Announcements and Episode 9: History Repeating

The Vampire Diaries panel at ComicCon will be taking place this Saturday, July 24th at 10:00 am. There are many websites that keep people updated as to what’s going on. Just Google it!

Going forward, the episodes will be uploaded in pairs. We did the calculation, and this will ensure that episode 22 goes up (by itself) on September 8th, the day before the season two premier. Yay!!!!

Episode 9

Quote of the Podcast: “When I heard séance, I would’ve been like, ‘Bye, you guys. I came here for a sleepover and to get my nails done, not to sit here and look at ghosts possessing people’”-Janine


6 thoughts on “Announcements and Episode 9: History Repeating

  1. I loved it when Stefan/Damon were messing around and pretending to be the other. So funny!
    Stefan/Elena breakups were to much Twlighty.
    LOL I thought I was the only one that was thinking the same thing about Elena’s hair when she came in the room.
    The part with the mirror creeped the crap out of me.
    “Elena did, she had her bright moment.” LOL
    Emily did kick Damon’s but..
    “So you come through the window, and you say I don’t like you.”haha I didn’t think about it like that. haha.
    I honestly forgot about the Jenna/Alaric scenes.
    “Jeremy should be happy because he’s going to get good grades.” LOL, WOWWW.
    “Elena comes..whatever!”
    I was so mad when Emily decides to leave Bonnie’s body at the most worst timing ever, then Damon attacks her.
    “Stefan, Please! STEFAN, STEFAN!” hahaaha. It’s a love/hate thing with Elena.
    Stefan made me sad.
    I was so confused as to why Bonnie was hugging Elena. That was soo uneven and one-sided. Bonnie got attacked, yet, she was hugging Elena. So that was my annoying scene.
    Favorite episode because not only Bamon/Emily because Stefan/Damon bonding scenes.
    “Are you going to invite me in?” “Hell no!” LOL.
    Overall 10/10, you hit all the right points.


    She gave it to Bonnie.
    “She says out of those business but not other peoples.” LMAO
    I did like that Caroline called Matt on it thought.
    Yeah, could grate cheese on Stefan’s abs.
    Lol I love them playing each other. They should do it more.

    Lol Mr. Salztsman* right. For teachers, us the last name.
    So many people have died Elena. BUT WHAT ABOUT ME!

    Damon looked like an effan stalker!
    And he called her a witch.


    Oh but notice he didn’t really touch her. If he had, she might have known he was a vampire like she knew something was off with Stefan.

    Also … wouldn’t Bonnie be safer at her own house because she’s never invited vampires into them. *rolls eyes at Elena*

    Maybe Bonnie got a new car for her birthday or something.

    LOL Damon and Stefan.

    Caroline probably thought Bonnie was joking. I love that Bonnie admitted it though.

    Maybe Alaric was trying to get rid of Jenna with the story. 

    “End then Elena came with her hair” LOL

    I would not do that ish.

    Air-conditioning. Lol

    I never feel sorry for Damon. 😡

    YUP! Don’t bring out that board. I’m leaving!

    “Emily got his ass.” Lol
    She bitch slaps him! \o/

    Lol Matt should have written it down.

    Lol Jenna and Alaric.

    “Jeremy should be happy cause now he’s gonna get good grades.” LMAO!

    Jenna, what a hoochie.

    Damon is so whipped. :-\ it’s unflattering.

    I love when Damon it begging her. I love it.

    “Elena comes. – whatever.” LMAO! LOL Elena is so effing annoying.

    “Better crying than Elena.” LOL “Stefan I’m gonna tell her.” Great timing.

    So Elena didn’t even do this for Bonnie, but for herself. That makes me sick to my stomach. This makes me feel like Caroline is better than Elena.

    I LOL so hard when Elena’s like “Are you just gonna walk away from me? You just gonna leave. Stefan. Don’t walk away from me!” She’s so pathetic!

    You crack me up. “Bonnie is crying … Elena is just making this nasty face!”

    I love the Elena anecdotes. 

    Yes! Parking lot! \o/

    Bye Ladies! I am a fan! I love you guys!*waves*

  3. “Oh but notice he didn’t really touch her. If he had, she might have known he was a vampire like she knew something was off with Stefan.”

    Oh, that’s true! I never noticed/realized that.


  4. Hey girls as always love it, you guys always have me laughing.

    Lol about Damon not having his own room that is soo true, isnt their house like massive Im sure there is like 10rooms there lol but he is always there even when he dresses. So is he stealing his clothes too lol.

    Agree about Stefan’s body, well all the guys body’s have it going on lol

    I agree about the bonding the reason I liked it was because it was nice to see the brothers actually bond and be on good terms.

    Lol about Alaric seriously there was like a whole sl about how to pronounce his name move it along buddy lol.

    Hahah about the jacka** file only on Jeremy as well, I find that strange the guy had unhealthy attention on Jeremy lol I refuse to believe that Jeremy was the only ”bad” student that he has taught.

    Loool I guess Elena was the only person he wanted to tell about not being in school anymore.

    Lol at least her reaction was right lol, Elena and Caroline have never questioned once or even been scared with the way Damon just pops up randomly and right nxt to them as well. At least Bonnie is freaked out about it lol.

    lol at the ”stalker”
    Ok so Bonnie tells Elena that Damon is following her and harassing her about Emily and Elena says to go to her house erm wouldnt it have made more sense for Bonnie to have gone to her own house as you know Damon is not invited in to her house lol what if Damon decided to show up or something? lol

    Oh Jenna lol she seems to pop up and disappear randomly and her scenes with Alaric where just that random lol.

    Aww leave Caroline alone lol, she has her moments yes lol but she is cool.

    Haha the seance scene always has me laughing after every weird thing that happened and Caroline still didnt believe it was real lol also about the part when they are banging on the door when Bonnie is in the bathroom, Im surprised you didnt mention that Elena was running her hands through her hair, if you didnt catch it watch it again lool.

    Lol I loved when Emily owned Damon he needs that sometimes.

    lol at Matt first its the bed now the window lol, Caroline should just have pushed him out the window lol. Matt is sweet though lol.

    Loool Deader looool

    You guys are to much loool ”Stefan, Stefan” hahahahahahah

    You guys are soo mean lol. Im not sure what to think of that scene, I actually dont mind it lol IDK I guess Bonnie is the comforter to everyone. Maybe it could have been a case of us coming in at the moment when Bonnie went in for the hug, lol you never know.

    Cannot wait for the nxt podcast, as always girls soo funny.

  5. “Im surprised you didnt mention that Elena was running her hands through her hair, if you didnt catch it watch it again lool.”

    Now that you mention it, I remember her doing that! I guess we all didn’t notice in the moment.


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