Episode 10: The Turning Point

Episode 10

Quote of the Podcast: “He walks up to her and then he kisses her!”-Alta

“And it was epic! Well, I wouldn’t say—” –Jennifer

“Don’t say it! Don’t you dare say it was epic” -Alta

7 thoughts on “Episode 10: The Turning Point

  1. Number ten!

    He called Jenna easy.

    “gonna make me not wanna take the thrash out at night” lol

    “He was like the new Damon … but uglier!” LOL

    He was dumb because he was new.

    Kids are too young to be brought into this … but they’re not to young to be eaten. 😉

    Tyler. Om nom nom.

    WOW Elena … “oh hey how are you after Damon almost ripped your throat out? My how the time flies huh? Okay back to me! And then Stefan said …”

    I like that Bonnie says she’s grateful to Stefan.

    Tyler > all the other teenage boys.

    Why didn’t Caroline have vervain. L Poor Caroline.

    Logan is like the bootleg Damon.

    Wait the owner was technically dead so Logan should have been able to enter his house …

    Great parenting. LOL it’s like the rugrats all over. LOL

    “You draw? I draw. Let’s be buddies!”

    There should have been more Bonnie in this.

    Just go. Just go Stefan! Lol

    Stefan … oh yes.

    Elena has an attitude because Stefan is leaving her.

    “But because Bonnie has only one scene …”

    Yeah poor Caroline. That was mean with the seatbelt

    Jeremy = *Snap snap* “on no you didn’t”

    Alaric was a bad ass in that scene.

    Tyler is all freaking out … and sexy

    The cheekbones and the lips too.

    Elena’s trying to knock some boots. :-/

    “Stefan! Don’t walk away from me! Stefan are you just gonna walks away from me?!”

    “I think they were each other’s first … – Ewwwwww!” LOL

    LOL Stefan should have heard. Lol

    “NEXT!” LOL!

    – I had a favorite character
    – Who?
    – Tyler!

    Woohoo on to episode 11!

    Do you guys watch the episoddes together?

  2. Hahaha you guys are soo funny. Always have me laughing.

    I agree about Jenna she does act desperate.
    Urgh Logan is just annoying lol I really dont get why Jenna even liked him. Lol Logan was really dumb I agree lol.

    Aww I did think Matt and Caroline was cute.

    *highfive* I agree about Tyler he is just fine in capital letters lol btw did you know that basketball scene with Tyler and Matt the actors were meant to be shirtless but apparently it was too cold, all Im saying is they better make it up to us lol.

    Lol about Elena and Stefan, I have to agree they are cute but in the beginning it was the same thing about leaving/breaking up lol

    Loool about the exchange with Damon and Logan was funny. Loool ”I leave alone”

    Oh yeah careers day erm where was Bonnie? lol

    ”You draw , I draw lets be friends” hahahaha

    Matt really needs to try and move on from Elena, she has, at least try to be sensitive to Caroline.

    loool ”Just go, Just go” hahahahaha you guys are too much lol

    Lol Stefan is hot, he has that whole quite dangerous thing going on lol

    ”But because Bonnie only had one scene” loool seriosuly where was she? lol

    Awww poor Caroline, she always gets in the worst situations without knowing.

    ”Jeremy was all like Oh no you didnt” hahahaha I cannot stop laughing.

    Loool about the Tyler comments ”no wonder he is so sexy” hahahaha I agree Micheal is soooo fine/sexy lol

    Hahahaha about the Elena and Stefan scene, I agree though it was very cute/sweet lol Stefan was looking all fine lol

    lool ”ewwww” hahahaha

    ”Jenna never calls her” lol

    ”She flees” ”did she jump out the window” loool it was weird that he didnt hear anything, that big old house Im sure there is some creaky floorboards.

    Loool about the Stefan/Tyler/Damon ranking

    That cliffhanger was good, annoying as well as there was a break after lol

  3. I’m mad that was Bonnie’s only scene. “Yeah, how are you doing with that?” That’s nice Elena, ask her now when a couple days ago, she could of died. She made it sound like it was nothing. Real nice.
    Looks like I have competition for Tyler. Michael Trevino is mine so back off Janine, LOL…
    Ugh, Logan is annoying. I loved the Logan & Damon scenes though, they were hilarious. Especially when Logan said he can’t go inside his house. He lives alone. “Oh, that sucks!” LOL
    Matt was a douche when he said it was nothing between him and Caroline.
    “If you want to go, just go..” LOL @ imitating Elena.
    “He was Damon-like..” “Not really.” haha. Yeah not really. haha.
    I love a threatening Stefan. “You can’t.” I love it how he said it.
    LOL, “mini Nancy Drew!!”
    Caroline, that was messed up how Logan bangs her head against the window, then the blood was smudged on there. Yeah, Caroline and nighttime, things just go wrong for her.
    “He should be shot!” haha.
    When Damon had the crowbar and he swung it, it reminded me of Heath Ledger from “Dark Knight..” I don’t know that’s just me.
    They show Tyler, then the moon, hint hint, werewolf! Love it!! I was happy.. because I knew Tyler would have more scenes/bigger storyline in the future. 🙂
    “They go to talk, whatever!” LOL
    “She tells him to go, then she says, come back..” SO TRUE! IT’S LIKE MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!
    “Stefan, I. Love you!” hahaha. I love you’re Elena voices. LOL
    You were about to get to shot when you said ‘epic’. lol. It was a sweet scene though.
    “I think they were each other’s first.” “EWW!!” hahaha.
    I thought Stefan would of heard Elena still escape, so I thought that was odd.
    Even at the comic con, it was unianimous decision, every one agreed Paul has the best abs, even Ian. I don’t think Michael said anything though. haha.
    “Running her hair through her hair..” “Was she?” “I don’t know.” Haha, she probably was I didn’t pay much attention.
    “I see the Vampire Diaries..Oh my gosh, it’s starting!!” LOL, HAHA.
    I thought the episode was maybe an 8/10. I loved the Stefan/Elena love scene. & The Damon/Logan scenes. I was actually on Damon’s side too when he wanted to kill Logan.
    “I had a favorite character.” “Who?” “Tyler.”
    I was how they played Bonnie. Girl got attacked last episode then one dang scene the next. Probably traumatized but whatever.
    Great Podcast though Ladies!

    • “Looks like I have competition for Tyler. Michael Trevino is mine so back off Janine, LOL…”

      I wouldn’t really call it competition since he’s already with me. lol


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