Episode 15: A Few Good Men

Episode 15

Quote of the Podcast: “Elena basically lives from scene to scene. Whatever’s happening, that’s how she feels at the moment. She has no long term memory” –Alta

“She’s like a fish” -Jennifer

4 thoughts on “Episode 15: A Few Good Men

  1. “The first time she only does that!” Give Elena a cookie she did something right..for one time and the last time.

    I don’t know but i loved the drunk Damon scene with the soriority girls. I thought he looked hot like that lol. I’m not obsessed over his features like that but, this was the exception. Michael’s more my type anyway.

    Jenna is always talking about guys. She needs to find something else to talk about.

    “Unecessary but okay.” haha

    Matt’s mom irks me like crazy! So annoying and rude.
    Yeah someone should tell Matt and anyone whose worried about Vicki about her dying. I would feel guilty about knowing that someone is dead and people I care about are trying to look for her but I don’t say anything.

    “Nevermind this is the wrong episode!” hahaha, oh goodness!
    I don’t even remember Trudy. Oh yeah I didn’t watch this episode that’s why. haha
    I never get why Elena was buttoning up Damon’s shirt. Unecessary again. Last time I checked Damon’s fingers weren’t cut off.
    “Shut up.” haha
    “But it’s okay he found his rebound girl.” SO uncalled for, dislike Matt’s mom w/ a passion.
    Tyler just is a magician. He’ll be back soon haha.
    “Well I see him every night..” Hmmhm, sure Janine sure.
    “Does it burn?” lmao!!
    “For the audience doesn’t that sound weird, like creepier weird.” That’s just random.
    “Why do you keep protecting him?” Oh she’s so backwards.
    “…she has no long term memory..” “…like a fish.” LOL. You love comparing her to a fish. haa.
    “This is why Bonnie’s not here so I can listen to this person!” haha. So glad I hardly watched that.
    “WHY DOES DAMON CARE NOW?” Good question.
    “oo, jump in the lake.” LOL
    What someone gets hit by a truck? WOw, that’s crazy.
    “She looks like death.” LOL, harsh but true. I seen some of her scenes.
    “Matt life sucks, so much.” SO true.
    “What is it with Damon and the women in Elena’s family line?” SO weird.
    I love it when you guys say some words at the same time! haha. That’s awesome.
    Harper’s purose was pointless. I don’t think I heard him say a word.
    “Elena forgot all about Bonnie, I mean she never called her or anything..”
    “I hated this episode so I have a favorite nothing.” lol
    “Damon number 2, psychotic.” HAHA

  2. I bet bonnie didn’t pick up the phone because she was talking to Caroline!

    He is eating them in the dirty way! 😉

    Matt’s mom is good casting. She and Vicky look a like

    Prude! It’s kewl cause I’m one too.

    Jenna … smh. She needs to be alone to discover herself. I don’t like it when ladies can’t be alone and needs someone to be with. Grrrrr!

    Matt’s mom … Damn. Lol

     Vicky … Mom’s not even worried about her kids. She’s screwed up.

    FLASH BACK *takes a nap*

    Elena drinks vervaine? I don’t think so. I think she’s just wearing it.

    I guess Liz didn’t know about Damon/Caroline. :X

    Damon is in Stefan’s room why?

    Damon LOL! “who cares!”

    I want you guys to mean Elena and be her anti-group.

    LOL Janine. DOES IT BURN!? LOL

    I thought Alaric was from Boston.

    WTF! Doesn’t everyone know that Alaric’s wife is dead? Damon sound so suggestive. It’s sickening.


    Plumber is a joke. Laying down the pipe. 😡

    She was drunk, Kelly. You know drunken people.

    If you can compel someone to have sex with you, I bet you can compel someone to kill themselves. :X

    Yeah. Kelly clinging on to son like that is messed up. I’ll emotional incest. 😡

    Damon is an asshole. Gross. He was trying to piss him off with the ‘I did your wife, hahaha!’

    I wonder what happens if you get bit by a vampire while wearing the ring?

    It was annoying that there was no Bonnie in this whole episode.

    bye Janine Lockwood

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