Episode 14: Fool Me Once

Episode 14

Quote of the Podcast: “I mean she looked like she was sorry about it, but learn, Elena. I mean she keeps not telling Bonnie about these things, and then Bonnie gets mixed up in it. Like Damon stalking her and…” -Alta


7 thoughts on “Episode 14: Fool Me Once

  1. “Why is Bonnie in the bathtub and Elena is on the bed?”haha, I didn’t get that either .
    “Yeah he’s starting to like her, like who does that?” LOL
    Bonnie has to be filled in on everything at the last minute.
    “I wrote sexiness is back!” Mhmm.
    I’m not letting it go Janine! The only way you can get to close to Tyler is in your dreams. 🙂
    Grams vs. Damon was my fave scene! I can always tell when you have your favorite scene Alta because you start talking louder and faster. haha.
    “I am not Bonnie you don’t want to mess with me.” What?” lol, great scene.
    “Why do kidnappers do that? They always tell you their life story like you care?” haha I have no idea.
    “Are you offering?” “It’s like ‘whoahh’. I was asking a question.” hahaha
    “Elena is slow…” “…as rocks.” LoL that’s what I said.
    “I’m like, I’m going to let Stefan come get you and go.” LOL
    I was feeling embarrassed for Caroline. She was just talking too much!
    I remember when Damon was in the dungeon and Caroline let him out I tthink and then she dashed out the door when he was chasing her, she went out the door and the sunlight made Damon’s face burn.
    “I’ll do it, he finds me irresistible.” LOL I love your Elena voice.
    That conversation was unecessary but then again, I wouldn’t know because I didn’t watch it.
    “Elena doesn’t even care so..” “..NEXT!” hahaha.
    “…compared to when he’s usually a junkie..” lol
    Yeah Bonnie could of used her powers to set Ben on fire sooner.
    I hate it too that Elena assumes she can convince Damon so easily.
    Obviously the writers are going along as they go because there’s so many blanks they haven’t filled in yet. They need to hurry that up.
    “Why is Tyler so sexy…and rude?” Watch it Janine, that’s strike two. He may be rude, but I’ll get him in shape. Take it however you want it. TYLER IS MINE!!!!!! WAKE UP OUT OF LALA LAND!!!
    “Matt is..he just needs to find who he is.” LOL, SO TRUE!
    Oooh, I like that comparison you said about Caroline. “…she’s always getting abused, while Elena is bathed in sunlight..”
    “Okay douche.” LOL.
    Everyone is in love with Elena. Can we take the spotlight off her for once?
    hahaa, about the Elena knowing Latin. “How does she know?” haha. Good question.
    I honestly think they’re making up the language. Maybe that’s just me though.
    “.They understand they just were looking out for you..but I guess they’ll never make that mistake again.” haha
    “..she’s sitting here like they’re sitting fighting over the last chicken or something.” hahaha HILARIOUS
    That Ben vs. Stefan was a given win for Stefan. Stefan was bound to win.
    “Instead of walking back, she’s waling in circles..” LOL haha, yall are killing me with your funny remarks.
    “Who knows, they haven’t explained..” That seems to be a pattern with this show.
    “The show should of been called ‘Elena Diaries’ because that’s what it is.”– Exactly
    It would be amazing if Bonnie and Elena switched roles. That would be amazing!! Love that idea 🙂
    “He should of just walked away.” LOL, that would of been messed up! ha.
    “He’s on his period.” hahaha.
    That was such a slap across the face for Damon. That’s what he gets from all those killings and stuff.
    Elena hugs Damon, another unecessary scene. “Elena is a better friend to Damon than Bonnie.” How twisted is that?
    “You like Katherine #2.” lol, the way you dragged that out was funny.
    “Where’s Jenna?” ha, I always forget about her! I think that’s bad. haha.
    Anna just watched while he choked the life out of Pearl. I don’t know that was weird.
    “He even brought blood for her guys..” LOL, so thoughtful. haha.
    Bonnie, Damon, Grams rocked that episode.

