Episode 13: Children of the Damned

Episode 13

Quote of the Podcast: “What is it with her [Jenna] and always putting herself down about dating losers? Like, no one cares anymore” -Janine


3 thoughts on “Episode 13: Children of the Damned

  1. “Her mouth was all bloody..” eww, that was gross. I turned my head.
    “If I see anything new, I’ll throw a dollar at it.” I knew that quote would be mentioned. Classic.
    “You always see Stefan in Jeremy’s house, or in Georgia.” lol
    Yeah I want to know who turned Katherine. In the books, I think it was Klaus. I think.
    “Why would you say hello..” I don’t understand why people do that! Happens all the time.
    Stefan has great reflexives. I love it!
    “Which blah, blah, blah..” haha
    “Jenna can’t keep track of Elena..” Fail!
    “Now she thinks Logan’s in the Bahamas.” Lol
    “I bet Damon’s more at her house than Elena is.” hahaha, I bet.
    I was saying the same thing! Damon couldn’t see that Elena was lying. It was so obvious. ha
    “He’s so hot,..” “..it’s like can you be an adult.” lol.
    I don’t like how uneven Elena/Bonnie’s friendship is either.
    “You’re a witch goddess..” “..what does that have to do with anything?” haha, i know right.
    “She probably doesn’t want Damon because he wants her, get it?” Lol, I get it. It’s so crazy but it’s true.
    “uM It is getting late, and I need to go the house that I’m usually not at..” LOL
    I was thinking about that, no one saw the blur when Ben snatched Bonnie.”
    “He should of killed her.” lol.
    I know I would of kept my mouth closed if someone was trying to put blood in my mouth.
    Great podcast girls.

  2. *Dances to music* Shucki-duck yo. Shuki-duck yo!

    Hi ladies! *waves*

    She was using Damon as bait. It was so gross with the blood. That shows me that Damon is a love struck puppy dog.

    Jenna, Jenna, Jenna. Smh

    Gasp don’t you know? Elena is perfect! And Damon doesn’t know what boundaries are. Lol I love when Damon says that about the dollar. 😉

    Emily! *flails* Also says which brother.
    Pearl is lovely.

    Katharine is the first vampire … kidding.
    LOL nice Anna.

    Reading in the dark! Lol there’s a power crisis in mystic falls. They can’t have the lights on all the time.

    Stefan keeps showing a different side of him – badass side of him!

    Elena is leaning towards Damon cause he’s he’s hotter … 😡

    I think Katharine might have been spoiled before she was turned.

    Dude I was gonna say Damon wanted to keep slaves! O_O I guess Stefan was too young to fight in the war but not to young to bone Katherine?

    Damon has thoughts of his own before all the blood drained to his other head. 😡

    Jenna always over shares with strangers, I guess she thinks it’s charming. Smh Jenna’s trying to get her mac on. She’s not even cooking Damon is. She’s just drinking.

    Stefan doesn’t want to kill Damon.  awww it’s sweet. Stefan should stand in the way, that’s his brother, but he shouldn’t dismiss the other’s feelings. Damon wants to double date when he gets Katherine back. Haha. That’s why he was asking those questions.

    Yeah Elena has a horrible pa pa pa poker face pa pa poker face!

    “Like out of all things he can’t see thought Elena! Seriously” TRUFAX! I heard the eyes rolling too! Lol

    Lol Damon and Jeremy. Lol

    He is hot! I can’t blame Jenna. Jenna is drunk too.

    Bonnie and Ben … O_o. Oh no! I like that you guys notice how the friendship is lacking.  Elena is a crap friend. 

    Yeah, Jeremy and Damon talking about girls. ;D hot trumps weird!

    Elena and Caroline have more experience than Bonnie.

    Anna looks so young! I think Pearl adopted Anna.

    I think that they know the vampires were killing people. Maybe someone got a book and legacy of the vampire followed them over from the old world into the new one. Dracula was from Europe. 😡

    A choke out! Lol I think Anna and Damon are the same age, but I could be wrong…

    Yeah girl don’t you know that graveyard dates are the best kind of dates! Pfft
    But there was a scene in Buffy where Xander and Giles here digging and Willow and Buffy were sitting and talking. And Xander was complaining about them not helping. So Buffy said something like:

    “I’m an old fashioned gal. I was raised to believe that men dig up the corpses and women have the babies.” Lol

    I was thinking that the shovels are getting in the way.

    “Elena has to be a part of it” WHY! She needs to want to be a part of her friends and family’s lives! BE A BETTER FRIEND ELENA! *shakes fist* she’s such a damsel.

    Stefan got raped! =O

    Katherine and Damon both like the chase.

    Gross Dad! Listening in. yuck.

    “Whatever it takes.” Lol ew

    Anna should have just turned Jeremy.

    Wow. That means the whole time there were on that date there was no touching … 😡 LOL! Bonnie’s so cute!

    Didn’t Anna know she was a Witch?

    Bonnie worked that scene! WORKED IT! I was convinced.

    I think the people in mystic falls choose not to see things. Like when Bonnie was being harassed by Damon in the parking lot. People saw but they didn’t see, and they did nothing. And I wonder what would have happened if Ben hadn’t stepped in at the Grill the first time? Damon would probably have let Bonnie walk away … or more accurately Bonnie would have let Damon walk away. 😉

    All the kids got picked off earlier.

    Maybe it was in the will. Why didn’t he just destroy it?

    LMAO the Stefan voice! *dies* STOP! I want to make that my ring tone!

    Never on Damon’s side.

    I think it makes sense to keep that from him! do not reward bad behavior. Damon is a monster and should be killed. But they were foolish to play wit him like that. Either kill him or IDK. Why are they catering to him, To stop the killing? Grrrr!

    Blood is gross! “Drinking blood like juice.” Gross!

    Damon doesn’t deserve trust!

    Elena has a headache because it has to be about her for a few more minutes. Stefan left the room for two minutes so Elena has to cry about having a headache to keep him close. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me!

    Damon can hold a grudge like no other!

    It might be the 18th episode.

    It is Katherine’s fault.

    Maybe Damon was making the deal with Emily at that time cause he knew Katherine was going to get caught … Maybe he saw them in the window … who knows …?

    Jenna has double standers on the house hold. Maybe it’s cause Elena can get pregnant and Jeremy can’t? 😦

     poor Pearl. Cooooooold Blooded! He probably did it that fast because he thought she would compel him. He probably convinced himself that he was compelled the whole time.

    She got shot right in front of Anna. 

    I would have left when they put vervain in the stores. TIME TO GO! Later for you, Katherine!

    Emily would have looked like a slave on the run. It would have been much more difficult for Emily. Maybe that’s why she needed Katherine … in a way. And plus it would have been so hard to round up her whole family. Like I said they might have looked like runaways and been shot for escaping. 

    Gross they had sex again … oh gross with the breath comment. PLEASE DO THE STEFAN VOICE AGAIN! PLEASE!

    Damon was bluffing about killing Elena.

    Night ladies! *waves*

    • “Reading in the dark! Lol there’s a power crisis in mystic falls. They can’t have the lights on all the time.”


      “Emily would have looked like a slave on the run. It would have been much more difficult for Emily. Maybe that’s why she needed Katherine … in a way. And plus it would have been so hard to round up her whole family. Like I said they might have looked like runaways and been shot for escaping. ”

      Good point. I still think it was a continuity error. Most especially in Blood Brothers. She looked like the possibility that they were coming for her didn’t even exist. Lol.


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