A Reminder and Episode 6: Lost Girls

The Summer Prompt Fest is still happening at thewitchgoddess. You can follow the link in the sidebar if you want to contribute (all of the requests are listed). I myself (Alta) have fulfilled another request, this time analyzing Bonnie’s friendship with Elena vs. her friendship with Caroline.

Episode 6

Quote of the podcast: “So, last episode I was so happy Vicky was gone, and I find out that she is not dead. She’s gotten extra life from the drugs and the alcohol she’s been doing, so she’s like a cat and has nine lives and just is not dead!” -Janine


5 thoughts on “A Reminder and Episode 6: Lost Girls

  1. I don’t know why but when Elena runs her hand through her hair, she always does that and it annoys me. There’s other ways to show your emotions. haha I did like too that Elena was scared and not accepting it so easily. Love the comparison to another vampire movie/book.
    I agree about Vicki. I never been so happy about someone dying, at least on a show, but then she just had to be turned a vampire.
    LOL, I love the funny comments that were made.
    “..and when she[Elena] was pretending to brush her teeth…”
    “But he’s fine for an old man.”
    “Why is Damon always snapping people’s neck?”
    “…because she[Katherine] was, excited..”
    “Why was vicki eating cold pizza?”
    “Elena would not stop touching her hair.”
    “She should put it in a pony tail.”
    “For the first time she has self control.”
    I jumped up too a little at stefan getting shot
    “For the first time he killed someone that deserved to be killed, besides the football coach.”
    That was hilarious, I love it! Great podcast guys! 🙂

  2. OH goodness! That hair acting is soooooooooooooooo annoying! She did that same stuff on Degrassie. :p

    “I gave it to Zach; you probably shouldn’t probably have killed him!” LOL
    She is like a cat. 😀
    LOL Elena’s a monkey? Lol
    You’re being dazzled by Damon.
    Maybe her pants were dirty?
    “How could Elena sleep …” LOL good point! Maybe Elena took sleeping pills?
    I don’t think there was any toothpaste on the brush either.
    Lol Katharine is gross. Incest is gross.
    “I love that montage!” It was sexy
    LOL Vikki.
    What is that in-between thing? Are they like zombies before they feed?
    That’s hot, the explanation for the vervaine.
    If Elena fell for Damon she would have ended up like Caroline … maybe. Cause she does look like Katharine so …

    Nina and her horrible hair acting! CUT HER HAIR OFF … maybe.

    Vikki is a lost girl …
    Effing Elena … I would tell my family at least!

    Lol “the music was telling me to feel bad for Elena.”

    “Her crying sucked!” \o/

    I like Carline more than Elena.

    I was wondering if the girl who played Vikki would have done a better job at playing Elena.

    I love the way you guys laugh. And I love the accents. 😀

    • Oh my gosh, you hear the accents! Lol. I don’t always catch mine when it comes out, like the way I said “montage?” When I re-listened, I was like ‘what the heck?’ Montahge. Lol.

      This is the first thing I’ve seen Nina in, so I didn’t know she had a habit of ‘hair acting’ as you call it. Lol.

      I really did only feel bad for her because of the music! Lol.

      “I don’t think there was any toothpaste on the brush either.”



  3. Ok had to leave a comment you guys are tooo funny, you always have me lol. I feel like sometimes you guys are in my mind because I tend to agree with everything you guys say.

    Thank you to whoever commented about them sitting in the dark, seriously what is that about was the electricity out or something.

    lol at the comments on Elena driving in the dark, through the forest to get to the house but then being scared soo true

    loving you guys. Cant wait until the nxt podcast.

    Also agree with Paul looking fine he really is lol. Also about missing Tyler he is always disappearing.

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