Episode 8: 162 Candles

Episode 8

Quote of the Podcast: “She’s, like, as exciting as a soggy toilet paper” -Jennifer


9 thoughts on “Episode 8: 162 Candles

  1. ok you guys always funny and entertaining

    lol ”I didnt even know he had friends” awww Stefan I agree they really need to give him more friends lol. Lexi definitely was a awesome friend to Stefan.

    lol ”Im really starting to not like her, she is taking Vicki’s place” lol she does have her moments.

    Completely agree, erm if she asked Damon to compel Jeremy she should have asked him straight after, Damon is not exactly reliable lol. Or I dont know actually be there when he was compelling him lol

    oh yes I agree love love the feather scene with the girls, so beautiful.
    lol ”with the light streaming on her bed.

    awww dont be hard on Elena I actually think she went there to talk and maybe get back with him lol, but saw Lexi and got the wrong idea lol

    Definitely agree, I still dont understand her not telling Bonnie, especially after finding out she was witch even more reason to tell her as Im sure she would understand, freaked out lol but she understand she is supernatural too.

    Awww poor Caroline, I think she has self esteem issues, and being with Damon definitely did not help her.
    lol I agree about the bed even I was like ”huh, why not sit on the bed or a chair” and his all there getting inside the covers lol

    lol finally Stefan owns Damon lol he is soo mean seriously he needs to be put in his place sometimes which is always good to see.

    As always guys hilarious, looking forward to your nxt podcast.

  2. “I agree about the bed even I was like ”huh, why not sit on the bed or a chair” and his all there getting inside the covers lol”

    Lol! Matt doesn’t do things halfway!


  3. I love Lexi!
    I think there are 4 so far. 😡
    Bon Jovi! \o/ *giggles*
    Lexi Chokes a bitch! I love it!
    Maybe him doing his homework pushed him over the edge?

    Stefan broke up with her, Yes?
    Damon and Caroline. L He’s such a user.

    Lexi is AWESOME! I loved her!
    I wonder if they like fevered blood?

    YUP she’d chose not to tell Bonnie.
    Yup to Elena Stefan > Bonnie. :-\

    I love that scene where she cops a feel from Bonnie. LOL
    Damon is a dick hole in that scene! OMG I wanted to hit him but I know he would kill me.
    He said to her what she feels. L

    Stefan smiling is the best!
    I love that Lexi is his friend.

    It’s not legal. Lol IDK vampires do legal things
    The dress was short.
    Matt is a puppy dog.
    LOLI like Caroline too.

    Kill DAMON.

    BONNIE! \o/

    LOL Elena OMG lol
    I love when Damon gets pwned too. I love it so much! So much!

    LOL you cursed LOL I love it! Lol


  4. “OMG I wanted to hit him but I know he would kill me.”

    LMAO! And he’d shake his head just like he does in that icon you have that I love right before he did it too. Lol.

    I think there are five rings. Stefan/Damon/Alaric/Isobel/Katherine.


  5. We haven’t seen Stefan smile in ahwile so it was great to see that with Lexi

    Damon was harsh to Caroline in this episode and Ithink I officially hated him when he staked Stefan’s closest friend Lexi like it wasn’t nothing.

    So dead on about Elena now wanting to be on Stefa’s side or whatever. I was like, “Really?”

    Woot Woot! Kat thread ff shout out!
    Overall Love the podcast, so amped for the history repeating one, Rating :10/10

  6. Btw , I love seeing Damon getting owned, it’s the best! lol

    & The feather scene was my favorite scene too. It still didn’t make sense to me why she wouldn’t tell Bonnie about the vampires sense she was supernatural too. She waits to tell her, ..well, we’ll find out later. haha

    Ok, I’m done, had to add that.

  7. Agree with all comments here about Damon getting OWNED by Lexi – bestest and most wantonly anticipated scene ever. 😀

    Lexi = FTW! Loved her making Stefan smile, and she’s so much fun! lol. BonJovi? Oh, I’d give my record collection to see Stefan rock out. =) I’d have LOVED to see Lexi and Bonnie meet, most of all. I think those two would’ve gotten along fantastically, especially since they both dislike Damon and there’s much to learn in spanking a Salvadore. =) Lexi taking Bonnie under her wing, black leathers-heeled boots. ❤

    The feather scene, was gorgeous and showed that Bonnie had absolute trust in Elena.

    Wanted to kill Damon for that comment to Caroline *gives her a wooden stake, and S1 of Buffy for inspiration* Srsly, needs to happen.

    Liked, however that Damon wasn't getting his way with Bonnie, and all frowny faced because she was on to him and wasn't giving it back. lol. So much more of this please!

    Chilling ending, gotta say. WHOA. It felt a bit like Lost, with the music and pullaway reveal. Totally thought, Bonnie was in her bed, dreaming, but safe. Knock me down with a feather when she was in the graveyard – –

    Cannot wait for the next episode! ❤

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