Episode 11: Bloodlines

Episode 11

“She wasn’t serious enough, or she would’ve punched him and made him stop the car”-Janine


8 thoughts on “Episode 11: Bloodlines

  1. Episode Eleven!

    Lol dropping Elena.

    Half across the world. LOL

    Well Elena was alone with him so it is a valid concern … She needs to be friendly with him and not piss him off while she’s alone with him. *shrugs*

    Stefan is polite to asks if Bonnie is okay.

    (Bonnie) she’s never comfortable

    Bree/Gina is so gorgeous.

    Bonnie missing her powers. It’s like you’re lady time. You hate it, but when it’s doesn’t come it like oohoo crap what’s wrong!?

    After Damon figured out when he needed to open the tomb he bounced. Holla Bree!

    Elena, the 17 year old, is drinking at a bar. Where are the cops?

    Ann and Jeremy are being studious … and then we go to Bonnie!

    She would have been S.O.L. if he hadn’t come.

    Stefan is nice! and polite and kind

    They can’t feel anything but boredom I bet. Plus they were on vervain.

    Yeah I like Anna. She’s kewl.

    She didn’t seem drunk … o_O

    Beat Damon with a bat!

    Maybe Stefan called or maybe they heard that a vampire got killed in MF … or yeah Bree’s a with and she probably knew when her friend died. I wonder if Bree had a bad feeling about Lexi going to see Stefan? 😦

    Elena wasn’t even tied up what the hell!

    “Don’t be like him!”

    ‘Get the F*ck outta here! I don’t know you! And my girlfriend’s dead because of this —

    Aww Stefan walks Bonnie home. J

    I like that Grams was courteous and let them know ‘don’t get into too much trouble cause I’ll let you burn before I let any danger come to me and mine. *snap snap*’

    Yeah what the hell? Drink me! Haha I’m on vervain Beotch.

    I hated Damon for this death too.

    “yeah that‘s what Elena saved”
    So is every murder that Damon commits after this episode Elena’s fault? I think sooooo! :X Well you know it’s still Damon’s fault. But yeah … that’s what Elena saved. :-\

    “What am I to you?” Annoying!

    “What am I to you” You wanna try that again? Walk out and knock before you enter!

    Stalker Stefan. 😉

    Alaric comes in to see his wife being eaten – not in the dirty sense!

    I have a favorite line to and it’s from Elena.
    It’s – what?!

    “When he was being shot with bullets the guy gave up and went somewhere.” LOL

    LOL love it, ladies *waves*

  2. lol ”Damon had to be staking her” wouldnt be surprised Im telling you

    Your so mean ”I would have dropped her” lol

    I still think that she was not panicked/scared enough, lol ”half way across the world”

    well I guess she is at the point where she knows that Damon will not harm her, I guess thats why she was asking him if she can trust him while they are away lol IDK

    ”She is never comfortable with him” lol aww she is still wary/scared that vampires exist give her time lol

    Nice to see Gina Torres. Bree liked her

    lol I was wondering if Damon had done something more when he compelled Jeremy he is soo different to when the show first started lol

    Awww grams she is awesome, I did like their scenes.

    lol Jenna finally is worried lol but I agree she was just waiting for Elena to call, you would think she be calling up everyone to find out where she is lol

    Awww grams and Stefan such a nice scene

    I did think that Elena was too chilled as if she was taking a road trip with her friend.

    awwwww love love that scene with Bonnie/ Stefan soo cute

    Lol Jenna finally calls

    Sorry lol Damon totally deserved that beating, I was totally rooting for Lee lol Damon deserved so much more

    Stefan/Grams scene as always was nice really enjoyed it.

    awww poor Bree, seriously why did she tell him? I dont get why they think that will help/save them in anyway lol

    I think that was my issue, the road trip was too buddy buddy, friendly

    ”do you want to try that again walk out and knock” hahahaha

    ”Stefan is a stalker” hahaha well I guess it runs in the family loool

    Lol I always wonder what Alaric was doing? just watching and standing there while Damon was with Isobel.

