Episode 12: Unpleasantville

Episode 12

Quote of the Podcast: “She acted like she was going on an adventure like Hercules or something. You’re just going to a dance you were already going to” -Jennifer


6 thoughts on “Episode 12: Unpleasantville

  1. 😀 sings/dances along with the intro

    Lol she should have asked Damon.
    I guess Jeremy was feeling grateful for the A. “Sure I’ll give you may family’s (amazingly well preserved) antique journal!”

    Elena & Caroline Weee Caroline!

    Caroline, don’t go with someone who’s in love with someone else! 

    *GROAN!* I hate that too! BITCH YOU WERE EATING THESE FRIES! Money please! It’s the second time she’s done that to her friends. Flake. She did it in the second episode too. Oh well maybe that’s Elena’s quirk. 😛 Everyone loves her so she treats them like crap. I’d like it better if she were more honest about it though. Like Caroline or Cordelia Chase from BtVS. *sigh*

    Damon and Bonnie!

    Damon looks like “Uh’m… whoa. Let’s back this up here cause I can snap your neck …”. 😀

    I wanted Damon to start something.

    Aww flirting with Ben. :]

    Maybe the stalker compelled someone?

    “Your ancestor made it …” WRONG STEFAN! Get the story right. You know Emily made everything. *snap, snap*

    Wow Caoline. Matt is embarrassed.

    Anna’s weird it was kinda cute … I can’t remember.

    Vroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom! I love it! Vroooooooom! 😀

    Elena’s so manipulative. :-\ oh well.

    Elena …  her friend’s outfits were better. 

    “Stefan’s phone!” I love it!

    He’s like spiderman. 😀

    Sexiness … Tyler was in there? 😉

    Stefan’s got big hair.

    Hercules. Elena wants to be apart of something

    Yes Elena dodged the questions … she didn’t want to worry them with the truth … but that excuse was lame. *shakes head*

    Caroline. I love her in this episode.

    I love when they cheers the death of Damon. I love the moment.

    I love the sneer Bonnie gives. You can almost hear the growl. She’s like a tigress!

    Aww Damon says please.

    Weeeee Stefan! Stefan is so cute.

    I think he said he had a party to serve punch at or something. Anna is aggressive! O_O alarmingly so …

    “I should give it to you?”
    “Bitch I helped you get an A. Give me that damn journal!”

    She gets mad cause she’s jerking around with this puny human.

    Damon showed up and ruined it.

    Aww Bonnie’s so cute.

    Alaric is obvious.

    He couldn’t do feed on Elena because she had vervain. :X

    Bonnie was brave! I was way impressed because I wouldn’t have moved. Bonnie was very pretty.

    Matt’s are feelings are hurt.

    He was flipping her! LOL

    Stefan! Awww beating up random people.

    She was like a Slayer. Maybe it was the adrenalin? :X

    He called him a dickhead? =-o.

    Stefan is quiet.

    “You’re gonna have to kill me!” So Stefan does. 😀 :D:D

    Shoot if I was Alaric I would have peed myself. :X

    Stefan lies to Bonnie! “they are never getting out” or whatever

    “Caroline, get in the car” jerk

    Oh no Matt and Caroline. 😡

    Yay Elena! Fight back and then lied to Stefan about the road trip trust.

    Maybe Anna came back for the commet.

    My favorite scene was Bonnie and Damon! Yes both scenes. He’s a stalker.

    Was that a bird? lol

    My mom walked by and thought I was talking on the computer.:X

    • “Vroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom! I love it! Vroooooooom!”

      LMAO! I was fretting about that so much! *Mortified*

      “Was that a bird? lol”

      Yes, it was!

      “My mom walked by and thought I was talking on the computer.:X”



      • I loved it! I like hearing your neighborhood getting in on the VD love. 😉 Don’t be embarrassed I loved it so much. *hug*

  2. “Elena says Caroline has been avoiding her. We wouldn’t know she hasn’t been in the episodes..” haha. I know.
    Ben is sexy. Tyler’s hotter though.
    Loved that bamon scene! Ben and Bonnie were cute, at first.
    haha, I know Matt was being a drama queen. It wasn’t that big of a deal.
    LOL, I hear the cars in the background. haha.
    I was like, “what in the world is the guy doing up on the ceiling, how did he get up there?” haha.
    “…sexy guy came in.,” haha.
    “I’ll do it. It’s not that serious.” haha.
    Everything Elena says to her friends, her answers are always ambiguous.
    I love that Bonnie/Caroline scene when they were plotting a Damon killing.
    Love the Bamon dancing scene. He liked creeped up on her and his walk on her was so cute!
    Alaric asked too many questions, needs to be more low key.
    Loved Bonnie’s hairdo, and dress.
    “He’s not even a washed up jock.” haha.
    That was a nice dance scene with Elena/Stefan.
    I think Jenna/Alaric are boring but maybe that’s just me.
    I knew he was going to kiss her. That was a sweet Caroline/Matt scene.
    Elena and her lies. That didn’t make any sense, had to agree.
    What a douche Ben was when he said that bragging about Bonnie digging on him. I lost interest with Anna for a while when her and Ben kissed.
    I knew already Alta’s favorite scenes. Actually no one was really that annoying except for Ben at the end. Nice podcast girlies.

    • “LOL, I hear the cars in the background. haha.”


      “He liked creeped up on her and his walk on her was so cute!”

      I know, I love it!

      “I knew already Alta’s favorite scenes.”

      Lol, of course.


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