    1. Funny podcast homies haha, 2. Janine, honey. You can call yourself mrs. lockwood, but best believe he will be spending his honeymoon with me. Okay Thanks Bye!

  2. Hello ladies! *dances to the intro*
    Fool Me Once.

    There are too beds, why is Bonnie in the bathtub!? IDK. Maybe Ben was overwhelmed by the thought of the two of them … Ben was in chair keeping watch and fell asleep cause it’s daytime and he’s supposed to be asleep.

    “Bonnie’s in the bathroom” – at least that means she’s clean. LOL

    He starting to like her – who does that!? LOL

    Tyler. LOL

    Nice Caroline! For saying that she doesn’t disappear.
    Poor Caroline, she can use her head more, that was dumb writing thought

    Grams is the shit! She owned him. “AM NO BONNIE!” I can almost hear the curse word after that! Woohoo Grams. Maybe Grams was scared for Bonnie too.

    What the hell were they doing in the bathroom! I NEED TO KNOW!

    When Elena asked for a something to drink and she said it that way I thought “wrong thing to say in front to a vampire. DUH!”

    Whoa! I was asking a question. Don’t say things line that in front of a baby vampire!

    Elena was annoyed that Bonnie asked for her water before she even got a drink.

    That’s why Bonnie was knocked out and in the tub. They knew she was too bad ass. *snap snap*

    ‘’m gonna let Stefan get you.’ lol

    Yes! It looked so cold out that. I wouldn’t have been out there for a drink. Forget that it’s too cold. You could even see Anna’s ears turning red red red!

    Yup Damon likes to scare people yup yup yup.

    That’s a good question. O_O damn. Elena wouldn’t die for Bonnie. Nope.

    STEFAN! Stefan touched Bonnie when she ran out! DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT!?
    And the bathroom window was blocked too.

    Bonnie your opinion is not Elena’s so even though you are making the most sense not one’s listening to you cause you are not Elena. Sorry boo.
    Elena made that conversation about her … again.


    I think it’s cause Bonnie got knocked out that’s why she didn’t use her powers … I guess? Maybe it’s easier with the water … why’d they put her in the bathroom then? She should have set the who place off.

    Matt! Oh crap. I’m still available.

    “Why is Tyler so sexy … and rude”

    Tyler is acting like a dog an alpha dog. Like his pops.

    Now it’s about the sexual tension between Jeremy and Tyler. LOL! LOL I love that you all fighting over Tyler!

    Be brought blood for Katherine. Is that one packet gonna be enough? Could Damon even control Katherine if she decided, after that one pocket drink, that ooh I’m gonna eat some humans.

    The sun should have popped out. LOL

    Matt is a pooh head.

    Poor Caroline. Douche LOL

    ELENA STFU! “It’s not Latin.”

    Stefan failed so hard.

    I didn’t even think of Damon as an adult, but Elena needed to have more respect for Sheila. WORD.

    You at the last chicken *dies*

    Why do they need flashslights? That are vampires and creatures of the night! Baby vampire!

    Wouldn’t Anna have known that Elena wasn’t a Gilbert?

    I think she did if for Stefan too. Cause if it was Damon she wouldn’t have tried as hard.

    I’d watch that show Bonnie main character, Elena best friend. WORD!

    Matt is just saying what he thinks Caroline wants to hear.

    Yeah I think Sheila took the brunt of that spell.

    Damon shouldn’t be comforted. Period. He hurt her best friends abd sge hugs him? WTF!

    DAMON DID KILL … oop can’t say, spoiler.

    Where is Jenna?



    I Think it was well acted. I think Bonnie knew something was wrong with her grams.

    Janine Lockwood! *dies!*

    • That’s why Bonnie was knocked out and in the tub. They knew she was too bad ass. *snap snap*


      STEFAN! Stefan touched Bonnie when she ran out! DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT!?

      I saw it! I remember when someone, I don’t remember who, pointed it out on FF. I was on the lookout for it this time, and I saw it!


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