    “When he was being shot with bullets the guy gave up and went somewhere.” hahahaha soo true. There is always some random reason for Damon getting saved. and not getting even more harmed.

    As always guys you had me laughing looking forward to the nxt one.

    • Sorry lol Damon totally deserved that beating, I was totally rooting for Lee lol Damon deserved so much more

      I totally agree

      Lol I always wonder what Alaric was doing? just watching and standing there while Damon was with Isobel.

      I guess he was in shock …? and how did Damon not hear him …?

  3. “First off, you should never drive angry..” Exactly! You’re just asking for trouble.
    “..Damon had to be stalking her..” LOL, I know, it’s like how.,..where did he even come from?haha.
    “I would of dropped her and been like, ‘I guess you’re okay’..” LOL, wow, you really don’t like Elena do you? haha.
    “You would not call Damon a person, what are we angels?” hahaha
    Yeah I don’t get why he like kidnapped Elena, even though she sure wasn’t kicking and screaming, but still, he should of just taken her home.
    “She wasn’t serious enough, or she would’ve punched him and made him stop the car” LOL, Janine you’re hilarious! So true too.
    “After that, I wrote Elena’s dumb as a rock.” Lolz. Wow.
    “Then he says the magic word, ‘Elena’..” Wow I never payed much attention to how far you get with things when you use Elena for your way out.
    That Bree encounter was so random, I was like, “Whoaa, she’s all over him like a leech. That was a weird kiss.”
    I thought that was a stretch for Jeremy to be a stoner then..in a library, looking in books. Big step up.
    I was confused though, what was Bonnie promised not to tell?
    They should change the name. Since there’s no usage of diaries.
    Yeah, why didn’t Jenna call anybody. I mean did she not notice her absence.
    “She’s dumb too.” haha.
    “Why don’t you say you’ve been kidnapped..”
    “..no I’ll stay with someone I don’t trust.” LOL
    I thought that was smart too when Bree turned on the blender while she was on the phone.
    I loved when Bonnie was freaking out when Stefan jumped on her..”Stay away from me!” *swings arm at him*
    ” ‘I didn’t want you to be scared..’ He’s so nice.” Haha, Stefan is great.
    Jenna is a horrible aunt man.
    “..he’s gets beaten by a bat, I was like ‘Oh my gosh!’ ” Lol, Damon was getting his butt kicked.
    “I would have been ran and left him.” haha, exactly!
    That whole Elena crying her eyes out (not convincing at all) talking Lee out of killing Damon was bull. I think Elena said thank you and Lee said “I didn’t do it for you.” I’m glad he said that, because there Elena goes again thinking everything is about her.
    Agreed. Lee is very sexy.
    I love how yall say “Sheila” at the same time. lol. Do you guys plan that?
    “Ah, he’s so great.” LOL. It’s hard not love Stefan.
    “I don’t know how he[Damon] got so dry..” LOL
    Bree just had to open her mouth about the tomb.
    “I saved your life.” I really wasn’t watching their scenes because I knew the dialogues would be blehh! I’m like he killed Lexi, a guy/vampire is heartbroken over it. You’re gloating over saving a vampire’s life who should be killed for the hell he’s corrupted in your town.
    ‘What am I to you, who am I to you’…”Annoying.” Lolzz
    “After she’s been gone through two days, she busts in through his door..” “..she doesn’t even knock.” hahahaa….”I would have turned around and been like, ‘you want to try that again? Walk in then knock…” hahahaha, oh wow, you guys are so funny! I love your comments.
    “Turns out, Stefan is a stalker.” haha, apparently.
    “Well maybe that is the problem.” Jenna is a bunch of fail. haha.
    I thought the hand slap was weird I don’t know, I thought it was like, ‘Really that’s it?’ Was the hand supposed to be scary? haha.
    “..I have a favorite line and it’s from Elena.” “What?”
    Yes, I hated the whole road trip. & Yeah I didn’t like the rescue scene, so lame.
    Overall annoying character: Elena. I think this episode she most annoying in, if that’s possible. However, great podcast ladies. Your comments made me happy and I’m excited for the next one 😉

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