD!

    “We shared the same woman, Elena!”

    I would have laughed so hard if Damon snapped Elena’s neck with her wearing the ring.

    And he stakes that motha! Nice!

    OMG he killed her! I could not believe that. I wish Elena had been there to see that.

    They can’t compel you while you’re in the house?

    Alaric … I can’t believe he turned so fast! Disappointed.

    I would have died. Tree roots.

    Elena puts herself in every episode.

    Stefan is tied up. Oh baby! *drools*

    What happened to Harper? :-\

    “Alaric shot his little thing?” LOL

    Stefan is a class act.


    Fredrick is gross. Yuck.

    Aww Vikki … Closed casket

    Stefan was dying? I didn’t know.

    Why didn’t Elena kill Fredrick? He was weak from the vervaine. STAB HIM YOURSELF!

    Tyler loved Vikki’s body.

    Caroline will talk to Bonnie.

    Poor Anna. 😡

    Stefan looks so shameful. 😡 He looks addicted.

    Night ladies! *waves*

    LOL I like that you saved it with the “favorite episode where Bonnie was missing.”

    • Jeremy and Anna! NAP TIME!

      You found them a little boring too? Lol.

      I bet Harper still has the slave/servant mentality

      I think so too.

      “Alaric shot his little thing?” LOL


      Aww Vikki … Closed casket

      Oh gosh, this made me laugh.

      • IDEK what happens to Harper after this? What was the point of Harper?

        Aww Vikki … Closed casket

        Oh gosh, this made me laugh.

        I only meant that the body’s been missing for a long time … I don’t think they can fix that … *shivers*

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